Global No Pants Subway Ride

(Today Show Coverage from last year’s No Pants Ride)

Like last year, we’re encouraging people to organize their own No Pants Subway Rides in cities around the world on January 10, the same day as our annual event in New York. If you’ve got a subway system, or some form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?) then get involved and organize your own ride.

If you want to be the leader for your town’s ride, create a Facebook event and post a link to it in the comments below so we can promote it on this page. Here are all of the cities that currently have rides being organized for this year:

Adelaide, Australia – Adelaide Flash Mob / Facebook Event
Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Shoqs / Facebook Event
Atlanta, Georgia – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Boston, Massachusetts – BostonSOS / Facebook Event
Calgary, Canada – Facebook Event
Chicago, Illinois – Facebook Group
Denver, Colorado – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Hamburg, Germany – Urban Prankster Network
Lisbon, Portugal – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Los Angeles, California – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Montreal, Canada – Facebook Event / Blog post
New York, New York – Improv Everywhere / Facebook Event
Phoenix, Arizona – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Group
Portland, Oregon – Facebook Event
Salt Lake City, Utah – Facebook Event
San Francisco, California – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Seattle, Washington – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Seoul, Korea – Facebook Event
Sydney, Australia – Facebook Event
Toronto, Canada – Improv in Toronto /- Facebook Event
Twin Cities, Minnesota – PlanB / Facebook Event
Vienna, Austria – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event
Warsaw, Poland – Facebook Event
Washington, DC – Urban Prankster Network / Facebook Event

(All events on Saturday, January 10)

We will be updating this page with links to any new cities. Leave any corrections or additions in the comments.



72 comments on “Global No Pants Subway Ride”

  1. Jim says:

    Charlie: Just cautious what happened to the NYC facebook group for no pants? No one created that yet?

  2. Charlie Todd says:

    NY Facebook event now listed. Thanks Jim.

  3. Shoqs (The Netherlands) is also participating, in Amsterdam. We don’t actively use Facebook, but here’s a link to the event anyway: .

    Details have been mailed to all 1000+ Shoqers, and will be published on as well in a couple of days.

    Good luck all,

    ~AltijdAndries (Shoqs)

  4. I never wear pants on the subway!

  5. Lisa says:

    What about Seattle?

  6. Anna says:

    Yeah, let’s all ride the Seattle Monorail without pants! Or the South Lake Union Streetcar…

  7. Brandon says:

    Atlanta need to get in on this.
    If a person is needed to orginize i’m in.

  8. Kitty Powers says:

    no missions in Spain???

  9. Gally says:

    What about Paris ???

  10. Sarah says:

    Too bad there’s not a Tokyo one. I’d participate!

  11. kelley says:

    brandon, let’s make atlanta happen,
    e-mail me
    i think a facebook group would be the best method down here

  12. Ari says:

    Why no Philly support from improv everywhere? I know a ton of people that would be really excited about it in the city of brotherly love.

    1. Nick says:

      Um. Maybe it doesn’t exist in Philadelphia because you’ll get your ass kicked if you show up on a Philly subway sans pants.

  13. Charlie Todd says:

    Attention everyone asking why this event isn’t happening in their city:


    So get off your butt and start your own! A No Pants Subway Ride isn’t going to magically appear because you say, “What about my city?”

    I’m excited we have so many cities on board already! A little tip– a Facebook Event is a better way to organize than a Facebook Group.

  14. Chris says:

    I am the organizer for the No Pants Twin Cities ride from Plan B Minnesota! Our facebook Event page is:

    Hope to see you there!

  15. Matt says:

    Let’s rock an alberta one!

  16. Natashkin says:

    Too bad you can’t do it in Moscow – it’s freezingly cold here:)

  17. Matthew Flaschen says:

    The Gobi Lumberjacks ( are officially in for Atlanta! Our Facebook event is at and there’s a forum page at

  18. Damo says:

    Hi Todd – 2nd train trip established for Sydney (City Circle Event)!

    Link here –

    I hope you dont mind, but we took the liberty of borrowing a photo from one of your previous trips for reference use. Send an email if we’ve violated anything and it will promptly been removed.

    Photos to come …..

  19. Damo says:

    Sorry for getting the name wrong Charlie … Please forgive – It’s 2.10 am down here !!!

