Musicals In Real Life - Custom Spontaneous Musical Surprises

Fully customized musical surprises for your conference, meeting, or party!

Bringing the joy and absurdity of musical theatre to the real world, for years Improv Everywhere has had undercover performers burst into original songs in unexpected places like food courts, grocery stores, bars, and shopping malls. The results have over 28 million views on YouTube.

We’ve been hired to create surprise musicals for the Today show, TED, and America’s Got Talent, and we’ve written and produced custom musicals for dozens of clients for private conferences, meetings, and events.

We can have a cast of actors suddenly break into song during your event, singing custom-written lyrics for your audience. Our songwriter will work with you to create an original song with custom lyrics that get across your message to your attendees, incorporating your brand, inside jokes, conference themes, etc. It’s like a flash mob, but completely personalized.

Imagine the energy in the room when actors suddenly start popping up and singing about your organization. Whether it’s a fake speaker being interrupted by a singer in the crowd or a cater-waiter bursting into song while passing hors d’oeuvres at a gala, your guests will be surprised with a one-of-a-kind experience they will never forget. Contact us for a quote!


“Thanks to you and your team for such an amazing performance! You guys were fantastic!”

Marketing Manager, Facebook

“I actually was surprised! I loved the fact that it just got bigger and bigger. I really liked it!”

Simon Cowell, America's Got Talent

“You and your team added the perfect element of joy and surprise to our meeting.  It was GREAT!!!”

Senior Event Planner, MDRT Conference

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! It went great! Still smiling thinking about it. Please send a big thank you to everyone on your team who made it possible.”

Meetings & Events Manager, Paramount+

Past Clients


How long is the performance?

We can write a custom to song to whatever length meets your needs, but they are typically in the 3-5 minute range.

How many actors?

We typically stage surprise musicals with 4-5 actors, casting from our network of talent in New York and Los Angeles who specialize in both improv comedy and musical theatre. Sometimes we work with clients to bring in a chorus of additional singers, hired locally.

What's the creative process for the songwriting?

We’ll set up a call with you and our team where you can share with us exactly what you’re looking for. We can tailor the genre (musical theatre, hip hop, etc.) and lyrics of the song to your needs. You’ll tell our songwriter everything you’d like in the song (meeting themes, names of people in the room, inside jokes, etc.) and he’ll put together a rough draft and a demo for you. From there we’ll do revisions based on your feedback until everyone’s happy. We’ll deliver a fully produced track for the performance.

What are your tech needs?

We will require a wireless lavaliere microphone for each performer and a playback system for the backing track we produce. Handheld mics can also work, but detract a bit from the element of surprise.

What are your rehearsal needs?

We require one sound check & dress rehearsal in the venue. This can be done the evening before the event or the day of (prior to the event or during a break).

Can we add additional elements like a marching band or choir?

We’ve worked with clients who have hired a local college marching band or choir to supplement our performance. The responsibility is on the client to hire these additional performers, and our team will work to integrate them into the performance.

What is the ideal size meeting for this?

We’ve staged surprise performances in venues as large as the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with over 10,000 attendees for IBM and as small as a 30-person meeting in a loft in SoHo for Heineken. We will work with you to tailor the creative to your venue.

Do you have options other than a musical?

Yes! We can work with you to create any type of custom surprise at your conference, meeting, or event. For some inspiration, take a look at this surprise performance we did at the TED Conference.

We can also design surprises that take place in unexpected places at your meeting (hotel lobby, elevators, outdoor plaza, etc.)

If you’re looking for something participatory for your attendees, where they can be a part of the surprise, check out our Mp3 Experiment.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size of the cast, number of songs you’re looking for, and travel costs. Contact us for a quote.

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