Best Game Ever

Featuring: Agents Todd, Appel, Blumenthal, Newell, Sessler, Minton, Fair, Mercer, Cicci, Dippold, Park, DBlumenthal, Lewis, Thorn, Parker + more.
Digital Video: Agent Carbone

For our latest mission, we turned a little league baseball game in Hermosa Beach, California into a major league event. Enjoy the video below and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos.

In order to pull this mission off we worked with the commissioner of the Hermosa Beach Little League. The commissioner provided us with the names, numbers, and batting order of all of the players for both teams. He told us the 2 PM game between the Mudcats and the Lugnuts would be ideal for our mission, and allowed us to arrive early to set up all of our equipment. He was the only person involved with the league who knew what was going to happen. The players, coaches, and parents were kept completely in the dark.

The league’s games are six innings, and we planned our mission to unfold slowly, heightening with each passing inning. As the game started, the only unusual thing anyone could notice was a large truck parked just pass the outfield wall (housing our jumbotron to be revealed later.) All of the cameras remained hidden away.

Agent Fair screams for her favorite lugnut
In the bottom of the first inning, our agents started to arrive. We told everyone to wear either red or black, the team colors for the Mudcats and Lugnuts. The commissioner gave us baseball caps for both teams, which we passed out to our agents. In a typical game, the stands are completely empty as the player’s parents sit in lawn chairs right next to the field. By the end of the first inning all of our agents were in the stands cheering like crazy for the teams.

Agents Sessler, Newell, and Blumenthal
Three agents played the role of crazy shirtless dudes, painting “Mudcats” across their bare chests. These fans were particularly vocal in getting chants together. The players started looking back at the crowd with puzzled expressions. A few in the dugout peered around the corner to see what was going on. The game was in progress, so they had no choice but to keep playing and decide to figure it out later.

Agent Mercer vends peanuts
At the top of the 2nd inning, vendors started appearing in the crowd, “selling” peanuts and popcorn to the fans and parents. (They were free.)

Agent Cicci gives out programs
The commissioner also got us “baseball card” photos of each of the players. Using these photos we were able to put together a full color program of the day’s game. Agent Cicci walked through the audience handing out the programs. Excited parents kept asking him who he was and how he had put the program together, but he just shrugged and said, “I just work for the field. It’s a big game today.”

At the top of the 3rd inning, things really started to change as we revealed that NBC Sports was covering the game live, with the unveiling of our huge jumbotron in the outfield.

The jumbotron rose mechanically from the truck

The Mudcat dugout reacts to the jumbotron
We collaborated with NBC Sports on this mission, and they took care of renting the jumbotron and hiring legendary sportscaster Jim Gray to call the game. Jim ran the play-by-play and I served as his color man. The two of us sat in a booth at the back of the stands, and we were able to make announcements on the field’s PA system. It was tons of fun watching the players react as the jumbotron rose in the outfield. The game had to momentarily stop as everyone settled down.

“It’s a beautiful day for baseball!”
The jumbotron broadcast live footage from the game, including instant replays, and we projected photos of each player as he came up to bat.

In the next inning, mascots for both teams arrived. We weren’t able to find “mudcat” or “lugnut” costumes, so we just went with random animals that fit the teams colors.

The “Nutty” Chicken

The “Muddy” Bear
The younger brothers and sisters of the players on the field had a great time interacting with our mascots, although some Lugnut fans got a little violent with the Mudcat bear, chasing and hitting him repeatedly.

For our final touch, we worked with NBC Sports to get the Goodyear blimp to fly over the game and film the action from above. As it turned out, the blimp’s home base was just a few miles from Hermosa Beach, and they were able to fly over us on their way to another game. It was an unusually foggy afternoon, and we were terrified that the blimp wouldn’t be seen. They ended up flying in extra low to avoid the fog.

The blimp has an LED screen on the bottom of it, and we had them project, “Go Mudcats! Go Lugnuts! Welcome to the big league!”

The crowd cheered for the blimp and parents started walking around asking our fake fans what was going on. Our agents insisted the game was being broadcast live on NBC and that they were just big fans of the Mudcats and Lugnuts. The parents couldn’t get an answer as to why it was happening, so they just sat back and enjoyed the fun. A few parents mentioned they wished they were home so they could see it live on TV.

When the game was over, our fans sought out autographs from the players.

The day ended with a press conference with both teams. Agents Thorn and Dippold played journalists and grilled the players.


A few days later, I got an email from a parent (who must have found Improv Everywhere via Google search):

I believe you guys are behind the “Hermosa Beach Little League” taping that took place Saturday, March 10th, 2007. The parents will be talking about this for a long time… the kids even longer. My son was a pitcher on the Lugnuts. We had a long/tough season last year. Saturday made up for everything. I want to sincerely thank you for making Saturday so unbelievable. It was like a birthday, Christmas, and New Years Eve captured in a few amazing hours. Thanks a million for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Mission Accomplished.


