The Mp3 Experiment Tour

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Produced by Charlie Todd and edited by Matt Adams / music by Tyler Walker

Over 2,000 people in four cities participated in this year’s Mp3 Experiment. We partnered with Yahoo! to transform The Mp3 Experiment into a full-on North American tour. The trailer video above shows footage from all four cities. Check out the reports for each city for more videos and photos.

The Mp3 Experiment 5 (New York)
The Mp3 Experiment Toronto
The Mp3 Experiment San Francisco
The Mp3 Experiment Chicago

Praise Steve!


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  1. Yes indeed. This technically is NOT a trailer. I couldn’t email this link to a friend and expect them to know what the heck an mp3 experiment is just from watching this.

    The experiment on its own is a blast though!

  2. Looks like it went well. I think you could have got more turnout if you picked a more central location. The Toronto waterfront Marathon was also that day, and streetcar service from the east was cut off in a lot of parts. We tried to get there, but ended up being late.

  3. @Cal

    Except for purple, Yahoo’s color, umbrellas without logos (or maybe them being purple was a coincidence.) There was no sign of the corporate sponsorship at the NYC MP3 5 event.

    The relationship with Yahoo has let IE improve upon their events and I hope it continues without creeping into IE’s. If that means more then one MP3 event a year, I’m all for it.

    Plus there are the private missions that IE may have performed for companies and corporations. Someone has to pay the bills.

    Look up “Where the hell is Matt”

  4. @Cal: Boy, you mustn’t know anything about the purpose of sponsorships. Do you know how expensive it is to travel to FIVE cities across the Americas and then perform large scale scenes? I guess you don’t…

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