Mp3 Experiment Six – Thanks!


A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment Six today on Roosevelt Island! Our apologies to everyone who didn’t get an inflatable weapon. We bought 1,400 of them, but damn they went fast! I think it’s pretty safe to say there were around 2.3 jabillion people there.

We are starting to get the photos up from our official photographers. We’ll keep adding links to them to this post.

Katie Sokoler’s Photos

Mark Hambly’s Photos

Brian Fountain’s Photos

Ilya Chigirev’s Photos

Roosevelt L!VE’s Photos

It will be a few weeks before we have any video to show, but stay tuned. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker. You can visit his site to download the songs.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the new book afterwards! If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the book table, why not order it online? :)

The Hammers
photo by Katie Sokoler


  1. I had a blast! Go Yellow! I almost ran into Charlie while playing tag, it was great! Good work on the book too, I’m nearly half way through it already!

  2. Wow, what an amazing time. I’m already counting the days till next year. I am still on a natural high from it.


  3. Thank you for a truly amazing experience. I had to start on the subway, but there were a few of us in the car doing it. It was so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better first mission.

  4. I brought my brothers out with me and we had tons of fun, even though the major construction on the Manhattan bound F train left us running 10 blocks up Lexington Ave to the Queens bound train and we arrived on Roosevelt Island 10 minutes after 4. And youngest bro lost his cellphone (btw – if anyone happened to pick up an LG Voyager in a leather hipcase please e-mail me at, thanks)

  5. I did not participate, though I did run into the crowd on the island (where I happen to live). I also brought a camera along, which felt like being all rebel-like, after having read the directions beforehand.

    I got thumbs up from a small crowd, though. That was pretty nice.

  6. The guy I was following would keep turning around and than stopped looking as if he was ready to hit me. Needles to say, I kept my mouth shut, stopped when he did and kept following him until that part was over. Close call.. I met Charlie at the end and he was very nice. That made up for not getting a hammer. GO BLUE!

  7. This was a great way to start the summer. I bought the book and got it signed. Met Charlie, cool guy.

    Go Blue (even though we work best together to destroy things like Wolves)

  8. Lol i had a blast today, and i love how we all formed one team, just wish we had a little more time beating each other with inflatable objects

  9. Don’t you guys like blue? we were the last ones to be “it” in freeze tag and then it was everyone vs. us at the end of tag!

    Overall, it was awesome, had a blast.

  10. WHAT A BLAST…again! Thanks so much for getting all these diverse folks together yet another time. Loved the hammers and bats. Happy we didn’t leave bits of balloons all over the place this year (though people were great about picking them up last year.) Can’t wait to see the video. Ride on the subway was nuts…lots of knowing smiles. To everyone who organized it, a giant thank you. And to the poor guy in the wolf costume, thanks for sacrificing yourself for the greater good. Bye Steve…look forward to hearing you next year.

  11. Thanks for the great time!

    I loved the part where everyone had to beat the wolf, and the Simon Says haha!

    And it was especially interesting that we ended up on the south tip of Roosevelt Island, not many people know of its existence, especially the Smallpox Hospital located there which is just beautiful. Great location guys!

  12. I had so much fun dancing. The slow-mo was the best part though. Thanks to everyone that I shared a smile with and/or danced with. GO GREEN!

  13. This was the best time. I had a blast. Thanx for organizing it. and Special thanx to the guy in the wolf costume for taking all those his.

  14. Thanks to all the people who organized this and helped it was a great time! I was lined up for the portapotty when it started, I was stretching my neck while going to the bathroom hahah. The whole thing was sweet I loved it. I managed to snag a pink bat at the last second. I bought a book and talked to Charlie after it was over, great day and amazing weather!

  15. this was a great introduction to summer and to improv everywhere! yellow team, best team (red was ok, too). also, great job on the music, it was so perfect!

  16. It was such a fun event! I had a blast! Thanks for organizing this guys! it was surreal to see so many people sharing such joy! we should do this more than just once a year!!