  20. Charlie Todd says:


    I’m confused– why are there two Sydney events? Maybe you can work with the other organizers to consolidate?

  21. Damo says:

    Trains operate in different directions but will do Charlie !

  22. Details for the Dutch event have been published here:

  23. Michael says:

    For all of you that are saying you wish there was an event in your city, the reason there isn’t one is because you haven’t started it. Among other things, this group feeds off the spontaneity and initiative of people. Be the one to start it in your area, because for each of you that are writing a message, there are probably five to ten more in your city that are reading it thinking “That WOULD be great if we did this here!” Be the one.

  24. I’m not sure if I can handle the entire organizing job for Seattle myself but I posted a Facebook event to start the ball rolling:

    I sent out the info to some other experienced flashmob folk who might be willing to help get this together in a week.

    Tony the Tiger

    [To Lisa and Anna from Seattle: Come on over to the event page wall/discussion/etc and put in your 2 cents. S.L.U.T.? Monorail? Something else?]

  25. kelly says:

    What about Montreal?!?!?!?

  26. Ashley says:

    Improv Everywhere No Pants 2k9 Salt Lake City Facebook Event Page:

  27. Charlie Todd says:

    Awesome! We just hit 20 cities!

  28. Lillian says:

    There wa a post saying ‘Lets Rock an Alberta one’ by Matt on Dec 30. I need to know if one has been started!!! Info required

  29. Charlie Todd says:


    I haven’t seen any info. Sounds like you need to start your own!

  30. Greg says:

    I know Burlington. VT doesent have a subway…. but is anyone intrested in doing a ride on the busses?

  31. Got some interest from folks in Seattle’s ImprovMent Society and they started a thread on the Urban Prankster network here:

    @Lillian all I did was create an event with no details except interest and posted it here and sent it to some friends who do flash mobs and Santarchy and such. After a day or two some other folks found it here or there and are starting to reply. I’m no organizer but it’s starting to come together, I think, with some help. You should still have time to pull it off.

  32. Vera says:

    too bad we have no public transportation in Oklahoma City, opportunities missed…

  33. Charlie Todd says:

    just added: Warsaw, Poland!

  34. Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

    Downtown Free Transit Corridor / C-Train.

    Meet at 2:00 PM at the north-east corner of Olympic Plaza.

  35. Hmm says:

    Why has no one done anything in London, UK.

  36. Damo says:

    Hi Charlie – We have successfully merged – Sydney has been consolidated into one event with 2 rides offering two different experiences !

    New Link here :

    Can’t wait !

  37. Concrete plans proposal up for Seattle:

    Currently set to meet at 12:30 PM at Hooters Lake Union and then ride the S.L.U.T. streetcar at least once and maybe the monorail. Last chance for feedback or big changes before the facebook event update and invite reminder messages.

  38. Toni says:

    Places like Miami would be much easier since it’s already hot, and a lotta people already ride everywhere in swimsuits… no subways though!

  39. Lauren says:

    Man if Detroit had any public transport I’d do it. Maybe I’ll just walk along the road with no pants on.

  40. Ben Brooks says:

    I know this is late in coming but

    for Seoul South Korea:

  41. mrt says:

    thanks for posting the vienna event with the facebook link here! :)

    we just released our meetingpoint :)

    looking forward to moderate public undercover nudity! :D

  42. mrt says:

    p.s. props to seoul! you can do it man! :D

  43. Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s own non-Facebook website
    (which links to Facebook):

  44. Vik says:

    Dallas is missed for participation as well..

  45. Jamie says:

    anything in wisconsin?

  46. Chris says:

    I have not seen anything for Wisconsin, but we have several Wisconsinites joining us here in Minnesota for the No Pants 2k9 in the Twin Cities. Feel free to find your way over here, if it is within range. Carpool if you can.

  47. Ryan Steere says:

    Sacramento, Ca is IN!

