Digital Video: Agents Shafer, Gross, Todd, PKroll
Digital Photography: Agents Fountain, AScott
Mission Inspired By: Agent McCarthy

For our latest mission, over 50 redheads rode the subway together and protested a Manhattan Wendy’s for their “racist logo.” Enjoy the videos first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report, photos, and more videos below.

Agent Fountain organizes the group photo
Agent McCarthy stopped me on the street a couple of months ago with an awesome suggestion. He proposed, “What would it be like if you got onto a subway car and slowly realized that everyone on the car but you had red hair?” Redheads only make up 1% of the world’s population, and with the racial diversity of the New York subway system, it’s probably an even smaller percentage. We had no idea how many redheads we could actually find. I sent an email to our New York agents list and was amazed at the response. We had tons of redheads in our ranks, and everyone else seemed to have a friend to forward it on to.

Agent Kula briefs the crowd
One of the most fun parts of the mission for me was walking to the meeting point in Central Park and trying to figure out who was a part of the group. Everyone was curiously checking out everyone else’s hair as they approached, trying to make sure they were in the right spot. About 50 redheads showed up, and Agent Kula (Improv Everywhere’s most senior redhead) briefed the crowd on the day’s activities.

The subway ride was first on our agenda. Of course, we’d be taking the 1 train, as it’s on the red line.

The redheads acted as if they didn’t know each other and went about their normal subway routine.

The youngest redheaded agent
The 1 train goes above ground for a few stops in upper Manhattan, which could have been dangerous for our redheads had a very enterprising salesmen not have arrived to hawk $1 squirts of sunscreen.

Agent Rodgers makes a sale
The vendor was played by Agent Rodgers, reprising his “subway entrepreneur” role from No Pants 2k6 when he sold dozens of pants to half-naked riders. That kid always seems to have what’s in demand.

Agent Rodgers ’07

Agent Rodgers ’06
The 30, 45, and 50 SPF squirts of sunscreen sold very well.

Folks on the train giggled and whispered to each other as riders began applying sunscreen.

At 168th street, the redheads got out and rode the train back downtown. It was fun to see the mass of red hair on the platform.

We even manged to have one Asian redhead
After the ride we met back up in the park and regrouped for our Wendy’s protest. We would be protesting Wendy’s racist mascot that was an unfair, stereotypical representation of redheaded people. It was time for the National Association for the Advancement of Redhaired People to take a stand against this offensive logo.

Several agents brought some awesome signs, and a few more brought supplies to create some on the spot.

“You want lies with that?”
We walked a few blocks to the Wendy’s on 8th and 55th and set up our peaceful protest along the sidewalk, careful not to block foot traffic.

Agent Kula led the first few chants, pumping the crowd of angry (perhaps fiery, even) redheads. Throughout the day there were some really hilarious chants. Some of my favorites:

-“Biggie Size Bigotry!”
-“Value Menu Us!”
-“Fiery Burgers Not Fiery Redheads!”
-“Give Wendy Some Pigment!”
-“Where’s Our Beef? In Your Logo!”
-“We Want Frosties, But At What Costies?!?”

We were right in front of a bus stop, which worked out well. Every few minutes a new bus would arrive and the driver would gawk at us.

We got great reactions from folks walking by. Crowds gathered on either side of us and across the street. Most folks laughed and snapped a camera phone photo; a few even called friends to tell them what was going on. Some tried to get to the bottom of it, but our agents played it straight and insisted they were legitimately upset with Wendy’s.

Some younger onlookers…

…and some older ones
Our favorite crowder member was a bald man who after exiting the Wendy’s looked confused for a few minutes trying to figure out what was going on. When he put it together, he immediately started dancing, jumping, and screaming, “Wendy’s logo has got to go” with us and shouting, “I ain’t go no hair!” He was awesome.

Our second favorite person was an older woman with red hair who emerged from the Wendy’s. She smiled and gave the crowd a fist pump, which elicited enormous cheers of solidarity.

One of our own agents got a much nastier greeting when he emerged a bit later with a Wendy’s cup in his hand. We had planned ahead that he’d be booed and called a “scab” for eating Wendy’s food.

The Wendy’s staff never came outside to address us. I went inside to capture some footage early in the mission (which you can see in the main video at the top of this page.) Most of the employees I encountered were laughing and trying to figure it all out.

An employee and two customers look out from the 2nd floor window
We got plenty of funny looks from customers as they ate as well.

The manager came to the window at one point and stared for awhile, but he opted not to come out and give Wendy’s official stance on their racist mascot.

After about a half hour we packed it up and headed out. As we got back to the meeting point we realized a guy had followed us the whole way. He had two giant bags of cheeseburgers for us. He claimed he didn’t work at Wendy’s and that he just thought we looked hungry. I guess it was just a nice guy? Anyway, once the mission was over the redheads very much enjoyed the free food.

Mission Accomplished


Agent Fountain’s Flickr photoset (229 photos)

Agent Scott’s Flickr photoset (191 photos)

Also be sure to check out the comments below, many of which are from folks who hilariously think the protest was real.



    I love the picture of me and Miri with our “Bottle Redheads Get Offended Too” poster. (She’s the one in the sunglasses, I’m the one in the shorts)

    This was such a fun mission. I had a great time trying to figure out where exactly we were meeting. So many redheads, though. I adored the guy who brought us the burgers, especially since I didn’t have money to have food and also get back home to LI.

    All in all, it was quite an enjoyable mission. *^_^*

  2. My greatest sorrow in life is that my vivid redhair slowly turned to – what I hopefully call – strawberry blonde when I was seven. Redheads rock…I love this mission!

  3. this is pretty lame… i know that you want to make light of certain things in life, which is a good thing; but this seems to make light of protests, which is uncool.

  4. Wish I’d been there. I don’t have red hair but I’d have carried a sign with “P.O.R. United–Parents of Redheads. Don’t discriminate against our kids!”

  5. One funny thing that happened during the subway ride: when I bought my $1 squirt of sunblock (“hypoallergenic, please”), the lady next to me grew very concerned that Agent Rodgers had ripped me off. “You paid him a whole dollar for that? He hardly gave you anything!”

  6. I really don’t get it. Do they really think the logo is racist or is this just a big farce. I can’t imagine any reason why they would think the log is racist. I suppose KFC is racist against white haired people, where are the senior citizens protesting KFC.

    Very dumb post, had my jaw open the whole time i was reading.

  7. You could have been a bottle redhead? Man, when I saw the call for redheads, I thought it was naturals only. I would have loved to have participated.

    I totally lol’ed at that bald guy in the first video. Great stuff, keep up the awesome work!

  8. As another poster pointed out, it’s a cute idea. But at the same time, could you have picked a different medium than the protest? Considering the current political climate I think the last thing we need to do is debase what remains one of the few forms of free expression in this country.
    To me, this is the same as those obnoxious Diesel ads that came out a couple of years ago with gaunt fashion models holding signs that say “no more green lights” or something equally inane..

  9. What an amazing day!!!

    also, I might be mistaken, but:

    “One of our own agents got a much nastier greeting when he emerged a bit later with a Wendy’s cup in his hand. We had planned ahead that he’d be booed and called a “scab” for eating Wendy’s food.”

    Originally, I was going to be the scab but didn’t get the chance- I’m pretty sure that guy was an actual customer!!


  10. I loved this. Wish it had been done when I was coincidentally in NYC right around that time.

    I’m surprised at the people who are obviously completely in the dark about what Improv Everywhere is. The suggestions to protest something “more worthy” are quite amusing.

    You can see my own red hair on my site, if you want. I was there with you in spirit! :-)

  11. I missed it and was so bummed. I had the best signs ever like….”don’t tREaD on me” and “Wendy’s will AUBURN in Hell”…well they are funny to me.

  12. Welcome back! Loved the hamburger philanthropist at the end.

    Some interesting facts about redheads.

    1. Bozo the clown was NOT a natural redhead.

    2. The little red haired girl in the Peanuts comic strip was actually a woman who jilted Charles Schulz back before he became successful.

    3. Pippi Longstockings, one of the world’s most famous redheads, lived in a wacky old house called….drum roll…..Villa VilleKula.

  13. They don’t actually think the logo is racist ‘Kay?

    Great chants, guys! And kudos to the mysterious hamburger giver and the guy who sympathized. Hehe.

  14. Woohoo, redhead power! I got a good laugh reading about this :-)

    I would have loved to be in that large a group of fellow redheads – I would have sold squirts of sunscreen for only 75¢ each, lol.

  15. This is the first mission that I can remember that was negative in nature. It struck me as very out of character.

  16. Ya see what’s happening with these gingers. it starts with the secret meetings then the rallies begin. Pretty soon they’ll be wanting to go to our schools, play on our golf courses, who knows, one of them might be dating your sister one day. Wake Up People!!!

  17. Did you know that all the energy you waste on these pathetic “stunts” could be used to help people in genuine need of help, you know like citizens of war torn countries in Africa? You arty idiots are so conceited in your pathetic actions it’s actually sickening. Instead of trying to create an issue, even in jest, why don’t you actually try and improve the world rather than improv?

  18. Where do I sign up!? As a natural born red head with a general dislike of most others who tan. Hell I’m surprised I didn’t start this club! Then again I feel the pain more than they do for sure, as I used to work at wendy’s and every one called me wendy! Did I wear pig tails, do I even have freckles on my face, NO! Shit happens though, I’m pretty full of hate for the tan community but I do agree it’s a little silly to protest wendy. It’s easy to not understand why they’re being so upset and calling them silly, because if you’re not a “ginger” you’ve never had to deal with all of the comments.

