Cologne and Rotterdam

We are visiting Cologne and Rotterdam over the next ten days and will be organizing at least one mission in each city. If you live near either city and want to participate, here is the information:


Please send an email to You will receive a message where and when the action will happen. It’s going to happen on Saturday, July 11. The performance is part of the education programme Open Source/// at Kölnischer Kunstverein.


Missions will take place between July 13 and 16. To join the missions, apply by becoming member of You will then automatically receive more detailed information about time, date and locations. Or, send an email to with ‘request information’ in your header (and you will receive detailed info). We have been invited by The Arts Office Rotterdam, made possible with the support of Your World 2009 (Rotterdam , Youth Capital of Europe 2009).

And if you don’t live anywhere near these cities, but want to invite us to your festival, university, etc., let us know!


  1. It’s a shame that the Rotterdam mission is a closed event to Hyves members. Is there a Facebook equivalent for the Rotterdam event? Or even better, a way to join without belonging to a social network?

  2. Seems interesting, I sent a mail to the address listed for more information, maybe I’ll join our Northern neighbours for an IE mission.

  3. What a pity, I live in Rotterdam but am going vacation the 12th…Good luck and have fun, I can’t wait to see the field report!

  4. Awesome! I’ve been following ImprovEverywhere missions for a long time when I was in the US (though not in New York).

    I never thought that I’d be able to take part in an event after moving to Germany. See you in Cologne.

  5. I live in Rotterdam so am really really looking forward to this! I signed up, and can be flexible with my obligations next week so really hope to be able to participate. :)

  6. Thank you so much, it was a nice mission and I really enjoyed the talk tonight.

    The views and reactions of the passers-by were priceless. Someone asked, what we were doing and we told him, that there were sold some bananas at the front (like in the former GDR) and he was like “oh, really?”. Anyways, I don’t know if he meant it or just went along with it.

    Something I noticed: I was quite at the end of the line and couldn’t really see the stranger, so imitating was not possible and I also couldn’t spot people in front of me doing so. Maybe next time the lines should be way shorter.
    Another thing was that some time after we had stopped and than started again there were like waves in the line so that you literally had to run after your partner in the front of you. I don’t know where that came from, maybe some kind of strange phenomenon when you always have to be a little faster than the person in front of you after the line started or maybe just someone who got a little dreamy and therefor had to catch up ;)

    Anyways, I think we all had a blast, so in the mood of that I’d love to encourage the interested people in you to join your local Urban Prankster group in the Urban Prankster Network Charlie created. Hopefully we can create some great missions ourselves some time :)

  7. Is it possible that all the instructions in the hyves website are in dutch??? I mean, you’re using a social network that only dutch ppl know, and writing in dutch. I guess that lots of foreigners living in/close to R’dam would love to join the project too. FB and English would have been a way better choice!

  8. hi there… i will use its up 2 u too understand it.

    salam… hehe aku suka tengok kau punya show ni.aku nak join jugak.tapi kau aku baru nak cuba tiru kau dan buat kat Malaysia.just nak bagi tahu kau je.macam mintak kebenaran la.ok tq.juling la kau baca ni.

  9. It’s been a month and a half since these missions took place. Will there still be any reports for them here?