  1. Very cute, very very cute.

    Only one question,
    why doesn’t this happen to me! Haha

    Outstanding planning though, especially with NBC Sports and the Goodyear Blimp!

  2. Oh wow, this is outstanding.

    You even got to collaborate with NBC and even the Goodyear blimp! Who would’ve thought that this small improv group could blossom into an international phenomenon, and have the power to do all these crazy things.

    This great once again. All these years, and I still want to live in New York just to be able to take part in this.

  3. Awesome. I thought the Jumbotron was outrageous but then you just had to have the Goodyear blimp fly by. Good work on the coordination.

  4. Amazing! Not only using their great ideas to go pantless on the subway, but actually making peoples life a little bit happier!

  5. I rarely type “lol” but you guys deserve it. A GIANT LOL to all of you. I’ve been following all of your missions for years and for some reason, this one had me in hysterics more than any other has!

    Brilliant work!

  6. Go Lugnuts! Go Mudcats! I can’t believe you actually went so far with this one as to get the jumbotron, Jim Gray, and the friggin’ Good Year Blimp!?!??!! Crazy awesome. When’s the next game?!

  7. Best Game EVAR!

    Awesome! Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, something else pops up….. I was impressed BEFORE the Jumbotron, NBC Sports and the Good Year Blimp.. but my oh my.. everything kept getting better.

  8. Is it coincidence that Todd rhymes with god?

    I don’t think so.

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  9. I didn’t think IE could top Where’s Rob and The Best Gig Ever, this is like a mashup of those Improvs. You guys are great, I wished I could’ve been there, or as an Agent!

  10. Just completely awesome! My god. The hidden jumbotron rises-up from a truck?! Are you kidding me?!
    If I had been in the stands, I would have gone APESHIT.

  11. What a wonderful memory to gift these children and their families with. Also, kudos to NBC and the Goodyear Blimp folks for their contributions to this most extraordinary event. It was a pleasure to read about it. These young boys will be telling their grandchildren about this someday! Improv Everywhere is the best!

  12. Just when I didn’t think I could love IE anymore… This mission definitely makes my top five, especially as a former little leaguer and forever baseball fan. I was smiling from ear to ear reading it. Good luck thinking of something to top this!

  13. That was awesome…. wow working with NBC and having the Blimp. Awesome job guys the kids had to love that. Just awesome….

  14. My ancient and abiding love of before-big-biz-baseball came surging back while reading this.

    The way it kept getting topped again and again was just incredible. I actually had tears and laughs going at the same time.

    Amazing and awesome and just all around gorgeous.

    (*Jim Gray* omg….those kids will be even more stoked about that part in about 20 years)

  15. An excellent mission.
    For me IE is required viewing to counteract all the bad news we get these days.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. you guys are so awesome! you’re getting pretty famous too! you got NBC and Goodyear to work with u guys. awesome job as usual! keep going with the missions to make more people smile!

  17. Awesome!! I used to live in Hermosa Beach (actually just a few blocks from that ballfield) and I have a good friend who is a sports producer for NBC in LA. I would have LOVED to help with this one!! Oh well, great idea and I miss Hermosa Beach.

  18. Reading this mission report, I had a grin from ear to ear the whole entire time. I may have also teared up a little at the email from the parent.

    This mission wins!

  19. I’m from the home of the Lansing Lugnuts minor league team with exactly the same logo. It makes we wonder who stole the design from whom…

    On second thought, I’m sure it was Lansing.

  20. Cute mission.

    Charlie, did you move to LA? If so, I will be very sad. The past few things you’ve posted have taken place in LA.

  21. You guys are the best. Not only do you put on awesome shows, they all are about happy things. The subway series, this one, they are all just pure fun. Thanks so much!

  22. Great mission. It was hilarious, and it sounds like the kids had a good time. Also, “A few parents mentioned they wished they were home so they could see it live on TV.” is funny on many levels.

  23. Who would have thought you would use your powers for good? You made a a lot of kids and parents happy. I’d like to see a few more of these types of missions where you do good things for people. Keep up the good work!

  24. You know when you are home by yourself and you don’t usually laugh out loud? I laugh out loud to you guys every single time! What a great day for all those kids! Fabulous job!

  25. WELL! You guys sure have come a long way! Pretty soon you’ll be TURNING DOWN celeberties who want to work on your missions!!

  26. Wow… just wow! You made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. Those kids and parents will remember that day forever. What a wonderful group of people you are!

