Best Gig Ever on

“A group calling itself Improv Everywhere has successfully put P.T. Barnum’s thesis about a sucker being born every minute to the test on a group of musicians — which would strike us as being akin to shooting fish in a barrel, were the results not so funny. The New York pranksters got it into their heads to invade a show by a totally unknown band en masse, but not to heckle or toss entrails; instead, they went to great pains to make the members of Vermont’s Ghosts of Pasha believe they were superstars, complete with fans willing to learn every lyric and even get tattoos of the band’s name. The whole shebang is chronicled on the Web site — complete with responses from the hoodwinked combo, which go along the lines of, “We rocked the place that night and you know it.” Fred Durst couldn’t have said it better.”

(Posted Nov 12, 2004)