Seeing Eye People

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For our latest mission we posed as city workers providing a ridiculous solution to the “texting and walking” epidemic in New York. Our team of 60 participants divided into two groups: Half were “Seeing Eye People” wearing orange vests, and half were individuals texting and walking, connected to the Seeing Eye People via leashes. The Seeing Eye People claimed to be part of a Department of Transportation pilot program.

Later in the day, we staged a second version of the project where our Seeing Eye People went up to real people texting and walking on the street and offered the service. Here are the results:

This project was a collaboration with our friends at BuzzFeed.

We got tons of great reactions throughout the day. Most people laughed, though more than a few completely bought it. It really is ridiculous how many of us walk and text in New York! You can’t walk more than a block without spotting someone doing it.

Mission Accomplished

Created by: BuzzFeed & Improv Everywhere
Directed by: Charlie Todd
Produced and Edited by: Deverge
Music by: Tyler Walker
Producers: Matt Adams, Alan Aisenberg, Chris Baker, Jeff Greenspan, Mike Lacher, Andrew Soltys, Charlie Todd
Shot by: Matt Adams, Alan Aisenberg, Denis Cardineau, Ilya Smelansky, Chloe Smolkin, Andrew Soltys
Photography: Joseph Lin (photo credit for all photos on this page)
Production Assistant: Michael Tannenbaum
Principle Cast: Mikala Bierma, Dan Black, Dustin Drury, Don Fanelli, Keith Haskel, Cody Lindquist, Ari Voukydis


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4 thoughts on “Seeing Eye People

  1. You guys think of EVERYTHING. Keep up the great work.

  2. I walk with a cane due to back pain. Not only is it painful, when a phone texter walks by and bump into me, its also extremely aggravating. Great Vid!

  3. What if the seeing eye people need to text? Do they grab another seeing eye person or an average citizen?

  4. I love the comment from the police lady! “We’re always the last to know.” Hahaha! :D

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