  27. I love you guys more than ever. This is my favorite sort of mission, and I think it’s what you do best – go somewhere ordinary and make someone’s day a whole lot cooler. You’ve transcended pranking, and made it into an art, a force for good. Keep it up!

    Incidentally, what’s a mudcat?

  28. interesting scene caused. what about the children who will find out that it wasn’t really broadcast on NBC or that the “fans” were actors? I can see how this could be see as an inside joke played on the little leaguers, for the entertainment of both sides (improveverywhere and the kids).

  29. Brilliant. You really made their day. You guys should come back to NYC and do more stuff there! I’d really love to get more involved!

  30. Yes, Todd does rhyme w/God, and apparently for a reason. IE, i love you all and the work you do, and i wish you the best. peace and prosperity. PS – @ Agent Allicat: mudcat is a synonym for catfish (esp. the larger ones) in some parts of the South.

  31. WOW! From such humble beginnings in NYC to the Goodyear ferakin’ blimp as a the world’s largest prop! You guys have outdone yourselves. Keep it comin’!!

  32. I don’t know why I but I started crying through the whole report. I’ve been following all your missions for a long time now and this one touched me the most as really affecting someones life. You all did something really good and I’m so glad to have seen it.

  33. Congratulations, Charlie and agents! This Little League Baseball Mission was awesome! The whole Kula family admires your creative genius. Wishing you much success in your future endeavors.

  34. wow, ahaha talk about an awesome mission. i can only imagine how those kids would feel…..REALLY AMAZING. holy crap..i can’t stop smiling…something about this just makes me so happy….but probably not even half as happy as all those kids. good job guys!

  35. I grow more and more impressed with your goodwill mission every single day, Agent Todd. You are truly an exemplary person with the means and the manpower to cause scenes for the country and create happiness all around. I have such respect for you, sir.

  36. When are you guys going to finish with this overproduced schlock, and get back to what you’re good at?

    The mission was an awesome idea, but your execution is absolutely bastardized. You’re supposed to be Improv Everywhere, not some mediocre hidden camera show to fill in timeslots on primetime TV.

  37. Are these the pilot missions you guys did last year with NBC that were not picked up by the network? NBC should have picked it up. The musical chair and this one are good prank to be on national tv

  38. Thank you for doing this. I can’t think of anything else to write. Except you’re all awesome.

  39. I have to say, this was a great improv. Using an event. Any event and exagerating the atmosphere thereby increasing the excitement, enjoyment, and overall impact of the event is just awesome.

  40. wow. thanks,.. this one was really wonderful. It made my day a bit brighter, too… to know folks out there still do really good stuff for laughs.keep it coming.

  41. Did the appreciative parent of the pitcher, get the date year wrong (’07) on the taping date, or did you guys run into some problem with releasing it, that just got cleared up?

  42. Not only was it enjoyable for the viewer, but you made a bunch of kids’ years. Simply awesome.

  43. This rocks so hard it defies adjectives and fancy words. It’s great to see someone doing pranks that are funny and original without just taking advantage of the attempted kindness of strangers (Jackass, and every prank show on TV). The problem is now you’ve set the bar so high, how can you top it?

  44. I’m glad I took the time to read the comments here. For a few minutes I was thinking I might have been the only one with tears in my eyes after watching you make a lifelong memory for these children.

  45. I think this is one of the best missions I’ve seen so far. I love how everything just came together to make an amazing memory for the kids. AWESOME.

  46. This was awesome. I’m a big fan of IE and this was my favourite mission. I’m pretty sure this moment will be cherished for a long time by those kids and parents. You guys are trully amazing.

  47. I actually thought this was pretty lame. It was too much, and so it lost the grit and awkwardness that makes other missions so cool. I think if you try to hard to make people happy, it all feels a bit saccharine.

  48. You guys are amazing. These kids will NEVER forget this. Thanks for showing us how it can be done.

  49. “A few parents mentioned they wished they were home so they could see it live on TV.” – love it

  50. At work so I can’t watch the clip but from the pictures that looks awesome!

    What’s next? Best Wedding Ever?

  51. So awesome! Way to go, peoples. :D This is a good way to make sure people don’t forget you!

  52. Truly an awesome feat! And done in a way that didn’t upstage the kids and gave them a great memory and story.

    Well done!
    I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  53. Absolutely fantastic. I was bawling by the end with happy tears. And I’m a big guy that hasn’t cried in years.

    With all the all the crap that’s in the world today, this sort of thing is just beautiful. Keep it up guys!

  54. What a fabulous thing to do for these kids, they will never forget that day! I truly admire that you folks have created this original, interesting and harmless ‘thing’ you do that pokes fun at human nature and gets lots of people involved..can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    Here’s an idea.. speed dating, all female participants share the exact same info about themselves…

  55. This is unbelievably amazing. You guys rock! As a board member for my local little league, I can see how this would positively affect these kids for the rest of their lives.