  17. I had so much fun. My time surely wasn’t wasted and LOL thanks a lot for the hammer………

    Looking forward to the next one……

  18. my wife and i rented bikes and took the tram over to roosevelt island, stopping for lunch at about 3:30. very quickly, we realized something odd was happening. my real-time tweets (including such gems as “No idea what will happen. Everyone in a red, blue, yellow or red shirt with a white undershirt.” and “People pointing at things. Now introducing themselves to folks. And high fiving.”) are at if anyone is interested.

  19. had an amazingg time! (except falling into a old lady’s lap on the subway heading to Queens because of the jolt of the subway cart). met charlie and got a book, and fell alseep for nap time on dirty mulch. I did not get a hammer. It was amazingg.. much have been more than 2.3 ja-billion. I can’t wait for the next event – make it soon!!!

    – Sarah

  20. I had a great time! On our walk down to the south end of the island, a young woman (Hi, Rachel!) approach me and asked me what was going on. I explained and shared my headphones with her. She had as much fun as the rest of us! Afterwards, I bought the book and got it signed by Charlie. BTW, it was his partner-in-crime (Mark?) in the wolf suit.

    It was my second MP3 Experiment and I can’t wait for next year!

  21. It was a total blast! Thanks, Charlie, and everyone for all the work.

    We’re from Arizona and our whole family LOVED being part of something awesome like this (it’s my son in the blue shirt who is the hammer general at the top of this post).

    If anyone found the camera that I dropped (probably during nap time)–a little black Sony with 300-ish pictures of Dwight Schrute (from The Office) posing at all our holiday travel destinations from the last 10 days, please contact me at parkerfive(at)

    Thanks again!
    Jana from AZ

  22. Where to start? First of all, the weather was great and everything was just perfect for an Improv Everywhere Mission!!! Job well done. I was glad to get to meet Charlie and Alex, even if only briefly.

    Alex, I was the first book you signed after returning, still in the wolf costume, so I apologize for it being passed to you without giving you a beat to breathe, But I thank you as I’m extremely greatfull you both signed it. I’ve started reading it and loving it so far!

    I met a lot of first time attendees and their reactions are all the same. Everyone had a blast, and the conversations always ended with “We’ll see you next year!” – I hope not only to see them again at more MP3 Experiments, but at other Improv Everywhere missions. Being from Long Island, it’s difficult for me to run into the city for short-term events, especially during the week, but I am definitely going to continue making an effort to support Improv Everywhere. This was my fourth MP3 Experiment and it won’t be my last.

    Once again, Thank you Charlie, Alex, all the IE agents who worked their butts off to make this happen, and of course, the more than 2000 (Wow! I don’t think anyone saw that coming) of you who came down to participate. See you next year!

  23. Agent Hurricane Andrew and I had a blast. Another brilliant success. All the best!

  24. I took my eight year old sister along with me and we both had a blast. Her headphones came out of her iPod Shuffle and stopped her playback, but thankfully I brought a headphone splitter with me and we shared the audio from my iPhone. She loved (or loathed haha) the Steve Says “wave at the youngest person around you” where easily 100+ people waved at her. We had an amazing time all together and spoke to a bunch of great people. Big props to that one nice girl who overheard me looking for my shirt and brought it over for me.

    Little sis was a little upset about not getting a hammer, but really such a small take-away considering all that went on. The memories and photos (and eventual video) will last forever! Or at least until this hellbeast known as the internet goes away forever.

    Here are a few photos I snapped with my iPhone:

  25. My friends and I decided to go on a whim, and I’m so, so glad we did!

    Thanks to everyone for a great time!

  26. A big hello and thank you from the Norwegians participating today!

    The three of us had a blast. This was our second improv mission, and the temperature was a bit more to our liking today (our first time was the The Camera Flash Experiment…brr…cold)

    Looking forward to read the book on the flight back to Norway!

    See you next year! (maybe…)

  27. i started up near the basketball courts and when following another bball player and disrupting their game, one of the other players being followed, jump and grabbed the rim and pulled himself up into the basket and then sat up there. safe to say his followers had trouble following. also freeze tag on the walk towards the field (loose rocks) was fun, if dangerous. sadly my jeans came out worse for wear cus i took not getting tagged too seriously and had a nice spill, but the damage that would have been done had i worn shorts would have been grave. i’m wondering if i should flesh out my idea for a mp3 experiment plot and submit it . ..

