No Pants 2010 Global Reports

No Pants 2010 Buenos Aires

If you participated in one of the 44 regional No Pants Subway Rides today in 16 countries across the world, leave us an agent report in the comments below letting us know how it went. Post links to any photos and videos from your town’s event as well. Let us know how many people participated and what the temperature was.

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Thanks for participating!

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71 Responses to No Pants 2010 Global Reports

  1. Mattias H says:

    Stockholm, Sweden reporting.

    We had 4 girls and 4 guys joining us at Stockholms first No Pants Event.

    We had a ride for about 1h 15min and will be reporting with pictures, vids and news later on :)

    • Mel S says:

      You guys are awesome. Will be participating later today in Portland, OR. A bit chilly here, but then I think of you eight guys and girls, and have the strength and courage to persevere. Still, I’m kinda wishing I lived in Sydney. 84 degrees. Lucky bastards.

  2. Rammi says:

    Out of 208 people who said they would be attending on Facebook, only 31 turned up for the London event.
    It was bloody cold, and the Americans involved had trouble remembering that “no pants” was completely different to “no trousers”. :P
    All in all, it was a fun day, but apart from a few stares and questions from tourists, most people in my carriage kept a stiff upper lip and/or only whispered to themselves about the strangeness of it all.
    Bring on next year!

  3. Adam says:


    Temp -2, (with wind chill -6)

    Attendees 30-50 (about 5 press photographers too)

    Route: Picadilly Line: Leicester Square – Kings Cross – Earls Court – Leicester Square.

    Plan was to one by one, take our trousers off before Kings Cross. I was the last to do so in my car, and the women opposite me kept exchanging astonished glances with me, which I returned in kind as one by one the agents de-trousered themselves. I wish I’d been videoing her reaction when I then also took my trousers off, as she’d clearly thought I wasn’t involved. Also a funny moment when a man on the train started challenging the agents about what was going on and get quite annoyed that he didn’t get a straight answer from anyone.

    Return journey was in a very crowded car, which actually added to the reactions of jo public as they could probably only see any one agent. A couple near me just couldn’t keep a straight face, but being British of course tried their best to do so.

    A funny event. Lessons learned from the bad organisation this year will be corrected next. I’m going to get involved with the organisation myself next time round.

    Congrats to all those brave souls who took part and see you all next year.

  4. Barcelona – About 200 people I guess. Things worked really fine. We went around on different routes, about 10 persons each group and met again at Plaza Cataluña.

  5. betty says:

    More info from Stockholm before we add videos and photos.
    The 8 of us managed to cover all 3 lines in the Stockholm subway system, joining 12 cars and moving on 13 stations.
    We were joined by a profesional photographer who happened to pass by on our starting point. Looking forward to great photage to share with you all.

  6. betty says:

    And of course, temp about -8 C and snowing.

  7. Kevin Larz says:

    Pictures are now up for the first ride in Dallas, TX!

    We started at 9:30am and went till noon.

    We had 20 people participate and it averaged about 20 degrees!!! We had great reactions for everyone that saw; even the Security!

    “You crazy!”
    “You must be comfortable with your bodies to do that!”
    “Is this some sort of holiday?”
    “Are y’all having a reunion?”

  8. Millar says:

    I also took part in London, and agree with the comments above. The ride to Earl’s Court from Leicester Square was quite funny as I could see three other agents, all de-trousered. People were giggling and generally enjoying it.

    A guy standing next to me asked why I took my trousers off. I told him, “It’s hot in here.”
    “But what about them?” he asked, gesturing to the others.
    “Yeah, they took theirs off too.”
    For some reason this seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

    Looking forward to the photos, videos and Global Reports.

  9. Molly says:

    Just got back from the Atlanta ride. I guess the cold kept most at home, but we had about the same amount as last year. It went perfectly! My excuse: “I’m meeting someone for a blind date and I want to impress him.” The whole train kept asking questions about my date. Later, my boyfriend entered on the train and we “met” for our blind date. The entire cart clapped and cheered when we finally “met.” Priceless.

    A couple of news outlets were there including Creative Loafing. Looking forward to some photos soon! GOOD LUCK NYC. 4 minutes to go!

  10. Sergio says:

    Buffalo’s first no-pants was relatively successful. 23 felt like 9 degress F with the wind, about 15 out of 90 RSVP’s on facebook showed up. Buffalo’s Metro is only one line, we got off at 7 stations and waited to get back on the returning train. 5 people got disappeared, and 1 got on the wrong train and was pants-less alone for a while. We got some nice reactions (there were some curious Mormons on the train), in the end we stayed on together for another ride down to the Allen St. station. Then we had a…debriefing.

  11. ET says:

    The Vienna, Austria ride had about 30 participants, even though over 125 said they were going to participate. It was about 1C (34F) out. We met in Karlsplatz to get organized then took the U1 to Praterstern, the U2 to Volkstheater, then switched to the U3 and rode up and down it for about 45min.

