No Pants 2k9 NYC Reports

UPDATE: Watch the video here.

Crowd shot at the meeting point. Photo by Katie Sokoler.

The 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride went off without a hitch today in New York. It’s tough to count, but we’re guessing we had between 1,200 and 1,500 participants. Riders were divided up and dispatched to 4 separate train lines. The high was 30 degrees and there was a nice steady stream of snow.

If you were there, leave us an agent report in the comments. We love hearing about everyone’s unique individual story. The photos and video can be see on the official mission report.

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Pantless pyramid of people in the snow in Union Square, post mission. Photo by Katie Sokoler.


  1. Hysterical!!! I was taking my sister in law for a tour of NYC and this was a perfect way to end her trip!!!! (She said it was a highlight and beat out being in a snowstorm for the first time). We got on the 6 subway at Union Square and there were people on the platform pantless. Then more got on at subsequent stops. Some of the best “costumes” was a girl with red underware that said “Hot cookie” on it. Then another guy had zebra striped tighty whities. Unfortunately a poor girl across the way was shaking so badly because she was so cold. Nevertheless, the whole experience was awesome. Thanks to all participants and Improv Everywhere!

  2. i think the pantless subway ride is an AMAZING idea, so thats why im reporting about it on my school newspaper.i would really like to get some interviews and maybe a few qoutes from particiPANTS, so please if you want to volunteer to be interviewed by me and share your experience,please leave a comment here and we’ll work something out. thank you so much!

  3. I don’t know if this was from improveverywhere, but I think I saw a few agents with their pants off today at canal street! I never would have thought that I would witness the agents with their pants off though.. It was so cool watching the tourists taking pictures and smiling. I hope I got caught on video!

  4. I was first to depants on the E train’s 9th car.

    The atmosphere was excellent today. There was a random guy in our car loudly yelling out “WHY ARE YOU GUYS WEARING SHORTS?” several times and making a big ruckus about it, but in a funny way. Good times.

    Thanks to all of the new people and veterans for coming out today!

  5. This was my first time doing anything with Improv Everywhere, and I must say it was great! Originally I was going to go with 9 people, but 8 of them somehow managed to get out of it.

    It was really surreal to see everyone walking around without pants! Unfortunately since so many people were in on the prank, there were few people to wonder what the hell was going on, but when they did, it was excellent!

  6. I was with Agent Rorschach and we had an amazing time. Here’s a list of quotes from the day:

    *Do you have to pick a snow day for this?

    *It’s breezy on this train.

    *What’s this about? You guys go swimming or something?

    *Look at this! Walking down the street in johns…

    *This is why I go on the subway; this would never happen on the bus.

    *What’s going on? There are people wearing boxers everywhere!

    (These are said by policemen we ran into at Grand Central while looking for the bathroom to change)
    *You’re in the wrong place.

    *What are you promoting?

    Agent Rorschach was solving a rubix cube on the subway and a couple of pantless people were watching. One asked, “Can we take a picture? Maybe not, because you’re not wearing pants.” To this, he replied, “What?!? I’m not wearing… *looks down* Ah crap.”

    This is my second year, but the first year I actually went outside at Union Square and MAN was it cold. I saw a bunch of people waiting in line to get hot cider and I saw that they also had cider donuts. I tried to ironically get some, but they were all out.

    I also may have gotten on TV in the background. I doubt it though.

    And last and definitely least, a woman saw what was going on and took off her pants and underpants and flashed people over and over again. Some people just have to ruin it…

    Overall a great year, but we’re going to need to go on more subways next time.

  7. so i was on the E train, car 10.
    Kickass. the end.
    i was pretty nervous, but i loved the guy’s face across from me as i took of my pants.
    and while i was waiting on 14th street, a girl came up to me and asked “Is this for like…. a school project of something”
    so i just said “nah, a car splashed water all over me, so i took off my pants because it got uncomfortable”.
    First time, and I loved every second.

  8. A woman on the train was taking pictures up my jacket with her phone. I heard her ask whoever she was with, “Is she naked?!” since my jacket was so long you couldn’t see my underwear.

    Then, once we got to Union Square, this man came up to me and my boyfriend and grilled us.

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    “Oh, it’s laundry day.”
    “Laundry day, huh?”
    “Yeah, but our washing machine is broken.”
    “Then what about those five girls I just saw not wearing pants.”
    “I guess their washing machine is broken too, small world.”

    Then he just gave us this huge disapproving look and I just told him: “It’ll all be okay tomorrow.”

    So much fun. And I swear I felt warmer with my pants off in the snow than with my pants on not in the snow.

  9. 6 train, car 4
    Boy was it cold today!

    The funny
    – Girl screaming “What’s going on?! Why’s everyone dressed like this?!” with half the car half naked.
    – The lady who refuses to sit next to me and 2 other pantless riders.
    – Walking on the 125th st platform with countless others from the same train.
    – A woman who couldn’t stop staring at me with scrunched up eyebrows.

    I saw many wonderful undergarments today. Where else could you find this many half naked people gathered at one place besides Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show? This will definitely be an annual event I’d like to attend. It was soooo much fun!

  10. I was the 2nd person depantsing on the E train 9th car. First time out with Improve anywhere and I had a blast. Most people knew what was going on but were still having fun. One guy on our car kept asking if we were members of the Polar Bear club.

    If we keep getting more agents we’ll start outnumbering the people with pants.

  11. Man oh man…it was amazing! Reading the Zombie Apocalypse guide whist wearing Rogues Do It From Behind undies was too epic.

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    Me: (looks down) “Well would you look at that!”
    “Do you know those other people not wearing pants?”
    Me: (looks over) “No. Why would I?”

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
    Me: It got too hot.
    “But it’s snowing”
    Me: I know. Global Warming is crazy…

    It was…amazing.
    All the random pictures people took that they didn’t think I was looking at them.
    All the laughs and giggles.
    The puzzled faces.

    It was my first Pantsless Subway ride and i’m half tempted to always ride the subway as such. haha…

  12. So first off, i would like to say HELL YA to all of us who participated.

    The first guy talks to me:
    (In a very quiet whisper) – “Why…Why are you people not wearing any pants… did something happen?

    Answer: (shrugs shoulder)

    haha so fun today guys….. enjoyed everyone’s company and well the array of boxers, briefs, and panties

  13. Favorite questions asked on the R train:
    1. “Are you guys protesting Madoff?”
    2. Random tourist turns to his son and says “Why are you wearing pants? Take them off!”
    3. Lady: “Why aren’t you wearing pants” Me: “I am wearing pants!”
    4. Older Lady: “I would take my pants off too, but I am wearing a thong.”

    Best Reaction:
    Young woman getting on the subway at 59, walks in, looks at me look around tries step back and get out of the train as the doors are closing, but can’t get out in time.

  14. Great as always, Improv Everywhere has outdone itself again.

    The start of my No Pants 2k9 experience was un-encouraging. This was my third No Pants mission, and on the previous 2 I’d been blessed with great team leaders. The leader for our car this time was very uninformed and unorganized. He didn’t really give clear information and assistance to the new people in the group. His instructions were: “I’ll get off at the first stop, and you guys can figure the rest out amongst yourselves.” And then, he didn’t even get out at the first stop!

    However, the rest of the mission went fine. As usual, it was great to see people’s reactions to pant-less agents. Two guys in our car were going back and forth about what was going on, one kept saying “should I take my pants off too?”. One woman got scared at so many pant-less people sitting down next to her, and went off into a corner to sit with the “normal” people.

    I was also pleased to meet up again with Agent Y-bot from No Pants 2k7. The best part was at Union Square. I had a blast hanging out with other Agents at the various bars, and at Union Square itself. The reactions of the uninformed passerbys was fantastic. One female agent sang a great song with the guy playing guitar at the station about taking off pants. I participated in an impromptu game of Simon Says, and saw a great pant-less human pyramid.

    The highlight was debating the merits of pants with the “true believers” trying to convert people at Union Square. After I informed the Pants Evangelist that Hammer Pants weren’t for me because I couldn’t touch them, we had the following conversation:
    Pants Preacher: We also have shorts.
    Me: Short shorts?
    Pants Preacher: Yes, lots of short shorts.
    Me: But who wears short shorts?

    All in all, a fantastic mission! The party was still raging when I left.

  15. R,W train Car 4.

    What a great experience

    There was a crazy man with his wife/girlfriend screaming at all of us saying “Oh all you mother F***ers are a dsigrace, I should punch you all, blah blah blah.” Oh boy, i had people coming up to me asking why no pants? we’d respond oh it was great weather.

  16. 1 train, car number 6. As I took off my pants a woman sitting across the car from me, in a disapproving manner says ” you know there are better ways for you to do that” -do what? a better way to take off my pants? I had no idea. But I just shrugged and said “These pants are just too uncomforatable, can’t help it.”

    The subway conductors on the other had were having a hoot of a time. One tried to get me to tell her what the prank was all about. She just laughed and laughed when I told her the car was just too hot. The other conductor just pointed and laughed, shaking his head.

    At times square a woman asks me if this was some promotion for MTV and when I told her ‘no’ she replied ‘ oh well, maybe I can find a cute boy in tighty-whiteys.

    And to the dashing english teacher from Westchester… sorry I couldn’t make it back to you at the bar. There were way too many pantless people clogging the way!

  17. I was on the 3rd car on the 6 train and was the first person to de-pants. I had one of those “only in NY” moments while doing it. Across from me was a nice young couple who after watching me get up and pull down my jeans, said to each other: “Those are the boxers I wanted to get for you”.

  18. so me n my friend live in si, rite outside of new york city.
    we didnt travle so we took the local train. we got kicked off a bus, almost kicked out of whitle castle and walked atound in the snow for about an hour… lmfao!

