IE Best Buy Polo Shirts

UPDATE: Neighborhoodies was given a “cease and desist” letter from Best Buy about these shirts and subsequently took them down. We got a “cease and desist” of our own as well. See it here.

It’s the shirt that’s a prank! Wear our new Improv Everywhere blue polo shirt into a Best Buy and you’ll cause a scene without even trying. It features our yellow Improv Everywhere price tag logo stitched on, and looks exactly like a real Best Buy uniform! Just add a pair of khakis and you’re ready to do your own version of our infamous Best Buy Mission. Get the shirt, try the mission on your own, and let us know how it goes. Remember to take photos!

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Improv Everywhere Best Buy Blue Polo Shirt @ Neighborhoodies

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Improv Everywhere Neighborhoodies T-Shirts


  1. i work for the evil demon best buy. i’m going to order a shirt and see how long it takes for someone to notice i’m not ‘official.’

  2. This is awesome. Now plan an event where all real blue shirts across the country can pull a stunt at the same time…..

  3. Yes, have a bunch of people buy these, and on a certain day, everyone goes to a Best Buy around the country.

  4. I am thinking of buying one of these, but I need to make sure I can’t get arrested. I think I couldn’t be caught impersonating am employee if I never claim I am, right? Like in your mission, if anyone asks, I’m waiting for my brother or whatever. Any thoughts?

  5. Charlie: Where did the forums link go? Am I blind? Sorry but I refuse to join Facebook. I don’t even have a myspace account.

  6. The forums still exist at but I’ve abandoned them in favor of Facebook. There were about 50 spam accounts joining the forums everyday and it became too much work to go through and pick out the non-spammers. Facebook makes it really easy to post photos and video to the group page, and lots of folks have already posted local missions. Sorry you don’t want to join Facebook… I was reluctant at first too, but it’s really awesome.

  7. Maybe you should do a new shirt… one with the yellow tag that says “Cease and Desist” instead of best buy.

  8. I agree with Dennis. Make another that says “Cease and Desist” instead. …maybe if you make the yellow tag green instead they won’t be able to bug you about it.