Video Vault: Anton Chekov (2004)

From the vaults this week, our Anton Chekov mission from February 2004 is online for the first time ever. In it Agent Wimpy poses as Anton Chekov in a Barnes and Noble exactly 100 years after the famous Russian playwright died. (We got kicked out after about 15 minutes.) Later, we sold signed copies of The Cherry Orchard in the park.

(also available on YouTube)

edited by Andrew van Baal
shot by Dan Winckler and Alex Zalben

Read the full mission writeup for a detailed account with photos: Anton Chekov


  1. “Hey Veronica, How ya doin'” This video really brought the mission alive for me, so funny!

  2. That was great!
    The accent was completely non-authentic, and everyone just ate it up!

    I can just imagine educated friends’ response to “My boyfriend got Anton Chekov to say hello to me over the phone!”