Shot by: Cameron Sun and Charlie Todd
Photography: Charlie Todd

For our latest mission we filled a New York park with eight sets of identical quadruplets, creating a surreal experience for anyone who happened to be walking through the park.

This mission is a sequel to our Human Mirror mission from 2008 where we had fifteen pairs of identical twins on the same subway car.

Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our report below.

UPDATE: There is a very important update to this project that you should read after you’ve seen the video.

Explaining the mission to the quadruplets
Just like our Human Mirror mission I reached out to our mailing list to see if anyone knew any identical quadruplets. They are very rare, so I wasn’t sure what kind of response we’d get. To my surprise within a couple of days we had leads on eight sets of quadruplets that lived in the greater New York area.

The Choy quadruplets walking
I instructed all of the quadruplets to dress exactly the same, including accessories. We placed all of them on a group of adjacent benches to create an extremely weird corridor for anyone walking through. We also placed the quadruplets in a variety of other situations throughout the park over the course of an hour.

The Baer quadruplets sitting down

The Ryan quadruplets talking to each other
We had tons of great reactions throughout the day, as people slowly started to notice they were surrounded by quadruplets.

The Sharp and Holland quadruplets on a quadruple date
Mission Accomplished.


Download the song from the video for free.

– If you haven’t seen it, here is our Human Mirror mission featuring identical twins: