Global No Pants Subway Ride

(Today Show Coverage from last year’s No Pants Ride)

Like last year, we’re encouraging people to organize their own No Pants Subway Rides in cities around the world on January 10, the same day as our annual event in New York. If you’ve got a subway system, or some form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?) then get involved and organize your own ride.

If you want to be the leader for your town’s ride, create a Facebook event and post a link to it in the comments below so we can promote it on this page. Here are all of the cities that currently have rides being organized for this year:

Adelaide, Australia – Adelaide Flash Mob / Facebook Event
Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Shoqs / Facebook Event
Atlanta, Georgia – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Boston, Massachusetts – BostonSOS / Facebook Event
Calgary, Canada – Facebook Event
Chicago, Illinois – Facebook Group
Denver, Colorado – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Hamburg, Germany – Urban Prankster Network
Lisbon, Portugal – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Los Angeles, California – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Montreal, Canada – Facebook Event / Blog post
New York, New York – Improv Everywhere / Facebook Event
Phoenix, Arizona – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Group
Portland, Oregon – Facebook Event
Salt Lake City, Utah – Facebook Event
San Francisco, California – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Seattle, Washington – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Seoul, Korea – Facebook Event
Sydney, Australia – Facebook Event
Toronto, Canada – Improv in Toronto /- Facebook Event
Twin Cities, Minnesota – PlanB / Facebook Event
Vienna, Austria – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Warsaw, Poland – Facebook Event
Washington, DC – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event

(All events on Saturday, January 10)

We will be updating this page with links to any new cities. Leave any corrections or additions in the comments.



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72 Responses to Global No Pants Subway Ride

  1. Jim says:

    Charlie: Just cautious what happened to the NYC facebook group for no pants? No one created that yet?

  2. Charlie Todd says:

    NY Facebook event now listed. Thanks Jim.

  3. Shoqs (The Netherlands) is also participating, in Amsterdam. We don’t actively use Facebook, but here’s a link to the event anyway: .

    Details have been mailed to all 1000+ Shoqers, and will be published on as well in a couple of days.

    Good luck all,

    ~AltijdAndries (Shoqs)

  4. I never wear pants on the subway!

  5. Lisa says:

    What about Seattle?

  6. Anna says:

    Yeah, let’s all ride the Seattle Monorail without pants! Or the South Lake Union Streetcar…

  7. Brandon says:

    Atlanta need to get in on this.
    If a person is needed to orginize i’m in.

  8. Kitty Powers says:

    no missions in Spain???

  9. Gally says:

    What about Paris ???

  10. Sarah says:

    Too bad there’s not a Tokyo one. I’d participate!

  11. kelley says:

    brandon, let’s make atlanta happen,
    e-mail me
    i think a facebook group would be the best method down here

  12. Ari says:

    Why no Philly support from improv everywhere? I know a ton of people that would be really excited about it in the city of brotherly love.

    • Nick says:

      Um. Maybe it doesn’t exist in Philadelphia because you’ll get your ass kicked if you show up on a Philly subway sans pants.

  13. Charlie Todd says:

    Attention everyone asking why this event isn’t happening in their city:


    So get off your butt and start your own! A No Pants Subway Ride isn’t going to magically appear because you say, “What about my city?”

    I’m excited we have so many cities on board already! A little tip– a Facebook Event is a better way to organize than a Facebook Group.

  14. Chris says:

    I am the organizer for the No Pants Twin Cities ride from Plan B Minnesota! Our facebook Event page is:

    Hope to see you there!

  15. Matt says:

    Let’s rock an alberta one!

  16. Natashkin says:

    Too bad you can’t do it in Moscow – it’s freezingly cold here:)

  17. Matthew Flaschen says:
  18. Damo says:

    Hi Todd – 2nd train trip established for Sydney (City Circle Event)!

    Link here –

    I hope you dont mind, but we took the liberty of borrowing a photo from one of your previous trips for reference use. Send an email if we’ve violated anything and it will promptly been removed.

    Photos to come …..