Over the years some of our most popular missions have been seemingly spontaneous musicals that break out in public places. Agents Anthony King and Scott Brown write original songs for these missions that surprise unsuspecting people with musical performances. Take a look at the videos below, and click on the titles to go behind the scenes and see how each one came to life. We occasionally produce Musicals In Real Life for conferences, meetings, and events. If you’re interested in hiring us, use our contact form.

Playlist of all of our Musicals In Real Life:

Food Court Musical (2007)

Grocery Store Musical (2009)

I Love Lunch! The Musical (2009)

I Love Lunch on The Today Show

Gotta Share The Musical (2011)

Mall Santa Musical (2011)

Beer! The Musical! (2015)

If you are interested in hiring us to produce a spontaneous musical for your conference, meeting, or event, let us know via our contact form.