    “why don’t you go to the tanning bed?” answer: because I BURN!

    “why don’t you use fake tanning stuff?” answer: it turns me freaking orange

    I am so sick of being called pale by people as I’ve heard it my entire life!

    So you can laugh at them, but I actually understand how they feel. There is bigotry toward red heads more than we vocally let known.

  19. Johnson-
    Grow a brain. The fallacy you use would require world peace, an end to poverty and triumph over death before anyone would be allowed to ‘waste’ a second smiling.

  20. I had planned to attend, and I had told a number of red headed friends to attend as well, but at the last minute I got stuck in a rehearsal for a play for the entire day.

    There are so many redheads in NYC that I’m sure the number of reds in this mission could easily be eclipsed.

    I hope that in the future us reds band together more often.

    Think Million Man March or Critical Mass…

    cREDical Mass?

    C’mon people now, smile on your brother!

  21. I really don’t understand the racisim in the logo.

    I shall adress all racisim stated in the video about logo.

    “How many of us today actually wear our hair in pigtails? None.”
    I think the Wendy’s Girl is a little girl. Little girls sometimes do wear their hair in pigtails. Also, the problem is “TODAY” because who says the Wendy’s Girl is a modern day girl? Tell me.

    “Our faces are not straight white chalky.”
    1. Scroll up until you go to the Wendy’s logo shown on the page. Her face is not white in the picture you have shown.
    2. The reason as to why her face is white, I have no idea. But I doubt it was meant to show how redhead’s faces are.

    “We don’t all have freckles, and those of us who do don’t have them the size of quarters.”
    Cartoony girl.

    All points, SHOT DOWN.
    I see no racism.

    However, if you believe it is racist, I’m not stopping you from believing that. I’m just stating why I see no racism.

    And about the “All points, SHOT DOWN” I just really wanted to say “SHOT DOWN”

  22. I think it’s safe to say that Wendy’s Inc. learned a very valuable lesson that day: NO TURN ON RED IN NYC.

  23. Yes, my name is Wendy…and I’m a redhead! Wendy’s made my life a living hell back in fourth grade during the “Where’s the beef” campaign. I would have loved to be there for the protest.

  24. Kudos to all that participated……I hate that logo and that commercial they have on tv is just plain degrading……..wish I could have been there thanks for Sharing………GREAT Idea

  25. Wow! Redheads are a race? How stupid. By calling this racism you cheapen the word racism and help to destroy it’s meaning. So is the moral of this story that you can’t have redheads on your logo? Morons. I’m gonna go by some Wendy’s burgers and watch Pippi Longstocking, then watch the ginger episode of South Park and laugh at your stupidity.

  26. I think it’s foolish to make fun of your own. Wendy is a real person.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 and was named after Dave’s second daughter, Melinda Lou Thomas, then 8 years old, whom her older siblings nicknamed “Wendy” (originally “Winda”, stemming from the child’s initial difficulty saying her own name), as Thomas stated in his A&E Biography show.”

    And, yes. Wendy has red hair and freckles. She is pictured on the Wendy’s International Web site in a flash presentation about Dav’s legacy.

  27. Well… if you were hoping to change some stereotypes, I’m sure you’ve succeeded. Instead of assuming that all redheads have cartoony freckles, chalk white faces, and pigtails… many of those that have witnessed this event will know the truth. Those redheads that stand up for themselves against pointless odds, for a cause that takes great courage and little self respect to fight for.

    Seriously though… having had a Father that experienced racism on a daily basis for most of his childhood, this is a farce. If the worst thing that happens to you is being loosely compared to a cartoon mascot, you are very lucky indeed.

    The word “racism” would leave the possibility that some actual race is being slighted… are bottle reds an actual separate race? If so, I’m sure the FDA might be worried about a DNA-altering hair dye on the market.

  28. Congratulations for another successful mission!

    I can’t believe all these haters posting such negative comments. It’s COMEDY, people!!! Grow a sense of humor!

  29. Big ups to my fellow red heads…living in Miami I would have definetly appreciated the sunscreen too! Awesome…wish I could have been there!

  30. I think what you all have done is great. Everyone needs representation (positive that is) I have a friend who is red headed and she says she is cute. I happen to think she is adoreably cute and beautiful. She is unique and boy is she smart. Red has also become part of the new norm so guys keep up what you do and strut your stuff. You all are awesome.

  31. Simple and brilliant, as always!
    I love the sunscreen sale – gotta protect those fair-skinned folks!

  32. You guys are ridiculous im a red head and i think you ppl need to get a life and fight for something better then something that has been around for decades. Maybe something like our corrupt government or the war in iraq or what really caused 9/11 get over it.

  33. Oh My Dear God! I cannot believe that you pulled this off Agent McCarthy. I remember you talking about the subway ride back in April, but I did not think you were actually gonna do it. As for those of you who left comments about protests and racism being a serious matter that should not be made light of, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!! IT WAS A FRIGGIN JOKE PEOPLE!!!!!! The people who “protested” in these clips are not the problem with society. It’s people like you and all the other politically correct morons who are so focused on dividing and sectioning us all off into little groups that can never ever be made fun of in the name of progress that are actually causing greater problems.

    Learn to laugh once in a while. Otherwise get off your high horse, get on your hands and knees and let the horse show you “where the beef” should go.

  34. I was sitting next to a couple of non-reds on the subway, couple of gals. When they heard the agent coming through announcing he had sunblock for a buck, one of them commented to the other, “That’s a really good idea!” The other one said, “It’s only a buck, too. We should stock up.”

    They were digging in their purses when they saw that it wasn’t bottles of sunscreen he was selling, but simply blorts of goo into the buyers’ bare hands.

    Quietly, without comment, they closed their purses.

  35. I’m almost as amused by the idiots who think this was a serious protest as by the mission itself. Love your style of humor… hope you guys get on TV soon.

  36. WOW!!! People really need to read the explaination of what IE is all about before they start ranting about it. It was COMEDY!!! I mean, its called Improv!!!

    life would be really BORING if we took EVERYTHING so seriously. Yes, even racism. I’m black, if I took every pocketbook grab on the subway to heart I’d be walking around depressed all the time. A little light on the subject now and then really doesn’t hurt.

  37. Being a redhead myself, I thought this was crazy. Its totally cool in a weird twisted sort of way. If this had been a serious rally I would have been kind of offended. I give props to Dave Thomas. Everybody needs a little redhead in their life, and Dave ensured that. As redheads we need to pull together. Maybe next time there should be a rally to support Wendy’s, for their continual support. Everybody knows that redheads do it better,Go Melanocortin 1!

  38. One of the best missions you have done. I was laughing through the whole video. Some people need to lighten up.

  39. This is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen!! Surely there’s something more worthwhile to protest?

    Enjoy it while it lasts because eventually you’re all going to be bred out.

    Besides… gingers are gross, creepy and have no souls!

  40. Love it – what a great idea :)

    And thanks to the idiots like Blackula, too, who prove exactly why stunts like this are needed… (as well as being funny!)

  41. This is hilarious! Good job guys! :D

    I lol’d hard at the pictures of Agent Kula chanting and the bald guy who joined you!

    The sunscreen bit was pure genius as well.

    Looks like fun was had by all, which is what this is all about :)

  42. This is hilarious! Good job guys! :D

    I lol’d hard at the pictures of Agent Kula chanting and the bald guy who joined you!

    The sunscreen bit was pure genius as well.

    Looks like fun was had by all, which is what this is all about :)

  43. > but this seems to make light of protests, which is uncool.

    > By calling this racism you cheapen the word racism and help to destroy it’s meaning.

    Actually, apart from being really funny, it reads (intentionally or not) as a criticism of overplaying of the race card. I heartily agree.

  44. I think this is great! We have often been the butt of many red-headed-step-child jokes and ridiculed for centuries. We are in fact more original and beautiful than any other hair color. We all posess the red head FIRE that burns with in us, makes us misterious and dangerous to you all. We ARE one of the seven great wonders of this world, and should be treated as such. I don’t get anything free from Wendy, or her company, its high time she paid us our dues! Keep the good fight going, best wishes to all the red heads that came out to protest, you’re an inspiration to us all. Lota of love!
    Redheaded Lisa in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  45. What the heck is up with you guys. I’m a Red head, I’m proud to be one but Wendys has NEVER offended me. If you guys can pull bigotry from a sign, they have even more “racists” in therapy to help you with this “problem”. The first step to stopping racism is getting over ourselves. The whole idea is just silly, are you sure that we aren’t just doing this for attention? Hate crimes exist, they will exist, but to take it out on a corporation are we any better as instigators?

  46. Why aren’t they protesting McDonald’s? I believe they also use a red-headed mascot with a very light complexion!

  47. seriously…. whatever !
    What a fucking aste of time.

    Use your freetime on something sensible, like raising money for the poor or something like that.

  48. Haha, always a good laugh from you guys, and if only it had been during march of 2006, when I was stayin at the Da Vinci Hotel. I recognized the mcdonalds in the background where I would have breakfast every morning. haha.

  49. very clever. and to the people that gave negative feedback,
    please lighten up and try to relax that incredibly tight sphincter muscle you sit on.