    There were some great reactions-many people staring and a few asking questions. The subway was not very crowded, but rather successful.

    There are pictures and

  12. Tom says:

    It was downright hot in Buenos Aires – 88 degrees. Some of the girls on the subway not participating were wearing less normally than the guys (after they took their pants off)! Still, we managed to confuse quite a few people. We met up at the center of the city, and staggered people exiting the train – 2 people at the first stop, 2 at the next, 4 at the next, and then the rest of us. Each group got on the next train, and at the end we turned around and came back.

    The big surprise was there was a half-dozen guys and girls in steampunk suits and victorian dresses at the turn-around stop! So we were confused about them, they were confused about us, and everyone was confused about both of us!

    However it was a good time for the 16 or so people who came, and a good first showing for No Pantalones en el Subte. I’ve posted my photos on facebook ( ), but we had 3 other people taking photos, with better cameras, so in the next day or two we should have much better photos up.

  13. Jana says:

    About 120 people (out of the 336)
    Chilly, but mostly rainy

    It was GREAT. The only downside was that at some point there were more people not wearing pants than there were wearing. But hey. We were askes by a journalist if this was an ‘act of liberation’? No, it’s just FUN!

    Thumbs up to the organizers :)

    See you next year!

  14. Marg says:

    >150 people
    Amazingly cold w/ nasty wind!

    Such fun. Best part was watching the other riders wonder … then laugh.

  15. Maya says:

    Boston – a lot of people, couldn’t say how many, but in the hundreds. Amazing reactions from people – a lot of “Is this a marketing campaign?” or “What are you protesting?”. Myself and the two other agents I was with tested a few different stories with different people, including my personal favorite, walking up to several bystanders and innocently asking why so many people were wearing pants today.

    Favorite reaction: One guy couldn’t handle the hilarity of the situation and got pretty angry. He kept yelling that we were all sick, and he approached me and asked why I was wearing underwear. I said, “aren’t you wearing underwear?” and that just set him off. He shouted at us, “This is BULLSHIT! Put some fucking PANTS on!”

    All in all, I’d say it was a success.

  16. Here in Sydney a handful of us decided to go to the pub afterwards… Amazing how many pubs won’t serve people without pants.

    • Jess says:

      It’s also amazing that the one that DID let us drink didn’t seem to notice our lack of pants…

  17. Sean says:

    Reporting in from Cleveland’s first entry in the annual No Pants craze! We had 10 agents join us and the temperature was a brisk 25 degrees! Unfortunately, today just reinforced how lame and ignorant our city is.

    We had 10 members show up, and quite the variety. It was almost exclusively female agents, however ages ranged from high school all the way to 54! We boarded the RTA Red Line at Tower City and headed towards the airport. Only a couple minutes after the de-pantsing, two other riders started causing a scene about it and called the police.

    Sure enough, three stops into our journey, the train stopped and here come the police. Everyone had gotten their pants back on by that point, but we were all pulled off the train and berated by one of the officers. He tried some scare tactics, both towards “disorderly conduct” and some phantom rule about taking pictures on transit trains. Of the four police officers, he was the only one worked up about it, the others just seemed annoying that they got called to such a harmless prank. To their credit, one of the other officers hung around a minute til the others left and told us “don’t worry about it, you’re alright”.

    So unfortunately, this report isn’t about the funny reactions, questions and all around fun atmosphere that everyone else has enjoyed in other cities. We all still had a great time though!

    I didn’t get many pictures before we had to abort, but I’ve put them all on flickr:

    This is probably my favorite:

  18. jalola says:

    Hi. Checking in from Toronto. There were maybe 350 of us — up 50 from last year but certainly not the 2000+ who’d signed up on Facebook. Much warmer than last year too and we kept to the published plan to start at Museum Station.

    There was a power outage affecting the neighbouring area and it was weird to be in a dark station, but the subway was running so after making sure everyone was there, we got on the southbound train a little after 3:30PM.

    I was in the first car and the weird part was a ton of people got on at Union after some big event at Skydome/Rogers Centre. So we got a lot of reactions from them, particularly kids exclaiming “Ew! There are more people in their underpants! I wonder why.” It was hard to keep a straight face. I was a bit uncomfortable since two young girls were sitting beside me, but by some ESP, I was wearing a pair of panty hose and a long-ish coat so I think they thought I was in a miniskirt.

    It all went pretty fast. Some were heading back to Queens Park and then a McDonalds. I had to get a few errands done and begged off at King St.

    It was fun and I’m looking for “partners in crime” for next year.

  19. Chrystal Player says:

    The Sydney one went great and yes it was hot! So a great excuse for bystanders. For most of the agents it was our first time and alot of us couldnt keep straight faces till the second trip back. I think most of the funniest expressions were when we were walking to the opera house for final group photos and we passed all these otdoor dining areas. All in all great day photos thanks to Amanda L’Estrelle