Court Cases Dropped!

The judge has decided to overturn his decision in the No Pants case on account of it being April Fools Day today!

Forgive us our silliness, and thanks to everyone who expressed sincere concern. April Fools hoax aside, we always appreciate your support.

In all seriousness, this week 7 of the 8 court cases were entirely dismissed! One IE Agent overslept and missed her court appearance, so she’s been rescheduled for next month. We’re counting on hers to be dismissed as well.

Huge thanks to Special Agent Michelle Dobrawsky who represented the entire group pro bono. After her quick presentation, the judge immediately agreed that no crime had been committed.


  1. You are all quite welcome. For the record, I wore no pants to court, but a rather short skirt. Huzzah! La Revolucion lives on!

  2. >_< I fell for it. I should have known you guys(and girls) would do something for April Fools.

  3. You clever boo.

    I think we should do a pantsless protest anyway. That sounds hella fun.

    No, I did not just type hella, I swear.

  4. L O L
    I fell for it completely. Then I looked at my calendar about two hours later and realized that it being April Fool’s Day cut the chances of their imprisonment down by 98%. ARGH! But I totally agree with David, let’s protest pantsless anyway! ^_^

  5. Notice how none of the naysayers spoke up during that entire period, almost like they felt sorry for the IE peeps…
    I’d have expected them to be like “YEAH GOT WHAT YA DESERVED BEE-YATCHES” or something like that.
    I guess it’s kind of like elementary school when you get in an argument with someone and they go “your mom blah blah blah” and you’re like “dude… My mom’s dead.” And then they get all quiet and ashamed.

  6. Damn, now there’s no reason to frolic about pantsless.

    Oh, wait…YES THERE IS!

    God just communed with me and told me that pantsless is the only way. So strip down, people! No Pants 2006 means ALL YEAR ROUND!!

  7. Awwww, MO FO, I didn’t even realize it was April Fools’ Day. Muah! Good one.

  8. I like the way you guys took down all comments to the original post from people who realized it was an April Fools joke. Nice.


    martha, do i still get the poncho?
    nate, are we still going on a date even if i dont really have to serve time in the slammer?

    turn your clocks up an hour.
    Agent McCarson

  10. Sorry for being such an April Fool. I’m so happy (though not surprised at all) that these court cases were thrown out. No one broke the law, so of course no one got in trouble.

    Yes, I spent all day deleting comments from people spoiling the joke. People! If you get that it’s an April Fools, play along with it for crying out loud! Take an improv class and learn to “Yes And”!!! Don’t ruin the trick because of your need to let the world know you figured it out. Play along and make it bigger! Follow the fun!

    Anyway, hooray for the Improv Everywhere 8! Free as can be!

  11. Hooray for the No Pants 8!!! And hooray for the IE community, out of which came some pro bono legal assistance for the accused No Pantsers.

    Pants off to you, Special Agent Dobrawsky!

  12. My bad, Agent Todd, for posting a spoiler yesterday- glad to hear it was deleted.

    But seriously, how about you get “Boxer Rebellion” going for the one remaining of the I.E. 8? Everyone could show up at court in their boxers as a sign of solidarity to pantless riders everywhere!!!!!!

    Keep up the great work Agents! Hope to join in some missions over the summer.

  13. P.S. – You did have me going for about an hour before I figured it out. Seriously. Really. No, I swear you did ! Why won’t you believe me???

  14. It was great how many people were saying “I can’t believe this” as they did just that.

    Great joke. :D

  15. and here I am sitting at work with no pants on as a sign of solidarity with improveeverywhere. thanks a lot!! ;)

  16. You say “judge immediately agreed that no crime had been committed”.

    I disagree. Several crimes were committed by several of the police officers involved, starting with false imprisonment. Unfortunately, only citizens suffer penalties for crimes, even when the crimes are committed by by government agents.

  17. The judge in the case should be sent a special invitation to participate in No Pants 2007. He can always wear his robe….

  18. Yikes! I just assumed the prank on Aprils 1st went DEEPER and that everyone expressing concern was ‘fooling’ too.
    Who knew fans of IE could be as vulnerable as the man on the street? Too funny.

  19. Wow, this is all very funny. Just would like to say that I love your site, and I am amazed at all of the funny stuff you do!! ROCKKK ONNNN :-]

  20. that’s good the case got dropped, but come on, realistically the worse thing that could’ve happened from the NOV would be a small fine. "imprisonment"? Please. victory? hardly. it’s silly you got a citation in the first place – but you didn’t "stick it to the man" in any way.