Ghosts of Pasha Update

PLEASE NOTE: This post was written in 2008 and is an update on a project we did in 2004 (sadly the video doesn’t work any more). The This American Life episode about this project first aired in April of 2005 and has recently been rerun. While you’re here, please check out our more recent projects.

We wanted to give an update on our friends Ghosts of Pasha. For the unfamiliar, Ghosts of Pasha are the Vermont band that we randomly chose to give The Best Gig Ever to back in 2004. The mission wound up getting covered by Spin, Rolling Stone, and both the radio and TV versions of This American Life. Anyway, GOP has a new album out (buy it here) and recently made an appearance on a late night TV show in Vermont. Take a look:

They also have a bunch of great new songs on their MySpace page. Enjoy the video of our Best Gig Ever mission below. (This was over three years ago and was the band’s third show ever.)


  1. Saw a short on a flight to Chicago over the weekend about the best gig ever. GOP are heroes to the dreamers in us all. Keep on truckin’.