  50. Wow. What an overwhelming response from the masses. I was there and had no idea this would be seen as controversial. Wuhduhfuh?

    First off: This was friggin hilarious and tons of fun, so for you naysayers, bite me.

    Secondly, if you have enough time on your hands to search youtube for redhead protests and comment on the videos, maybe you shouldn’t be judging the fact we haven’t changed the world in our free time, no? Maybe YOUR time could be better spent solving the worlds problems or possibly surgically removing the giant stick up your ass that prevents you from understanding that this was A JOKE. Or possibly playing Scrabble. It’s a good game.

    I think it’s really important to find the fun in life, and I feel so bad for anyone that doesn’t understand that.

  51. Don’t you people realize Dave Thomas created the Wendy’s logo to celebrate his red-headed daughters? Do your research before you complain.

  52. This isn’t fun, it’s simply stupid. I’m asian, specifically Japanese, if you couldn’t guess from the name, but I don’t flip out every time those hotpockets commercials come on. Get over yourself. This isn’t changing the world, it’s being whiny. Boo frickity hoo, you have red hair. People are like “Oh, he has red hair.” Try having to deal with “Do you know kung fu?”, and “Do you speak chinese?” every waking moment. I got over it, and so should you. But it’s hard to get over something that does not exist. Stop drawing attention to yourself by making up problems.

  53. hey hey im a fellow natural red head n i am well proud of wot u all did.

    lots of love and suporrt


  54. Very well done!! The first video really captured the chants and everything well, I’m sure lots of passers-by got a good chuckle out of it.

    For all the weird negative comments above…I don’t understand how any of these people could: 1 – see the video, 2 – read the mission description above, and 3 – notice that the site is called ‘IMPROV EVERYWHERE’ and not get that it was a joke.

    Keep makin’ the masses laugh!

  55. What’s the point of a protest if you aren’t actually mad at something?

    I guess the entire point must be to get people to look at you, so you succeeded admirably it seems. Hmm.

  56. Wow…. if you’re going to do something like this in a satirical kind of way, make sure you are actually funny first. The idea itself was a good one, the actual joke = NO.

  57. wow theas redheads ars stupied you do realize the logo is baced of a real person his chiled so you are saying he is racist becaus he loves his child you guys are fucking iditos go jump off a bilding that will make a dif. in the world you wont be in it.

  58. Jaysus!!!
    To the people who commented about “racism”. A few questions. Did you notice it is a comedy group? Where once did it mention racism? It’s pointing out a stereotype, not a racist you jackasses.

    If it’s pointing anything out, it’s pointing out the liberals who protest at the drop of a hat because they are “offended” by something. Y’all need to get over yourselves and have fun every now and again. You never know, you may actually smile if you try.

  59. You guys do some messed up stuff. You guys make picketing seem like a joke and disturb peace for your stupid laugh. Not to mention annoy your fellow person as the shop. I.E. When you entered a Best Buy with Kakis and Blue Polos. How many people came to you asking where the PS2 games are, or where you can find stereo systems or what have you. Just making life harder on everyones lives, not the corporation, cause frankly they don’t care one bit of what you think.

    Hope you all burn.

  60. I had an odd urge to wish I had been there with a microphone, and say, “Listen up people. No body cares, quit bitching about. complaining won’t change anything. there is nothing wrong with it, the problem is in your mind.”

  61. What an awesome event. This is just the kind of thing I would love members of to organize and participate in. Thanks for sharing!!

  62. I’m for standing up for things, but this is stupid.

    Lets all join hands and fight a stereotype of redheads, why don’t you go after South Park for there ginger episode. Who cares about all the animals that had to suffer and die for that fucking restaurant how your represented is much more important. At home with family, not taken away or given surgeries without anesthetics treated as mere objects horrific living conditions and then killed many times while they are very much alive.

    The color of your hair is much more important.

  63. I’m sorry guys (and gals)…I think you have overstepped the line with this one. There are so many things that need to change however this one has got to be one of the most idiotic complaints ever to be thought up. Get a life and stop wasting the American public’s time with non sense like this, especially when we as a community have loved ones dying in the mid-east and all you can think about is Wendy has pigtails and overly white skin. By insulting the looks of this logo, you are insulting the person it represents which happens to be a pale skinned red head who had pigtails. This does not represent what you look like as we are all different. It is unsettling that boredom can result in such immature and insulting acts. FIND A HOBBY! My IQ has dropped just listening to your protest. Feel free to waste my time (please come up with a legit complaint if you do). Email:

  64. COME ON! Grow up already. So you got red hair, so does my sister and she’s not crying about it. Accept it, even if you feel it’s your only fault. There are redheads out there that look similar to that Wendy’s logo, in fact there were a couple in your pack of dummies. THAT IS WENDY, not Kula the foola. Wake up people. You’re worried about a stupid fast food logo. What about REAL issues? Hello…. guess no one’s home.

  65. i really don’t understand why anyone feels offended by a commercial that is using the image of their logo since not a single person offended happens to be wendy. if wendy was known for having large boobs like the hooters gals, then your numbers would be made of angry large-breasted women of various shades of hair. is it a natural human compulsion to find things to argue about? i could see spending the time and resources on protesting something that affected life in some way, but protesting things like art and music does not make sense to me. maybe that is somehow illogical of me, but who is qualified to decide that anyway?

    comparatively, one could choose to protest the fine makers of enzyte for being unable to achieve an erection, and thusly identifying with individuals in enzyte commercials, who are most notably remembered for having sad faces and drooping postures.

    i don’t know, maybe i missed something. maybe it is the sort of thing that i would have to be red headed or impotent to understand, not that i am implying that being red headed makes one impotent because i wouldn’t know that either.

    anyhow, if you want to contact me to discuss this or any other trivial or whimsical idea or thought, then please use the email address below.

  66. Okay, to all of the idiots who keep looking at this site and thinking this was a serious protest… read carefully, and stick with me… the name of the site is IMPROV EVERYWHERE, not IMPROVE EVERYWHERE. It’s not an activist organization for redheads, it’s an improvisational comedy troupe!

    See, taking more than three seconds to pass judgement and talking out of the correct orfice really do both help!

    Love the site, love the missions, keep on doing what you’re doing!

  67. This is for all you silly critics.

    First of all, who takes the time to research the origins of the Wendy’s mascot and post a reply about something they saw on the internet but doesn’t research the event that offended them. That’s just nonsense. Read what Improv Everywhere is about before you get all worked up and post silly comments about wasting time, real issues, the middle east, racism or making it harder for the people.

    Then please grow up guys. Do what you want with your life, spend all your free time trying to achieve world peace and rid the world of racisim (that’s cool and good luck if you’re actually doing it, although I doubt you are for some reason), but don’t nag on a bunch of people that have other goals.

    In the end, I’m sure the crew of Improv Everywhere will have done more good then most, including you. Making people laught and breaking the routine might not feed the people of Africa, end all racism, stop wars or make you personnaly happy, but it does good, and that’s all that matters.

  68. since when was being a redhead a racial issue? redheads are a race set apart from someone who has brown hair? everyone’s “rights” are always so violated. boofuckinghoo. yeah, dave thomas’s daughter, who happened to have redfucking hair, who the chain was named after… i bet she felt her right were violated…. idiots. do something productive instead trying to get everything for free.

  69. Man, you guys make me wish I lived in New York so I could join in on all the awesome. And to all the detractors with your moronic responses–kindly remove the sand from your collective vaginas. It helps, honestly.

  70. This is probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Of all the things going on in the world, you go after the Wendy’s logo because she has pigtails? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    Then you have the gall to call it racism?! Here’s some common sense for you: it’s not! Slavery was racism, the Black Panters/KKK are racists. Grow up. Half the people I saw in the video weren’t even real red heads…their hair was just dyed red.

    With global warming, terrorism, nuclear threats, AIDS, and millions of other things going on right now, I can’t believe the human race could be this selfish.

    Your arguments aren’t even half-good. “No one wears pigtails!”? Morons. No one in that group is wearing pigtails, which is obviously done on purpose just so you could have something to say. Tons of people wear pigtails, ESPECIALLY littly girls. Hey, guess what the Wendy’s logo is? A little girl.

    Everyone in this video needs to get laid and get a job. In that order.

  71. OJ…the fact that they disturbed the daily operation of a business, impacting sales for a joke or for a bogus dispute is less then amusing. Thats kinda like accusing a fellow employee of sexual harassment to get extra attention. Thats just immature and not humorous. That’s even worse then your feelings really being hurt over the logo trying to get attention. Wendy’s has already been seriously impacted by a bogus claim of a finger found in chili. Get a life and a better hobby!

  72. This is great. I just wish more people would have asked questions but the looks on the bus riders faces make it all worth the effort as they try to figure it out.
    Planting the scab – pure genius.
    The Boxman is the mascot for the online home for the homeless without the urine smell.

  73. Question: Do you let the folks know that you are an improve group before you set up? Because if you don’t, I’m sure there were many that took this as a real situation. Hopefully you haven’t influenced anybody, including children, in a negative way. If I care to see improv, I will willingly go to a comedy club and pay to watch. What you did was to force a make-belief protest on innocent, unaware citizens (and bashed Wendy’s mascot)! That is NOT cool.

    Now maybe if you all wore “improv-everywhere shirts,” people would understand and actually enjoy the show, rather than feel offended.

  74. people will find anything to protest about these days.
    how in the world is a little redhead girl in pigtails offending or racist?