  19. OMG this was hilarious. I had never heard of no pants day before. I got off the A train at the 14th st subway station on the eighth ave line and saw this girl in her underwear. I thought she was a hooker lol. And then I saw a man in a suit and tie and his boxers. Then I saw about 20 people on the platform all in their underwear. Since I had just missed the last train I was the only one on the platform fully clothed! I blinked my eyes a few times and shook my head because I thought I was in the twilight zone. I thought I has still hung over from the night before lol. Eventually others started entering the platform as well and we all congragated together in order to figure out what the heck was going on. I asked a woman why her boyfriend and the others weren’t wearing any pants and she replied “Because he forgot to do his laundry! I don’t know about everyone else. Maybe they forgot to do their laundry too.” I seriously was like ok, where’s the hidden camera because I’m getting punked! We finally realized it was all a joke when the E train came and everyone got on, and right before the doors closed, they all got off. When I got off at the next stop on 23rd street a whole new squad of pantless riders got on and got off too. It was awsome. I so want to participate next year, but I’d probably get fired.

  20. As I was leaving, I heard an old woman who wasn’t participating say “All this delicious nakedness!” and it really cracked me up!

  21. Just moved here from LA, and doing it in NYC was my first time. I was a passenger on the BART in SF when this happened last year, and so I decided to join in this time…

    E train, car 4, 6th group to go. My standard responses were “Something wrong with the subway car heating…” and “Global warming…”.

    I know they asked people not to bring cameras, but I did, seeing that I have experience in covert photography in third world countries with oppressive military regimes. Got some great pics.

    One older lady in our car kept turning her head away and saying “Oh, Lord!” She was totally caught off guard by the whole act. I only wish our car was more loaded when we started.

    Got off at 34th Street to a moderately crowded platform and got many questions. I felt bad for some of the girls wearing the sexier undergarments because the wacko strangers would go up to them first and ask them “Why aren’t you wearing pants?” For a while it almost seemed like harassment, but other agents quickly intervened…

    A well known TV actor, walked by a few agents and finally stopped to ask me what’s up. I told him we’re filming an episode of Law & Order…

    A few cops present at 34th street, but mostly observing. They all came down the middle platform to watch us, then crossed over to our side. No harassment, they all walked by us with no incidents. But I did notice they stopped at the prettiest girl and ask them what’s going on…

    Got off at 59st street and did the walkover to the downtown 6. Nice parade of everyone walking down the platform with bewildered observers. The 6 train was crowded and I wish more people waited for the next train.

    Got to Union Square and finished, however I made a crucial mistake. I put my pants back on TOO EARLY, while I was still underground. No one told us there as a gathering there in the park at Union Square. I should have gone up the center exits instead and joind the crowd there, instead of going right to the exit to the SideBar…

    Anyway, had a blast doing this. Will recruit more friends to do this next year!

  22. #6 Train, Car #1, I am the Asian guy who was holding “World of Warcraft” PC game. I know it is the only way for me to keep my cool.
    Back to my main report. I arrived at Foley Square around 2:30pm, and see only about 50 people. But the number increased to hundreds near 3:00pm. My birthday is in November, and the last digit of my cellphone is 1, so I was assigned to #6 train car #1. Our group entered subway around 3:45pm. Maybe because it is snow today, there aren’t that many passengers on the train, so we did not get so much attention on our ride up. I took of my pants off at Astor Place, and get off with some other pantless riders to wait for the next train. After the next train came, I entered and sat down. Then I took out my World of Warcraft game box and started to read the game manual. Soon the train reached 125th street. Our group got off to ride our way back.
    Although I wanted to take some pictures on my way back, the train was so packed and I did not get the chance. After we arrived at Union Square, I exited the station without wearing pants and followed some people to the near by Starbucks to get some coffee. Although I originally wanted to go home pantless, I changed my mind later because I have two upcoming Half Marathon race coming up next month, and I do not want the cold to injure my leg before the race.
    Overall, I think we would have much more fun if the weather was better. I believe the entire purpose of the mission should not just be pulling off your pants and taking pictures of other people’s underwear. Rather part of it should be socializing and making new friends, but the weather made it impossible for most of us to stay outdoor after the mission.
    For people who also plays World of Warcraft, my game character is in Barthilas Realm. Her name is Jainatheice, a human mage. Those who interest to add me as friends should free feel to do so.

  23. I forgot to say that there was a couple in Foley Square that asked me why there was a giant crowd. I told them that it was a long story and they’d find out at 3:00. And so they did…

    Also, when we got to Grand Central, there was a giant line of people with no pants walking to the Q train and a little boy was watching us and tugging at his mom’s sleeve, but she wasn’t looking. I looked the other way and smiled to myself.

  24. I has so much fun today! It was worth freezing my toes off! I went with my friend Ellen and a bunch of us on the E train group ended up getting on the C train (dummies) and we got separated from our car 5 people but it worked out fine! I was so self-conscious before the event but during the subway ride I forgot all about being nervous. I was concentrating on keeping a straight face! I loved it when we were all transferring to the 6 train at 53rd Street and everyone is gawking at us as the procession of pantless people walk down the platform. One man nearly fell as he was getting on the down escalator! One group of women asked a participant if we were all having a pajama party and when the man replied that he had simply forgotten his pants, they turned to me.

    Woman: Are you guys having some sort of pajama party today?

    Me: What do you mean? I’m here by myself.

    Woman: Oh. (looks confused)

  25. E Train, Group 3 and i can see me in the above group picture :) That ride was incredibly surreal. No one came up to me to ask about the lack of pants but I heard so many people talking in the background… “is there a protest”, “is this part of a holiday”, and my favorite was a young boy outside the train pointing and saying “Mom! They’re everywhere.”

    Also, was wondering if the cute girl in my group wearing the union jack boxers is single. I believe her name was Becca or Becky.

  26. I was on the 1 train, car 3. We were the 8th group to get off, so most of the people not participating in the train were already used to a few people taking their pants off each stop. Nothing too spectacular happened, though the reactions were still a lot of fun. For some reason no one from the other cars got off at 28th street, so only the 8 of us were standing in a group, pants less.

    When we got off at 42nd street, a guy said “Woah, I guess I didn’t get the memo this morning.”

    One other woman in the train watched us for quite a while before deciding to ask us all what we were doing. No one gave her an answer that she really liked, since we all said we had no idea others would be doing this.

    One of the best moments though was to to walk out to Union Square and look up at the DSW to see all the customers on various floors staring out the window at all the people not wearing pants. Also the girl riding on top of a guys shoulders screaming for people to wear pants. That was cool too.

  27. When I first told my Mum that I was planning to do this, she was disapproving, to say the least. “Do you have a friend in the legal profession?” she asked. But I knew I’d be alright – and I was!

    I was on the E train, car 9. My two best friends and I were in the third group off of the train. At West 4th Street while waiting to get back on, a woman tapped me and said “So did you forget your pants, too?”

    “Huh? What are you talking about?” I replied.

    She gestured to the guy down the platform who was also pants-less.

    “Wowza, he forgot? How can you forget something as basic as pants? I’m heading to the dry cleaner now to pick mine up!” I said. She blinked, then shook her head and walked away.

    The yelling guy in the 9th car of the E train was already mentioned, but he was pretty great.

    This was my second IE mission, and I am already looking forward to doing another! Great work, everyone!

  28. E train, car 8, group 5

    While waiting on the platform, this kid asked me what was up, and I just said I was wearing dress pants and got a stain on them, so didn’t want them to get any dirtier, and I didn’t realize everyone else was in their underwear too. How odd.

    He wouldn’t let it go, and kept asking how this could just be a coincidence. Finally, he turned to this random old guy standing next to me (not part of the group), and said “Sir… half the people on this platform aren’t wearing pants. Don’t you think that’s crazy?”

    The old guy looks directly at him, pauses for a second, and just goes “NOPE.”

    The kid sheepishly apologized and walked away. I looked back at the random old guy, but he didn’t seem to notice me.

    That was my favorite reaction of the day.

  29. That was SO awesome! It was hard not to laugh when I heard this stuff:

    “mommy, why are they all wearing just underwear?”

    Man to his wife: What’s going on?
    Wife: I don’t know and I don’t want to know

    Random guy on the subway platform walking back and forth taking video with his cellphone: I don’t know what ya’ll are doing but I like it!

  30. I was the second person to de-pants on the R/W line car 6. This was my 1st event and I was so glad to finally get in on one of these. When we were all at Union Square some people were like, “Hey, our friend just took off his pants. Now will you tell him what this is about?” I said, “I just felt today was too warm for pants.” They looked so disgusted it was great!

  31. All in all, this was a fun prank, and I look forward to more. I am a bit disappointed in car 9 on the 1 line. They were the car ahead of us, and they were cheering “WHOOOOO!!!” when they got on the car, and then “WHOOOOO!!!” again when somebody took their pants off. That totally ruined the mood for the beginning of the prank. The pants-wearing people in our car noticed, and it was obvious from the get-go that this we were pulling a stunt.

  32. E train, 9th car, 4th stop. First off, the E train ride was tricky, so props to everyone who did that. I didn’t get any marvelous reactions, but almost everybody who asked me what was going on was a middle aged woman.

    “Oh I just forgot my pants.”
    “And these other people?”
    “Must just be one of those days.”

    Now I’m from the north, so this weather wasn’t too bad for me, but I was very glad to see that the snow didn’t prevent such a great showing of backsides (and truly there were some great ones). Afterwards I went down to St Marks place and went movie shopping at Kim’s. Nobody seemed to notice. Rode the train back home the same way and only got a couple of curious glances. When I got back to Queens, though, I decided that it was time for my pants to return. Good times.

  33. Train #1, Car 7

    There was a lady who wanted to know “Where are the hidden cameras, where is Howie Mandel?”
    Her friend said, “There can’t be hidden cameras, this is just some random train.”
    She responded with, “No this is the 1 train, so they could have cameras all around.”