  28. Great turnout this year! Year 3 for me and i enjoyed this one a lot. Not only were there A LOT of participants, there were also plenty of innocent by-standers. I personally was approached by a man before the event started who wondered what was going on and if there was an event going on. Of course i replied nonchalantly that we were simply “hanging out”.

    Got to meet Alex and Charlie which really made my day. Got pictures with both and autographs.

    Thank you so much for another successful event. Looking forward to year four and another amazing time.

  29. I will never get the smell of the plastic bat out of my nose lol…..GOOOO RED TEAM!!! I had so much fun!! It was great to see people come together and have a great time. After all the work that school brough last semester this was a great escape from all that. Thanks so much for a great time!!!

  30. It was so much fun! Adults should get together to play with other random adults MUCH more often!

  31. AHHH! I LOVED THAT! I did feel like the walked down the island and having to walk back up was annoying but I got over that, with the TRAM! Lol.

    Anyway, I loved the whole end part with the charge. That was fun. Like, movie quality fun to me. lol.

  32. “GOOOO RED TEAM!!!” “Go Yellow!” “GO BLUE!”

    Have you all learned nothing? Segregation only makes things worse, we need to all become white-shirted warriors!

  33. Year 2 here, sooooo much fun, got two newbies to come and they loved it. I am so thankful for nap time after freeze tag, even though I laid down on pebbles lol

    Lovely turn out, got a slow motion hug,awesome.

    Green Rocks, but white won the gold :)

  34. Me and the family had so much fun! This was our first, but definitely not our last! It was a long day driving up and back from the Newark, DE area, but well worth it…and hammers totally rocked over bats!

  35. Thanks for such a great time! Slow-motion celebration IS the most awesome kind of celebration!
    I’ll definitely be back next year.
    Also, if anyone picked up a little black cell phone, I bet its mine. Please email me at stevem1191(at) Thanks.

  36. This was my 2nd MP3 experiment, and it was absolutely wonderful. I missed 2008, but was sure nothing could live up to 2007. How wrong I was! Thanks for another amazing time Charlie & all you wonderful Improv Everywhere folks! And thank you too, Steve!

  37. THANK YOU!!!
    I cannot believe it was only 47 minutes! 47 minutes of pure joy & insanity!
    Slow motion chest bumps are the only way to celebrate!
    PBump – your tweets are hilarious!

  38. Here’s the whole conversation that our dad had. He was pretending to be a bystander.

    Man: Mary Beth, stay close to me something weird is happening
    Women: I don’t think anything weird is happening… It must just be a yoga or acting class or something.
    (All agents start square dancing then drop to the floor)
    Women: never mind. Something strange is happening
    Man: excuses me, sir. Do you know what is going on?
    My dad: Not sure. I just saw a mob of people dressed in prymary colors give me high fives, jump up and down, follow me, start square dancing, then drop to the ground. It has been the most random 5 minutes of my life.
    Man: Um. Why, thank you?
    ( Couple run into starbucks)

  39. The mp3 experiment was the motivation I needed to book a flight from Oklahoma City to New York.
    My friends and I had a great time!

  40. I dragged my wife and three kids (15, 14, 10) to this event without telling them what was going on. I got a lot of weird stares that morning when I asked them to wear all the same color (they chose blue), and were even more confused about the white t-shirt beneath. We got to the Roosevelt Island with plenty of time for a late lunch out of a local deli, and then afterwards took up positions on the water overlooking Manhattan in the northern part of the drop zone. One of the kids noticed that everyone else around us had white shirts poking out from under their brightly colored shirts, and that’s when I pulled out the bag of mp3 players that I’d secreted out of the house. I gave them the basics of the event, but left out the magnitude. Above and beyond the joy of the whole exercise, it was an added lot of fun watching them slowly realize just how big this thing was. And man was it big! Since we were close to the top of the area, we were among the last to the southern tip of the island, and there were no hammers for us – except my oldest, who ditched us when we hit the field and had a grand old time walloping the wolf. Thanks so much for this experience. We will be back. And if you ever need a middle-aged couple with family for one of your smaller missions, please drop me a line.

    • I added Agent Chigirev’s photoset.