  75. i think this protest was very unnecessary. not all of the red heads think that the wendy’s logo is racist but apparently some do. this is the exactly reason America has so many racists issues. why take it offensively, yes its true not all red heads have pony tails and freckles. they do have pigment. did it ever occur to in your minds that the wendy’s did not mean to offend anyone? if the wendy’s logo is so racists, then apparently the KFC’s logo is racists for saying all seniors have glasses and white hair, the starbucks logo is racists for saying that all white woman have no pigment and have long hair, quakers is racists for saying all white males have shoulder length white hair, chef boyardee is racists for saying all white males have white mustaches, as well as many other company logos. when you look at things that way, everything can be racist. is so and so racist because they don’t have an black person in the advertisement? is so and so racist for not having any Jewish employees? is so and so racist for having having only whites in the brochure? The sad thing is the list continues. race should not be dividing us as a country but teaching us how America is a great country full of many cultures

  76. ….now i feel stupid lmao. very very very very stupid. i had no idea what improv was, stupid me. lol i went on talking about racism in the logo and stuff where in reality it was only a joke haha. SORRY =)))

  77. I’ve read the whole comments section and I have to say…

    I’m amazed at the number of stupid people who are allowed to use up the oxygen the rest of us so sorely need. Wasn’t it obvious at the start of the blog post that this was a stunt? A fun poke in the eye?

    What happened to teaching reading comprehension in grade school. I swear to Jebus, I really wish stupidity was terminal.

    And to the Redheads…

    Viva la revolution!!!

  78. To HemiPowered:

    I would agree that disturbing a business to the point of impacting their sales isn’t all that funny, but in this perticular case I really doubt it’s what happened. Managers aren’t shy bout telling people to go away and calling the cops when their sales are threatened. As someone who’s been on both sides of protests I can tell you that the fact that the manager didn’t protest or call the police is a good sign that he got the joke and that no money was lost. Also, customers didn’t seem all that shy about getting their hambergers.

    I don’t agree with your comparison though. Accusing a fellow employee of sexual harassment doesn’t have the same consequences or the same motivations. It’s not similar in any way that counts.

    I really doubt the reputation of Wendy’s will be gravely affected by this event. If anything I’m sure it’ll do them good. I know I had a craving for some Wendy’s after watching the videos and reading about the mission.

    Thank you for your advice about getting a life though. That’s an awsome idea.

    To others who still rant about the whole not-racism thing:

    It’s ok, we know it’s not actually racism, we knew all along, it’s the point. You can stop reminding us now.

  79. How dare you take your pants down on the subway! You could have seriously damaged…Oh…wrong thread.

  80. …Wow, most of the comments here are just outright retarded. ITS A JOKE. If you couldnt tell from the very start that the entire protest was a joke, you really need to get out more. Then theres the people bitching about how it makes light of protests or whatever… OF COURSE IT DOES, ITS A FUCKING JOKE! THATS THE DAMN POINT! Protests will still be taken seriously when they are meant to be taken seriously. This fake one will take nothing from that. Real Racism will still be taken just as seriously. Unless of course the whole damn world is actually as impressionable and outright retarded as you guys, and then it might be a problem. Normal people can separate REALITY and HUMOR from each other.

    Props to the redheads for providing a good show :)

  81. Why did no one recognize that the bald black guy was Cuba Gooding Junior?

    To all who continue to post here who are too STUPID to see that this was a JOKE– you probably voted for Bush!

  82. Oh MAN… I can’t believe how many people have problems with this mission. LISTEN UP — this mission isn’t making light of racism or any other serious issues. It’s making light of whiners who get worked up over things that frigging don’t MATTER…. people like the ones boo-hooing over this innocent bit of comedy.

    My absolute favourite comments are the ones that are complaining about the Wendy’s losing sales over this. Give me a break… gee whiz, I wonder if the restaurant will possibly recover from this stunning blow… especially considering that every photo of the interior of the Wendy’s showed it full of people eating, and moreover, the guy at the end who bought about a bazillion burgers there to feed the agents….

    Wah, wah, waaahh!

    Learn to laugh, people. Yeah, there are a lot of problems in the world, but the serious lack of real happiness in America is one of the bigger ones. Kudos to those of you who can make us laugh. And to all you people pointing out the agents are wasting their time doing this stuff when they could spend their time fighting for a real cause–why aren’t YOU out there doing some good in the world instead of wasting your time on this website being a killjoy?

  83. First off I would like to say Kudos to the redheads for the fine performance. After reading all these post I am amazed at the number of people who think this will hurt our right to assemble, that is what it is called. If anything it needed to be done. People in America are not happy infact we are almost to the brink of insaniy, we need to poke fun at some of our real life issues lest we become them. Why should we try to help the world other nations? The people who need the help never get it. All that aid winds up in the hands of the very warlords that make there lives so miserable. Did we not have to loose a few lives in the begining to make what we have to bicker about today? Maybe it is there time to rise up and and free themselves and learn to be their own nations. I agree this is not racisim but it is sterotyping, the little brother of racism and everybit as hurtfull. Please people try to take the time to sit back and laugh before we all go bat shit! Bring home the troops we have borders with boig holes here, lets stop feeding the world and start feeding our own, and above all else stop taking yourselves SO damn seriously.

  84. why water down public protest more than it already has been? even as a joke, attacking innocent icons of yesteryear makes racially charged images such as uncle ben’s a laughable matter. 40 years ago ppl doing the same thing risked injury/death for doing something like this. Im not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a good laugh, but please try to keep in mind the struggles other groups have gone through (and others are STILL going though), especially when using slogans that were prominent during their respective movements. i know i sound overly PC…and i apologize for the tone of this, but you really should know better.

  85. … Are you serious? Isn’t the logo, you know, the founder’s niece or something? Last time I checked Wendy’s wasn’t trying to make a stereotypical judgment about certain people… I think what they were going for was selling food? I could be wrong…
    You wanna talk persecution? Lets talk anti-jew propaganda in WWII, (it got an entire country to look the other way during times of genocide) lets talk Jim Crow (it fueled racism in the United States, prolonging the delay of a white supported Civil Rights movement). THOSE were harmful pieces of propaganda. But they weren’t geared towards selling food, they were made to create hate and false superiority. You see old guys freaking out about KFC’s Colonel?
    Chill out, we know not all red-heads are cute, pasty, nieces, but its made to attract the eye, not bash a genome.

  86. you should all be shot, this is the stupidest thing ive ever seen… i mean find something else to do, are you hurting that bad for some attention?? geez… get a fucking life..

  87. ditto to everyone that finds the serious postings in response to this funnier than the mission itself. lolzers!

    there’s a new affliction affecting our populace: PCCCTV

    politically-correct contextual comedy tunnel vision.

  88. You folks are brilliant. People need to learn to let loose and have a bit of goofy crazy shit in their lives, and you’re doing a brilliant job in teaching that. Rock on! I hope there’s something like this in Toronto that I can join in someday.

  89. I live in Ireland (Donegal to be exact) and aside from the protest part of things, this looks like just another day down town for me.

    My daughter is a red head and so are half the girls in her class.

    UP THE REDS!!!!!

  90. to answer everyone out there how is inadvertently asked “ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!??!” NO.

    and for those who took it seriously it seems that you epitomize what is wrong with this country: not educating yourself on the facts and realities that surround you before becoming angry. Learning is the key!

  91. Perhaps it’s time for planning my own protest…gathering up military officers with the rank of “Captain” and a last name starting with “D” and marching on that infamous fish place. I’m tired of living in the shadow of a cartoon pirate!

    To the IE crew: nice jorb.

    To the assembled mob of jackassery that either can’t get the joke or refuses to: be more informed, or be quiet.

    To my wife: I should be home by 7 tonight unless the court-martial goes long again. Love you!

    To my friend Brad: I leave you my 80’s vinyl collection. You know what to do.

  92. Okay, as far as missions go, this protest was a bit weak. However, the responces in the comments in here added all the comedy I could ever need. People actually believe that the protest was real? Of course, I bet a few are just good ol’ trolls.

    Anyways, I’d have loved to have been on a subway filled with redheads.

    I like redheads, I like them a lot.

  93. Uh, you people really need to learn that this was not ONLY a huge joke, but it was an EXCELLENT SOCIAL OPPORTUNITY to meet new friends for those who were there. Also, the ‘protesters’ probably brought in more customers to Arbys.

    BTW, a responsible way of getting them to change their logo would be to send in 50k messages saying to change their logo. You ever do one of those, I’ll help you, but they still have the best meat over burger king and Mcdonalds.

  94. I adore IE for the things that it’s done. It has been liberating and incredibly funny. I understand, appreciate and value comedy, and all the values that it brings.

    This one, however, passed me by completely – like it had no style at all.

    So far as I can see, it’s ImrpovEverywhere because of what it does, not the other way round. Would this one still be cool without kudos? I could try later and let you know if you’d like

    If I’m wrong then of course, fair enough, but failing that – I hope you get back to form and earth soon.

    Take care.

  95. As a redhead, I fully appreciate this act of greatness. It’s one of the funniest things I have ever seen and applaud all who participated. I literally laughed so much and with such force that I cried. Beautiful, folks. Beautiful.

    And dude…Wendy really could use some pigment.

  96. To everyone who has come here thinking that this was an actual protest:


    That is all.


