Hug Patrol in Australia!

We had the idea a couple of years ago to do a fake Hug Patrol to fool the local news. This week we got an email from a woman in Australia who is a member of the real thing! She has the photos to prove it:

Hug Patrol Australia


  1. Coming back by train grom a gig at The Comedy Store (London) on Monday we were annoyed by teh announcement that First Class passengers could take their ticket to teh buffet car for afvree coffeee and snack. So my friend and I went to the First Class carriages and went round asking people if we could borrow their tickets to get drinks.

    Most people got angry, nobody lent us there ticket but one really nice guy gave us a five pound note ($8-ish) so that we could buy a drink and a snack. Great result, huh?

  2. I am a Japanese. I saw you, Charlie and your performance on Japanese TV. It is funny and fantastic. I wish I could join your party someday in near future. Thank you.

  3. it may look all cute on pictures. but when you’re just hanging around and you see a mob of people in those pants coming at you, duuuude. you run far far FAR away. then you get tackled into hugs. then the picture sits on your parents mantle for the rest of eternity. and thats when you know… its time to move the hell out.

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