      Does anyone have a photo of the wolf’s first appearance (walking up the steps from the southern tip with the smoke behind him?) I think all of our main photographers were trapped in the crowd and couldn’t get to it. If you have one, post a link here in the comments, and I’ll forgive you for taking photos rather than participating. :)

  41. Due to problems with transportation (missing 2 lirr trains – having to drive into queens and grab the F/E to the 6 to the F), my friend and I made it to Roosavelt Island mere minutes before 4:00. It was my 2nd MP3E, my first being at the World Financial Center, but my friend’s first. I wore a red shirt, he wore a blue shirt.

    It was nice starting out and first being able to shake each other’s hand, before greeting the other participants around us. However, as soon as we had to start following non-participants, my friend and I were separated. I ended up gravitating towards the Queens side of the island (I found out later that he went for the Manhattan side). During the first naptime, I was near the road, and got to see the cars thankfully stop for the participants lying dead in their path.

    When the story of Peters and the Wolves came on, I was happily walking along the river. It was a beautiful day for the activity. I had never been to Roosavelt Island, and was amazed at the sights. The music was great all around – Thank you, Tyler!

    By the time “Simon Says” started, I was getting closer to the field, but not quite there. I was actually on the hill for the start of freeze tag. I weaved my way through the crowd, trying to avoid the groups of people who were it – but also to try catching a glimpse of my friend.

    After Freeze Tag, “Nap Time” was announced again, I was so happy. It had already been a lot of activity, and my adrenaline was pumping. To make it better, when I got up, there was my friend! We both seemed to be having a wonderful time, and gave each other a hug for successfully finding the other. It was ironic that as soon as we hugged, the voice told us that blue and green shirts were going to the south side of the field while red and yellow shirts were to the north side for a game of “Bats and Hammers”

    Upon hearing the name “Bats and Hammers”, I didn’t think it sounds like something I would want to participate in… but after the inflatable weapons were passed out, I was sucked into the excitement like everyone else. I was in the front line of the north on the Queens side. Bat poised ready to attack. Looking down the line was EPIC. Everyone was charged with adrenaline. I felt like an actor in the movie Braveheart – “AND THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR BASEBALLS!!!”

    We charged towards the ranks of the blue and greens. Initially, I was flailing my bat at people’s torsos left and right. Soon however, as more people came into the mix, it became more difficult to only hit blues and greens. Everywhere I turned was someone wearing a red or yellow t-shirt. I had always known that I was never fit for war.

    Eventually, Steve (the voice who had been giving directions) told us that we shouldn’t be fighting each other and had us take off our colored overshirts to reveal the white tshirt we each had wore underneath. We aren’t red, yellow, blue, or green… we’re all just people who should be working together.

    To give us a common enemy, one of the key MP3 experiment players sacrificed himself for the common good by dressing up as a wolf from the story above, and we all charged at him. I saw the crowds move around the wolf, and I decided that it wasn’t something that I needed to do. under that wolf costume, he was probably just another person in a white shirt. I worked my way to the outside again and took a breather till the end.

    I eventually got in touch with my friend via cell phone and met at the bottom tip of the island. We both had a lot of fun and were really thirsty. We waited for the subway and looped back into Manhattan for Pizza.

    I hadn’t had such fun in a long time. Thank you Charlie, and the improveverywhere team. Thank you everyone who participated (I’m hearing OVER 2000?!?!? W00t!) who each added to the fun of the day. Thank you to the police who were around just to make sure everything went smoothly, and I hope you were able to just have fun watching the event.

    Hope to see you all at the next one!

  42. My first Improv Ever; and it was indeed the best. Whatever you guys are doing next year I’m down; and so are the tons of friends I’m bringing this time. If it has anything to do with props you guys should buy millions more and just drop them on us via helicopter; Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  43. I had a wonderful, fantastic time at the Experiment!

    Thank you for everything, Steve!

    I ended up sitting on the ground when Steve didn’t say. Everyone laughed at me. I was never good at directions. :D

  44. That was lots of fun =D. Steve says was awesome, and thanks for the silly inflatable fun!

    pbumps tweets are great. I retweeted. It’s funny to hear what goes through the heads of people not in on it =P

  45. Thanks everyone so much for having a good time and making it easy to take lots of pictures of people smiling!
    I was listening to the track for the first time during the event as well and had a great time following along wit the activities as much as i could.