    Gingers extinct in 100 years, say scientists

    REDHEADS are becoming rarer and could be extinct in 100 years, according to genetic scientists.

    The current National Geographic magazine reports that less than two per cent of the world’s population has natural red hair, created by a mutation in northern Europe thousands of years ago.

    Global intermingling, which broadens the availability of possible partners, has reduced the chances of redheads meeting and producing little redheads of their own.

    It takes only one red-haired parent to produce ginger-headed babies, but two redheads obviously create a much stronger possibility.

    If the gingers really want to save themselves they should move to Scotland.

    An estimated 40 per cent of Scots carry the red gene and 13 per cent actually have red hair.

    Some experts say that redheads could be gone as early as 2060, but others say the gene can be dormant for generations before returning.

    National Geographic says the gene at first had the beneficial effect of increasing the body’s ability to make vitamin D from sunlight.

    However, today’s carriers are more prone to skin cancer and have a higher sensitivity to heat and cold-related pain.

    The Daily Mail, in The Courier-Mail

  98. Giggle!

    As the mama to a redhead (or, as my older son reminds me, an orangehead), we use lots of squirts of sunblock! So, yes – I’d be grumping if I only got one squirt for my dollar…

    Sounds like it was fun.

  99. Why the hell would you march on wendys?!?!? Do you losers have nothing better to do? How is this racist in anyway? Or is this a huge joke? and if it is….get a life go do something that will help this fucked up world in someway other than protesting a Picture of a redhead “ginger” girl on a burger place because you are bored.

  100. ” The whole idea is just silly, are you sure that we aren’t just doing this for attention? ”

    “Wake up people. You’re worried about a stupid fast food logo. What about REAL issues? Hello…. guess no one’s home.”

    “Why the hell would you march on wendys?!?!? Do you losers have nothing better to do? How is this racist in anyway? Or is this a huge joke?”

    Lmao…we need something to flag these kind of comments…i’m thinking a “People who don’t get the concept” section, or maybe a flashing “Humor impaired” icon to go next to the posts.

    “i don’t know, maybe i missed something.” Really, you think?

  101. The “awesome” bald black man pictured in this mission is the comedic actor Chi McBride, from the movie “Let’s Go To Prison.” He’s a professional!

  102. The Wendy’s mascot is a real person. She is Dave Thomas daughter. So wash out your sandy vaginas and get on with your lives.

  103. J-Mo,

    I’m pretty sure that guy just looks like Chi McBride, from the google image-searching I’ve done. Chi doesn’t have a gap in his teeth.

    Anyway, I’m off to wash the sand out of my vagina, as instructed.

  104. Yeah, you’re probably right. And hopefully Mr. McBride isn’t square enough to wear a fanny-pack/middle-aged man-purse!

    As for my vagina, it’s currently in use as a rock-tumbler, so I’d like to keep it full of sand for the time being. Would anyone like to buy some freshly polished agate marbles?

  105. J-Mo, let me know when you’ve got some rose quartz, that’s my birthstone.

    *wonders vaguely how the guys are going to wash out their sandy vaginas* hmmmm….i see a flaw in that comment.

  106. Just to get this straight… I realize it’s a joke, I’ve enjoyed IE’s missions for a while now. This one isn’t their best, but I still understand it isn’t serious.

    However, the point that it could have been taken as a real protest by passers-by is valid. Could Wendy’s file suit against IE for defamation, regardless of intent? For sure. Best consider your impact a little more carefully next time.

  107. Oh, I wish I could have been there! :) Sounds like you all had a blast!

    I actually didn’t know that red-heads were quite so rare (and I’m left-handed too… I wonder how a person would go about protesting right-handed scissors? ;)).

    The sun-screen seller on the bus is my favorite part of the mission. Everyone so casually forks out dollar bills for one little squirt of sunscreen. Hilarious!

  108. Are you FUCKING kidding me!!!!!! I’m a red head and I think this is so stupid. Does anyone do their check in the dackgroud any more? Maybe they should. Is has nouthing to do with red heads at all. Dave Thomas named the restrant after his grandaughter who happend to be a red head. DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. I get the joke. HaHa. But the fact that you acted it out in front of someones place of business was just plain wrong. I hope he/she sues.

  110. For all those people telling the IE people to “grow up”, I’m telling you to “grow a sense of humor”. Honestly, if you’re so serious about everything, you should.

    In troubled times like these, everyone could do with an extra smile on their face. Everyone could do with a little more light-hearted laughter. Get a grip and stick on a grin!

    Living in a big city myself I understand how hectic and serious people take their lives and their careers. I say screw all that and enjoy what little time you have being alive.

    Luxuries only last for so long; good memories last a lot longer.

  111. I just have to say that this one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time…

    I was born a redhead, though – much to my dismay – my hair has changed to a more auburn color over the years… but I am still a redhead at heart, and I just thought this was hilarious.

    I even showed my redhead boyfriend (freckles, light skin, and all) the clips… and he about died laughing.

    To the people who don’t get it – IT WAS A JOKE! NO THEY ARE NOT SERIOUS!

  112. Y’know, I always suspected that there was a large population of people who liked to comment on things without actually reading more than the title page and the first few sentences. It’s quite disappointing to be proved right.

    Cute mission, not one of your top scenes, but then you’ve set the standard for best quite high.

  113. Wonderful! Submitted it to Reddit as well. My wife has red hair, I can’t wait to send her this link. Actually she probably already saw it, since all red-haired people know each other.

  114. As a red head w/ freckles in TEXAS, I know the importance of sunscreen and pants! I too have felt oppressed by the Wendy’s Logo, but the frosty’s are just tooooo dang good!

  115. okay you have got to be kidding me. i’m a redhead and when i was reading that it made me feel like a complete idiot. you guys make redheads look so stupid it’s unbelievable. that is the DUMBEST idea i have ever in my life heard of! i mean seriously? are you kidding me? that’s so stupid. it’s a waste of energy! why don’t you actually do something that’ll make a difference? there was absolutely no point in that campaign other than to make redheads look like losers. it was ridiculous and embarassing. people don’t just go around complaining about how certain hair colored logos or characters are racist. it’s a joke! so instead of being proud of yourselves, how about you ty and actually help causes in need!

  116. hey for those of you who are like it’s just a joke, that’s the dumbest joke ever. you don’t act like that in public as a joke. all it does is make redheads look like a joke. i mean seriously, come on. if you want to protest something, protest something important…

  117. My name is Bill Hatcher and i am looking for my only true love I lost her after collage (Hinds Community collage) in Mississippi some 20 years ago and I’m still looking for her, she moved to Alabama this i lost her due to my own fault if anyone knows her or of her please have her contact me



    P.S. and yes she is a beautiful redhead

  118. The real funny here is how many people are taking this so seriously! Improv Everywhere creates ENTERTAINMENT. That’s all. If you can’t understand a little goofy entertainment, you might need mental help. As you can see in the video, the mission succeeded in entertaining (and confusing) the public.

  119. Reading this thread has made me so, so sad. When I read the article and saw the pictures my face was frozen into a giant open-mouthed grin – I loved it! But then all the comments of angry people telling the participants to do something worthwhile with their time, to stand behind a cause that really matters … IE DOES have a great cause! Overlook the details, and this particular event was just one of the many vehicles for trying to inject some whimsy, humor, and joy into a world full of miserable sourpusses who take their lives too seriously. I think that’s a truly worthwhile cause.

    Clearly they haven’t quite gotten through to some yet, though.

    Keep up the good work, IE!

  120. When I saw this listed this site listed on, I hurried on over…Improv Everywhere is hilarious! I love that ya’ll are making the world just that more interesting. I was especially attracted to this mission because as a Latina who lives in a Latino city, redheads have always fascinated me. Something about the color is so sexy and exotic!

    The people that take this protest seriously are ridiculous. Did they not read or listen to anything this Mission describes? It’s a JOKE!

    …although I do understand the worry that this can be misconstrued as a criticism of “playing the race card.” As someone who’s had to struggle with accusations throughout college of having it easier because I’m a minority, if I had been at that Wendy’s without knowing that ya’ll were just joking, it probably would have hurt my feelings and started up all those old feelings of frustration with the system.

    It all depends on perspective, I guess. You can’t be PC all the time; just look at my redhead fetish. ;)

  121. Whew!!! I was so upset when I, like many others it seems, thought this was a true protest!!! I couldn’t believe that my brothers and sisters in red would take it to this extreme!!! To my relief and a little bit of embarrasment I found this spot where I could say my piece about how this was going a little overboard since “Wendy” is supposed to be the founder of Wendy’s grandaughter or something, and who were we to say she didn’t look like that?
    Again, I am so relieved to find out this was not a true protest!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Proud fellow redhead!

  122. I’ve never. In my life. Seen a thread with so many people who didn’t get the intention behind a joke. Never. Is there a place for this somewhere in the record books?

  123. Does anyone realize that the only reason that Wendy’s “mascot” is a redhead is because the original owner you know “Dave Thomas” has a daughter that is redheaded…so as a redhead since birth I would like to know exactly…how is it “racist” when all he was doing was probably making his daughter feel really special by incorporating her into the resturant by making her the “FACE” of Wendy’s not the “MASCOT”?!?! I mean if your going to protest something make it worth while and don’t take pictures of yourselves eating cheeseburgers from the establishment that you have just bashed publicly. Do your homework nextime you have a CAUSE to protest instead of embarrasing the rest of us redheads.

