Mp3 Experiment Seventeen – Full Details

The Mp3 Experiment

UPDATE: Watch the video from this event!

Thanks to everyone who came out this year! What a huge crowd!! We’ll post photos very soon, and we filmed it, so expect a video later this summer. Share your photos and memories on the NYC Mp3 Experiment Facebook Group, or tag @improvevery on Instagram. The absolute best way to stay in touch with us and find out about future events is our email list. Join it, and be sure to click “NYC Events.”

Official photos from Ari Scott
[Please credit Ari if you use any of these on social media: @ariscottphoto]
– Official video coming later this summer.

Thank you all again for a great party in New York’s Hottest Club!


Here are the full details for our Mp3 Experiment taking place in the Meatpacking District in NYC on Saturday, June 18 at 8:30 PM.


Date: Saturday, June 18

Location: Meatpacking District (Specific starting areas on map below)

Time: The event starts at exactly 8:30:00 PM and lasts just under an hour.

What to Wear and Bring:

Wear: “Dress to impress.” Dress as if you were going out “clubbing.” Bright colors are a big plus. Do not buy anything new. High heels are not recommended due to this being an active event on uneven surfaces.

Bring: A bag (purse, backpack, messenger bag, shopping bag, etc.) that has the following items inside:
– A soft ball you don’t mind losing (inflatable, foam, plush, etc. Nothing that would hurt someone if thrown.)
– A piece of sidewalk chalk
– Something that lights up bright (A colorful LED item for example. No laser pointers.)

Download our smartphone app:

Mp3 Experiment iPhone/iPad App
Mp3 Experiment Android App

In the app there are two performances to choose from. If your birthday is between January and June, join the one that says “Gansevoort Street”. If your birthday is between July and December, join the performance that says “West 13th Street”. Join a performance in advance; don’t wait until you are at the event. After you click join, you will see a countdown timer. Only join ONE performance. The app, if open, will begin playing the audio track when the timer reaches zero.

(If you do not own a smartphone and would like to download the mp3 file and sync manually on your own, the files are available for download on Soudcloud)


We have two starting points. If your birthday is between January and June, you will start on the sidewalks on Gansevoort Street. If your birthday is between July and December, you will start on the sidewalks on West 13th Street. As the start time approaches, blend in and walk on the sidewalks on your assigned street. Spread out as much as possible and use the sidewalks on both sides. Do not go onto the street. Keep all of your props in your bag.

Mp3 Experiment Seventeen Map
Google Map Link

When 8:30:00 PM Approaches

Make sure you have the app open and the track will play automatically at 8:30:00. When it starts, turn on “do not disturb,” turn off the screen, put your phone away, and have fun! If you are interrupted by a phone call during the event, just make sure to return to the Mp3 Experiment app and audio will resume playing in sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to RSVP?

Nope, but you can RSVP on Facebook if you like, and please invite your friends there. Bring as many friends as you like; this event is open to the public.

RSVP on Facebook
– Join the NYC Mp3 Experiment Facebook Group to connect with other participants, share photos, etc.

How old do you have to be?

The Mp3 Experiment is appropriate for people of all ages. If you are under 18, you should have your parent’s permission to participate. Young children should participate with their parents, obviously. Use common sense if you are participating with a young child and stay with them at all times.

What if I don’t have the right wardrobe or props?

It’s OK. Just do your best! If you have a specific question about props or wardrobe, just ask us on twitter.

How do you make money on this?

We don’t! We lose money! We eventually end up breaking even because we get hired to tour the event to festivals, schools, and conferences. If you want to hire us to stage the event somewhere, reach out! Or if you just want to send us a tip in appreciation for a good time, here’s our PayPal.

When is the next event?
Join our email list to stay informed about upcoming Mp3 Experiments and other Improv Everywhere events.

See you on the 18th!

The Mp3 Experiment is presented in partnership with Make Music New York and as part of Festival of New York.