  48. glenneroo says:

    woohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Vienna’s first No Pants Subway Ride was a major success! lots of smiles, giggles, strange looks, questions, attempts to get us to tell them what’s going on and more giggling ;)

    short summary:
    we were a little over 20 people. we had 2 stations to de-pants, then exit subway and wait for next train. get into train and go 10 stations. get out, get in the train going in the other direction and meet at train station.

    after we got there of course everyone wanted to go again, so we picked another random route and took that, meeting point being the same. some people went home after the 1st tour but most were around for the whole thing. we’re also on TV thanks to RTL (and we got them to sign a waiver saying they will give us the unedited RAW footage (without logo, etc ;) as soon as possible… which we’ll gladly pass on to you Charlie. i’m digitizing the other footage we have and collecting pics that everyone took… stay tuned…. and i think another no pants day is in our near future (rather than waiting for next year, this was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much fun :P)

  49. Nuby says:

    Hahahah.. I didn’t know about this before today but I was on the NYC R train going Queensbound when it happened.. Wow, totally caught me off guard! Now I figured out what this was.. Nice work guys.. you had some people confused and mad as hell.. I was laughing the whole time!

  50. Jalola says:

    First-timer here. Went to the second annual Toronto, Canada event. Soooo much fun. After figuring out the instructions, everything went off without a hitch.

    I’m pretty sure I heard some chatter over the TTC loudspeaker trying to figure out what was going on with pantsless people at Osgoode and St Andrew stations. LOL!

    Pictures are up on the ImprovinToronto Facebook page.

  51. Checking in from Seattle:

    Mission Accomplished

    Out very first Seattle Global No Pants Ride was a modest but grand success. It was thanks entirely to the efforts of the assembled team, Agents Lo, Schreck, Zohar and Zed. A very special thanks go out to Agent Lynch (now shown in the event picture), our NYC ride veteran, who was a pro and helped keep us first timers on track.

    Some of us will soon be posting mission report notes linked from the facebook event about how it all went down:

    Thanks again, and see you all in 2010
    – Agent Tiger

    Agent Tiger’s Mission Report –

  52. roger paul says:

    I was in the DC subway ride when a bunch of Metro Police boarded and forced all the pantless people out. I put on my pants in a hurry and scurried off. What ever happened? Were there any arrest?

    What a bummer!


  53. TreoBenny says:

    I was part of a group in Chicago. I think there was more than one. It was snowing pretty good and I bet a second group started later than the time in the Facebook Group. I started a Flickr group here.:

  54. AcmePhoto says:

    We had a riot in Phoenix Arizona. Search the tag “NoPantsAZ” for photos and twitter comments.

    Here’s the link to my photos from the Phoenix Event in Phoenix.

    We don’t have a subway, but we have a new LightRail train which has not yet been open for a month.

    Adam / Phoenix Photographer

  55. Another mission report from Seattle’s First Annual No Pants Ride, this one from Agent Lynch:

  56. Zoram says:

    Hey! i was watching the 10:00 news last night ( Salt Lake City) and there was a report about everybody taking off their pants off on Trax. I thought “hey, improveverywhere!” but then i thought “no that can’t be them…” Then the news guy was like “a national no-pants-on-subway day inspired by a group called Improveverywhere!” I laughed my pants off. LOL ROFL

  57. batu says:

    Why don’t we do it here in Vancouver? Vancouverites would love this sort of stuff..

    1. Amber says:

      Lets do it then.

  58. Damo says:

    Report from Sydney here –

    (if not immediately visible scroll down to Posted Items).

    1st year / 20 involved (18 pantsless + 2 crew) – The seeds have been sown for an annual event down-under courtesy of these brave Pioneers !

    Totally exhilirating – Cant wait for the next one !

  59. Amelia says:


  60. A Stranger says:

    Not my event – but I got messaged with the link! A ride in Berlin, Germany at 3:00 PM on Sunday January 10.:

  61. TingTong Man says:

    Anyone want to organize for Bangkok? (MRT and Skytrain)

  62. Felix says:

    I’m thinking of organising for the London Underground, UK. Any interest?

    1. kelsey says:

      haha didnt read this before I posted mine. YES!

  63. kelsey says:

    what about in the UK? I live in NY but will be out of town on the 10th =( any chance we could get it going in London?

  64. Sergio says:

    Anybody interested in Buffalo, NY? I know you’re out here.

  65. Prash says:

    London is no where on the map for this !

    This has got to happen in London as well.
    Sadly i would not be in London from 5th Jan onwards, I wish it was before 5th Jan.

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