    I didn’t really understand that. But it was hilarious.

    The friend also wanted to know what it was all about, and promised she would take her pants off too if we told her. She announced that she was going to Google it later. Another person became very self conscious because he WAS wearing pants.

    My friend’s excuse for his lack of pants were that they were just so out of style, so last year. I thought that was pretty good.

  34. so, you signed me and my friend ashleys poster !
    life better without pants :)

    today was fabulous, i was on the 6 train, cart 8
    it was great, some guy actually yelled at me and my
    friend, i think he was just jealous, anyways

    i love this! cant wait for the mp3 experiment. :D

  35. I was in the 1st car on the E train. I got off at the 4th stop. (I wasn’t paying much attention to what stop it was – 8th Ave?) When I got back on, a couple of non-participants giggled and said it was so crazy because when the train pulled into the station, they could see us but couldn’t tell that we weren’t wearing pants until the doors opened. At subsequent stops, they giggled again and again as more people got on.

    When I got to the Side Bar (near Union Square), it was packed to capacity, so I tried Shades of Green, but couldn’t find my 4 friends (who were on the 3 other train lines). I followed a group to Crocodile Lounge, where it seems some people had gone last year as well. I met some new friends, and my boyfriend ended up joining me there. The bar was like 80% pants-less. We convinced a few other people to join in on the fun. Good times.

  36. Okay so, we did this with some of our friends
    R/W train, 3rd car, 4th group
    it was a wonderful experience

    the subway ride was pretty casual
    but when we got to union square thats when the party started
    our group of friends were very social
    we made a video dancing for a music video, and we went pants shopping in the local stores
    and made snow angels

    Heres some funny questions;
    -Is this some socialogy class?
    -Is this a rebelious club for young people?

    Person:Since when dont people wear pants when its snowing in january?
    Me:its snowing? jeez i guess pants would have come in handy at the moment, too bad

    Person:why aren’t you wearing pants?
    Me: its what jesus would have wanted

    Person: So why isn’t anyone wearing pants?
    Me: Todays help the homeless day. When we rode the subway we left our pants there for them to retrieve. They need them more then we do.

    Cant wait for next year
    Much funner then last year
    hopefully next year will be even greater

    props to the naked pyramid people!!!!

    thanks charlie

  37. I had a great time while pantsless. I was on the R/W line, car 5. Highlights include:

    -Depantsing with bad-ass Reba P (older woman who became my ally during the journey). I took my time while depantsing, it felt so defiant and so natural at the same time.
    -Confused train riders on the N approaching 34th St as more and more pantless commuters boarded.
    One guy: “It better not be like this on the PATH train or I’ll be pissed!”
    Same guy, moments later, upon disembarking: “PUT SOME PANTS ON!”
    -Walking pantless with roommate post-mission all the way to Astor Place. We stopped in to Halloween Adventure for a little warmth, some of the store personnel leered at us but we were confident in our exposed thighs.

    All in all, super sweet.

  38. R/W Train, Car 3

    Had an awesome time today, as I did last year. I was the solo guy on the 2nd stop and the trains were a good fifteen minutes apart so I had plenty of time to hang out by myself in my boxers on Prince St. and field a bunch of questions while I tried to read a book…I kept explaining to everyone that my pants simply wouldn’t fit over my boots and boots are obviously more important. Train ride was fun but relatively uneventful.

    After the train about 50-60 of us invaded a bar across the street from Sidebar (Sidebar was too packed) and the place was EMPTY…we totally took over. They let my buddy Brian put on his iPod and gave us good drink specials, and we managed to convince other ‘civilians’ to take their pants off when they came in. At some point we played a strange game of spin the bottle involving smacking people’s asses instead of kissing which got old fast, and had a general good time. Awesome!

    A bit of shameless self-promotion – Brian and I put our own band on the ol’ iPod for a while and people were diggin it, so if that was you… …drop us a line! I can’t wait to see all the photos.

  39. Mann! this was fucking insane :)

    love it

    good to know there are people out there in the city just as spontaneous as i am!

    MY story :D

    so im on the one line chambers street.

    by the way!
    im the guy with big headphones on and a mohawk!

    Listein to music these two women stare and laugh ask me a question

    Lady in red: Excuse me but why are you not wearing pants?
    Me: *blank face* its just hot like really hot.
    Lady in red & friend : *stare at each other in confusion*
    Me: *asks girl in front of me with no pants on* its hot right?
    Girl with no pants : Yeah dude.. i thought it was just me
    Me: *puts headphones back on*

    so we get to 42nd transfer to the r/w lines

    i walk to a vendor ask for a bag of BLUE DORITOS…
    he comes back with a red bag staring at a girl with no pants on.
    i tell him ‘ DUDE.. BLUE not red.. are u distracted or something?’
    he stays quiet.. hands me the blue bag awkwardly..

    i get off on 34th
    and lean on the wall with headphones on eatin my doritos :D
    Old lady stares really hard looks creeped out but can’t stop staring LOL

    I get a picture taken of me by one of the photographers on the train hopefully ill find the picture! :)

    overall i loved it
    great times.. ill never forget this day..
    and many more to come!



    No Pants!!!


    Peace, Love, & Music!!!

    Martin Pereyra

  40. Yeah so apparently after i got off the train some little girl started freaking out at the sheer amount of sexy unleashed. Her mom did her best to calm her down and wait for the next train. Little did she know there were some other sexy sexy titans getting on.

  41. It was excellent to particpate in this mission! My favorite reaction was from one stressed out lady who entered the subway car and rolled her eyes at me and a few of the other agents then said in a hushed voice to her husband “oh great, we waked into a subway full of pantless people.” Her husband responded saying “Maybe they’re part of a semi-nudist colony”

  42. An amazing No Pants, once again! =] And I was on the same train and car as Chris! Hahahaaa that girl was totally NOT little, she looked about 13-14. It took me so much effort to keep from laughing. Especially cuz the mom thought it was only the right side of the train doing it, so she moved to our side. And my friend and I were getting ready to take off our pants and she asked us if we were also going to do it, and we all responded with “you should probably get your daughter off the train…”

    Our dance party to that drummer guy at 125th street was great! Lots of ass shaking lmao! Guy in the green undies, whoever you are, I got your ass on vid! :P

    Overall, I had loads of fun…had lots of guys stalk me with their camera phones…and didn’t even feel the cold outside at Union Square! Woohoo! :)

    And apparently we were a protest group against Bush and the economy….[[according to this guy who was trying to get an explanation out of us.]]

    “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen! I’m not here to ask for money or donations. I am asking if you could please spare me some pants!”
    Ahahaha. The 6 train rocked!


  43. R/W line, Car 9, 4th group

    I have wanted to do this since I heard about it in ’06 but could never find anyone to go with me until now. Even though we never did find my friend’s sister in the huge crowd, I’ve gotta say that it was amazing!! The people across from us were completely confused as we depantsed and another passenger further down couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve gotta admit, those first few seconds with my bare bum on the cold seat were pretty shocking.
    When we got out to switch trains, a couple came up to us to ask why everyone was in their underwear
    “Oh its Saturday”
    “So you do this every Saturday?”
    “Well we’re not always in the city”
    “And these other people?”
    “I dunno. Weird coincidence?”
    When we got on the next train, one of the other pantsless riders serenaded us with some wonderful harp playing. Bravo! if you’re reading this. A cute moment was when a lil girl in a stroller tried to pull down her own pants and got yelled at by her mom. The only low point was some obnoxious guy who kept raving about seeing guys in briefs and said “If this is what society is coming to, I don’t want to be part of it!”

    I’ll definitely do this again next year, mostly because I like hearing cops go “WTF is going on?!”

  44. R/W Car 4 Represent!

    I was in the fifth group, so the people on the train were kinda used to random people depantsing in front of them. When I say used to, I do not at all mean comfortable with. I had two 40ish latana women staring daggers at me until I got off.

    At my stop I couldn’t help but take a few glances sideways at the three fine ladies who had also gotten off at my stop; and I suddenly saw another semi familiar face. A elderly Italian man had pulled his wife off the tran at our stop and was taking pictures of the three girls. For about 10 minutes. And then he got back on the next train with us. And his wife.

    (Un)fortunaly there wasn’t much for him to look at on the ride back to Union Sq. as our car would have been uncomfortable for sardines. This did not stop the three 60 year old women standing around me from staring down at my bare legs with huge grins on their faces.

    When we got out at Union Square I was immedietly appproaced by a missionary of the church of pants. After filling out their survey (and admitting that I may at one point consider wearing pantaloons) I got into an all-in-good-fun altercation with another participant who was of the opinion that boxer shorts were not conisdered pants. I had come fully decked out in my tighty blueys (my Get Out of Jail Free boxers were in the wash) After we settled our differences we did a few snow angels and went to find a bar that wasn’t already occupied to the point of being a fire hazard.

    I managed to get into Shades of Green, where we had a Fashion Show!! I don’t remember who won, but it doesn’t really matter. Eventually I found myself at a table with four complete strangers discussing the Isreal-Palestine conflict. And guess what? None of us were wearing pants! It was unreal.

    Definitly participating next year and I will be bringing friends and gloves. My legs felt fine, but my hands were about to fall off.

    And to everyone who will be participating next year, when we try to do the wave at Foley Square, please participate. We only had six people doing it, and four of us were the ones whose idea it was.

  45. E train, car three, stop five. I had a couple highlights. When the guy across from me dropped trou, the older woman sitting next to him was completely oblivious, but did a double take when he got up to get off. Her expression as she watched others in our group depants was priceless.