    You guys are amazing. Thanks for having good things on the internet and in the world.

    Bravo!! (Standing ovation by me!)

  56. I especially enjoyed the comments from people who are unable to appreciate people doing something nice for the kids even if by doing so the group had to deviate from their normal practices.
    I wish I could live as sad of a life as those poor folks.

  57. Truly electric improv. My smile is sewn on for the day. Thanks! And keep up the great work and art you create so well.

    Oh, and for some posters: There are plenty of adjectives in the language, so maybe it’s time to get “Awesome” out of your vocabulary. Just an observation.

  58. Amazing. You have pulled off something that theese kids will never forget. I thank you from every cell in my body for all of the planning and effort that you put into this. Actions like these will help to heal our society. Again,

    Thank You!


  59. Wow, my brother is just obsessed with how cool this mission was! He plays little league baseball and he keeps asking why something like this never happened at one of his games (LOL!)

  60. I hated it!

    Just kidding, I just wanted to say something different.

    Seriously awesome. Such a terrific event for the kids, the parents and yourselves. You should all fall asleep with satisfied smiles on your faces. You done good.

  61. I’ve been a fan of you guys for a while, but this one really warmed my heart. What a great mission, to just up the joy in the world. Well done. You guys got me all teary in the middle of work — not fair!

  62. I think that this was truly a tour de force (but also quite awe inspiring or, rather, awesome). These kids were old enough to understand the pretense and the reality so that in the moment they felt like stars and in retrospect they will still feel like celebrities.

    I’m with all of you that teared up AND laughed out loud.

    I don’t care if Charlie is doing this for fun or profit. I don’t care if it’s a TV show or random creativity. It is entertainment without a cost — in fact, the participants are rewarded with an experience to remember.

    IE seldom (maybe the Best Buy management team lost a little credibility) inflicts a cost from your unsuspecting audience like Punked or Scare Tactics, and you usually give back a positive memory, a laugh, or both.

  63. You guys made those Little Leaguers lives. I don’t care what they do, who they become, they’ll be 60 and still talking about that. “Remember that day… The Goodyear freakin’ Blimp!”


  64. Oh my god. That was the best improv ever!!!
    Like all of you above me, I was smiling and tearing up at the same time.
    You made my day.

  65. I watched this while at work and my eyes started welling up because it’s just so much joy being unexpected given to people with no desire for anything in return. My boss caught me crying and I said I had something in my eye, but I think she’s onto me.

  66. This is great, improv that makes a difference in kids’ lives! Well planned, well done!

  67. Long time lurker, first time commenter. That’s the most awesome thing you’ve ever done. Not the funniest, but it’s awesome that you went all the way out for those kids. They will remember that their entire lives! It’s wonderful that you can use your fun little group to do something for others and not just for fun.
    Regardless, I love IE and everything you do, I just thought this was so heartwarming that I had to post how great it was.

  68. Any plans on putting the broadcast and footage from the other cameras onto a DVD? I would love to watch the whole thing from start to finish as if I were re-watching footage from when the White Sox were in the World Series. It would also be then great to give the little leaguers the DVDs as gifts. Great mission IE!

  69. Did the appreciative parent of the pitcher, get the date year wrong (’07) on the taping date, or did you guys run into some problem with releasing it, that just got cleared up?

    The <a href=”/missions/”IE missions page lists it as 2007 also, for what it’s worth.

  70. To the comment that insinuated that the kids might undergo some sort of hardship when they “discover” that the fans were actors, etc…

    Every last person that was in on the event (the scene, if you will) was there because they wanted to make a memorable event for those kids. Just because they were not “real” fans prior to the game (I can’t speak for after, some participants may have become converts) does not mean that their desire to have a positive impact on every last person there was fake.

    The Mudcats and the Lugnuts had a memorable game. And they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives as a positive experience. And that is all that matters. Taking one slice out of time and making the most out of it, injecting some more heart. Expensive cameras and graphics and all.

  71. Great job, guys.

    I just wonder how long it will be before “This American Life” does a story on how “hurt” the little leaguers are that the terrible improv group “made fun of” and “mocked” them.

  72. Once again, Improv Everywhere shows how absolutely awesome and inspired they are. Congratulations on a successful mission. I think this was your best idea yet.

  73. I love you guys so much. You really made an impact on those kids’ lives that day… nothing is cooler than improvs like these. I try to do interesting things to spice up peoples’ monotonous lives around here, but a lone person can’t accomplish as much as a large, organized group. I really would love to join the team.

