Video Vault: No Pants (2002)

This week’s video vault edition brings us footage from our very first No Pants mission. It’s probably my all-time favorite piece of Improv Everywhere footage. We just got lucky that our shoddy hidden camera in a bag was pointing in the right direction. This video is an unedited raw look at the first 3 stops of the ride. (There were 7 stops total, with one pantless passenger boarding at each stop.)

(Watch larger on YouTube)

Yes, she’s reading a book called “Rape.”

And if you don’t have an official “No Pants” t-shirt yet, buy one today! We’re down to our last few and won’t be making another batch.


  1. Lol, I like how she puts the book away and holds her bag close to her from there on out.

  2. Ha. You can hear on the soundtrack some Danish tourists in the cab debating the mystery of the “underpants”. They spot them about the same time as the girl.

  3. That really is one of the best videos I’ve seen on here!! It really captures how it all unfolds, and the expressions and interest of the one woman as each new person arrives is awesome!

  4. I have that book! It’s actually called “The Rape Of Nanking” and it’s about the Japanese invasion of that city in the thirties. And yes, the look on her face is hilarious.

  5. Hey, that’s me! I’m the girl reading The Rape on Nanking.

    Your mission totally worked, because I have been telling people the story about the time I was on the subway and all these guys without pants got on for years now. And now I have video proof that it happened! And a reason, because I’ve been wondering about that…

    Do I get a free shirt or something?

  6. Kate: You looked sort of terrified till the end…the smile and shrug actually made me crack up the most.

  7. Kate got a t-shirt and a set of DVDs and was an awesome sport about it. I was so excited to finally get in touch with her, 5 years after the mission. Crazy!