18 thoughts on “IE DVDs

  1. If only you guys existed in Montréal… You bring happiness to the people!

    Anyways, I’m glad you finally got these out, I already ordered them and will surely watch them over and ovwer again (The Moebius! ahahaah)

  2. You guys rock. I would love to see you have a member dress in black and attempt to pick the locks of a member who lives near a busy street until the cops come. At this point the owner of the house(a member) would come out and explain that it’s fine andhe had permission. This could be highly repeatable.

  3. wow you guys are fabulous! i have been reading your missions page for a while now and i finally finished it and i am surprised over and over by the range of things you come up with. keep up the great work!! i look forward to your next missions!

  4. Sue, are you going to get this for me, for Christmas, or am I going to get it for you?

  5. I love all your ideas and can’t wait to get the DVDs (if i can). Keep this stuff up. By the way if you ever come to my state I am coming to see you guys.

  6. You guys are great. Very funny but it points out the total lack of a sense of humor in the authorities. loved the u2 roof concert. Let them play, ha ha.

  7. any chance a 2nd showing in NY???
    [I got sold out]


  8. Too Cool! I heard Charlie on Breuer Unleashed last week. You had those guys cracking up which is pretty hard to do. Nice job, keep the pranks coming!

  9. Received my DVD’s todaya nd they are great with one exception. The menus for the 2005-2006 DVD seem to be switched or something. ANyone else have this problem

  10. Quisp – that typo is on all of them. You have a sharp eye. Just know that if we ever run out of these and make more you’ll have proof that you have the original pressing!

  11. Agent Todd, Thanks for the reply. Gee, It’s almost like having the Beatles "Butcher Cover"!

  12. Would love to get my hands on a copy of your DVD! They would go nuts for it here on campus. Contact me if you guys get any more in stock.

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