    On the way back on the 6, as I sat down, I heard a knocking on the window just behind me. I turned and saw three teens banging on the window. They pointed to my bare legs with a WTF? look on their faces. Not being able to verbally answer through the glass, I just shrugged. Then one of them spit on the window. I just turned back around, saw the woman across from me looking at the whole thing, equally bemused. I just gave her a mildly exasperated look and muttered, “Kids.”

  46. I’m glad that for the first time Poland has participated in this great event ! I just hope that the few people who participated this year will ecourage more people to come next year. I think it would be a great idea to have this event not only in the subways but in all kinds of transportation such as: buses,planes etc. all over the world!

  47. I had so much fun today! The best part was the looks and speculations of the people around us. When I reboarded the R train at 23rd street, three men sitting next to me said “Alright, what’s going on here?” I told them I forgot my pants and it was an odd coincidence that so many other people had as well. As we pulled into 34th street and the men stood up to leave, they noticed more people on the platform and yelled, “Look, there’s more of those bitches in their underwear! What is this?!”

  48. The 1, car 3, stop #9.
    shout out to TEDDYYYYY great team leader :D

    This was my first IE event and it was great. I didn’t expect us to outnumber people with pants on the subway, but it all worked out anyway. I was happy to see that most people *didn’t* know what was going on, and that we were all able to stay in character the whole trip :)

    Fave moments:

    An elderly man’s jaw dropping as he watches two guys de-pants about 5 feet to his left. Then he takes a startled step back as the girls immediately next to him followed suit on the next stop. He got off quickly when the doors opened (I think just to escape?) and then stopped in his tracks and did a tripple-take upon seeing a platform full of pantsless people.

    About 4 of us were pantsless on the platform when a couple came down the stairs and started whispering to each other, confused and amused. Then they pulled one of those “you stand with them behind you and I’ll pretend I’m taking a picture of you” moves. CLASSIC.

  49. R Train! Cart 2!

    I was the 2nd person to depants on the train, but pretty much i was the first to be noticed. I stood, wearing my suit, tie, and pants. I held a book called Secrets of the Young and Successful. I read out of it to my friend.

    “Secrets to a happy life. Start day off with eating a live frog. It will definitely make the rest of your day seem better. Ok, check. Did that. Number two, take pants off in subway. Okie dokes.”

    So i took of my pants off, right in front of three fashionably dressed young women who absolutely could not resist laughing out loud. Right behind me someone (probably an agent) said, “ouch, those white socks really don’t match.” Haha, highlight of my day.

    Oh and another one. I train hopped into the next cart right before the door closed. “Definitely not a pleasant sight,” said the father with 3 lil boys aged ~5. Then he turned around, looked at me, looked down, and let out a nasty “ugh.”


  50. Besides watching one of our leaders fake a passenger reaction for the videocamera-dude [i.e., stare down at legs with confused look, then ask, “was that okay?”], this was a lot of fun.

    Whole Foods does not let pantsless people in. Nor does McDonalds. Wendy’s, however, welcomed us with open legs.

    We met a bunch of friendly people. Anyone reading this should definitely attend next year.

    Bring more megaphones!

  51. I’m glad I finally got to experience this. It was definitely a great exercise for acting haha.
    The 6 train was great. I take it everyday so I’ll always think back to this.
    People asked me why I wasn’t wearing any pants and expected the same answers as the others had given. One girl said, “uncomfortable, right?” before I could answer her question and I responded “yeah. It’s snowing” and that I didn’t want to get slush on my pants so I didn’t bother wearing them.
    I’m never the type to enjoy group-work,
    However; this has to be the best NYC public teamwork I’ve ever participated in. Meeting strangers has never been this exciting.

    Thank you!!
    Hope to see you again… soon!!!!

  52. So I was team leader for car 8 on the 1 line, and I gladly made my mark on my second and possibly last no pants subway ride (college next year).

    Some things I did:
    -Offered candy for my basketball team
    -Had my friend Nell ride on my shoulders chanting
    -Building a human pyramid
    -Snow angels!
    -Simon says
    -Shopping in american apparel and forever 21

    I had a blast. I hope to return.

  53. After re-boarding the E train with only one other agent on board, a guy came up to me and asked why I wasn’t wearing pants. I told him they got all wet from the snow so I took them off. He looked impressed and said “Good for you! But… why does that guy have no pants on?” I just shrugged and told him maybe the snow got his pants wet too… and he seemed satisfied. When more agents got on at the next stop, he looked upset that I lied to him :( Poor guy.

  54. R,W: car 3

    Realizing for the first time how strange it felt to come stag to such an event (thanks a lot, “friends”), I approached the first single woman I saw in the Square and asked, “You’re going to take your pants off, right?” Such a shame I will only be able to use this jewel once a year.

    My first time, I was fortunate enough to dispant after Penn Station and stand unpanted, in the boxer-brief/cowboy-boot look, at the Times Square platform.

    A little girl laughed and repeated several times: Why are they all taking their pants off daddy?
    Daddy, surrendering, approached: My daughter wants to know why you are taking your pants off.

    A man at Times Square: So, what’s the message?

    Woman: If I said Improv Everywhere, would that mean anything to you?
    Pantsless man next to me: I’ve heard of them. They do crazy stuff.

    What I enjoyed most was running alone in the snow and slush to catch up with a pantsless group, half a block ahead, when we were headed toward the bar. What I enjoyed the least: putting my pants back on to go home; I felt like I was doing something dirty.

  55. Also, check this site again on Tuesday or wednesday, I shot 4 or 5 rolls of film, mostly b&w, at the rally in Foley Square; they should be good!

  56. 1 Train, Car 7, Stop 3

    This was the first No Pants Subway ride for both of us… but it was an amazing time (save for the chilly walk to the 1 train). 2 out of the 6 people we had thought would be there came through (Props to them). Standard comments heard form non-participants… but still fun to break the mores. :)

    Good job everyone who participated. And thanks for the bread – fellow 1 train car 7 rider!

    (Croc Lounge – best idea ever!)

    See you all next year!!!

    ps – Meghan beat her top Tetris high score on the DS while pantsless! ;)

  57. My favorite interaction I had with a lady on the subway back downtown:

    -Excuse me… excuse me…
    (I take out my headphones)
    -Why are you in your underwear?
    -So sorry, but I was in such a rush, I’ve got a big meeting to get to.. yeah I know, a meeting on a Saturday right? but with the economy.. who am I to say no. So I ran out of the apartment and realized I forgot my pants, but it was too late to turn around. It’s ok though, I have a suit at the office. I’m so sorry.
    -But what about that guy? (points to the one other pantsless person on the train)
    -(I look over)… Well that’s just weird.

  58. 6 train, car 7 – great group

    After removing our pants, my friend and I (both males) ended up standing in front of an elderly lady (both wearing briefs). After a few minutes, she turned to us, smiled, and said “Well, can you take your tops off too, so I can make a decision?”

    On the ride back, thanks to the lady who gave me lotion for my “ashy knees”. And to the cute girl who started talking to me just before we arrived back at Union Square – where did you go?

  59. lmao 2 Agent Schau because he was talking about me!! wow what i meant was that they could hide cameras anywhere on the train. lol Well all i know is next year im gonna do it too!!

  60. E train, car 6.
    This was such a blast. Props to everyone who participated.
    My funniest moment-
    Guy walks up to me, with disbelieving look:
    “Dude, do you know why all these people are in their underwear?”
    Me: “Whoa! I hadn’t noticed! How weird!”
    Him: “This is the funniest thing ever!” (walks off)

  61. #1 Train, Car 7– great job team leader Steve!

    Was sitting next to some German tourists as the first girl de-pantsed, and I could hear them say (with my high school German) “I guess she forgot them!” Mostly they were laughing too hard to say anything. But there was a woman who also used the occasion to promote her jewelry line, and kept shouting “Who’s next!” She gave our team leader her card, too!

    We had a great group that kept a completely straight face, even through the transfer at Times Square. Best part was probably the walk through the snow to the Croc Lounge afterward, and lots of friends made through no-pants bonding.

    It was my first year, but I will definitely be back.

  62. Hey Charlie, Great event again this year and great midnight show.

    Cheers. See you at the next event.

  63. Had a few interactions.

    I was on R/W Car 6, got off at 14 Street Union Square. While standing there this girl with purple hair came up and asked why everyone wasn’t wearing pants. I told her i forgot mine and she prodded further saying” I’m cool, I want to know. Is this a protest thing. I hate Bush too.” Just gave her a weird look.

    Also two larger angry looking men were standing next to me on the platform. They looked me up and down and said “It’s a gay thing.” Until they saw two women to their left and looked confused.

    Woman on the N train stood up to get off, asked another agent why his pants were off. Turned around to get off and bumped into me. She stopped dead in her tracks and said “Shorts, shorts, everywhere.” She then got off the train.

    Great times!

  64. I have so many stories to tell. I was one of the few.. i think? to not put there pants back on. Really i refused.. i felt so free in my whitey tities… i finaaly put my pants on after i was all by myself and herd some guys talking shit at about 1 on the n train. I was all by myslef and i guess enough was enough. so i put them back on..

    In my journey i have many stories to tell about! I will start to say that this was the best day ive spent in NYC.. i moved from Iowa about 6 months ago and i met so many people today i can’t believe!

    story one: i was on the 1 train, nothing really happened til we got to times square. when we had to change trains and walk thru that station it was madness. i hung around about ten minutes and acted like i was lost. Me in my whitey tities someone asked me if they could take their pic with me. i took my head phones off and said why? why would you want a pic with me and she ran and followed me and i ran away acting very creeped out. getting on the train back to union square.

    story 2: when in union sqaure a group of about 8 of us decided we would do another round of times square and back down to union sqaure. real covert! There was only one or two of us per car and we really caused a scene, keeping character of course. there was a point on the ride back that there was a guy with a “new religion jeans” bag. I went up to him and asked if he had bought some jeans if i might be able to buy some from him. He said he only bought a shirt but asked what happened to my pants. i told him the air head i am i forgot mine and was in dier need of some jeans.

    story 3:On a train to queens there was about 6 of us with no pants. A man asked what it was that we were representing. I told the man there was no reason no ryme just to make a someone smile and have a story to tell. The man was from jamaica and said i think you need to feel hardship for what you do.. not in a bad way.. just in a way that was saying in other places you would be beaten and not accepted for this shit.. and he said what else will you do. i said this is for smiles thats it no agenda no political reason. just a story to tell your friends the freedom we have to do that. he then dared me to take off my shirt and shoes so i did. i stood in that train in just whitey tities for three stops and said. you see i have nothing to preach nothing to care for but have fun and smile more than you should!