  124. This is a joke, right? Racist? Give me a break. Some people have way too much time on their hands. Try taking a stance on something of substance, like, maybe, the war in Iraq. Or the current state of healthcare. LEARN TO PICK YOUR BATTLES.

  125. i love how idiotic some of the people who comment are, when it even mentions this was a joke… so sad.

    good fun though, hope to join one of these events one day.

  126. I loved this! I’m a redhead who just started high school, and I’ve JUST entered that stage where people stop making fun of you and calling you Carrot-top, and start being really, really nice to you – which is fun. Anyway, I digress. This was absolutely hilarious; I almost died from laughing. Great job! I wish I could’ve been there!

    Also, I find it laughably ironic how people who spend their time reading/watching sites that they find idiotic and then spending extra time COMMENTING on aforementioned sites (with grammar that made me wince, I might add), are telling you that Improv Everywhere should be using their time more wisely. I also found it ironic that they’re telling you that Wendy is an real person (actually related to Dave Thomas, the founder), and telling you to do your research, when they didn’t notice that your NAME is Improv Everywhere. To these people, please learn to take a bloody joke. That is all :).


  127. For all the people talking about how there are much more serious issues out there and saying this group is wasting their time, have you never heard a smile is contagious? Everytime this group does something, they brighten someone’s day, and maybe encourage them to help someone else out. It’s things like these that help make the world a little less miserable.

    And for all the people saying they’re misusing racism, consider the feminists saying Santa can’t say “ho ho ho” because it’s derogatory towards women. And they’re actually serious.

  128. I have red/strawberry blonde hair, and I honestly don’t get why you think the Wendy’s logo/mascot is offensive at all! She’s a girl with red hair and braids…what are you protesting?

  129. Fake protesting the Wendy’s sign by redheads of Improv Everywhere = Hilarious.

    The ridiculous number of posters who thought this was real, couldn’t be bothered to read the site, didn’t read any of the responses prior to their comments, and in general demonstrated their complete failure at Rationality = Priceless.

    I think the moronic responses are actually funnier than the original stunt! =)

  130. The only thing funnier than the mission is some of the comments posted here by people who don’t quite understand the difference between reality and a staged stunt :D

  131. I get it!

    The people who took it seriously can’t read! They only watched the video!

    The ringleader looks awful serious, you see :D

  132. It’s the prank that just keeps pranking! All the comments from people who took this seriously are nearly as funny as the original.

  133. Good lord.

    People think that Wendy’s will honestly be impacted by such a thing? Someone mentioned the corporation suing IE for defamation…imagine what that would be like in court, just for a second. Seriously.

    It’s really extremely troubling how many people are willing to take this seriously and jump at the chance to call it stupid. Nobody appreciates satire anymore, it would seem.

  134. Thank you for this site. I hope it will continue in this vein for a long time to come. Well done! By the way – I found my way here by searching for keep your brain alive. When I found your post \”s at Improv Everywhere\” I was intrigued.

  135. Finally, we have all joined together. We all suffer from gingervitis. We need hate crimes to include gingers, ginger stem cell reasearch, advanced SPF formulas. No one cares! We must start loading the dark-hairs onto the trains and cleanse the race!

    Better RED than DEAD. F#ck Cartman. UNITE!

  136. The funnest part, for me at least, was imagining being there… the whole epiphany thing, which I love any time I’m fortunate to participate in one.
    To those who feel a protest could corrupt a child’s view on the world (adults not so much because they much pretty set their view on hold) I hope it does, I honestly hope a child is “corrupted” by seeing a group of red-headed men and women “protesting” outside a Wendy’s -we can do that see -> we got rights.
    Sooner or later that little kid’s gonna have to realize that.
    Unlike those in other countries (at war or what have you, the power code being grossly mismanaged and out of whack recent) this is a hobby and a damn good one, too. Yea I do take it seriously, so what, people get killed everyday and if a suicide bomber blew up outside this rally it would have been damn funny, not only because of the irony implicit in the given situation, but because I refuse to take this world seriously.
    This world is filled with racists, hypocrits, bemusers, realists, the list goes on and on about people who feel they can treat you differently and that gives them a right to own you. Well I got news liberty is not given, it’s taken. You want to talk about standing up for a cause I believe in? Doing something righteous? Not only do I have beliefs, I believe in what ImprovEverywhere is doing with this. This moment we get off this idea that we must take opportunites to say do good by each other having STARTED doing good by eachother (protest or no I saw no one HURT by their actions) which from what I saw, is the moment the world became a better place for our future to live in.
    And I do hope that “racism” is degraded because of this incident. I hope it’s degraded to the point where I don’t feel this pain anymore just to have to look at you. And Redheads, afraid though you may be, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, Ivan’s with you.

  137. Aww, awesome. Wish some Canadian redheads down here would do something like that.

    Sounds like lots of fun though!

  138. This was hilarious. It was a great social stunt, and I’m sure the diners were entertained by their cabaret.

    I just wanna say to the people who said something along the lines of, “stop wasting your time fighting for false causes blah blah blah etc etc fight for something real, feed the hungry, find out who did this or that etc etc”. Uhm… you don’t HAVE to do good things in your spare time. I’m sure most people here would have been at home watching TV, or out at a party, or at a friends house or something that had no real purpose. But instead they came out, had some fun, entertained people, and got a free Wendy’s out of it!

    I mean come on! It’s a joke! :D

  139. I saw footage of this in a Wendy’s commercial. I assume they paid for the right to use it (and the footage itself)?

  140. I loved this one, as a redhead it would be amazing to walk onto the train and see myself surrounded by gingers! It seems like the people coming out of Wendy’s were having fun watching the “protest” too. The redheaded woman and the bald guy was the best part of the video, no offense to the prank itself. You guys are amazing.
    And I too found the negative comments to be hilarious, and sad at the same time. In a way, it’s people like this that are getting fun poked at them in this stunt, ie, people who take themselves too seriously. It makes me wonder what sort of comedy they do like (and for those who think it was real, how they found this page, since they obviously didn’t read anything else on the site).

  141. I wish I could have been there. We need a protest in california! lol i loved the slogans! give wendy some pigment!! redheads rule!

  142. The AP doesn’t mention you but you never know :)

    Wendy’s drops ad campaign amid struggling sales

    By Mark Williams | Associated Press
    3:27 PM CST, January 28, 2008

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Wendy’s International Inc. will scrap its eight-month old advertising campaign — much of it built on young men wearing a red wig with braided pigtails — amid continued weak sales, the nation’s third-largest hamburger chain announced Monday.

    The campaign, which debuted during the season finale of “American Idol” in May, has generated attention, but hasn’t translated into improved sales, the company said.

    “It was a love it or hate it kind of spot,” said Bob Holtcamp, Wendy’s vice president of brand marketing.

  143. god bless all you f*ing IDIOTS who took the time to express your disapproval of this stunt. by doing so, you have actually made IE’s point for them. and if you still don’t get that, then you really need to get laid (preferrably in those tight asses of yours), smoke a dube, and/or rent THE PARTY or MONTY PYTHON or BILL HICKS and acquire a sense of humour. (note: “humour” not misspelled, i’m just canadian) i am baffled that so many people could get so caught up in their delicate egos that they would miss the point and actually be OFFENDED. you know what offends me? idiots like you who feel the need to tell everyone what’s wrong with them and how they have been slighted. grow some skin, grow some balls (yes, even the girls) and more importantly come down of your self-righteous, myopic, juvenile soap boxes and sign up for something silly like this. no wonder BUSH served two terms.

  144. I love the fact that the description of Chi McBride’s soulless ginger supporting twin is ‘a bald man’. A sign of our times when we can’t even say ‘—–‘ to describe someone.

  145. To those silly people that felt that the IE people should have been doing something more worthwhile to improve the world: they WERE making the world a better place by bring interest and amusement to a normally impersonal urban environment, by provoking people to interact – mostly in bemusement. It’s delightfully silly things like IE or the crazy, good natured parades we’ve had here on the West Coast (Pasadena Doo Dah parade, SF Louie-Louie parade – RIP, “How Berkeley Can You Be” parade and celebration) that add grace notes to urban living, making us feel better about and more connected to our fellow humans.

  146. ahaha.
    i love the boy james above who called redheads “stupied”,
    and who spelled nearly every other word wrong.
    but us readheads are the dumb ones?!

    its a joke.
    take it for what it is bud.

  147. I think it would have been more funny if you had broken into two groups. One group doing the protest and the other group acting like they were either walking by or going to Wendy’s and spontaneously joining together to oppose the picketers and try to get others on the street to pick a side. It didn’t really engage anyone in the crowd for more than a second, and having another side might have made it more fun. Of course, you would have to have walked a careful line between lawful picketing and creating a riot… Keep up the good work.

    — Wannabe Agent Omnius, Boise

  148. Title should read as follows,, “Fifty redheads who need to go get a life, travel subway in search of one!” For someone to see the Wendys mascot as a problem, tells me our nation is full of retards! FFS, get a fucking life you total fucking losers! Whats next fat people shunning Big boys? What a bunch of nonsense!

  149. BTW, Dave Thomas made and named Wendys after his fucking daughter. Who does have red hair you fucking retards!

  150. That’s cute. Since it was just a fun-type protest, I think it would have been even nicer if everyone had gone into Wendy’s and had lunch afterwards. I too am a redhead and love it. I wonder if we could qualify as a special minority ourselves since there are so few of us in comparison to others.

