No Pants 2010 NYC Reports

Photo by Katie Sokoler

The 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride went off without a hitch today in New York. It’s tough to count, but we’re guessing we had around 3,000 participants. Riders met at meeting points spread out all over the city and converged on Union Square. The high was 28 degrees. There were also No Pants rides in 43 other cities around the world in 16 countries!


-Agent Sokoler’s Set (Downtown)
-Agent Rosmarin’s set (Downtown)
-Agent Zapata’s Set (Downtown)
-Agent Hambly’s Set (Central Park)
-Agent Chigirev’s Set (Central Park)
-Agent Fountain’s Set (Prospect Park)
-Agent Scott’s Set (Astoria)
-Agent Sermoneta’s Set (Flushing)
-Metromix’s Set (Bushwick)

The official video should be ready in a week. For now, enjoy videos from year’s past!

No Pants 2009

No Pants 2008

No Pants 2002 (the first year!)

Complete history of The No Pants! Subway Ride with videos of past years

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No Pants 2010 Subway Ride Generals
(L-R) Back: Agents Good, Todd, Shafer, Lindquist, Fiedler
Front: Agents Scordelis, Lathan, Ace$Thugg, Reeves

photo by Brian Fountain



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234 Responses to No Pants 2010 NYC Reports

  1. Roberto says:

    First time I ever did this event. I’m such a Improveverywhere follower, I was so excited to do this! As soon as those train doors close it was my moment of truth, here goes, make it or break it. Pants off! At first it was so hard to keep my cool and not laugh amongst all the reactions but luckily after a while I pulled it off (I thank the cold) Overall it was a great experience. I will do it every year from now on. Hoping to participate in more Improv missions.

    • Pro Pants says:

      It was heartwarming seeing so many of you accept pants into your lives. I wish you all the best of luck as you enter this next stage of your life.

      If you know others who want to learn more about pants, all of our literature is on our website:

      Yours in pants,
      -Brother Jason

    • Gina says:

      Train 6 on the N line from Astoria, Representin’! I love love you peeps! Can’t believe how much fun we had and how much we bonded after the event. All the skanky pervert looks were so worth all the new friends I made today. And to think I wasn’t going to go to the event because I would’ve been all by myself…hah! Here’s to Improv Everywhere, here’s to chillin’ in my underwear in 20 degree weather and here’s to not ever wanting to wear pants again! Looking forward to No Pants 2011!

    • Kaz says:

      Why do this? It’s just another step in the wrong direction, promoting a society where doing things for ‘fun’ is at a higher priority than dealing with the crooks and the system that creates inequality throughout the world including our great coutry.

      • Charlie Todd says:

        What were you doing on Sunday from 3 to 5 PM, Kaz? I hope you were doing something to work against the system that creates inequality throughout the world. If not, shut up! Thanks!

        • Jaime Linn says:

          Here Here! That was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It was nice to just let loose and enjoy life and not worry about all the other garbage going on in the world :-)

        • Kaz says:

          Actually I spend one weekend every month helping the homeless, I am also working on a book that helps people unite through the love of humanity which includes responsibility towards one another in ways that are long term. Understanding our inner demons that create excuses for us behaving inappropriately or naturally as most people call it. We are not animals, we are supposed to be intelligent beings, but with the world attracted to the animalistic behaviours the task of people like me becomes so much harder. I’m not stopping or advocating banning behaviour such as was undertaken by the pantless party (you are free to exercise your rights), I’m for those that think it is just typical of people who have the lets chill, lets party, lets act all cool mentality and not realize there are bigger issues to unite for and eradicate and be serious about. You want to pretend you contributed something for the betterment of mankind, go ahead, stay delusional and take away the freedom of those of us trying to make a real difference in this sad pitiful world.

          • CC says:

            Man, I bet you’re fun at parties.

          • mstr_baker says:

            Um, do you have friends? Or fun, ever?

          • jd says:

            wow you are one heck of a buzzkill. know whats going to get people to want to help you more? talking down to them like you just did. you’re putting yourself on a pedestal above everyone else acting like you are going to have to save the world singlehandedly. sheesh. i agree with CC, you must be the life of the party. there’s one in every group… scrooge. thanks improveverywhere for providing a little free, upbeat excitement to our lives

          • Eugene says:

            I served breakfast to the homeless in Harlem AND went pants-free later. Turns out you can have it all!

            Also, if anyone find a picture of someone with boxers that say “Eugene’s Butt” on them, that was me. I’d love to see those pictures.

          • Ryan says:

            Just wondering how much you’ll be charging for your book. And how much you plan to profit from that. And how much your publisher plans to profit from a book.

            I’m sure you’ll be helping humanity by releasing it as a free ebook. Right?

          • Nadi says:

            Wow, what a way to attempt a kill at the fun. Why can’t you just see this as one of the simple and fun ways for a whole bunch of people to gather together and do something enlightening for the world in unity? There’s nothing wrong with bringing fun out into the world. And how can you honestly help other people without realizing that it’s sometimes okay for people to forget about the bigger issues, just to enjoy something as simple as taking off their pants?

