No Pants 2k9 NYC Reports

UPDATE: Watch the video here.

Crowd shot at the meeting point. Photo by Katie Sokoler.

The 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride went off without a hitch today in New York. It’s tough to count, but we’re guessing we had between 1,200 and 1,500 participants. Riders were divided up and dispatched to 4 separate train lines. The high was 30 degrees and there was a nice steady stream of snow.

If you were there, leave us an agent report in the comments. We love hearing about everyone’s unique individual story. The photos and video can be see on the official mission report.

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate! If this was your first event, make sure you are on the NY Agents mailing list so you’ll find out about upcoming missions. Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on everything Improv Everywhere. You can also join our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Pantless pyramid of people in the snow in Union Square, post mission. Photo by Katie Sokoler.



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143 Responses to No Pants 2k9 NYC Reports

  1. Louise says:

    Hysterical!!! I was taking my sister in law for a tour of NYC and this was a perfect way to end her trip!!!! (She said it was a highlight and beat out being in a snowstorm for the first time). We got on the 6 subway at Union Square and there were people on the platform pantless. Then more got on at subsequent stops. Some of the best “costumes” was a girl with red underware that said “Hot cookie” on it. Then another guy had zebra striped tighty whities. Unfortunately a poor girl across the way was shaking so badly because she was so cold. Nevertheless, the whole experience was awesome. Thanks to all participants and Improv Everywhere!

  2. stephany =D says:

    i think the pantless subway ride is an AMAZING idea, so thats why im reporting about it on my school newspaper.i would really like to get some interviews and maybe a few qoutes from particiPANTS, so please if you want to volunteer to be interviewed by me and share your experience,please leave a comment here and we’ll work something out. thank you so much!

  3. Tiffany says:

    I don’t know if this was from improveverywhere, but I think I saw a few agents with their pants off today at canal street! I never would have thought that I would witness the agents with their pants off though.. It was so cool watching the tourists taking pictures and smiling. I hope I got caught on video!

  4. Agent Hunter says:

    I was first to depants on the E train’s 9th car.

    The atmosphere was excellent today. There was a random guy in our car loudly yelling out “WHY ARE YOU GUYS WEARING SHORTS?” several times and making a big ruckus about it, but in a funny way. Good times.

    Thanks to all of the new people and veterans for coming out today!

  5. Agent Rorschach says:

    This was my first time doing anything with Improv Everywhere, and I must say it was great! Originally I was going to go with 9 people, but 8 of them somehow managed to get out of it.

    It was really surreal to see everyone walking around without pants! Unfortunately since so many people were in on the prank, there were few people to wonder what the hell was going on, but when they did, it was excellent!

  6. Agent Y-bot says:

    I was with Agent Rorschach and we had an amazing time. Here’s a list of quotes from the day:

    *Do you have to pick a snow day for this?

    *It’s breezy on this train.

    *What’s this about? You guys go swimming or something?

    *Look at this! Walking down the street in johns…

    *This is why I go on the subway; this would never happen on the bus.

    *What’s going on? There are people wearing boxers everywhere!

    (These are said by policemen we ran into at Grand Central while looking for the bathroom to change)
    *You’re in the wrong place.

    *What are you promoting?

    Agent Rorschach was solving a rubix cube on the subway and a couple of pantless people were watching. One asked, “Can we take a picture? Maybe not, because you’re not wearing pants.” To this, he replied, “What?!? I’m not wearing… *looks down* Ah crap.”

    This is my second year, but the first year I actually went outside at Union Square and MAN was it cold. I saw a bunch of people waiting in line to get hot cider and I saw that they also had cider donuts. I tried to ironically get some, but they were all out.

    I also may have gotten on TV in the background. I doubt it though.

    And last and definitely least, a woman saw what was going on and took off her pants and underpants and flashed people over and over again. Some people just have to ruin it…

    Overall a great year, but we’re going to need to go on more subways next time.

