IE was featured on the front page of AIM Today. Check out the story: IE ON AIM TODAY


  1. I found out your group through AIM yesterday. I’ll be sure to look for you guys next time I’m in NY.

  2. Wow, now the world is starting to notice the missions BEFORE they happen!

    Keep it up.

    Todd Rice
    Everywhere Else

  3. The publicity is almost disappointing. People won’t be as surprised by it as they used to be, and the genius of the whole thing hinges on people being totally caught off guard.

  4. You have to remember there are 8 million people in New York and like 1,000 subway cars running at any given minute. The likelyhood of the people who see it knowing is pretty slim.

  5. I have to agree with Amanda, the publicity is almost disappointing, but then I think why not share what IE does with the country. I mean it’s brillant. I mean they can’t literally be everywhere.

  6. Aww, if someone on one of the cars has read this story they might tell the other riders. I hope they play along…

  7. Or if someone on one of the cars has heard about it on the internet, radio, tv, or newspaper at some point in the last 4 years they might tell the other riders! I think the point is that this is a huge tradition for IE; when you repeat something every year it’s not exactly about the element of surprise. Good luck tomorrow, everyone!

  8. I heard about Improv Everywhere from Attack of The Show on G4 TV not even 2 months ago but i totally love it already. I just wanted to say good luck on the annual no pants ride and that sharing how u change the world with a few people or a million can never be a bad thing, un less ur a dictator or Bush…just glad to be a fan!!Good Luck!