          • Trudi says:

            My daughter just spent a year with the Peace Corps in a third world county drinking bleach water and taking Malaria medicine. She participated in this and had a blast. Next year I am flying up to do it with her. Make love not was ( my generation ) now translates to Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone. There were a lot of smiles that day, just look at the pics.

          • FP says:

            I don’t understand why you can’t do both. I work in human rights FULL TIME, and have realized one of the best ways to keep your chin up in this “sad, pitiful world,” as you say, is to participate in fun-loving activities like this. Be careful with your generalizations, it only closes off the discussion, inciting disagreement and anger. If you want your voice heard, be more accepting.
            Certainly there are bigger, more important issues out there, but by no means does the participation of someone in an event like this imply that that participant does not acknowledge, respect, or even work to improve these issues.
            At that, since you’re so busy pointing fingers, let me take the liberty granted by you and point a finger back: I’m rather surprised at how self-righteous you are, for someone who only “contributes… for the betterment of society” once a month. No one, in no way, is depriving you of any of your freedoms by participating in this event. Take some of your own advice and love humanity for what it is, animalistic or not. How can you expect anyone to believe the concept of your book, if you yourself cannot practice it?

      • PatMinNYC says:

        Dude it’s spelled COUNTRY not coutry!

        A society, if it’s going to survive, needs a respite from the ills of itself and what these good people are doing is providing that respite.

      • Ciberjim says:

        Heck yea, Why have fun when we could be putting people to death? Now that’s fun.

    • Nikki says:


    • John says:

      We covered both the New York and Boston editions of No Pants Ride 2010, as part of our prank coverage on

      Although “coverage” may not be the best term to use, considering NONE OF YOU WERE WEARING PANTS.

    • Darrow Beach says:

      Here’s the link for a little no pants reunion at Tonic east in manhattan… more people should come out to drop their pants and have a good time!!

  2. Still in city, no pants on, a few of us are heading from whole foods to sidebar, more to come later.

  3. Agent Romero says:

    This event was incredible. It gets boring taking the train everyday doing the same thing over and over, and having people push and shove on the train. Finally I got to have some fun.

  4. Sean A. says:

    This event was a very momentous occasion, I stood in the cold two hours before the planned meeting time in Central park with two friends, we were later greeted by others almost two hours later. I actually didn’t feel that cold without pants on, the reactions were wonderful, and everyone looked great. Finishing off at union square with break dancing competition, pantsless pyramid and a pantsless conga line. I will definitely be participating in future Improv Everywhere events! :]

  5. Agent Brian says:

    No Pants! was going to be my first mission after catching pneumonia before the invisible dog prank. I woke up this morning with Bronchitis and a Migraine. I always get sick before these missions. I laid in bed with no pants all day.

  6. Agent Ybot says:

    This was my third No Pants Subway Ride. I was the leader of the 6 car on the 1 train (although the first train we took was actually a 2 train). I didn’t look around while I was taking off my pants, but my sister said that everyone was shocked and horrified. She looked on in falsified horror too, then took off her own pants after two stops.

    Since I had five layers on, I was actually pretty warm, and I was fairly stoic despite the bickering of two non-English speakers in front of me. Unfortunately, the conductor on the train was full of giggles and couldn’t contain herself, laughing hysterically on the speakers.

    The transfer in Times Square station was probably the best part, as there was a row of people with cameras standing above the stairs to the NQRW trains. When I waited for the R train, a man saw my “Dating for Dummies” book and accused me of not being a dummy, but retarded. He proceeded to laugh and repeat this joke several times while I turned away.

    When we got to Union Square, I got my third Pro-Pants pamphlet to complete my collection, then went to Starbucks. As I entered, a little boy pointed and in an exasperated scream, said, “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!”. Starbucks had an enormous pantless line, so I decided to go to Best Buy. As I mounted the escalator, the security guard stopped me and told me that I couldn’t enter. I see that he was still sore from the Best Buy prank. I went around the corner to re-pant, then my No Pants day ended.

  7. Craig says:

    Awesome! I was the captain of car 9 of the L train and my crew were great, even when we were all screamed at and harassed by a crazy homeless guy. Sidebar was really fun too…was sad to have to put pants back on again.

    • RICKY says:


      • Ashley says:

        Oh man that guy was crazy. And you should have come to Crocodile Lounge where we partied pants-less all night!

        First time for me and it was great!

    • Sarah says:

      This was a great experience and a great team! Can’t wait til next year.

      Also, has anyone from Team Bushwick seen the photos? There isn’t a link for us above????

    • Agent Heisspants says:

      That guy definitely had a bit of an attitude, but fun nonetheless- wish you guys could have seen the tourists’ faces who were sitting across from me, when the last two of us took our pants off in the car! They thought it was all over….they were WRONG! ha! …and are our pictures coming soon?