  7. Agent Alyssa says:

    so i was on the E train, car 10.
    Kickass. the end.
    i was pretty nervous, but i loved the guy’s face across from me as i took of my pants.
    and while i was waiting on 14th street, a girl came up to me and asked “Is this for like…. a school project of something”
    so i just said “nah, a car splashed water all over me, so i took off my pants because it got uncomfortable”.
    First time, and I loved every second.

  8. Anon says:

    A woman on the train was taking pictures up my jacket with her phone. I heard her ask whoever she was with, “Is she naked?!” since my jacket was so long you couldn’t see my underwear.

    Then, once we got to Union Square, this man came up to me and my boyfriend and grilled us.

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    “Oh, it’s laundry day.”
    “Laundry day, huh?”
    “Yeah, but our washing machine is broken.”
    “Then what about those five girls I just saw not wearing pants.”
    “I guess their washing machine is broken too, small world.”

    Then he just gave us this huge disapproving look and I just told him: “It’ll all be okay tomorrow.”

    So much fun. And I swear I felt warmer with my pants off in the snow than with my pants on not in the snow.

  9. Katy says:

    6 train, car 4
    Boy was it cold today!

    The funny
    – Girl screaming “What’s going on?! Why’s everyone dressed like this?!” with half the car half naked.
    – The lady who refuses to sit next to me and 2 other pantless riders.
    – Walking on the 125th st platform with countless others from the same train.
    – A woman who couldn’t stop staring at me with scrunched up eyebrows.

    I saw many wonderful undergarments today. Where else could you find this many half naked people gathered at one place besides Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show? This will definitely be an annual event I’d like to attend. It was soooo much fun!

  10. Agent Greg says:

    I was the 2nd person depantsing on the E train 9th car. First time out with Improve anywhere and I had a blast. Most people knew what was going on but were still having fun. One guy on our car kept asking if we were members of the Polar Bear club.

    If we keep getting more agents we’ll start outnumbering the people with pants.

  11. Man oh man…it was amazing! Reading the Zombie Apocalypse guide whist wearing Rogues Do It From Behind undies was too epic.

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    Me: (looks down) “Well would you look at that!”
    “Do you know those other people not wearing pants?”
    Me: (looks over) “No. Why would I?”

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    Me: It got too hot.
    “But it’s snowing”
    Me: I know. Global Warming is crazy…

    It was…amazing.
    All the random pictures people took that they didn’t think I was looking at them.
    All the laughs and giggles.
    The puzzled faces.

    It was my first Pantsless Subway ride and i’m half tempted to always ride the subway as such. haha…

  12. So first off, i would like to say HELL YA to all of us who participated.

    The first guy talks to me:
    (In a very quiet whisper) – “Why…Why are you people not wearing any pants… did something happen?

    Answer: (shrugs shoulder)

    haha so fun today guys….. enjoyed everyone’s company and well the array of boxers, briefs, and panties

  13. KN says:

    Favorite questions asked on the R train:
    1. “Are you guys protesting Madoff?”
    2. Random tourist turns to his son and says “Why are you wearing pants? Take them off!”
    3. Lady: “Why aren’t you wearing pants” Me: “I am wearing pants!”
    4. Older Lady: “I would take my pants off too, but I am wearing a thong.”

    Best Reaction:
    Young woman getting on the subway at 59, walks in, looks at me look around tries step back and get out of the train as the doors are closing, but can’t get out in time.

  14. Agent FK says:

    Great as always, Improv Everywhere has outdone itself again.

    The start of my No Pants 2k9 experience was un-encouraging. This was my third No Pants mission, and on the previous 2 I’d been blessed with great team leaders. The leader for our car this time was very uninformed and unorganized. He didn’t really give clear information and assistance to the new people in the group. His instructions were: “I’ll get off at the first stop, and you guys can figure the rest out amongst yourselves.” And then, he didn’t even get out at the first stop!

