Global No Pants Subway Ride 2010

No Pants 2008 in New York

As in years past, there are No Pants Subway Rides happening in cities around the world on January 10, the same day as our annual event in New York. If your town has a subway system or some form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?), then get involved and organize your own ride.

If you want to be the leader for your town’s ride, create a Facebook event and post a link to it in the comments below so we can promote it on this page. Here are all of the cities that currently have rides being organized for this year:

Buenos Aires
Dallas | Dallas 2
Los Angeles
Mexico City
New York
Portland, OR | Portland, OR 2
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

If you participate in a regional ride and use twitter, tag your posts with #nopants and @improvevery so everyone can follow along with other cities throughout the day.

We will be updating this page with links to any new cities. Leave any corrections or additions in the comments.


  1. is there any event in Zurich?

    I’m currently living there. I was part of nonpants ride last summer in Berlin and it was a lot of fun!
    So i would do that in Zurich.

  2. I thought Salt Lake City was going to do it again… :( I’m super sad if they are not. I was really looking forward to it this year.

  3. Can we please have one in vancouver Canada,
    It would be awesome riding the skytain going to my school pantless:) Charlie if you just add vancouver to your list i am pretty sure 100s will show up pantless including me! ps keep up the great work, i love your pranks and keep putting smiles on peoples face!

  4. Charlie- Could you suggest a way to participatein Aynor, SC? The thing is , we have no mass transit- not even a taxicab company. Do you think walking back and forth at the stoplight and crossing Hwy 501 several times in a row would be a good idea?

  5. WHAT about Brisbane??? Come on guys I have been busting for you to do something in my area. PLEAZZZZZZE ;o)

  6. Is this the first year for Tokyo? I really want to do it but I am not at all open to the idea of being stopped by the police, mostly because I’m here under SOFA.

  7. its a fun idea but Oslo holding close to 20 degrees celsius below zero these days, I don´t think its adviseable, but maybe think about a wintery alternative? Any one??

  8. I think you guys are doing a great job, it’s hilarious!! I was actually wondering if there’s any activity in Sweden (Stockholm)? It would be amazing, I would totally join. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s fantastic!

  9. Hey, Is anyone up for a group in Panama City, Panama…I would be more than happy to organize a group together

  10. Hey Charlie!

    I hope there’s not an issue with having two happening in the same city. I’ve been planning this since the 2nd and was waiting to post the details, so I hope this is alright :)

    Kevin Larz

      • We talked about it, since he’s got 50 confirmed and ~1000 pending he felt it would cause too much confusion to push it earlier.

        I had to stick to my time since I have a dozen people that can’t make the 2pm time due to job training.

        Would have loved to combined but I’m sure you understand that people schedules sometimes just can’t line up.

  11. I’m sad there’s not one in Detroit on the People Mover! I mean, yes, it’s Detroit in the middle of winter, which means it’s bloody cold, but still! Any Detroit people interested in getting this going?

  12. Winnipeg anyone?? I know it was -40 today, but the buses could be warm…I was thinking Downtown Spirits because they are free and numbers 1 and 2 both go to the Forks! Let me know!

  13. I can`t believe Belgrade is not on the list? Really, no one from Serbia? Though, they politicized it few years ago, but I hope that was one time deal.

  14. the event in japan was a failure. The police (as expected) hired detectives and a force of at least 200. Payed all their force extra time money and planned a way to intercept and arrest all the involved. All the pantless were asked for their documents. Police in uniforms and as civilians everywhere. in the train and every station. Now they are on the talks with interpol to see who is behind improv everywhere. This country sucks so bad … uptight about everything. you get arrested for sneezing here

    • Was anyone -actually- arrested? I met a few people at the picnic who, like myself, were stopped & had their IDs copied (hand- AND photo-), but the people involved didn’t seem to know everything that was going on (at least, the 2 that grabbed me- someone else said their captors seemed to know about the whole event). It seemed to them to be more of a “oh, so you’re copying something you saw on the internet? Well, that might be ok in other countries, but not in Japan!” Right. ‘Cause Japan is SO different and unique and special, and unlike ANY other country in the world. *groan* Actually, the guys that grabbed me were pretty cool about the whole thing- it was the uniformed cops that came to “take over” afterward that were complete dicks.

  15. DISCRIMINATION! DISCRIMINATION !!!!!!!!! Pourquoi seulement dans le métro?
    Y a pas Dans de métro de mon bled!

  16. Melbourne went off without problems. Apparently a few people missed us, but we had a good number of us and everyone had a great time. We’re all itching to do this again!

  17. Sorry to hear this in Japan. One little suggestion for future missions like this outside of New York City: Make sure you research the local laws and regulations first before you organize anything.

    I came from China, and right now I live in New York City. The only reason which I have the guts to do this for the last two years is because of the transit court case that ruled underwear in public is legal. However, such ruling is only applicable in NYC. So there are risks if you perform something like this elsewhere.

    After all, that is why I love NYC. I bet such behavior will not be tolerated in China for the next 100 years.

  18. Brisbane had an excellent inaugural train ride, we had 12 participants show up, and we did our best to generate a bit of fun with our limited numbers.

