Agent Wimpy With The UCB

Last night the Paley Center For Media (formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio) hosted an interview with the Upright Citizens Brigade to celebrate the release of season 2 of their Comedy Central show on DVD. Matt Walsh was unable to attend, so our own Agent Wimpy was asked to pose as a fake Walsh.

Agent Wimpy and the UCB
“Matt Walsh”, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, and The Onion’s Todd Hanson as moderator

Agent Wimpy adds this gig to his previous list of impersonations including Anton Chekov and Babershop Quartet Member.

You can see all four members of the UCB improvise this Sunday at Irving Plaza in New York (the real Walsh will be there this time):

photo via The Apiary


  1. Season 2 of UCB on DVD, great news!

    But wait, this is not UCB’s website. Is that all? Are there no videos, clips of audio or transcripts of the interview? I bet it was fun :(

    Boy, I wish it was so easy to jump on a plane and get to NYC. You guys should move the city to a country with saner border laws.