  74. I’ve been reading your missions for a while and this one just shows… it keeps getting better! Thanks for all the hard work guys. Reading this site always makes my day. =)

  75. This was absolutely FANTASTIC! Great concept, great execution, and a totally random positive thing to inject into an unsuspecting world :-)

  76. Dang you guys! I’m sitting here blubbering like a baby, remembering how much I loved baseball as a kid and wishing I was 10 years old again. Me and my best friend in 3rd grade would play home run derby for hours, pretending to be our favorite players (Jim Palmer of the Orioles and Kenny Landreaux of the Twins and Dodgers). This brought it all back again – awesome, totally awesome.

  77. Your stunts are always hilarious, but this is a work of art; a majestic account of humanity’s ability to work miracles. Thank you.

  78. OMG. This is abosolutely AMAZING! You guys better get some MAJOR news coverage from this. I can’t imagine a better way to make people’s day. I am a theater major, so I am all for living in the moment. I hope one day I can take part in one of these preformances. It would make my life!

  79. WOW!!! You guys have grown so much :) – full dance numbers and musical performances – to *THIS* – Simply awesome – those kids will never forget it!

  80. I’ve followed you guys for a while now, and you always have given me a chuckle. But this was above and beyond; without a doubt one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but knew I needed to comment. Trust me when I say you all made an huge impact on the lives of a lot of people that day; one they will take with them always. And not just the kids.

  81. Whoops; cat entered my comment before I was done:

    What I wanted to say was:

    God forbid my child ever becomes terminally ill and eligible for the Make a Wish Foundation. The heck with calling them; I’ll be calling Improv Everywhere.

  82. Rob should have shown up, lost from his running adventure and proceeded to get lost again in the stands.

  83. That’s awesome! It’s nice to see something fun spirited like this, and it must have totally made the day for all those kids and parents. Maybe a few of them will even make it to the big league someday, now that they’ve had a taste of the limelight. :)

  84. This was beyond awesome. I got goosebumps looking at how excited the kids where about the whole thing, and I have to admit I even got a little misty-eyed at the end.

    Awesome mission. I hope I can be an agent someday ;)

  85. You guys have really out-done yourselves. These kids must have felt 10-feet tall (and not because they were on a JumboTron!). Good job on changing these kids’ lives!

  86. There was a similar thing going on in Sweden on the 22nd of March.

    Same deal, 10y/os playing soccer, they had no idea that they would get 300 more people cheering on them. No NBC stuff and no blimps, just people.

  87. Best Mission Ever! Ok Charlie, you made me cry. Not only a funny mission, but one that made the teams & their families day. Absolutely amazing, I’m floored by all the thought put into it.
    A+++++++ for how special you made those kids feel.

  88. Maybe I’m a big softy, but this totally made me cry. What a wonderful event! I think it’s really awesome to support kids’ sports events, and what better way than to make them feel special? Huge kudos!

  89. AWESOME JOB! Made me think back to my Little League Days and how blown away I would have been to have something like this happen at one of my games.

  90. That day had to be the most incredible eaperience the players, parents and coaches ever had. I can only imagine how my children would have reacted if they had gotten gaught up in a production like that. I believe I know the answer to that, though. Great job!

  91. ooh, i would like to be one of this child, it have to be amazing playing with this kind of espectators.
    great day for the childs and their parents.

  92. From the I.E. site, looks as though this was performed back in March 2007. Also from the I.E. site, they were working with NBC on a pilot version of the show for national broadcast. This must be one of the pranks they lined up with the network for use in the pilot. The financial backing needed, the clearance to use the NBC logos… and it would also explain why a year-old prank was just published this week – NBC probably needed to “release” the prank to I.E. given they weren’t going to pick up the show.

    All told though – it was a great bit. I wish I was there to witness it in person!!

  93. I’ve been following ya’ll off and on for a few years and I must say that the increasing scale of your missions has not diminished your creative spark or hilarity. Amazing mission and job well done.

  94. Someone posted this on another board I belong to. This is hands down one of the classiest and most thoughtful things I have seen someone do for a bunch of kids, even if it was “just a stunt”

    I applaud you, ladies and gentlemen … brilliant ….