    We even got into a bar afterwards for more shenanigans.

    • Zürich had a good (tram) ride as well, I think we might set the record for fewest participants with only five people, but what can you do when you start organizing only twelve hours in advance :) Great fun though!

  19. Twitter users in New York should use #nopantsNYC and in Toronto should use #nopantsTO if both events use the same hashtag it will be confusing. Retweeting for miroslavglavic following for the media in Toronto

    What #hashtags are the other 42+ cities around the world in 15 countries using?

  20. In Cleveland, we had 10 members [9 humanoids and one resinoid] of Cleveland Havoc show up. Cindi even had a broken foot and still showed!

    The rapid wasn’t cold at all, and I even brought my Asian Ball-Jointed Doll and he was wearing a pair of leather boxer shorts!

    When we went to de-pants on the Rapid Transit, people got on their phones and called the transit police! My friend Genny was harassed by a kid that looked like he was a meth-head, but it was otherwise kind of fun! The rapid wasn’t cold at all, even though it was 25 degrees!

    The Transit cops asked us to leave the rapid, which we did and by then, nearly everyone was re-pantsed, but I was wearing a pair of biker shorts and knee-highs, which they could do nothing about.

    They checked the IDs of some of the adults, fussed at us,told us that “you could be charged with disorderly conduct,” and left!

    We took the rapid going back to Tower City under the Terminal Tower and are now sitting about drinking hot chocolate!

    It was SO worth it!


  21. Philadelphia went off alright. About 25 people showed up, but unfortunately, by the time we took off our pants, there were only 3 non-agents on the subway car. We transfered to great success and at least 20 people got a big kick out of seeing us. Unfortunately, there were one or two that didn’t and they called the police.

    The train was stopped for about 10 minutes and the cops came. They told us we weren’t going to be arrested because “it wasn’t quite disorderly conduct and it wasn’t quite indecent exposure” but impressionable children ride the subway. There were no children in our subway car. He also told our videographer to stop filming because we posed a “terrorist threat”. After arguing law and proclaiming himself the most educated in Pennsylvania law, he asked us to put our pants on and disperse.

    All in all, a fun experience. A bunch of the passengers absolutely loved us, and we all had a good time.

  22. Thats the greatest idea. We could really use a NO PANTS day here in Denmark =) In the winter people are so cranky and they could use a good laugh =)

  23. Vienna was absolutely fantastic!! About 40 people showed up (though 139 YES/364 Maybe in Facebook) and we ended up riding around about 2 hours, mostly back and forth on the same line but dispersing and going both directions, randomly changing directions so as to cross-over a lot and make maximum use of our “low” numbers. One girl came back from our last ride and was wearing pants, her story: someone GAVE HER THEIR PANTS!!!! HAHAHAHA sooo awesome! Otherwise lots of confused people, lots of stories (most of us used my story i gave as an example at the start: i was at a party all night, got reeally drunk and woke up without pants — hopefully enough people heard this story and there is now a rumour floating around vienna that someone throws parties and steals pants :P)

    Can’t wait til next year!

    Here’s some pics:

    • hehe slight exaggerations: counting the group-photo over (not all were in it) we were around 30. 2 hours pantless was more like 1 hour, then a 20 minute ride. and i only heard about 6 stories but most were drunk-at-a-party variations ;)

      some highlights:
      – one guy in a business suit
      – one guy carrying a HUGE bob-sled around (or he acquired it somewhere along the way??)
      – one girl was given pants from a stranger
      – at least 5 of us went home without pants (snow everywhere here and it was about 0C / 32F)
      – a picture from the page above, near the bottom with the old guy with pants to his ankles.. he is NOT with us.. i dont know what the story is on this photo!
      – no problems (as far as i know) with any police/security/etc.

  24. San Diego’s first year went without a hitch. The weather was beautiful–a warm 74 degrees. We had an attendance of 34 people, and FOX, CBS, NBC, and KUSI (a small local station) joined the party.
    There were 3 patrol cars waiting for us, along with a handful of Transit Police at the station, but they were friendly and didn’t interfere at all.

    The trains were all well populated, and an agent in our group managed to snatch a seat next to a nun.

  25. Barcelona’s was a hit. Only 257 people (out of over 700 confirmed assistants), but 6 TV channels covered the event. Either way, I’ll never forget some of the unknowing travelers’ faces: priceless !!!

    The only side effect is that it took a while to re-accustom myself to riding the subway with my pants on…

  26. I participated in the very first Tokyo event.
    Without the guts to take off my pants, I decided to support the event as the photographer…

    Unfortunately the police found out about it beforehand and tried to shut the whole thing off.
    at the starting point, apparently 60 cops surrounded the station, looking out for no-panters. obviously no one showed up.
    (Man, they need to get better job assignments.)

    However I did manage to meet some of them at the other stations.
    At one station, a family of three stepped inside the vehicle with no pants on, but very unluckily, bunch of cops were inside as well and they were being questioned. quite harshly.

    I thought it was very brave of the family!!!!!
    Hooray to their courageous action!!!

    To tell u the truth, Tokyo is not the friendliest city you can be in.
    but I sure do hope that some day, the no-panters will succeed.