  151. wow…great action :-) I’d like to be the photographer next time, as I am ‘specialized’ in portraits… shows one of my redhead art projects…the photos were taken on the roodharigendag (redheadsday) in Breda, the Netherlands 2007. Over 100 redheads posed in red cloths on red background, and the result is stunning :-))

  152. As IE events go, this one was so-so. However the comments – oh the comments to this mission are so priceless! I was laughing so hard that it already hurt.

    And then Kelly comes along and admonishes IE to do their Homework?! Oh the irony! I absolutely lost it. I’m only now getting the tears out of my eyes to the point where I can type again.

  153. I can’t believe so many people got worked up over this! Some people just walk around with sticks up their– well, you know.

    As I skimmed the post, I remembered an article that reported discrimination against redheads. Thanks for linking to that, Mary, I’d wanted to read it over again. And those people that claim that redheads aren’t a target of discrimination, you should read that. Educate yourselves.

    This was a hilarious event. It’s worth it just to see the reactions that you guys get from bystanders. : )

  154. “Mission accomplished – no one got sunburned” aa ha ha. so true!
    i put on spf100 this morning. found it in israel.

    and to some of the people below, i’m not sure you.. “got it,” but that’s okay of course.

    maybe instead you can join my group of men or women redheads named Ariel(le). so far it’s a lonely misunderstood party of 1. — “Sure.. like the Little Mermaid.” (i say that at least once a week)

    too bad we can’t do this in LA. people wouldn’t really look twice. across the street would be marilyn monroe kickin’ it with superman who’s trying to sell stolen goods to elmo while he’s taking a souvenir picture with a family five on the hollywood walk of fame.

    but you know what, – 50 redheads in a subway car probably -would- get more attention. when there are just two other redheads in the same bar as me, i feel slightly uncomfortable. i feel like everyone’s trying very hard not to stare. heh

  155. Oh man! I remember hearing about this on the news and talking to my roommate about how ridiculous it was, totally fell for it.

    keep up the awesome work

  156. I think the moronic responses are actually funnier than the original stunt!

    I have to agree with Ryan Shannon on that one. I laughed more at the clueless angry humor-impaired folks than at the actual mission…didn’t think that was possible.

    Do people simply not read before reaching for their keyboards and exclamation points anymore? What an unholy mess of knee-jerk responses and self-righteousness. Hilarious.

    BTW, I WAS the Wendy Girl mascot in my local Wendy’s as a teen. Yarn wig, little gingham dress, you name it. As a mascot, I suppose she will never rate as high as, say, Grimace. :)

    And yes, humorless drones, WE KNOW about Melinda Thomas. Thanks for not getting the point and providing a lot more LULZ for everyone else who did get it and those who have reading comprehension skills. Hee!

  157. I can’t believe I missed this!! Well…there will just have to be another redheaded mission. Maybe we can organize a “tan people” rescue on the beach?? :)

  158. I really thought the whole idea to be quite lame. What’s “racist” about the logo? I’d like someone from this site to e-mail me the answer to this. Is it because it’s a redhead on the sign? I happen to know that Dave, the late owner of Wendy’s, not only named it after his daughter, but the girl is supposed to be a cartoon version of what she looked like when she was little. The braids being raised are what he saw as a comedic reaction to the surprisingly good quality of the burger she was eating. Anyway, while I’m glad you had fun and were able to exercise your freedom of speach, I can only hope that you find something with actual meaning to do in the future. Something that makes a difference. Like protesting a pharmacutical company because of deaths and/or illnesses caused by their product.

  159. Hahahaha! This prank never ends! Thanks for keeping it going Sherri! I’ll be sure to send you a “personal email” thanking you posting a comment without reading a single word on the page!

  160. Wow….just….wow. Reading these comments is like Darwin’s Short List. How do you see this thing and NOT know it’s a joke?! Look at the slogans!

    Too bad none of the people who posted angry comments about you protesting something so ridiculous will EVER come back to see how wrong they were. xD Effin’ hilarious! Almost — no, more hilarious than the protest, which had me giggling like crazy.

    Dammit now I want Wendy’s. Grr.

  161. You really get a great cross section of society in these stunts. I am amazed (and a little concerned) that so many people miss the fact that this is a fun prank. Also feel sorry for the people who somehow find a link between this and the sorrows of the world (squish-squish). Creating harmless and hilarious entertainment is a waste of effort that could be used to end war/hunger/diaper rash, but using that effort to troll the net writing assinine reviews seems to be a-ok.

    1. Remove pants
    2. Bend forward
    3. Remove stick from rectum
    4. Repeat until condition improves

    Great work, you guys. This rocked so hard.

  162. The comments are just as interesting as the mission. Whether you call it a ‘real protest’, a prank, improv, art, a performance piece, a dramatic stunt, etc it still did what was probably intended. That is to entertain, to provoke thought, to stir us out of our slumber, to really ‘see’ red heads, to have a laugh, to be confused, to do a double-take, to feel uncomfortable, to remember profiling, to ponder racisim, to shake the cob-webs out of our heads, to smile, to share an experience. Yes, you can feel all those thoughts at once.

    Great job! – thanks


    P.S. And for those who worry about helping the poor instead.

    Do they feel that way about everything that is NOT directly ‘helping the poor’? What about 90% of TV, all computer games, for the most part all of professional sports, for the most part all of college sports, and most of what we buy and the time spent pondering about buying? And what about the music recorded, movies produced, books published, clothes, shoes & accessories created, lattes made, ice cream churned, beer brewed, etc, etc. Very little is really of deep profound life changing poverty reducing importance.

    In other words – What makes something valuable? Who determines this?

  163. OMG,you people need a life big time.dont you realize that dave named his chain after his daughter who had red glad i didnt hear about this until it was over,otherwise i would have nair bombed all of you so that none of you had any hair at thing you know people named Carl are going to protest in front of carl’s jr and people people named jack will protest in front of jack in the box.seriously people get a real friggin hobby.

  164. Not your greatest work (I’ve been following you guys on the web for the past two years), but the comments from all these poor saps who just didn’t get it definitely put this mission up there with the greatest! Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next!

  165. Being what I like to call an “artificial ginger” I thought this was probably the most hilarious video I had ever seen on YouTube. I don’t even remember how I found this video, but ever since I found it a few months ago, I’ve been going through all of the missions just to see what you guys have done.

    Recently I came to New York twice, hoping to catch you guys in action, but to no avail. Either way, you guys are my favorite comedy group.

  166. Okay I just find all these negative comments hilarious. Obviously those people protesting the ‘protest’ can’t even get their fact straight. Was ‘Wendy’ the guys daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Cause she sure as hell can’t be all three, cause thats just not possible (I don’t think, and if it were, he really wouldn’t want to publish it..)

    As for those who think this isn’t important, granted the issues of the ‘protest’ has no bearing what so ever on the importance of what IE do. Has anyone heard of the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”? Something like this could turn someone’s day around completely. Not to mention the health benefits of the social aspect of the get together.

    Oh and one last thing. This goes out to those like Nexus6:

    This is a hobby.

  167. Love this… The protest was hilarious! The stuff you people came up with… Sure, I guess it was pretty… gottta find a word… corny, but combined with the bewildered faces of those ogling bystanders was awesome! Bald guy’s reaction and protesting of the fact that he “ain’t got no hair” was also funny. I’d like to relocate to New York now.

    I don’t understand how people can actually see this as… NOT a joke. Isn’t it obvious?

  168. You’re lucky the “free” food wasn’t drugged, you could have easily found yourselves waking up in some kind of burger indoctrination bootcamp.

  169. OMG This is hilarious! I think I may find it even funnier being a red head myself. Also the comments… who could actually think this is real? LOL Love your site!

  170. As a fellow ginger, i have to agree that this is awesome!! Many times in my life have i been called the “wendy’s girl” just because we may look similar..because of this..i don’t think i can eat at Wendy’s..

    keep it up! y’all rock!

    <3: a Ginger in Louisiana

  171. Firstly, full disclosure. I’m not a redhead but I play one on TV. I’m a student of comedy but not an actual comedian. I understand how comedy works, but I can’t be funny on cue.

    Secondly, some of the “negative” posts in here read as if they were written by people who do get the joke, but are trying to be funny by pretending to be offended. This is kinda Kaufmanesque, and not in a good way. The next paragraph is not about the people who are pretending to be offended.

    Thirdly, those who honestly don’t get the joke, or do get the joke but are offended by it, are unhappy because THEY are the butt of said joke. They honestly believe in protesting. Perhaps some of them are a minority that has been or is currently suffering from oppression. To see a group of people who are not oppressed making fun of how they fight oppression, IS offensive from their perspective.

    Of course, that is why it’s so funny. In every joke – and I mean EVERY joke – someone or something is the stooge. This is a cornerstone of comedy. If you go back and study every previous IE, someone or something is being made fun of. Humor is always at the expense of someone or something. This project called IE takes the preconceptions and assumptions made by every day people and confronts them. Oftentimes the innocent bystanders of the event find themselves the brunt of the humor. This is as it should be.

    So take the bad with the good. Some will be offended. They have the right to be. A banana peel was thrown in their path and they didn’t see it for what it was. As someone smarter than me once said: comedy ain’t pretty.

    This doesn’t mean you guys should stop. By all means: if someone is offended, it means you’re making people think outside their comfy box: it means you are doing comedy right.

