No Pants 2k8 in Your City

This year, we’re encouraging folks to organize No Pants Subway Rides in their home towns. If you’ve got a subway system, or some form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?) then get involved on our Facebook group and organize your own ride.

The key here is for someone to step forward and take on the responsibility of being a leader in each town. Agent Sablich took the reigns in Boston and started an event for it and now has over 110 people confirmed to attend! If you want to be the leader for your town’s ride, create a Facebook event and email it to us so we can promote it on this page.

So far there are 10 regional events planned for Saturday, January 12. Here are there Facebook event pages:
New York
Washington DC
Portland, OR
San Francisco
Adelaide, Australia(!)
Baltimore, MD
Salt Lake City

UPDATE: For those without Facebook, I’ve posted all of the information on the regional events below and will continue to update this page as information comes in.

New York: Details on
Boston: 3:00 PM, Sharp! Location: Meet at ALEWIFE STATION, Indoors. You can park there ($5) or take the subway out to Alewife, but we will be meeting just before the platform, downstairs, in the large open area. If you are coming from the parking garage, you will have to purchase your subway ticket and go through the turnstiles first, and you will see us. (MAP) Bring: A backpack and a charliecard/cash.
Washington DC: 4:00pm – Location: Dupont Circle fountain.
San Francisco: 3:00pm – Location: across the street from Embarcadero station
Portland, OR: 4:30 PM – Location: at the park by Lloyd Center MAX stop
Chicago: 2:00 PM – Location: Granville CTA Red Line Stop at Granville and Magnolia
Adelaide, Australia: 12:00 PM – Location: Train/Tram leaving city
Toronto, Canada: 3:00 PM – Location Bloor Street Boxing at 2295 Dundas Street West (meet there and then walk to the train.)
Baltimore, MD: 3:00 PM – Location: Near the Lexington Market Subway / Light Rail Stop (SW Corner of Howard & Saratoga)
Salt Lake City: 3:00 PM – Location: We will be meeting at the Delta Center Station (301 W. South Temple). We will meet near the water fountain of the Triad Center, on the corner of 300 W and South Temple.

(All events on Saturday, January 12)


  1. Lorien from PDX Cacophony here.
    we’d love to join in but, have no need to join yet another social netwoking site. Yes, even if all the other cool kids are doing it. Please post PDX faqs somewhere that doesn’t require a log in.

  2. I’ve wanted to do this in Ottawa, but it’s often frostbite weather at this time of the year. I’m walking around in a legcast and even my toes that are in just a sock are freezing, I’d hate to see someone in bare legs getting frostbite while waiting outside for a bus.

  3. I’d really like to arrange something like that here, but the problem is, it’s probably -10 degrees (celsius), and the nowregian subway system SUCK, so it would be freeeeeezing…
    And I’m only 14 too, so I don’t think anyone would actually listen to/believe me:(

  4. Please note the updated meeting place for the Baltimore, MD event.

    SW Corner of Howard & Saratoga

    Near the Lexington Market Subway / Light Rail Stop

  5. I’m from Adelaide and it’s 41 degrees celcius here tomorrow, I can’t imagine doing taking off your pants in cold weather! Although, people here are going to be looking unusual for even wearing pants on the train in summer!

  6. I just heard about this and would love to get one happening in Sydney. Do they all have to occur on Jan 12th?

  7. Bit late notice but i just stumbled upon this event and wondered if there are any people from London, UK interested in riding the circle line in their boxers / thong.

  8. I can deal with the cold and odd stares from the frigid bastard business men of downtown toronto but what will i do if transit cops or actual cops show up and crash the good time do i hightail my ass out of there or bend over and prepare to receive a horrific anal fisting from the long arm of the law

  9. The Chicago information has changed. It’s now at the Granville CTA Red Line Stop at Granville and Magnolia. We almost have 100 confirmed. Had to change to a bigger location.

  10. Yo i was the male hulahooper in Union square. Somebody interviewed me but i dont know who : ( ummm if anyone knows where i can get the recording of that i would greatly apprieciate it.