    However, the rest of the mission went fine. As usual, it was great to see people’s reactions to pant-less agents. Two guys in our car were going back and forth about what was going on, one kept saying “should I take my pants off too?”. One woman got scared at so many pant-less people sitting down next to her, and went off into a corner to sit with the “normal” people.

    I was also pleased to meet up again with Agent Y-bot from No Pants 2k7. The best part was at Union Square. I had a blast hanging out with other Agents at the various bars, and at Union Square itself. The reactions of the uninformed passerbys was fantastic. One female agent sang a great song with the guy playing guitar at the station about taking off pants. I participated in an impromptu game of Simon Says, and saw a great pant-less human pyramid.

    The highlight was debating the merits of pants with the “true believers” trying to convert people at Union Square. After I informed the Pants Evangelist that Hammer Pants weren’t for me because I couldn’t touch them, we had the following conversation:
    Pants Preacher: We also have shorts.
    Me: Short shorts?
    Pants Preacher: Yes, lots of short shorts.
    Me: But who wears short shorts?

    All in all, a fantastic mission! The party was still raging when I left.

  15. Raymond Wong says:

    R,W train Car 4.

    What a great experience

    There was a crazy man with his wife/girlfriend screaming at all of us saying “Oh all you mother F***ers are a dsigrace, I should punch you all, blah blah blah.” Oh boy, i had people coming up to me asking why no pants? we’d respond oh it was great weather.

  16. fiona says:

    1 train, car number 6. As I took off my pants a woman sitting across the car from me, in a disapproving manner says ” you know there are better ways for you to do that” -do what? a better way to take off my pants? I had no idea. But I just shrugged and said “These pants are just too uncomforatable, can’t help it.”

    The subway conductors on the other had were having a hoot of a time. One tried to get me to tell her what the prank was all about. She just laughed and laughed when I told her the car was just too hot. The other conductor just pointed and laughed, shaking his head.

    At times square a woman asks me if this was some promotion for MTV and when I told her ‘no’ she replied ‘ oh well, maybe I can find a cute boy in tighty-whiteys.

    And to the dashing english teacher from Westchester… sorry I couldn’t make it back to you at the bar. There were way too many pantless people clogging the way!

  17. Mickey G says:

    I was on the 3rd car on the 6 train and was the first person to de-pants. I had one of those “only in NY” moments while doing it. Across from me was a nice young couple who after watching me get up and pull down my jeans, said to each other: “Those are the boxers I wanted to get for you”.

  18. andrewmaino says:

    so me n my friend live in si, rite outside of new york city.
    we didnt travle so we took the local train. we got kicked off a bus, almost kicked out of whitle castle and walked atound in the snow for about an hour… lmfao!

  19. DixieLover says:

    OMG! i wanted to do this but i lvie in WV….SUCKS

  20. Arsenyc says:

    OMG this was hilarious. I had never heard of no pants day before. I got off the A train at the 14th st subway station on the eighth ave line and saw this girl in her underwear. I thought she was a hooker lol. And then I saw a man in a suit and tie and his boxers. Then I saw about 20 people on the platform all in their underwear. Since I had just missed the last train I was the only one on the platform fully clothed! I blinked my eyes a few times and shook my head because I thought I was in the twilight zone. I thought I has still hung over from the night before lol. Eventually others started entering the platform as well and we all congragated together in order to figure out what the heck was going on. I asked a woman why her boyfriend and the others weren’t wearing any pants and she replied “Because he forgot to do his laundry! I don’t know about everyone else. Maybe they forgot to do their laundry too.” I seriously was like ok, where’s the hidden camera because I’m getting punked! We finally realized it was all a joke when the E train came and everyone got on, and right before the doors closed, they all got off. When I got off at the next stop on 23rd street a whole new squad of pantless riders got on and got off too. It was awsome. I so want to participate next year, but I’d probably get fired.