    My night with my pants off did come to an end with me alone in my whitey tities pushing the time a little bit. BUT……..


    I had a great time and i hope the people i met did too!

    plus there were so many side stories i dont know where to begin… i just thought id share a couple of my favorites

  65. E train, car 3, stop 4.

    First moment: As I’m waiting for the doors to close just before mine, two girls look at me and ask, “I guess it’s your turn isn’t it?” (How could they tell?) I shrug it off, act like I’m surprised they asked, then start taking off my pants. They giggle and stare at me as I walk off the train.

    Best moment: I finally made the transfer from the E to the 6 train. A little kid gets totally enthralled with whats going on, points and shouts to the whole train, “Look everybody, they’re not wearing any pants!” The kid continues to prod a bunch of us, helps us in making up a story — his line was, “A ferocious dog named fluffy caught us and ate our pants.” — and as he and his family departed the train, he yelled “See ya later freaks!” Luckily one of the pantsless defended with, “No you’re the freak!” Good times.

  66. After Emily took her pants off first, one guy stated there was a hidden camera, I did not see the second or third, just before we got off at 23 st a man with his wife and children boarded and all 8 of us stripped off our pants, he started yell “you think this funny, grow up, I’ll take out my badge”, all of us stayed in character and did not answer him as we were instructed. The next train was sardine time. We got off at 59St & Lexington for the ride back. The agents around me basically stayed in character but we did talk a little with each other. I think staying in character helped us to do this prank

  67. E train, 1st car

    First time for me and it was a lot of fun. They way thwe whole thing is organized is great. Everyone thought the first guy was just weird but by the time our group of four de-panted people were more confused and interested. A few belligerent moments here and there, but too few to ruin the event. It was just a lot of fun!

  68. 6 train, car 4, 6th stop.

    A very funny afternoon, and well worth battling the cold for.

    On the way up to 125th there was more pantless riders than pro-pants riders which made for confused looks but didn’t create much of a reponse as far as I could see. The real fun started on the way back down to Union Sq where the train got more packed but the non-pants crew had spread out more across different trains. Great moments were when a crazy guy started shouting at people for answers and telling us we were all mad, and for once the general public seemed to see him as the sane one!…. obviously one mans genius is another mans madness!

    Another good moment was an older lady bumping into my mate, apologising before realising he has no pants on, steeping back abruptly she bumps into me and apologies’ only to spot that I too am without my pants… I dont think she could get off the train quick enough.

    Finally, an NYPD traffic cop’s response at seeing 2 pantless guys running across the road off Union Square – ‘I know some people dont feel the cold but thats just stupid!’

  69. 6 train, car 8

    AWESOME. Our group leader (the 1st to de-pants obviously) had to stand on the train for awhile as we were delayed in leaving the station. Awesome. A group of dudes were just flabbergasted at why this chick just took her pants off. I suspect their reaction was the same after I de-pants soon after she left.

    Quite possibly my favorite was a nice young guy saying,
    “Excuse me, miss. You know it’s snowing outside, right?”


    I saw countless other de-pants people walking around the area FAR after the stunt was over. Excellent.

    Really great time, everyone was fun and supportive, I met a bunch of supercool people. Completely stoked to do it again next year and any other IE events throughout the year.

  70. out of all the reactions comments and looks the best was the old guy who said out loud ” this must be a hanes commerical !”

  71. R train, Car 5, disembarking at 14th st.

    A young woman (in pants) got off with us, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I’ve heard about this, and I’m so happy I got a chance to see it! You guys are wonderful! You made my whole year.”

    I was really pleased by the reaction of all the children (and their parents) There was a really cute little girl on car 5 of the 2nd train we boarded. About eight years old, she looked to be a fairly privileged little soul – her wool coat and fine haircut screamed high tuition to this public school mother. She was still there when we got off at 59th and Lex. and started giggling as all these underwear clad heiners started passing in front of her, all of us squeezing toward the door. I waved and she started laughing harder. Reckon all these kids will remember this sight and this day for as long as they live.

    Fun to think of all the dinner table conversations that would be taking place later in the evening.

    Thank you for providing this awesome opportunity. It was a real tonic!

  72. great idea, i enjoyed my first time doing this. the looks we got ere amazing and they had no clue who was in on it until we took off our pants. i though it was so much fun i rode all the way home on metro north without my pants, walked thru grand central and no big deal, it wasnt too cold.

  73. Train 1, car #3!

    A big shout out to car leader Teddy and my two coffee buddies! Great job everyone. This was my first year no pantsing it on the subway and it was amazing. I hope to be coming back every year it continues to happen.

    I think the best part about this was acting like you were as confused as passengers were when asked what was going on, then ten seconds later having it be your turn to take your pants off. At first I thought it would be a little strange but I found myself not feeling the need to have pants as the evening went on… even after my pants survey told me I needed them!

    See you next year!

  74. RW Car 7 – Leather Jacket, Black Boxers, White T-Shirt that read “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my own awesome.”

    Shouts to Beth Ann, James, Ryan, Katie, and Alex – feel free to look me up on Facebook or Couchsurfing.

    On the way down, after the first group of 8 gets off, I’m still pretending not to notice. A guy is visiting from England with his friend, I’m sitting next to him. He tells his friend this is so surreal. I ask what’s going on – he informs me “Everyone is taking their trousers off!” I respond that, well, if they’re getting away with it, I’m going for it. Pantless, I get off the train, leaving a very baffled Englishman in my wake.

    An uneventful ride up and down and then to Union Square. Sidecar was a disaster, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. I got in right before they closed the door, and immediately left. Went across the street to Shades of Green – great fun, hanging out with the calf contest, group photo, and completely random pantless band that assembled.

    All in all, tremendous fun; however it was crowded, and soo many pantless people it became less strange almost. I would recommend expanding to double the number of subway lines.

  75. I loved it. I saw some old people who could not believe their eyes I want to join next year! If my husband agrees lol

  76. I was a 2nd year veteran this year. I decided to go alone this year. I actually had more fun going alone. I met a bunch of people and had a great time. Including a snowball fight at Union Square.

    I was car 7 on the R train. Took my pants off at the 3rd stop. Was wearing penguin undies and a bright pink hat. I met a couple, but I didn’t get their contact info. If you read this, contact me. I gave the girl advice on how to keep a straight face and talk about my preparation with bikini wax. My email is whitneylueza at gmail

    Some great moments:

    The girls at the Union Square platform when I was waiting to change trains who would giggle, take pictures, and then run around to someone else and giggle and take pictures.

    The lame girl telling everyone else on the train that it is a stupid joke and we’re told not to tell them what is going on. Then saying that we should be doing it to raise awareness for a cause. Umm… how about just having fun?

    The guy analyzing our statement on life that we are saying something like how life doesn’t have to be the same everyday cause someone says it should be that way.

    The guy that asked a fellow pantslesser why? He explained it was comfortable, and almost convinced the guy to take his pants off too. I thought he was going to do it.

    See you all next year!

  77. 1 Train, 3rd car:

    Tourist; “Why arn’t you wearing pants?
    Me: “Silly, I’m wearing pants made from the finest silks from the from the far east, so soft I can’t even feel them…. or thats what everyone’s been telling me….”

    Says it all

  78. R,W train Car 4

    I had an awesome time. Right after we depants a guy with his girlfriend started flipping out yelling, “you guys are f***** up! you think this is funny?! you need to grow up!” never! I say. other than that everyone else seemed rather amused and confused. long live socially awkward moments!

  79. What’s this notion that respectable adults need to be boring? It’s not like we were throwing eggs at people. We were having good, clean fun that people could enjoy from any perspective. Some people need to get off their high horse.

  80. I know how you feel Y-bot. Reading some of the comments on those news pages is a little disheartening. Especially when they drag politics into the whole thing (I can’t really think of a reason why)

  81. Right after we got out of the Holland Tunnel and headed towards Foley Sq, I watched an 10-yr-old snowball his mom from behind on the side of the road; I knew it was gonna be a good day.

    6 Train, Car 4

    No Pants 2k9 was a blast. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and I couldn’t believe how many participants there were. The highlight for me was definitely the 125th turn-around dance party (w/ live drummer). It was so random, and awesome to see everyone getting their groove on. By the time the ride was over, and we were in Union Sq, I wasn’t ready to re-pants, and ended up keeping them off for the next half hour; felt great.

    Thank you to everyone who helped plan and organize this year. I will definitely be back in 2010.

  82. Favorite Quote of The Day:

    “Mommy, I don’t want to be on this train anymore!”

    * * * * * *

    My buddy and I (our first time) were pantless on uptown 6-Train from Union Square to 125th, then return-trip. Saw some great facial expressions and just had a great time (two hot boys in tight briefs).

    “What’s going on?”
    “My pants were itchy… Just had to take them off.”
    “Then, that means everyone else on this train had itchy pants too?”
    “Yeah, we all use the same laudromat!”


  83. Oh yeah! My mom says the pictures of me playing in the snow with no pants are the cutest thing she’s ever seen. Apparently much cuter than when I was a toddler and ran around with no pants. So she has now decided that she’s coming up from Texas next year to join us.

