Slow Mo Home Depot (Remastered)

Shot by: Matt Adams, George Gross, Chris Kula, Tommy Lanoie, Lauren Reeves, Jamey Shafer, Ptolemy Slocum, Charlie Todd
Photography: Chad Nicholson, Nicky Pallas

225 people shop in slow motion in a Manhattan Home Depot for five minutes and then freeze in place for five minutes, surprising and delighting the employees and customers in the store.

This is a newly remastered video of our classic 2006 project containing new footage and drastically improved video quality. Slow Mo Home Depot was the first time Improv Everywhere staged a “freeze in place” mission, and it served as the inspiration for Frozen Grand Central the following year.

This 2006 mission is the fifth in a series of remastered videos we are producing from our archives. We are going through our original tapes and updating old classics with higher quality video and audio, as well as adding additional never-before-seen footage. Due to file size restrictions in the early days of YouTube, many of these videos have only been seen in extremely low 240p quality. The remastered Slow Mo Home Depot video dramatically improves the video quality and removes the previously used copyrighted music, allowing the video to be seen in some countries for the first time. The original mission report is still online for your reading pleasure.

Look for more remastered videos in the future, and stay tuned for our regular schedule of brand new missions throughout the year.

slow mo home depot crowd

home depot slow motion shopping prank