  172. Haha! I loved this! I especially loved the picture of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter on that one lady’s sign!

  173. First I want to say that I love redheads and want to have redheaded children some day. However I would like to point out that Wendy’s Logo is based off of the Daughter of Dave Thomas (The Founder) and in fact is a real person. So in response I ask what about her feelings? I also Noticed there is a McDonalds Next Door What about Ronald? Red Hair Pasty Face, Culprit? Don’t You think there are better things to fight for?

    P.S. Did you know that Red hair is the most recent human evolutionary change?

  174. haha i posted a comment so long ago. i didn’t know what improv was xD
    i look back at it, and i think
    “wow i’m so stupid”
    and no, i hadn’t read it xD
    i re-read this now and i lauuggghhh

  175. Amazing ! You can´t imagine how I feel when I saw all theese redhead ones. I´m a redhead here in Brazil, at Salvador, Bahia, and redheads are extremly rare. Much less than the world percentage. With age, I´m turning brown hair, but my beard still red, fortunatelly. :-)

  176. My own bright red hair dimmed to dirty blond as I’ve aged, but I wish I could have been there for moral support!

  177. Loved it. No telling what can happen when Gingers snap. The world in its present state needs such levity.

  178. As a redhead girl in Seattle Im so proud for them keep the fight alive, everyone should be treated fairly.

  179. I was unaware that there was such an uprising in the Ginger community. and all over free food from Wendy’s. interestingly enough you decided do protest the only real positive ginger stereotype. It just seems like you chose Wendy’s cause you couldn’t find a better place to protest. In other word, you look like idiots cause someone said “you have red hair, COME JOIN THE CAUSE.” At least this group can grantee results like free food.

    This has been a message from Don Applebee, reminding you that your not alone.

  180. I’m not a redhead myself, but I think this was a great idea!

    My friend is ginger and constantly has people making rude comments and jokes about it. It’s not acceptable to be rude to someone because of the coulour of their skin, so why should it be any different for the colour of their hair?!

    I don’t see why you only chose to protest about Wendy though, as Ronald MsDonald is a readhead, so you should have protested about him too!

  181. wow u are all peices of shit, it is a fucking logo, getthe fuck over it, ya u have red hair what are u going to do about it, u cant do shit, just live your life. it pisses me off to see people like you, their are so many more huge problems in this world and u all are pissed cause of a billion dollar business, that has a trademark symbol for their company of a red head, when i think of wendys that little red head pops up in my mind all the time, i dont think they are making fun of red heads, you red heads should be praising this symbol it is putting what few redheads their are in this world on the map. get a fucking life, try to work out all the HALF decent problems in this worls and stop worrying about something THE RED HEADS HAVE NO CONTROL OF….. I am a red head myself, and i just get embarressed when i see this shit, when people make fun of me its because of people like you trying to change what cant be changed. O and by the way i hate wendy’s but i hate people like you that cant accept that we have red hair and just deal with it, shit happens, stop complaining BECAUSE OF YOUR RED FUCKING HAIR!!!. Thank You.

  182. Red head here…I think this was hilarious. People need to get over themselves. I’ve read many people who are saying that this is a waste of time, and “couldn’t you put your efforts into something more productive”…I’d like you to ask yourselves the same question next time you are sitting down to watch the television. These people were doing something fun and meeting other people in the process. I can agree that not everyone sees the humor in it but maybe that’s the problem. We are so fucking critical of evrything. Mind your own business, don’t hurt anyone else and enjoy your fuckin life.

  183. Ahahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Not the prank, though that was great too, but all the morons who thought this was a real protest! How incredibly stupid! It was almost funnier than the prank itself! How could you possibly be that unaware, and have such little reading comprehension!?!?

    As for those who understood that it was improv, but still whined about it for some reason. Tut tut. You sad complainer. They did nothing illegal, and amused lots of us. What’s your major malfunction?

  184. I really am left to wonder how so many people can be offended by a simple act of comedy. Reading through this and other events IE has done has given me a great laugh, enoughso to check out local groups listed, and find one in my local city to participate in. Turns out an old high school friend leads it too. You guys do a wonderful job at questioning the status quo and keep it up.

  185. Wendy’s is delicious. My hair is red. I wear spf-30 and apply it religiously. My behind is so white I could draw a line around my waist and it’d look like tighty whities.
    The real concern is that 50 fat redheads are gonna walk to the McDonald’s across the street to stuff their pie holes with supersized double big macs. Ronald’s a clown, so no problem with the hair. Crazies!

  186. The only thing I dont understand is how you find the Wendy’s logo offensive. By your logic, bald men should be protesting Mr.Clean products and clowns should be picketing in front of McDonald’s!

    Just because there is a redhead in the Wendy’s logo doesn’t mean it’s derogitory in any way. Oh well, guess I’m just confused.

  187. I’ve never read the comments on this mission until today. Reading through makes me aware of just how many ignorant people there are out there. Ignorant, or just plain stupid. THIS WAS A JOKE PROTEST with TONGUE IN CHEEK, you fools who thought this was real.

    Funny mission.

  188. i can’t believe this! you guys have tooo much time on your hands!

    and are way out of touch with what’s going on in the world.



    don’t you know that there are diseases, wars, poverty, politicians and capitalists wreaking havoc on our planet?

    so take up a real issue! i can’t believe nobody here at IE has ever noticed the way blondes are universally and acceptably looked down upon.

    oh, i realize that blondes make up a sizeable portion of the population therefore having less visual impact being in a large group (its called being an invisible majority). but that’s all you people think about – attention, causing scenes!

    why don’t you get a life instead of just some disgusting antics

  189. This mission is like the gift that keeps on giving. Here nearly two years later, and a half later, it’s STILL reeling in people who miss the joke!

    Seriously, it’s like Christmas every week!

  190. Ha!

    I just remembered, I saw that redhead protest on the news a couple years ago. I thought it was real until I read this!

    That makes this mission doubly awesome.

  191. Oh. Dear.Lord.

    *bursts into hysterical laughter*

    I have a habit of reading through comments on videos. I have seen many, many conversations, but this… this is brilliance.

    I laugh at A.) The stuck-up humorless dipsticks who can’t understand what a “comedy troupe” is (it’s satirical humor people? A JOKE?) B.) The fact that racism wasn’t mentioned once in the actual video yet everyone’s all up in arms about it C.) The fact that people actually believed this was a serious protest.

    It may not be the most hysterical prank pulled, but it was a good idea, and I laughed, most definitely.

    PS: I think gingers are pretty freakin’ awesome.

  192. OK, so it’s a joke. But it’s a joke that uses two very serious and hotly-debated elements (racism and protests) to build its premise. Given the general failure of the Web to convey sarcasm or humor (especially in searches based on keywords) and the viral nature of the Internet where people throw links around based on cursory glances at the material, it’s not hard to see how people not only think this is real, but keep perpetuating the farce.

    Besides, one can never exaggerate the stupidity of the American public, for all estimates shall fall short of the truth. And of course, facts never get in the way of emotion in our culture.

  193. Wow. This was one day out of 365 and you’re all being hounded for not “doing something worthwhile like protesting the war or fighting hunger.” I might assume by people who waste their time posting negative comments instead of giving to worthwhile causes.

    I’m fighting in that Iraq war these non-humor-filled individuals want you to protest so I will just say, “Thank you” for giving me something to smile about.

  194. Some of these commenters are prime examples of why the world needs Improv Everywhere: they need a sense-of-humor transplant. Life must be a lot harder when you take everything seriously.

  195. You know, if Conan O’Brien had done this on his show and with a lot of the same bits (I can just picture him leading the charge), then I imagine that more people would have gotten the joke… “Uh, it’s Conan O’Brien’s show… Uh, he’s a comedian… Uh, so this probably isn’t real news… Uh, so I guess it’s just a joke… Uh, he gets paid a lot, so I guess it must be funny… OK, I’m gonna laugh.” It’s when you knock out the cultural indicators (… comedian… comedy show) that people’s stupidity is allowed to rise to the surface, hopefully only briefly and, hopefully — the moment of truth — ending in an opportunity to laugh at oneself at the moment of confronting one’s own limits and biases.

    A joke where no one tells you it’s a joke, an invitation to figure it out for yourself and find out where your own bounds of reality are, that might even be what humor is.

    Good work, I.E.

  196. This was hilarious! I’m older so my red hair has settled into a more strawberry blond colour, but I would’ve loved being part of this!
    If I’m not mistaken, I think I saw the actor who plays the cablevision technician in those funny Verizon cable tv ads there. He’s awesome!

    Go Team Ginger!

  197. Thanks for helping make America look like complete spoiled asses, when you can argue about a logo that shows me declining of a civilization because of stupidity

  198. This is absolutely the best thing ever! I’m from Australia (a redhead too) and we do Impro Melbourne which is inspired by you guys. We did a silent rave (MP3 experiment inspired) and soon we’re planning a slow motion shop. Just thought I’d say that all the scenes you cause are completely awesome.

  199. Lol, all you need now is a “Blondes Aren’t Dumb” campaign. Things like this never happen in Oklahoma.

  200. this protest is the stupidest thing ive heard in a while.
    i am a redhead and im in no way offended by wendy’s logo in fact they’re my favorite restaurant. the reason wendy’s logo is a redheaded girl in pigtails is because the founder’s grandaughter was a redheaded girl named wendy. dipshits.