The Mp3 Experiment Sixteen

photo by Arin Sang-urai

For our latest mission, thousands of people followed secret, synchronized instructions delivered via headphones in Prospect Park. The crowd of around 3,000 people surrounded the Long Meadow and on cue made a mad dash across the field. The group played some intense freeze tag, high-fived strangers, made music together with thousands of instruments, acted out movie moments, and created a human-powered light show with flashlights, glow sticks, and a variety of LED objects. The event finished with participants taking their headphones off and connecting their phones to Bluetooth speakers, creating a massive surround sound experience with 3,000 speakers. The event was a partnership with Make Music New York and the Prospect Park Alliance. This was all part of our our sixteenth annual Mp3 Experiment event.

A huge thanks to the amazing community of people that come out to be a part of this event every year. So many of you came up to us to tell us how many years you’ve been doing it, or how far you traveled to be there. We’re so proud of what a diverse, joyful celebration the Mp3 Experiment has become. As silly as the project is, it’s life-affirming to be in a crowd of strangers, all smiling, laughing, and supporting each other.

If you’re new, be sure to join our email list to be the first to hear details for next year’s event when we do it. We also have an NYC Mp3 Experiment Facebook group you can join. We support this free event by touring it to schools, festivals, and conferences around the world. If you want to hire us to stage one for your organization, get in touch.

The Mp3 Experiment is created each year by Charlie Todd and Tyler Walker. All music is by Tyler Walker.

Here is a link to the full gallery of photos taken by our photographer Arin Sang-urai, and you can find a few shots below. In order to keep our costs down and keep this event free, we did not produce a video this year. You can see videos from our past 15 years on this page. You can see photos, videos, and comments from other participants on this thread on the Facebook event.

Mission Accomplished


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We regularly tour The Mp3 Experiment around the world to places like Berlin, Germany and Adelaide, Australia and to college campuses in the US like UNC and Texas Tech. If you’re part of an organization (festival, conference, university student activities board, arts group) that is interested in commissioning an Mp3 Experiment, get in touch via our contact form.