Freedom For My People

Our case was dismissed! Yesterday, eight Improv Everywhere Agents appeared in Midtown Community Court to face their “Unreasonable Noise” summons. The Honorable Judge Eileen Koretz dismissed the charges and let us walk! No fine. Nothing. Hooray!

Check out Agent Kula’s blog coverage of our court date: here.


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  1. Congrats you all, the only excuse I ever used that worked, was I had a migraine, and that was for parking too long.

  2. Kudos for Judge Eileen. Reading about your concert was a couple of the best hours I’ve ever spent online! I’m looking forward to your next adventure.

  3. Cheers to Eileen. It was funny and she knows it. For just that one afternoon, you guys rocked. Can’t deny that.

  4. God, I love this town….some celebrity-justice I can get into. Looking forward to the Post-acquittal party on the 6 Train.

  5. We need a justice system overhaul. You punks deserve to be fined at least, incarcerated in my dreams.

    Feh on you! Feh, I say!

    Naw, I’m just kiddin witcha.

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