    If you are on Facebook the same set of photos linked above is on my profile as well as added to the MP3 Experiment event page. Please tag anyone you know! i love having names with faces.

  46. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! This is my first time doing the MP3 Experiment and I had a blast. xD I loved every aspect of it. Can’t wait to do more of these.

  47. Hi everyone! I went back to the Field today and found some unused bats in the grass on the hill! If you want one, email me at stevem1191(at)
    (PS. I’m not the Omniscient Steve, just Steve.)

  48. Thanks for another superb event. The tale of the Peters was Brilliant!! Kudos to the composer, storyteller, and writers.

  49. I flew in from Atlanta with my daughter just for this event. I did not know what to expect, I only knew daughter asked me to. NY for the first time, took the Subway, meet many great people and had an amazing time that we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

    Thanks Steve the omnipotent voice in the sky

  50. If anyone has pictures of the person with bad hair in this picture (far left)
    please let me know (Remove all numbers), I am making an awsometastic video.

    @charlietodd Just so you know, one of your videographers caught him coming up the stairs on the way up with smoke behind him (he actually emerges, it looks awesome) Id use that.

    P.S. For future reference, during future missions, bear in mind that some people cannot resist the command to grab behinds….

    P.S.S. I am not a piece of meat ladies…. (you know who you are)

    • @Jay,

      I don’t think it was one of our camera guys behind the wolf. Maybe just a random tourist. Thanks again for hosting the file last minute.

      Still looking for any great wolf photos! Post them here!!

  51. GO YELLOW! I think I found my favorite color for missions from now on.

    I had so much fun but unfortunately I did not wear proper groin-stretching pants; I had to go the rest of the day throughout NYC with a split crotch :(

  52. For anyone who lost phones, cameras, mp3 players, etc, I would suggest calling the RI Public Safety Dept @ 212-832-4545. Things might have been found & turned into them. It’s worth a try.

    Had a fantastic time. Second mission, first mp3. Amazed @ all the first time participants. I went alone, as I did for No Pants 2008, because none of my friends could go due to the holiday weekend. As w/ No Pants, going alone is great too because everyone is so friendly. Being around so many happy people was a truly joyous day, & one I’ll never forget!
    Thank you to Charlie & crew for all the work you put into every mission, & thank you also for having it on beautiful RI. I can’t wait to go back & explore the whole island.
    I failed every time on the Steve Says! lololol I’m such an idiot. But I’m proud to say that I’m a good warrior, I made it all the way to the southern end in the bats vs hammers battle. Go red & yellow! Loved the follow the leader. Best part was my group following a guy, & passing right by a group of about 40 people going the other way following a poor woman pushing a stroller!
    Thanks to all the photographers for such gorgeous shots! The beautiful day combined w/ the primary color shirts, smiling faces, & your talent make for beautiful photography. Just looking at them takes me right back to yesterday. Very cool seeing pics of some of the people I met.
    Hurry w/ the video please!!!!!
    I & many people I spoke to said we can’t wait a whole year for another, we need another mp3 exp this summer! Maybe Labor Day weekend????? How about Central Park? That would draw lots of attention. lolol
    btw, Shout, even when scrubbed in & left to set in overnight, does NOT remove grass stains from jeans! lolol NP, everytime I wear them I’ll be transported back to this day of celebration of silliness!

    • @Jay,

      Yeah they got some shots of him afterwards, but couldn’t get to him during the event.


      Thanks for that link. He got some good shots (but his wolf shots were also after the event rather than during.)


      Next time you go to Roosevelt Island take the red trolley up to the northern part. There’s an awesome park up there too.

  53. Man, I had a blast!!! it was the greatest thing to see the expression on people’s faces who had no idea what was going on!

  54. My 10 yr old niece & I went to our first MP3 Experiment. I didn’t tell her the full extent of it until we got there. We had a blast. We got there early enough to have lunch and relax before the festivities began.

    Got to take a picture of Alex (wolf) and toted our bats home to fight another day. GO YELLOW !!!

  55. I had a wonderful time – yet again! My boyfriend and I totally winked at each other and grabbed each others’ butts, even though Simon didn’t tell us to. We are rebels, though.