  8. Leighann says:

    I can’t believe how incredibly comfortable it was to be pantsless in public.

  9. Val Rivera says:

    Today was Awesome ! Lol No Panst Simon Sez rocked !

  10. jason r says:

    this was my first time doing this insane event, it was nothing i thought it would be, everyone had a blast and the spectators did know what was going on and some even joined. the union square round up was hilarious, news reporters had a juicy story on their hands. ended up w
    ith a no pants conga line. had a blast and will do this next year

  11. Tian says:

    This was my first event and it was incredible. The best parts were transferring from the 1 (car 5) to the N because people were taking pictures and the reactions were louder, people actually started shouting at us. The party at Union Square was fun too, like the conga line and the news reporters and the people trying to get us to wear pants.

    I cannot wait to do this again next year.

  12. Charlie Todd says:

    I enabled photos on the Facebook event, so feel free to post your photos there and/or link to photos in the comments here.

  13. Yvette says:

    I saw about forty people on the # 1 train earlier this evening with NO PANTS on and girls in their PANTIES ….. everyone got off at 42nd Street. I had no idea what was going on until much later tonight. Improv Everywhere!

  14. KK says:

    While riding a very crowded and pantsless 6 train some guy started yelling about the scene. “What’s wrong with y’all?! You going swimming?! It’s cold out there..” and on and on. Nobody looked up but it was hard to keep a straight face! A couple of us just said, “SOme people are so strange” and shook our heads.

    Looking forward to more!!!

  15. Tiffany says:

    I’m sad that I wasn’t around to participate in the first years of this because I’m sure the reactions were amazing! Nonetheless, my first No Pants Subway ride was one of the best things I’ve ever done; I came by myself but met several wonderful people, instigated a muttered “What the hell is going on?” conversation in a corner of the 6 train when I de-pants, and danced in Union Sq in my underwear. BEST DAY EVER.

  16. VERONICA says:

    This was my first time we made an Mom and Daughter event. I was so excited the entire time. Had a man sitting next me. When i first came in the train he ask if i was with the group. was a team or a school, I said no im not with them im on my way home. Then when the 2nd stop comes a girl right in front of us takes her pants off. He taps me and says “Look Look Oh My God, what is she doing?” I responded ” Wow well this New York anything can happen” He laughed and said “I’m so mad i’m getting off next stop cause i would to see how far she was gonna go. I laughed in silence it was hard for me to keep a straight face. Some people were askin if this is a cult. The whole entire day was fabulous. I had alot of fun at union square with the break dancing. Cant wait till next Year

  17. Ryuichi says:

    Here in Cleveland, we had 11 members [9 humanoids, one resinoid (BJD), and one plushie/stuffed animal] of Cleveland Havoc show up. Cindi even had a broken foot and still showed!

    The rapid wasn’t cold at all, even though it was 25 degrees! I even brought my Asian Ball-Jointed Doll and he was wearing a pair of vinyl biker shorts!

    When we went to de-pants on the Rapid Transit, people got on their phones and called the transit police! My friend Genny was harassed by a kid that looked like he was a meth-head, but it was otherwise kind of fun!

    The Transit cops asked us to leave the rapid, which we did and by then, nearly everyone was re-pantsed, but I was wearing a pair of biker shorts and knee-highs, which they could do nothing about.

    They checked the IDs of some of the adults, fussed at us,told us that “you could be charged with disorderly conduct,” and left!

    We took the rapid going back to Tower City under the Terminal Tower and are now sitting about drinking hot chocolate!

    It was SO worth it! I can’t wait until next year! ^_~


  18. So this was my third year in a row photographing No Pants (I think third year… I didn’t own a DSLR 4 years ago so that makes sense). I was part of the Astoria team. Go Astoria!

    Here’s an iPhone pic of the crowd:

    The rest of my photos are in the process of being uploaded.

    I have one of these conversations every year. Here’s this year’s version:

    I took a picture of a pantsless person on the train.

    Lady: What’s going on?

    Me: Beats me, but I’m glad I have my camera!

    Lady: You’re not part of this?

    Me: No. But this is why I carry around a camera.

    Lady: You’re taking pictures not because they’re in shorts but because it’s unusual, right?

    Me: Right. It’s unusual.

    Lady: So how does your camera know it’s not June?

    Me: What?

    Lady: You know. How does your CAMERA know it’s not JUNE?

    Me: How does my… what?

    Lady: How do people looking at the pictures know it was taken in the winter and not in the summer?

    Me: Um, because they’re all wearing winter jackets and hats?

    Lady: Oh. Well, I saw other people with cameras and a video camera and I just hope they didn’t get any of me because it’s not right to photograph people if they don’t want to be in it.

    Me: Yeah. Well, maybe this will be on the news or something.

    Then I left.

  19. Baylink says:

    And the coverage starts trickling in:

    They hit all the important beats.

  20. karen says:

    “@petewentz: on the subway with the kid today. whats up with everybody wearing no pants?”