No Pants 2k9

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Produced by Charlie Todd and Matt Adams / music by Tyler Walker

On Saturday, January 10th, 2009 nearly 2,500 people took off their pants on subways in 22 cities around the world. In New York’s 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride we had over 1,200 participants, spread out over four subway lines. Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos.

Team Captains: Agents Good, Linder, Lovejoy, Scordelis
Digital Video: Agents Adams, EMartin, Gross, Schackman, Shafer
Digital Photography: Agents Chigirev, Fountain, Plunkett, Rosmarin, Scott, Sokoler, Zodak

If you’re unfamiliar with No Pants, you might want to first read our history of The No Pants Subway Ride.

Foley Square from above.

In the 8 years we’ve been staging our No Pants! Subway Rides in New York, it has never snowed. This year’s storm made the event all the more fun and all the more hilarious.

My cousin, Agent Fairey, recently moved into an apartment building right next to Foley Square, so we were able to get some great shots of the crowd from her roof.

Agents documenting 22 stories up

“Everyone wave to the cameras!”

I used this photo to count the total participants

The past two years we’ve had police escorts waiting for us at the meeting point. It was sort of comforting to see them there, as it meant we wouldn’t have to worry about cops showing up later on and ruining the fun. This year, the NYPD chose not to attend. Maybe they realized it wasn’t necessary? We were peaceful, as always, and didn’t run into any trouble.

A clever addition to the parks department sign at the meeting point

This year we expanded to 4 subway lines: the 1, E, R, and the traditional 6 train. We put around 300 people on each train, with individual cars growing stop by stop from 1 to 30 pantless riders. Spreading it out like this helps keep the spirit of the mission alive, at least for the first few stops. Participants had to be organized into train lines, then into cars, and finally into stops. It’s quite a bit of work, but we had four veteran IE agents serve as line captains, each equipped with their own megaphone.

Captain Good ran the 6 line

Captain Scordelis organizes the R line

Captain Lovejoy speaks to the 1 line group

Captain Linder handled the E line

This mission works by using two separate trains for each line. For the first train the effect is that at every stop new people are standing up, removing their pants, and leaving the train. People on the second train then see pantless subway riders waiting on the platform and entering their car at each stop.

One of the first to depants, a man waits alone for the next E train

Agent Reeves waits for the 6

I played the role of tired commuter

One guy worked on this laptop

Two women laugh as another participant enters their car

R train riders casually listen to their iPods

By the final stop, some cars had more pantless people than normal people

One woman played a harp, pantsless

Another guy had cross country ski gear on, appropriate for the snow storm

One subway musician decided to pull his pants down and enjoy the fun

Laughing at the pantsless

One woman brought her pug along for the ride!

After a dozen stops or so, participants exited their car and headed to a downtown train. Some lines even had to make a transfer through a station or up escalators.

A man checks out a participant

Laughing woman

Guys snap camera phone pictures as they pass our riders on the escalator

Transferring at Times Square

Tourists laughing at the Times Square station

Checking out the pantsless at 125th Street

In 2007, we ran into a drummer at the 125th Street stop. A huge mob of pantless folks danced to his beat in what turned out to be a highlight for many participants. This year we ran into the same drummer again! I said hello to him, and he responded, “I missed you guys last year!” We turned around at 96th last year rather than 125th. He put on another great show to the delight of many pantless dancers. Jody Avirgan from WNYC radio did a fantastic interview with him after his performance; listen to it here.

All of the train lines converged on Union Square at the end of the mission, which means that within a short stretch of time 1,200 pantless people passed through the station’s exit turnstiles.

A participant at the Union Square station

It was about 30 degrees out and still snowing when we made it to Union Square, but everyone was having too much fun to put their pants back on. Many participants hung out in the cold for over an hour, laughing with friends new and old.

One guy didn’t even wear a shirt! Someone get him an Abercrombie gift card.

A non-participant takes his pants off to join the fun

Several people made snow angels with their bare legs

Shoppers at our favorite building look out at the pantless snow party

A spontaneous human pyramid was erected

A group of participants sing “New York, New York” and form a kick line, and this is before the drinking started.

One participant brought her two ferrets with her. Definitely a first.

Like last year, there was a counter-contingent. The “Pro Pants” group was back once again this year to try to convert us to their pants-based religion. They had two tables set up and offered a “Free Pants Test,” a pitch-perfect parody of the Scientology tables you see around the city. Participants engaged them in serious conversation, with both sides staying hilariously in character.

Agent Eppink runs the Pro Pants table

You can read all about the Pro Pants movement here.

Pro Pants Propaganda

The mission continued as participants visited nearby establishments sans pants. We heard reports of people getting kicked out of Virgin Megastore, Whole Foods, and McDonald’s. Wendy’s, however, was happy to serve the pantsless.

Agents in the Virgin Megastore, another favorite place of ours

A Starbucks barista laughs at a pantsless customer. You think it happened again five minutes later?

A nearby bar hosted an official No Pants afterparty and offered a free drink to anyone who arrived pantsless. The bar got so crowded it had to quickly stop letting people in. Participants ended up in a half dozen different bars in the Union Square area and kept the party going.

An entire pantless band, including the aforementioned harpist, performing

While we were having our fun in New York, No Pants Subway (or Light Rail or Bus) Rides were also happening in 21 other cities in 8 different countries. Via the The Urban Prankster Network we’ve set up a community of like-minded groups across the globe. Here’s a highlight photo of each regional ride along with the number of participants and the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Adelaide, Australia / 10 participants / 78 degrees (the warmest)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 25 participants / 26 degrees

Atlanta, GA / 26 participants / 62 degrees

Boston, MA / 100 participants / 26 degrees (yes, that’s a real fireman)

Calgary, Canada / 16 participants / 39 degrees

Chicago, IL / 130 participants / 28 degrees (and snowing)

Denver, CO / 10 participants / 43 degrees

Hamburg, Germany / 5 participants / 40 degrees

Lisbon, Portugal / 40 participants / 46 degrees

Los Angeles, CA / 200 participants / 75 degrees

Minneapolis, Minnesota / 6 participants / 17 degrees (the coldest)

Phoenix, AZ / 100 participants / 66 degrees (on a weeks old light rail)

Portland, OR / 35 participants / 41 degrees

Salt Lake City, UT / 12 participants / 35 degrees

San Francisco, CA / 50 participants / 62 degrees (the most scantily clad)

Seattle, WA / 6 participants / 43 degrees

Sydney, Australia / 20 participants / 75 degrees

Toronto, Canada / 300 participants / 21 degrees (most participants outside of NY)

Vienna, Austria / 20 participants / 24 degrees

Warsaw, Poland / 7 participants / 32 degrees

Washington DC / 100 participants / 40 degrees

Mission Accomplished


There are hundreds of photos from this event. Here are our favorite flickr sets from the New York ride:

Agent Chigirev’s set
Agent Fountain’s set
Agent Kiernan’s set
Agent Rosmarin’s set
Agent Scott’s set
Agent Sokoler’s set
Agent Zodak’s set

For links to more photos, videos, and news articles for all of the No Pants Subway Rides check out the posts below. The comments sections are filled with first-hand agent reports and links to more media.

NYC Agent Reports
Regional Agent Reports

Also check out our complete history of The No Pants Subway Ride.

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  1. Raibaz says:

    Guys, you rock :)

    (And agent Reeves rocks particularly :))

  2. asianchic says:

    cool to see so many participants!

  3. Agent Pete says:

    Awesome time once again! Thanks to the IE agents for putting this together, but especially all the participants who came out to make this the great time it was!

    -Agent Pete
    -Captain of the 1 train, Red car 9 (once again!)

  4. Great job everyone! Lovely to see that everyone around the globe had a great time. Shoqs will definately be joining in on the No Pants Subway Ride 2010, Amsterdam is a great audience… ;)

    See you next year!

    Shoqs – The Netherlands

  5. Hi all! Thanks to those who stopped by to take a Free Pants Test! I hope that everyone who accepted one of our free pairs of pants is finding them to be comfortable and rewarding.

    Pro Pants representatives issued 200 questionnaires, distributed over 400 pamphlets, and gave away more than 20 pairs of pants! And we’re happy to report that within 24 hours, roughly 100% of pantsless riders had accepted pants into their lives. An extraordinary conversion rate!

  6. StalePhish says:

    Awesome event! This was my first “No Pants” experience, and it was fantastic. I was a team leader in Boston and lead my team to pantsless victory! I’ll see everyone there again next year!

    — Agent StalePhish

  7. paul says:

    oh! so that’s what was going on. Great I am with it next year. Peace

  8. Agent Clee says:

    Awesome video and pictures! Too bad I wasn’t in any though :-(

    Here’s a pic I found online of me on the platform:

  9. Micah says:

    We heard reports of people getting kicked out of Virgin Megastore, Whole Foods, and McDonald’s. Wendy’s, however, was happy to serve the pantsless.

    Are you making Wendy’s out to be the good guys??! No no no!

  10. Nicky Pallas says:

    The drummer at 125th Street on the 4/5/6 line is “Mr. Prince” and he is there almost every day playing his drums, he’s really great!

  11. Marcelo says:

    Woohoo!?!? Had a blast doing my first No Pants Ride. My friends and I will do it again next definitely. But I’m wearing boxer briefs with an extra sock next time, because it’s cold and I’m Asian…

    BTW, What train was Agent Reeves on? ;-)

  12. Laura says:

    The next time I feel blue and don’t want to get out of bed I will look at this and remind myself of the wonderful wackiness in the world. And then I’ll get out of bed and take my pants off!

  13. Jeffrey says:

    How hillarious is it that 12 people get on a subway in Salt Lake City and it makes the news.

  14. Jeffrey says:

    12 people without pants, I mean.

  15. Andrew says:

    My friend and I continued the ride all the way home…

  16. Agent Seth says:

    Really? Only 50? Who counted in San Francisco?

    Sure it was down to around 50 by the end of the Castro, but that was after a third or half the people already left.

  17. Amanda says:

    I love this, and I cannot believe it has infiltrated so many countries! People are so great. I am totally down for next year.

  18. Naomi from NM says:

    And this is one of the many reasons I LOVE NY! But one question: what happened to the people going through the subway selling pants to those who were pantsless? I thought that was a hilarious touch in the early missions.

  19. Genevieve says:

    Oh, wow. Thanks so much for posting this! I was able to embed your video into my already-awesome review of the event, making it even awesomer:

  20. “A man checks out a participant”

    haha…that’s me.
    and there are 3 of them haha. ><
    i saw that picture and laughed so hard…