  95. Way Cool….These kids were changed forever….What a blessing.
    What a great idea and what a great country.

  96. Improv Everywhere,

    If I weren’t so sleepy, I would still have chills running up my spine! I’m an artist, and I’ve thought for a long, long time about how so much art, in a sense, is “take it or leave it”. Many people will never stop and look just to take things in. I realized what I wanted was to do things that would speak straight to peoples’ hearts in ways hard to ignore. Unbelievable as it may sound, one of the things I thought of was exactly what you have done here, and I know good and well this was your own original idea, too. That makes it even better because I never thought I could “possess” or “own” such a great idea, anyway. It came to me because I think little kids are the coolest people there are in the world. Celebrities have nothing on the littlest and brightest of people, who are still pure soul. No one deserves what you did more than kids. They need unexpected and genuine kindness from the world around them, and they need unexpected and personal reasons to be truly happy. Like when they think they’re just another kid, and the world is confusing and scary, but one night dozens of strangers cheered them on from the stands like they were heroes. The kind of thing they think only happens in a dream. The memory of this will give them strength for the rest of their lives. I would like to make a special request that you do this once a year at a random little league event, even if, for you, a repeat may not be improvisation. It just can’t be done too much. The blimp and jumbotron may be hard to swing again, but I don’t even think those were the best part. The best part is that both teams were cheered on by people who were there just for them, for the fun of it, not for pressure or competition or caring who wins. This is truly mind-blowing for me to see, and it is almost mystical that this beautiful idea found you as well. I am beyond thrilled, I never expected a surprise like this, and you pulled it off in such an amazing way. Thank you.

  97. way cool!!! It is great to see kids having a great time and enjoing being kids, They will remember that day and talk about if for many years to come. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

  98. This is sooo great! I really like the that it’s still “Improv Everywhere,” but at the same time you really did a nice thing for these kids that they will enjoy and remember. Fantastic!

  99. Let me stand and applaud YOU for such an awesome bit of work on the Big/Little League game. My hat is off to you. I’m certain no one who was there that day will ever forget it. Just watching your YouTube video brought a big smile to my face.

    Wonderful practical humor like that, that adds to everyone’s enjoyment rather than at someone’s expense is rare and appreciated.

    If youre ever doing anything like that again…count me in.

  100. Wow, that was cool. I loved your other missions, but this one is specially cool. You went all the way for these kids and this shows that you guy’s are not just clowns. I loved your concepts before, but now you have my respect.

  101. I love all of IE’s stuff, and this latest performance is a tugger. It starts out great, and then I see that they’ve brought out a mockup of the Jumbotron. Then I think, “Geez, they got a guy that looks just like Jim Gray too.” Just when I realize that it really is Jim Grey calling the game, here comes the Goodyear Blimp. I first think that it must be digital editing, but then the kids and parents are pointing, seeing it too. Unbelieveable. Great filming, felt like I was there.

    I wrote this to thank Charlie Todd and all his agents (in this clip and everywhere else), and Jim Gray and all the people at NBC and the Goodyear Blimp who worked as unsung heroes to make this bit of fantasy come true. Maybe I’m just a viewer of a little clip on the internet, but it was my best game ever also.

  102. I’ve read this several times today. I’ve cried every single time. Do you have ANY idea how much you tilted the balance of good in the world, with this?

  103. For everyone who decided to be real party poopers and yap about how “this isn’t improv”, go back up to the top of this very page and read the About Us statement.

    To Charlie Todd and the crew of agents who worked on this mission: Thank you, you made my night.

  104. I love all of the missions that this group does, but this one is one of my favorites because of the pure good in it. To be out there for the kids like that… what an incredible experience & memory for kids and parents. I love it because it is such an act of humans supporting other humans… and we don’t see nearly enough of that these days.

  105. Thanks a million, guys, this is something none of these kids will EVER forget – great job! We can all do little acts of kindness in our own lives every day.

  106. Very funny, sweet, heartwarming, and exceptionally pulled off.

    My hat is off to you, improveverywhere.

  107. I’ve never seen your work before, but I will now look it all up. That was just so special for those kids and their parents. The looks on all their faces from begining to end was priceless. That meant so much to those kids; they work hard at school and at their extracuricular stuff for often little reward, and tend to get a bit disallusioned and uninterested in those things. What an absolutely wonderful way to positivly reinforce them all, and keep their enthusiasm up for the game as well as the work they put into it. All kids need is a little support and positive reinforcement in life….you guys went over the top and really made the day for all those people….It’s not often I smile while tearing up.

    Just Awsome

  108. La recreación fue excelente. Un saludos cordial desde Chile sudamerica. The recreaction was unbelive, is a pleasure meet your organization. Best regards from Chile Southamerica.

  109. What an amazing mission guys. I’m an italian baseball player and in my country baseball is quite like a little league. For us it would be a dream being involved in something like that… GORGEOUS.

    Cheers from Italy.


  110. What a wonderful memory you gave the children and their parents… way to go!!!!!
    BAM (Building A Memory) so you certainly know how to BAM

  111. By far your cutest mission yet. Thanks so much for all of these – whenever another comes out it always makes my day.

    Keep up the amazing work guys.

  112. Once again, you’ve given me warm fuzzies inside, IE, and lots of laughs and happiness!

    Thank you!
    Keep doing what you do best! I’ll be watching.

