Mp3 Toronto – Thanks!

Riverdale Park East by Tom Brasch

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment Toronto today! The weather couldn’t have been better, and it was fantastic doing our first official event in Canada! We don’t have a head count yet, but it was probably around 1.5 jabillion. The video will be ready in a few weeks. All of today’s music was created by Tyler Walker

If you’re planning on attending in one of the other two cities on the tour, stay away from the photos and the comments section to avoid spoilers.

Some photos:
Agent Watson’s Set
Agent Thom’s Set
Agent Vorobeychik’s Set
Agent Johnson’s Set
Stills from the helicopter cam

Details for the rest of the tour:

San Francisco (10/4)
Chicago (10/5)


  1. There was a guy with a green shirt and a video camera filming who said he needed names and numbers of people. I’m assuming this is for release for the video material. Unfortunately after all the fun he was hard to find so if he’s lookin’ here…I was on the front line of the epic battle wearing a yellow shirt today and a yellow scarf. My profile pic on facebook is me. Now I can be found. :)

  2. hahaha I watched from afar and it looked ridiculous. This was definitely better than anything on basic cable…. brought to you by Mountain Dew!… how much did they pay you for that?

  3. one of the best things evah! so much fun to participate & hope you do more in Canada.

    this is why I live in T.O. – never a dull moment.

  4. Glad something like this finally came to Canada.
    Had an awesome time. I found everything worked out perfectly. I especially enjoyed, how when we marched towards the other team in the ‘epic battle’ that dog led us forwards.

  5. Wow. Thanks for this! I’ve been reading the site for years, and missed out on the unofficial No Pants Toronto last winter, so I was so stoked for this, and it did not disappoint!!

  6. ahahha ahmazing.
    when i first told my friends abuot it.
    they said i was a idiot for doing it.
    so i went with my best friend instead.
    ended up being AHMAZING! :D
    enjoyed it very well :)

    Epic Battle was THE BOMB :)

    girl with rednblack headband in green :)

  7. So much fun, thanks so much! I was running a full minute behind on my ipod, which is made it REALLY interesting lol stil have a great time.

  8. That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, so thank YOU! :)

    Please come to Toronto more! It was like an hour and a half commute for me, but TOTALLY worth it.

    I can’t wait to see the pictures and videos :)

  9. I just wanted to thank-you for organizing such a great event! I had way too much fun!! And please send my apologies to the camera men. I think I bonked a couple of them on their heads during the Epic Battle :P I can’t wait until next year! I hope you come back to Toronto!

  10. Good fun, indeed! Thanks for all your hard work.

    The best part is feeling no shame talking to complete strangers because you share this bizarre temporary bond.

    It’s too bad about the angry soccer guy, though. I saw him scream at the top of his lungs in a poor girl’s ear. I understand his being upset, but we got out of the way pretty fast and the other players were into what we were doing.

  11. Brilliantly executed. Big thanks to everyone involved. Especially big thanks to the innocent bystander with a golden retriever who really helped us with the “hug an animal” portion. IE, we hope to see you north of the border again before too long!

  12. wow, all i can say is that it was amazing.
    i’ve been watching video’s of all the other events that have been done, and the other mp3 experiments and i always wanted to be part of one.
    so this was completely awesome!!!
    i REALLY hope there’s more in toronto soon!!!

    thank you so much for an amazing day!!!

    well… 45 mins… but still completely awesome, and it definitely made my day… or rather, year haha.

  13. While I (red) lay ballooned and beaten on the battlefield crying out for my mother a nearby fallen foe (blue) grabbed my hand and together we wept for the backs and bottoms dusted that day. A bit of human compassion during an otherwise horribly inhumane 5-10 minutes.

  14. Thanks to everone who helped organized this event- that was the most fun I’ve had in some time. Please do not hesitate to come back to TO- with an hour commute plus 45 minutes of traffic, I wouldn’t think twice about coming to another event!

  15. We made the trip from buffalo for this and it was, without a doubt, worth it! Turnout was great, and everyone was very friendly. Couldn’t have had a better time!

  16. Terrible fun! The danger with headphone experiments is making sure to stay aware of whats around you – and if somebody’s telling you that you’re standing in the middle of an active Soccer game. ;)

  17. ~ To Rayanne:
    I was the poor girl screamed by the soccer man.
    ~ to J.Rai: that’s definitely the problem. the guy scared the shit outta me. :P

  18. I am so happy to find that whimsy is alive and well, and kicking “cool”‘s sorry ass. Had an amazing time. Thanks ImprovEverywhere and NewMindSpace. xo G.

  19. OMG i’m so glad i found out about this and went!!! thanks to Improv Everyewhere and Newmindspace!!! i had soooo much fun!! before i got there i was so scared not that many people would turn up and i knew i was wrong once i got off the streetcars and saw a whole bunch of people with their umbrellas on such a nice day out! which reminds me i’m also glad that it was such a nice day today! perfect day to do this!! there were parts where i wish i could be standing outside of us to see how odd we looked (ex. the umbrella canopy w/ humming) but seriously i loved being part of it!! totally worth it!!

  20. I had never even heard of this group until this past Friday. Went to this is was a total blast. Very glad I went. Thanks Improve Everywhere please come back to Toronto soon :)

  21. I was there! Sort of. Downtown was flooded with cars because a bunch of streets were closed, so even though we planned to come early… We ended up running down the hill at around 2:30. Still, I liked the balloon battle, and we got to run past a lot of confused faces.

    We did start our iPods in the car though, and we mimed the actions that we could, so people looked at us funny.

    Sad that we got stuck in traffic, and more than a little lost, but hey, that 15 minutes was fun anyway. :)

  22. Would have been cool to have a little more interaction with non-participants. There were very few non-headphoned people around, other than the soccer game.

    Apart from that, pretty smashing time!

  23. Kyle, I was the blue foe who hold your hand while you were crying for your mother!!

    The whole mp3 experiment was amazing. I never thought it would be so much fun. Can’t wait for the next Toronto Improv event.

    I had a Threadless shirt =)

  24. Wow. What an awesome way to spend a beautiful afternoon. I must say it was so much cooler than I had expected, and even cooler to stumble on friends who were there as well. Even cooler than *that*, a few of my students ended up there as well. Thanks so much – we need more randomness like this in TO

  25. Hey Guys,
    For those of you looking to do some more fun missions similar to this one, we have a website set up just for that purpose. On it you’ll find many exciting events being planned (all in the likeness of Improv Everywhere), and all in toronto. Check it out at:

  26. That was awesome. Can’t wait to see the video. You brought a helicopter… that’s crazy.

    Some of Steve’s instructions weren’t very clear though… “go to the north end of the park” (that’s a long way) 200 feet? What’s that? :p Interconnecting the triangles? The idea to create a grid wasn’t explained well. Pick a defender and attacker? Tell us not to tell our choices to anyone (especially right after co-operating for the triangle one). The tetris instructions were also vague, my tetris piece morphed a few times, as people didn’t know what was going on.

    Should also look into using a central time source… I could see a lot of people relied on mobile phone networks for accurate time instead of synchronizing it themselves. What about the first ring of a clocktower as a way to synchronize everyone? Though, seeing someone take off 20 seconds early into battle is part of the fun :)

    I drove an hour to partake, and will gladly do it again.

  27. ohmygosh (: i had sooooo much fun! teehee, the pictures were fantastic too! wish this’d be an annual thing (:

    short girl in red promoting trudeau pride.

  28. awesome time!!
    you gotta come back to t.o again soon!!!

    when will the vid be up?? or where can i find it?? :)