  84. I had been wanting to do this for years and finally got the chance! I visited some friends I hadn’t seen for years who just moved to NYC. We met up just before 3:00 and stuck together for the entire trip. We did all of our catchup up pantsless!

    Our turn came to de-pants and JUST as the three of us stood up we heard a voice, “Cori?” The second we had reached for our waists, one of my friends had run into a former co-worker! Talk about timing!

    I was approached more than my friends. When questioned I just replied that I was from out of town and that I heard New Yorkers did this to prevent pickpocketing.

  85. LOL
    Awsome experience.
    Hopefully I can do it again next year.

    Funniest reply was from the first guy that witnessed me taking my pants off.
    He was like
    “What’s today?”
    I looked at him with a puzzled expression,
    “The 10th?”
    he looks puzzled as well
    “What does that mean?”
    My friend sam
    “Its saturday? Idk”

    And then at union this guy asks me why I’m wearing underwear.
    I’m like, aren’t you?
    Lots of funnnnn.
    Props to everyone that participated.

  86. R/W, train 10

    Everything started out great, until it got awesome.

    Our group and leader was super cool and I was having a great time chatting while we waited on the platform. Then on the subway it was all business, no one knew each other, and, oh hey, no pants!

    My ride was pretty uneventful. There were a few gawkers but no one approached me or anything though I realized that my gigantic headphones probably had something to do with it. There was a nice moment where everyone in our row wasn’t wearing pants except for one lady, poor thing.

    I figured I’d stop by the bar, cause, hey, free drink! But the place was packed but there was another bar across the street so we all rushed over there. It had been completely empty and there was only one bartender (I think we forgot that it was only 5:00 even though it was already dark out). I think he panicked at first; 50 people without pants who are ready to drink is probably pretty intimidating. But he called for backup and wound up being really great, making drinks for the pantsless. There was a No Pants Dance in the second room too.

    Whoever it was in the Belmont who was shouting “when I say ‘no’ you say ‘pants'”… you rock. See you next year.

  87. R Train, Car 8, Stop 6 (34th Street)
    Guy with the insulin pump, yellow baseball cap with ‘bikini bottom track club’ on it, blue briefs with Property of USA waistband

    This was my 1st year, and I had a blast. All was kinda quiet in car 8. An older shopper got on at 28th and sat down next to me. She had no reaction to me becoming pantsless. I dropped dines, nickels, and pennies from my pocket on the seat, still no reaction. After getting off at 34th it was a quiet station until more folks with pants on entered the platform. I kept a puzzelled look as others were taking cell phone pictures while smiling. The element of visual surprise was fantastic.

    The Shades of Green with the calf contest was a blast. The police officer that came into Sing Sings looking for a individual did not comment about our ‘Saturday Attire’.

    I talked to a few people in O’hara’s pub down on Cedar Street arounf 11 pm. Some want to do this next year. I was also asked if my wife new what I did. I called her around midnight while at the PATH station. Her comment after disbelief was ‘what briefs did I wear’? I also meet a mom, dad, and daughter that knew about the event. I told them about it, how much fun it was, and respect I saw everyone without exception receive. She wants do this next year.

    Absolute fun, will be there next year. Thanks everyone, this 61 year old had a fantastic time.

  88. My highlight, other than pants-less dancing, was on the platform at Union Square. As I casually read my novel at the platform’s edge, a gaggle of young girls decided to pose around me and take photos. I read on…

  89. r,w third car – black cowboy boots, black coat, and black hat

    First off, this was a great time. Everyone that I was able to talk to was really enthusiastic and seemed to be in great spirits.

    I got a “So what’s with the no pants?” on the way back to union square, to which I replied: “It’s been a rough morning and in my rush to leave my apartment I left my pants there. And my keys.” She replied: “I do that all the time.”

    Then in union square, some people were gathered aboce the nrw platform. A man started yelling and then said to a cop:”Arrest these people! They’re blocking my way…in their underwear!” She just laughed it off. I was also part of the crocodile lounge crew, which was fun, but would have been better if there were more pantsless patrons. I would have liked to talk to hang out with some more participants. Maybe bigger after party venue next year? See you then!

  90. No pants rookie!! This was my first No Pants Ride and I loved every minute of it!! I was on the N,R,W line car 4 (Woop Woop). The look on the passengers’ faces on my car were priceless. There was an older couple beside me who had this “Omygosh what are they doing?!” look on their face when they saw the first couple of ppl de-pants, which was priceless! I tried to have that same look so they wouldnt suspect me but then they saw me and a couple of other ppl do it, they were good sports and started laughing! Other ppl were sneaking photos on their camera phones. My stop was 34th street and I couldn’t ask for a better stop! Ppl were taking pics and a lady approached me and said “Omygosh, Are u protesting something? Why don’t you have pants on?” It took everything I had not to laugh and keep a straight face bcuz she looked so concerned. But I held it together and simply told her I ripped my pants on the train and thought I would be better off without them anyway!! She said Oh okay in that your weird your crazy kind of way…which was classic! I so cant wait for the next one! Pants are sooo overrated!!!

  91. Didn’t really wanna put them back on. And I wasn’t alone—kept seeing the pantsless well into the evening.

    Fun moments:
    Canal st (E). A rowdy group of young Chinese kids getting on laughing like crazy at a pantsless guy walking out onto the platform. Moments later, as the train starts to move, they’re laughing again, and again, and again… all the way uptown.

    34th st stop. A guy with an accent asks the cops what’s going on with all the half naked people. Cop says “what do you mean?”. The guy continues to say that where he’s from, we would all be arrested and put away. Cop asks “where’s that?” Guy says “Milwaukee!”

    The Nice Calfs Contest at Shades of Green afterparty (see pics)

    Love and Pants to all

  92. 1 train, 8th car

    Had a great time like the last time (did 2007, sadly missed 2008). Nothing out of the ordinary riding up (same comments you’d expect, but no one asked me any questions), but people asked me stuff on the trip back after the Times Square transfer.

    On the way back to Union Square, the person who sat next to me (pants wearing) pointed to some of the other pantsless people in the car and asked, “Excuse me, what project is this for?”

    I replied, “I’m just going to pick up my dry cleaning. I have no idea what’s wrong with those people.”

    In Union Square, someone asked “Why are there so many people not wearing pants?”

    I replied, “I’m just waiting for my dry cleaning, lady. These other people are just crazy.”

  93. 6 train, cart 8, group four.

    these three random guys were like yelling at me my friend ashley and some other pantsless man, it was so funny. the conversation:

    guy 1: why the hell is everyone in their underwear?!
    guy 2: i have no idea, ask that guy.
    guy 1: excuse me, but why arnt you wearing pants?
    pantsless man: i got help up at gun point.. thats new york for you.
    guy 3: wow, those must of been some nice pants.. what about them two?
    pantsless man: i have no idea.
    guy 1: hey you two, why arnt you wearing pants? do you know its snowing out?
    ashley: its agaisnt our religion.
    me: yeah, and besides i think its kinda hot out.
    guy 2: what the f__k are you insane?
    me: .. no? are you?
    guy 3: maybe we should take off our pants..

    hahaha it was great! i can’t wait for next year.

  94. First time doing no-pants this year

    here’s my photostream:

    I was the group leader for the E train – 8th Car

    I had a greaaaat time! People’s questions were hilarious! One lady asked me what I was protesting to which I laughed and told her it was just laundry day!

    In response to Arsenyc, that was me and my girlfriend you saw waiting on the E platform for the next E train.

    It was very funny to tell people I took off my pants because it got hot – especially when I was shaking from the cold lol!

    I think I did a decent job as team leader – I even managed to save 3-4 no pantsers from getting on the wrong train! (they got on the C behind us by accident!)

    Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the bar after because I’m 20, but my birthday is in June – so next year!!

    Also to Charlie Todd, the E train was kind of confusing and in the future I think you should stick to the more popular ones – 1,4,5,6,R
    maybe expand it to the SI Ferry?

    Another Idea I had was instead of 4 train lines, use two
    have each train line split into two sets of people.
    [lets use 6 train as example]
    The first set gets on the first 6 train, and the second group gets on the second 6 train.

    At the first stop, one person takes off pants and goes to train behind. So nopantser from first train gets on second, and nopantser from second gets on third.

    This way the illusion on the second train is that somebody takes off their pants and leaves meanwhile somebody new enters without any pants.

    What do you think?

  95. Once again, New Yorkers surprised and delighted me with their willingness to break out of their personal bubbles and have a hilarious time. Last year some No Panters were a little threatened by our evangelical approach and took us a too seriously, yelling at us when we thought we’d get playful banter. This year, it was like being part of a massive improv skit. It was perfect. Dozens of people wandered up, caught on to our prank, and then asked us what these “pants” things were and why we thought they might need them. I’ve never seen such straight faces on such chilly people. Those who didn’t actively participate or were honestly confused by us and the pantless crowd still got a giggle and some literature about pants. Thank you for playing with us! ProPants looks forward to more shenanigans next year!

  96. 6 Train / Car 10 / Group 5

    good times, good times.

    my most memorable moment was meeting the guy playing the lemon yellow guitar and jamming out to david bowie and paul simon at 125th and allllll the way back to union square.

    the best public interaction i had was actually after the riding was over and everyone was dumped out into union square. my friend and i had to go to the bathroom and tried to go into wholefoods, but they turned us away. quickly scrambling for our pants, i told my friend to put on mine because his were too skinny to put on over his shoes and he really had to go. then i put on his pants and followed him in… so after we’re done, we wander back to union square (wearing each other’s pants) to try to find out where the after party is. we decide to take off our pants there to head over to the bar…

    (as we’re changing pants near the statue)
    woman with young boy: why doesn’t anyone here have pants on?
    me: (pulling skinny jeans down around my ankles) i dunno.
    woman: then why are both of you taking off your pants?
    me: (gesturing to my friend also taking off his pants) well, i’m wearing his pants and he’s wearing mine, so we have to switch.
    woman: oh… so you aren’t with the rest of these people?
    me: (standing in my underwear, glancing skeptically at the pantsless crowd)… no. we’re just switching pants.
    woman: … oh.

  97. First no pants subway ride I attended with my girlfriend Laura and our dog Tami. Maybe the first dog on a no pants ride?? If not, maybe the first black pug in a baby carrier? Anyway- it was a great time and the snow just added to the great atmosphere. Highlights included: getting into many a serious conversation with out of towners on the train after blowing off their first question of why we weren’t wearing pants; Being called “inappropriate” by a nine year old who hid her head in her mother’s jacket until they got off the train, while the mother had to calm her down by listing the remaining number of stops; Overhearing a three year old child tell a pink underwear-wearing man that his knees were ashy followed by the mother providing a fruit scented lotion to resolve the problem; UNION SQUARE; the cross town bus home- pantless- and when asked by the bus driver what was happening in the park, telling the bus driver, while pantless, “i dont know, but those people are crazy out there”.
    Awesome time overall. Can’t wait until next year.
    Great work Charlie and all other organizing agents!

  98. 6 Train / Group 5

    This was my 1st no pants, and by far a memorable one.

    Moment 1:
    Several people walk on the train and are dumbfounded. Talking amogst themselves, yet loud enough for all of to hear they start asking questions as to why we do not have our pants. Perhaps it’s to get A-RAB-Money. Not breaking character I say, “It’s cold in here.” I then reach into my bag only to pull out another pair of boxers to put over my exisiting ones. Conveniently, these shorts were a pair of Family Guy boxers that read ‘Have you Seen My Pants’
    Moment 2:
    The whole 125th st platform erupted with pantsless dancing people
    Moment 3:
    Union Sq. Gathering several people to do a Can-Can Line, singing ‘New York, New York”
    Moment 4:
    The drinking
    Moment 5:
    Pantless Kareokee @ Sing-Sing
    22 Pantless people Singing and still drinking.

  99. amazing day and night. from the time i woke up to the time i finally made it back home the entire day was fun and absurd.

    my favorite moment was on the train back ride back, where most of the people in my car kept the act up and one pantless man sat down next to an older Asian woman and someone else. as soon as the other guy got off the train the Asian woman slid as far to the side as she possibly could, as though he has the plague.

    Thanks for a great time and some fun pictures everyone…See you next year!

  100. This was my first No Pants Subway Ride. I have to say it was more fun than i ever expected to have. Me and 2 of my friends came out from Levittown on LI specifically for the ride. Being three of the youngest participants (16) i found it amazingly fun.
    -“Why aren’t you people wearing pants?”
    Me:”People aren’t wearing pants?”
    -“It’s a bit chilly today”
    Me:”I know, I can’t figure it out but my legs are freezing”
    -1000 people in Union square with no pants on
    -three teenage girls getting on the train standing about a foot from me staring, laughing and speaking spanish to one another.
    -One couple sitting on the subway as 4 seperate people including myself sat across from them before we took our pants off.

    It was a great day and i will definately be participating next year with a bigger entourage

  101. two more fun times
    (in union square)
    “we may not have our pants, but we still have OUR FREEDOM!”*followed by cheering throughout all of union square*
    *chanting*”NO PANTS! NO PANTS!”

  102. 6 Train, Car 8.

    The first person to go in our car was this tall, gorgeous girl. And the moment some woman saw her, i hear, “Ohhh Lord!! Jesus, I know you cant hear me but I wish you could!”

    Favorite part of the whole experience: 125th Street, everyone pantless on the platform singing and dancing with the drummer guy! – priceless!!!

    An older man asks me: “Whats the deal with the pants?”
    Me: “I spilled coffee and I was embarrassed to walk around with a big stain…. Why do you have your pants on?”
    Him: “I don’t drink coffee!”

    Great first time experience. Definitely doing it again!

  103. As a 1-year veteran of the No Pants affair, I lead an illustrious team on the 9th car of the R/W line, where we all soundly beat our opponents on car 10 behind us. I may be remembered for having on ridiculously high yellow socks. No one in my crew broke character, and we had the joys of both having a harp player with us (which some may remember from the No Pants Band at Shades of Green) as well as a young pantless accountant with a graphing calculator.

    I had the pleasure of being serenaded by an accordion directly beside me when I de-pantsed, confused and amused dozens, as did everyone else, and like last year, met a ton of amazing people on the train and in the bar afterwards.

    Anyone who ran into me- feel free to search me up on Facebook- Clara Daly. I’m the one in the profile photo not wearing any pants.

  104. As one of the photogs, I was able to blend in with the public and act incredulous. One the uptown 1, a woman standing next to me asked me if I knew what was going on with all the no pants — of course, I said I didn’t know but I was sure glad to have my camera with me.

    She thought it might be a college sociology class experiment like this one time she had been in a cafeteria and some woman kept staring at her until she finally asked the woman, “Why are you staring at me?” and the woman was like, “I’m sorry, it’s just a sociology experiment I have to do for a class.”

    I agreed that maybe it could be something like that.

  105. 6 train, car 4 (the best car)

    This was my second year attending (2k7 was my first), and of course is my favorite mission.

    I rode most of the way home on the 7-train pantsless! It’s above ground and freezing for those who don’t know!

    Thanks for all the fun! See you guys at the MP3 Experiment!

  106. This was our first Pantless Subway Ride and I doubt our last. Yes, it was cold but that was far outweighed by the thrill and people’s reactions to our pantless freedom.

    Yes I forgive you guys for taking pics and probably video of my gal’s bum. I would have done the same if I saw her in the subway pantless. I’d like to think she warmed us all on a very cold day.

    More important though it was great to mess with peoples perceptions and expactations on a cold dreary day. To make people stop, take notice, and think is a great power to excercise. We should employ such tools daily.

    Looking forward to our next mission!

    P.S> I <3 you Agent Persnickity!

  107. R-train, Car 5!

    Had a great time! This was my first time riding no-pants style and I loved it. I didn’t get any questions about what was going on, but I did get some of corn-of-the-eye glances which said plenty.

    I didn’t even notice the first guy drop trow till the doors closed and I saw him standing on the platform. A friend of mine went next and I got to see people looking confused over the top of my book as he got off at the next stop. When it was my turn my heart was pounding even though I was coordinated with three other people. The station was incredibly cold, and the next train took forever. This car was crowded and as we stepped on a group of people on their way to Jersey got real excited, “What is going on??!!!” “This is why we don’t take the subway.” Etc. They were very happy to get off, but were laughing about it the whole time. On the way back at 5th Ave. a woman gave us dirty looks as she got on with her little girl, who didn’t seem to mind what we were doing lol.

    Of course frolicking in the snow was a blast, even if I did end up flat on my half-naked-ass at one point, only to get up and find a giant TV camera pointed right at me! Whoever has that footage I would love to see it hahaha. Meeting more cool people in the Shades of Green bar was awesome too.

    Can’t wait for your next event Improv!

  108. so not gunna lie….

    no pants day was pretty amazing.
    i’m still sick from it though.

    but i had an extremely fun time….
    & it was so worth it.

    i think the best was how some guy asked “why aren’t you guys wearing pants? what’s it some college thing? how many credits you getting for it?”
    I told him it was part of our religion
    && every time we went to mass we had to take our pants off after to free our souls. or some shiet like that.
    this man was going like beyond ballistic all because we had no pants on. He made my day 10 times better from that experience


  109. Was my first time out, and ended up on the E train, tenth car. Third to take my pants off, and some of the looks I was getting were priceless. When I got off at West 4th, I was standing by the entrance of the subway, and was generally greeted with nervous glances from people catching a glimpse of my pantlessness. By the time they realized more were around, they had to look back and chuckle. Thanks for a fun first time and can’t wait for the next one!

  110. Like a lot of people, this was my first time going pantsless on the subway and I still can’t get over how exhilarating it felt. It was with some regret after doing the ride, going to Revival, heading to Sing Sing after Revival that I had to put my pants back on for the subway ride home :-/.

    To the cool people I met at Revival, hope you end up stopping by the bar I mentioned working at during February (Mé Bar).

  111. 6 Train Cart 8

    It was amazing experience.. One of the lady was laughing the whole time and another lady pretend to be texting but actually took picture of us.. I was standing close to the door and someone passed by and said “nice legs”.. I almost broke out laughing..

    The best part was after the mission, we went to Union Square and showed off the best of NYC – No Pants Rockette – 20 of us, right in front of Circuit City!!!

    Will definitely do it again!

  112. Haha.. I wish I could have made it but the snow in northern NJ made it almost impossible to drive! I’ll be there next year

  113. Best responses

    “Girl: Hey, why aren’t you wearing pants
    Pantless Girl next to me (in a great fake accent): I’m a from Finland, and this is how we do there. You know, always riding the subway like this, with the no pants. Is this not the normal here?…. I just saw everybody else doing this and thought it was the normal.” I almost lost it at that. Good work.

    Random British guy on phone to friend: “You’ll never get this. I’m on the subway and everybody’s gone and lost their trousers (pause) Well if they’re getting away with it I’ll do it too.”

    Woman: “Aren’t you cold”
    Me: Oh yeah, I can’t believe I left without a hat and gloves today. I’m an idiot sometimes.

    Guy: Why aren’t you wearing pants?
    Me: Recession… hard times.

    Girl: What’s going on?
    Me: Really?… You apparently didn’t get the latest issue of Vogue.

    Seeing a whole bar of pants-less kids jigging to a pants-less band was pretty legit too.

  114. Another funny moment I just remembered:

    The conductor on the 6 train: “If you see a suspicious package, please report it to the MTA authorities!”

  115. WOW. This was my first itme doing anything with Improve Everywhere.

    1) to the friends who bailed out at the last minute…YOU missed an awesome time

    2) to the E-train/7 car…Thanks for making me feel welcome

    3) WHen it was all done and the pants came back on..I was actually a littel too warm for a while…really weird

    4) One piece of advice… If this conflicts with an event with your church…don’t show up late and try to explain to your priest that you were late, because you had to ride the subway with no pants on…It is just gonna earn you funny looks from the parish folk for a while

  116. E train, car 4, 1st stop

    Best physical reaction: Old lady standing next to me and not holding on to the pole very well, bumping into me/my backpack a bunch of times, until she looked down and saw I didn’t have pants on — then she held the pole very tightly and didn’t bump me anymore

    Best verbal reaction: Girl to guy – “Aren’t you cold? You’re nuts for going outside in this weather without pants on.” Me to guy – “Seriously, you’re crazy – I don’t know how you’re going outside without a hat or hood or scarf or anything.” Girl to me – “WHAT? You think he’s crazy because he doesn’t have a hat and you’re not wearing pants? I can’t believe this. That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard all day. How can he be crazy for going out without a hat if you don’t have pants? You don’t have pants on!”

    Best conversation: With some guy in SideBar afterwards, complaining to me about all of the pantsless people: ‘Who do these people think they are?… Why don’t they have pants on?… Stupid people…’ — the guy ranted to me for a few minutes and I kept agreeing, hoping he would notice at some point that I didn’t have pants either. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice before he walked away

    Best interaction with the police: Traffic cop – “Daaaaaaaaamn, you gotta be cold.”

  117. Oh, I also went to Trader Joe’s Wine Shop and got two bottles, while I was in the neighborhood. Not only did the (really cute) girl working at the register I went to not react to my lack of pants, she even asked me about the wine I got – a true professional

  118. I also went to Trader Joe’s and bought two bottles of wine, but after re-pants-ing. I had no idea there was one in New York, until that night. Awesome!

  119. Agent Aloha

    1 train, car 1, group 1, stop 4

    I had been trying to be a part of the No-Pants ride for the past 4 years but something always came up. This year I vowed I was going to go on the ride even if it was going to be thirty below out and hailing baseballs!

    Me and a friend joined a group of people who signed up for the event via We showed up at the northwest corner of Worth & Center Streets around 2:30 pm, about two dozen of us in all. (As an aside, why doesn’t the city paint a compass rose on the ground in front of subway stations, so that people can know for sure which direction north or east is, instead of having to fumble around? I’m just saying.) It took us some time before we realized that we actually were supposed to assemble at Foley Square instead. By the time we strolled over to Foley Square, there must have been at least a thousand people there! It was great! More than a thousand people as nuts as me. There really is strength in numbers!

    When Todd said, “Everyone who’s never done this before, squat down,” the number of people crouching down near the ground was impressive. Also, staying in that position as he said “OK, one year veterans…two year veterans…” got more and more uncomfortable. Then he said, “Cameramen are on top of the roof over there, everyone wave hello,” and I felt like I was in “Enemy of the State” — cameras everywhere, no one is safe, argh! But only an aerial view could actually give you a sense of how many crazy New Yorkers would show up for an event like this!

    Then he told us to assemble near a group leader holding up a number representing our birth month. For some reason D., our Meetup organizer, was sort of freaking out about having to do the ride, and was insistent, “For today, everyone of us is a January baby, we gonna stick together!” So we all went over to the lady who was holding up the piece of paper with a big black 1 on it. Since she was way at the back of this crowd and I was much taller than her, I volunteered to hold up the sign. And as soon as I did, the guy with the megaphone said, “OK, now stand behind your group leader, that guy holding up the sign.” Yikes!

    There was a bit of confusion surrounding exactly how we were to get to the station, and who was supposed to get into which car (that whole “last digit of your phone number” routine sort of broke down in practice), but eventually our group wound its way to the subway station. Fortunately, the 1 train took its own sweet time to get going so we had enough time to totally get confused. “How come no one is entering cars 2, 3, 4,…?” “Where is our leader?” “Which stop am I getting off at again?” Eventually most of us just said to ourselves, “Screw it!” and we all piled into the first car.

    When we got to the first stop, and the first person took off his pants, I moved away from the door towards the other door to watch the reactions of “civilians”, and then I realized that most of the people in the car were in my group. Rats. By the time we got to the 3rd stop, I started trying to get my pants off and had to take off my sneakers first and all that, which was a pain in the butt. (Note to self #1: next year, wear track suit trousers with snaps on the side so that you can de-pants in one quick and easy motion.) I barely got them off and into my knapsack in time for the doors to open at my stop.

    Waiting on the platform with my friend, who was also participating, strangely felt so normal and natural. Luckily, underground it wasn’t nearly as cold as it was up top, so that helped a lot. Plus the trains are heated anyway, and as I told everyone who would listen, as long as you keep your head covered and your core warm, you should make out OK. When the next train arrived, we both got on, and the real fun began. I stood up near the pole in the center of the car and put on a bored expression. There was a guy in front of me who put on his iPod, and was seriously rocking out, oblivious to the stares of everyone around him since he had on blue boxers and nothing else. Then I decided to look at the subway map and make sure that we were going in the right direction, and the lady who was in front of me had a wonderfully frightened and weirded-out look on her face. At each stop, more and more pantsless people got on, and with each stop, more questions were raised. There was a German couple behind me — I never saw their faces — who were talking about the No-Pants Ride and how it started and all that, and I was willing them to shut up and not ruin it for everyone.

    Eventually, we got to 42nd St./Times Square, and we got out to transfer to the R/W to head down to 14th St./Union Square. Walking down that corridor, going down the stairs, passing through “the crossroads of the world” in my undies along with hundreds of other people similarly clad, was surreal. People could only stop and stare as we walked passed those pan-pipe musicians in the middle of the station — they even missed a beat or two as I strode past them and I heard one whisper under his breath “¿Que?”

    We got down to the platform for the R/W train and waited for it to arrive, so I walked over to the other side of the platform, and on the other track people were pointing, whooping and hollering in amazement at the sight of all us pantsless people, but I refused to break character. On the R heading back to Union Square, I sat down next to a person who asked me, “Why the no trousers today?” and I told her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” with a straight face. She looked at me like I had taken complete leave of my senses, and went back to reading her book…and then she looked across the train and saw three girls in a row also without pants, and she was just open-mouthed.

    We got to 14th St./Union Square just in time to see a girl in some green panties doing an ad libbed song with a black guy playing a guitar (one of the regular subway musicians). The crowd around them cheered and whooped and hollered, masses of tourists took pictures of us all, and it was simply great. I wish now I had some of those pictures of me with my friends, but there was no real way to keep track of all the photogs. (Note to self #2: next year, make sure you go with a friend with his/her own camera!)

    After hanging out for awhile someone suggested that we go for another run, back to Times Square and then back to Union Square, so we could get the full No Pants experience. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We turned around and went back to Times Square on the R/W, and while on the train, I sat down opposite this Hispanic guy who would look at me with a critical eye, then as more of us pantless people came on to the car, he was REALLY confused.

    When we all came off the train at Union Square, we walked out into the street…and it was SNOWING! Wheeeee! So there I was running around Union Square in my sunny Hawaiian Tropic shorts and not a care in the world…brilliant!

    We ended up walking to Sidebar and people were coming in the other direction saying, “The place is full, the place is full,” but we were like, “Screw that, where’s our free drink? I didn’t risk pneumonia for nothing!” Along the way, civilians were asking us, “Aren’t you cold? What’s with the no pants?” and while my companions were giving honest answers I was still in character, so:

    “What do you mean, I’m not wearing pants?”
    “I’m from Wasilla, Alaska: this is like summer weather to me.”
    “I always dress like this.”
    “It’s against my religion to wear pants on a Saturday.”

    (Note to self #3: if you want to cross a busy street, there’s nothing like appearing in the snow in shorts to make traffic stop for you.)

    Sidebar was packed but after about half an hour we were able to get our rum and Cokes and hang out with fellow pantsless people. Eventually, we moved on to the Crocodile Lounge, with its pizza and beer, and then on to Cheap Shots. As we walked into each bar, we quickly turned into evangelists of the no pants look; any new person who walked into the bar was accosted by chants of “NO – PANTS! NO – PANTS!” until they too stripped down to their undies. A whole bunch of us made arrangements to continue the pantsless madness by going to Bryant Park for pantsless ice skating, and Facebook and other details were exchanged.

    The most amazing thing about the entire enterprise was how normal it all felt; when I had to put my pants back on before heading back home, it seemed odd. I got so used to my pantsless state that all those who had pants on seemed to be the odd ones out, not me!

    This year’s No Pants Subway Ride NYC was a fantastic experience and I will definitely come out again next year. I hope it snows then too!

    P.S.: I’ve looked through hundreds and hundreds of photos and saw some of the video footage of the event, but I haven’t seen a good shot of me yet. I was the tall guy in the cream baseball cap, glasses, white hoodie, white K SWISS sneakers, and Hawaiian Tropic boxers. If you were the girl who took a picture of my backside, proudly displaying the word “ALOHA”, please let me know.

    P.P.S.: Based on what I saw on No Pants 2k9, I can say with little contradiction that New York girls have the best legs in the country!

  120. I’m all the way from San Diego, CA and I was able to see Improv Everywhere in New York! We were on a school trip and it was awesome to see something so unique and hilarious. I wish we had a group like that in San Diego! It would definately make life a lot more interesting..

  121. I can’t wait for the next No Pants day. I’ve been to the MP3 experiment, but I’ve never been to this one. I’m trying to pick the most obnoxious underwear. I’m thinking Hawaiian boxer-briefs.