  113. Aww… I’m so touched. Sniff. You guys brought smiles to e children and their parents.

    Awesome work!

  114. what a beautiful thing to do. what a great story, what great planning and what great execution.

  115. I can’t imagine how cool that would’ve been as a little league player. You guys did something that these kids will talk about for, literally, the rest of their lives. Thats pretty cool.

  116. Guys,

    this should be named “Best Mission Ever” because it was fun for us youtube watchers and a lifelong memory for those kids. What a killer idea this was!

  117. This is so fantastic! As a long time rec league youth baseball coach, I can’t tell you how jealous I am that one of my teams weren’t chosen for this stunt.

    I can imagine perfectly how great a day you made for those kids!

    Well done!

  118. That’s simply AMAZING!! this kind of opportunity doesn’t happen everyday and for those few hours, you guys gave a great gift to both parents and children!!

  119. Awwww… you lot are brilliant! The planning of this is admirable, and the pictures of the kids signing autographs makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Very well done!

  120. That was the cutest thing ever… This is one of my favorites from all of you because you gave that team something they will never forget. Awesome!!!

  121. You guys are so sweet.
    Improv Everwhere: making the world a better place, one spontaneous event at a time.

  122. brilliant. Way to find the perfect “prank.” Hilarious, yet harmful to absolutely noone.

  123. This game will be remembered by both the players and parents as “The greatest Game Ever!” And I think that it was. These players will forever remember their televised game. God Bless the people that staged this.

  124. You guys just made my heart about 3 times bigger! I can only imagine what it would have felt like to be a parent at that game, watching their kid’s reaction to the whole thing. I only hope my kid gets to experience something half that cool. Asking for autographs? Man, what a nice touch! I bet that game changed lives.

  125. You guys are amazing. You pull off these completely unexpected “stunts” and never cause harm… though some of your missions were ill-received.

  126. A freaking jumbotron, jim gray, and the goodyear blimp???? You guys have topped yourselves. Nothing else will ever come close.

  127. Truely great! Put lots of smiles on players, fans, and parents alike. This one is worth doing again at another place.

  128. I played as an 11 year old in Hermosa Beach Little League last year. I was on the Scrappers and my friend was on the Express. The other two teams in the Mudcats and Lugnuts division. I ask some of the kids on both teams if they head fun and they said it was the best time of their lives. Please come back to Hermosa Beach Little League and do it for the Scrappers.

  129. This has to be one of the greatest things I have seen. You got to be so ridiculously over the top while giving those kids a story to tell for the rest of their lives. Absolutely amazing no matter how you look at it. Thanks for a great great read yet again.

  130. That has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. You’ve changed those kids forever by giving them a story that they’ll tell for the rest of their lives. Bravo.

  131. Wow, congrats on getting enough interest from NBC to make a pilot. I am glad they didn’t pick it up as they would ruin your edgyness. They no doubt would have had the show hosted by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon. I can’t imagine your work being ruined by those two reading lame recycled jokes from TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes before introducing each bit. That’s not what you are about. Keep up the good work. If I were a kid on that field, I would have remembered that day fondly for the rest of my life. Great job.

  132. What a wonderful, positive, heartwarming thing for IE to do. My favorite aspect of your work is that you NEVER do something with a negative comedy intent. It’s easy to publicly embarrass someone, but you guys are a cut above anyone doing comedy these days. Thank you for shaking up people’s definition of “normal” and for not sinking to the vulgar ridiculing of others that abounds on shows like “Punk’d” and “…Japanese Game Show.”

  133. This is one of my favorite ones.

    Any chance that you’d put up the full game video? I’m sure you probably have tape from throughout the game. Seeing everything unfold fully would be pretty neat.

  134. wow – you guys are big time now. how’d you manage the goodyear blimp?! programs, peanuts – great attention to detail.

  135. Wow. Not only did you give the gift of the Best Game Ever to those two teams and their parents – but to every single other former Little Leaguer who might chance across this.

    Thank you – very, very much.

  136. That was such a sweet thing to do for those kids- puttin’ ’em in the big leagues ! I was actually moved to tears. Keep up the GREAT WORK and lets start up another chapter here in DC !!!!

  137. Can I just tell you that I actually had TEARS in my eyes when I finished reading this! It was so funny and so TOUCHING that these kids got tofeel so ultra mega cool! I love that you guys do stunts that dont hurt people or make them feel dumb or angry (like punked and stuff). LOVE IT!

  138. That was just AMAZING!!! One of your best, I think because the kids will grow up, knowing that NBC sports covered their little league baseball game. amazing!!! u really do improve everywhere

  139. Dude, I cried tears of joy upon seeing this, and I don’t even like baseball.

    You just did a hardcore “Yes, Virginia,” and those kids will remember this forever.