    It was amazing just watching locals’ faces light up everywhere the group went.

  56. I’m surprised that there is no mention or pictures of the signs in the train station. It was like a Subway Art Gallery Opening part two. Just when I thought my fun has ended for the day, BAM! you guys hit me with some more laughter and enjoyment. Thanks

  57. This was my 2nd MP3 experiment (the first being the Winter Garden) and my 3rd Improv Everywhere event overall. Like everyone else I had a blast, but also have two bits of constructive advice (? hopefully!) for the next event:

    1. One thing that was great about the Winter Garden is that there were so many non-IE people there to confuse. There weren’t nearly as many people on Roosevelt Island to mess with!

    2. The story was very long, but actually not long enough for most of us to get to the field (I guess this can be hard to determine without knowing how many people would show up). I feel like there was less “down time” in the Winter Garden event, and more time for silliness!

    Aside from that — everything was awesome, and I am truly amazed at the beautiful shots in the 4 flickr sets given above. Nice work, agents!

  58. The signs were in the F train station below Roosavelt Island. I noticed them while waiting with my friend. I should have snagged a picture! :(

  59. Starting at whatever train station it was where I caught the F in mid-town Manhattan, I started seeing agents. They were so easy to spot, with the double T-shirt thing going on. For some reason it amused me greatly to see more, and more, and more(!) of them, especially when I got on the island. We must have outnumbered non-agents by a large factor.

    The cheer that went up as the event was announced on the ipod track was one of the highlights– the first of many.

    I had a blast mock-squaredancing, high-fiving, thumbs-upping, naptiming, freeze-tagging, robot-dancing, and playing “bats vs. hammers”.

    I guess adults really DO know how to have fun sometimes, despite what I usually think. Thanks for a great event. I hope to take part in more missions.

    Later on I went to the 7:30 improv show at the UCB theater. They weren’t really all that good. It felt like they were really off the mark, until the last 15 minutes when they were brilliant. I overheard others saying it was the worst show they’d ever seen at UCB. Oh, well. Didn’t have time to stay longer.

  60. Where are the MP3 experiments going to take place?

    San Fransico?
    Same places as last year?

  61. Wished someone told me about the subway gallery 2.. would have loved to come!!

  62. Absolute Blast! I had such an awesome time. It truly was the most fun dancing like I was from the future. Freeze tag just took me back to childhood which was quite the blessing. It was the most fun I had in years. I can definitely see myself doing most skits with IE.

  63. It was my first event with Improv everywhere. I have been a fan for years and have always wanted to participate in the missions but my crazy job schedule prevented me in the past. I took a friend with me. It was his first mission also.

    His MP3 player died on him on the way there so we had to share mine. Kind of awkward when I was wearing red and he was wearing blue. I had to leave him with no mp3 during the tag event and the bat vs hammer parts because of the different instruction for our colors. He made do and just followed the crowd around him. Neither one of us got the inflatable weapons because they ran out. He said that he still had a blast as did I. We will definitely be back next year.

  64. Hi, I just thought I’d let you guys know that while we weren’t able to attend the “actual event” we staged our own (we being my performance art class) in Indianapolis (although a couple of days prior also). Didn’t work quite as well without your help (no inflatables, etc), and with only 9 people, but it was the spirit that counted….

    In the photo set, you can see they also staged a sort of conga line grocery store event on a different day. Each person copied the person in front of them all the way through buying orange tictacs with $5 bills. You guys are great! Keep up the awesomenessivity!

  65. I don’t think it’s an “experiment” anymore. it’s been successful 6 times already

  66. This was my first Mp3 experiment and I had an awesome time. After been stressed out from finals and finding work, this was a great way to relax and let everything go. The subway ride in was surreal with so many participants on the F. I cant wait to do more experiments in the future. GO BLUE!

  67. Besides the fact that this was my first IE event, i had a great time! My favorite part was waiting for the train @ RI and seeing alot of people on the platform with the colored shirts. Then while on the train seeing how many people were left on the car after everyone got off @ RI! It was great and i cant wait to go to another one. Sadly i didnt have enough money to buy a book but one day i will! Thanks IE for a great time!