Mp3 Experiment Six – Thanks!


A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment Six today on Roosevelt Island! Our apologies to everyone who didn’t get an inflatable weapon. We bought 1,400 of them, but damn they went fast! I think it’s pretty safe to say there were around 2.3 jabillion people there.

We are starting to get the photos up from our official photographers. We’ll keep adding links to them to this post.

Katie Sokoler’s Photos

Mark Hambly’s Photos

Brian Fountain’s Photos

Ilya Chigirev’s Photos

Roosevelt L!VE’s Photos

It will be a few weeks before we have any video to show, but stay tuned. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker. You can visit his site to download the songs.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the new book afterwards! If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the book table, why not order it online? :)

The Hammers
photo by Katie Sokoler



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96 Responses to Mp3 Experiment Six – Thanks!

  1. tastypaper says:

    I had a blast! Go Yellow! I almost ran into Charlie while playing tag, it was great! Good work on the book too, I’m nearly half way through it already!

  2. Rico says:

    Punch yourself in the face!

  3. tyler says:

    music is up on the myspace.
    all the music is downloadable. enjoy!

  4. Julia says:

    i had so much fun!!!!!!!!
    cant wait for the pics!

  5. James says:

    Wow, what an amazing time. I’m already counting the days till next year. I am still on a natural high from it.


  6. Kelly G says:

    Thank you for a truly amazing experience. I had to start on the subway, but there were a few of us in the car doing it. It was so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better first mission.

  7. Fredericks says:

    I brought my brothers out with me and we had tons of fun, even though the major construction on the Manhattan bound F train left us running 10 blocks up Lexington Ave to the Queens bound train and we arrived on Roosevelt Island 10 minutes after 4. And youngest bro lost his cellphone (btw – if anyone happened to pick up an LG Voyager in a leather hipcase please e-mail me at, thanks)

  8. x_ says:

    I did not participate, though I did run into the crowd on the island (where I happen to live). I also brought a camera along, which felt like being all rebel-like, after having read the directions beforehand.

    I got thumbs up from a small crowd, though. That was pretty nice.

  9. Steve C says:

    The guy I was following would keep turning around and than stopped looking as if he was ready to hit me. Needles to say, I kept my mouth shut, stopped when he did and kept following him until that part was over. Close call.. I met Charlie at the end and he was very nice. That made up for not getting a hammer. GO BLUE!

  10. Alex says:

    This was a great way to start the summer. I bought the book and got it signed. Met Charlie, cool guy.

    Go Blue (even though we work best together to destroy things like Wolves)

  11. Kelvin B. says:

    Lol i had a blast today, and i love how we all formed one team, just wish we had a little more time beating each other with inflatable objects

  12. Kevin R. says:

    Don’t you guys like blue? we were the last ones to be “it” in freeze tag and then it was everyone vs. us at the end of tag!

    Overall, it was awesome, had a blast.

  13. Sue says:

    WHAT A BLAST…again! Thanks so much for getting all these diverse folks together yet another time. Loved the hammers and bats. Happy we didn’t leave bits of balloons all over the place this year (though people were great about picking them up last year.) Can’t wait to see the video. Ride on the subway was nuts…lots of knowing smiles. To everyone who organized it, a giant thank you. And to the poor guy in the wolf costume, thanks for sacrificing yourself for the greater good. Bye Steve…look forward to hearing you next year.

  14. Garry C. says:

    Thanks for the great time!

    I loved the part where everyone had to beat the wolf, and the Simon Says haha!

    And it was especially interesting that we ended up on the south tip of Roosevelt Island, not many people know of its existence, especially the Smallpox Hospital located there which is just beautiful. Great location guys!

  15. Iggy says:

    I had so much fun dancing. The slow-mo was the best part though. Thanks to everyone that I shared a smile with and/or danced with. GO GREEN!

  16. Anthony says:

    This was the best time. I had a blast. Thanx for organizing it. and Special thanx to the guy in the wolf costume for taking all those his.

  17. James R says:

    Thanks to all the people who organized this and helped it was a great time! I was lined up for the portapotty when it started, I was stretching my neck while going to the bathroom hahah. The whole thing was sweet I loved it. I managed to snag a pink bat at the last second. I bought a book and talked to Charlie after it was over, great day and amazing weather!

  18. thea says:

    this was a great introduction to summer and to improv everywhere! yellow team, best team (red was ok, too). also, great job on the music, it was so perfect!

  19. Sok says:

    It was such a fun event! I had a blast! Thanks for organizing this guys! it was surreal to see so many people sharing such joy! we should do this more than just once a year!!

  20. Hasin says:

    I had so much fun. My time surely wasn’t wasted and LOL thanks a lot for the hammer………

    Looking forward to the next one……