  140. While missions like the MP3 experiments or the Best Buy mission are very cool, missions like this where you touch other peoples lives are just awesome. SO AWESOME! Please do more missions like this.

  141. I really wish there were more people like you Charlie Todd (and the rest of your agents), I am going to make it a point to telling all my friends family and co workers to check out your site, your not only brilliantly funny, dedicated, but also a huge heart, please keep them coming

  142. The comments never end, but I feel the same way, and I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one crying and laughing at the same time while watching this. This is still my favorite mission ever, rivaled only by Spontaneous Musical (why can’t that happen to me? And yes, I do sing the Lemonade song randomly and if I could would get a decent mp3 of the actors singing it). It’s just…perfect. Absolutely beautiful. I wish the video was longer so we could see more about what that day was like.

  143. where does improv everywhere get the money to do something like this? it’s random improv that totally for fun and non profit.

  144. that is the best thing everywhere, i hope the earth finally gets set to a high moral standard, and will not be mean to people anymore. i really hope this gets peoples attention to make them think- tim

  145. That is amazing, I can’t believe that you guys can pull all of these things off without cracking up. I know i couldn’t keep a straight face while doing something like that. I bet those kids playing had to be so confused

  146. I must admit that this really made me smile (a hard thing to do considering I just got up and haven’t had coffee yet). More projects like this would be awesome :)

  147. Ryan, it isn’t the lugnuts from Lansing, it’s the little legue lugnuts from wherever they are in california. little Legue, not minor luege.

  148. Now this is how the world should be. Fun and magical.
    Those kids will always remember that day…parents too.
    As for the rest of us watching this… If a little tear didn’t bubble up with joy then something is wrong with you.

  149. My Gawd, that was amazing all that you did for them.
    You had NBC and Goodyear Blimp there!
    That’s just the greatest thing I have ever seen!
    You made me laugh and cry just watching/reading about it.
    The kids must feels so great, the parents too.
    Love what IE does.

  150. Well.I just have nothing to say. That is so crazy.I like it so much.You know,it will be a magical experience for the kids,isn’t it?

  151. I didn’t read through the rest of the posts, but kudos to the IE team, and particularly NBC for their contributions!

  152. this is amazing and it made me really happy to see something like this random act of kindness. i love this!

  153. that was really cool what you guys did. i’m really into imorov too! if you guys ever come to Lenox, Iowa let me know! i would love to do things like that with you! Everything you guys do is hilarious and outstanding!


    vivi :)

  154. This is fantastic! I have been a passenger in the Goodyear Blimp. It was great to see Goodyear participate. You made these kids feel soooo good! I hope to be a participant myself one of these days.

  155. That stuff must’ve been awesome. I’d join in if I’d even just pass by something like that… :3


  156. This is the best one ever. I have happy tears in my eyes thinking how the kids and parents of those kids felt that day.

  157. Out of everything you guys (& girls) have done, this is by far my most favorite mission. As a parent of a Little Leaguer myself I know without a doubt the kids must have got a huge kick out of this. It would have been great if you could have taped the game, complete with commentary, burned DVDs and presented one each to the kids as commemorative souvenirs of their “best game ever”. Maybe some of them will go on to play in the Majors, maybe just one of them, or perhaps none of them, but guaranteed they will all remember this day for the rest of their lives.

    Not just Best Game Ever, but Best Mission Ever, period. You cannot top this…but don’t let that stop you trying ;)

  158. Still got a tear or two, 5 minutes later. Totally, totally awesome. The e-mail from the parent really got me. God bless all of you all at IE!

  159. This is so awesome. You just prove that funny doesn’t have to be mean spirited. I think the fact that you come up with the most smile-inducing “pranks” also says a lot about your character!

    Keep it up – and can I get a “circle line tour” my next trip to the city?

  160. This is SO sweet. You gave very big smiles to the kids and their parents!

    Greets from Germany (looking forward to your visit in Köln/Cologne)

  161. Yo! Ninja love to you all for the great things you do to brighten everyones day. This is amazing and I am looking forward to joining your ranks one day in the future.

    Minoru Miyazaki
    Ninja Clone Leader – Ninja Awareness Program 2009

    P.S. As a little heads up, you were recently recommended to the man we [The DeFranco Nation] call SXEPhil, so you may wind up in one of his videos. I look forward to many of the DeFranco Nation joining your ranks. And as an aspiring Techie for Theatre in NYC, I look forward to joining your ranks in NY!

  162. hi guys, i’m from the Czech republic and i happened to see your videos by chance… but i love the things you’re doing! carry on!

  163. this is SO precious! I played t-ball when i was younger and i’m sure this is something none of the kids will ever forget. improv everywhere you are definitely one of the coolest things out there.