Video Vault: Synchronized Swimming (2004)

To make up for the lack of new content around these parts lately, we’re dusting off a big pile of old school videos. All of these videos are appearing on our site for the first time ever, and unless you got your hands on one of our no-longer-available promo DVDs last year, you’ve never seen them.

The series kicks off with our ridiculous Synchronized Swimming mission from July of 2004, just a few weeks before the Athens Olympics. Enjoy!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more never-before-seen videos, including Anton Chekov and The Moebius. Be sure to sign up for our RSS feed so you’ll know as soon as we post something new.


  1. I find it hard to believe that people in NYC are so utterly humorless. As the camera pans across the crowd, maybe one person in twenty is even smiling at this silly, hilarious display in the fountain.

    If such a thing were done in Buffalo, the crowd would be laughing, clapping, cheering.

  2. i think that that was just stupid even if it was a joke. it gives a bad impression of real synchronized swimmers.

  3. I found this piece just hilarious. I must tell you that I live
    in an over 55 community and I am going to teach some of this to
    are “syncronized swimming group”. I think it’s well suited for
    us and we need one more thing to finish out our performance
    scheduled for Labor Day. The only thing that might prove dangerous
    would be the sitting and raising the legs. We have to remember
    that many of us have hip and knee replacements and it just might
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