Reverse Times Square

Video edited by: Cameron Sun
Shot by: Matt Adams, Alan Aisenberg, Denis Cardineau, Andrew Soltys, Cameron Sun

Over 2,000 people move backwards through Times Square, making it look like time is going in reverse to unsuspecting tourists and New Yorkers. Participants met in Bryant Park to receive instructions and synchronize their watches before heading over to Times Square and blending in with the crowd. At exactly 3:15 PM, participants began moving backwards for exactly five minutes.

This project is in the tradition of previous Improv Everywhere missions Frozen Grand Central, The Mute Button, and Slo-mo Home Depot.

UPDATE: There is a very important update to this project that you should read after you’ve seen the video.



Normally we have lots of photos of our mission posted on these reports, but it’s impossible to take a photo of someone going backwards! So we didn’t have any photographers on board for this one. I think the video tells the story really well. Watch and enjoy!

Mission Accomplished.


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