Global No Pants Subway Ride 2013

NOTE: This post is for last year. 2014 details are here.

As in years past, there are No Pants Subway Rides happening in dozens of cities around the world on January 13, the same day as our annual event in New York. Below find a list of participating cities with links to Facebook events. If you do not see your city and want to organize a ride, you can register your city by filling out this form. If you are a member of the media interested in covering this event, please see our press information page.

Cities participating in the global No Pants Subway Ride:

- Adelaide
- Amsterdam
- Ann Arbor
- Århus
- Atlanta
- Austin
- Bangkok
- Barcelona
- Berlin
- Boston
- Brisbane
- Buenos Aires
- Calgary
- Chicago
- Charlotte
- Cleveland
- Cologne
- Copenhagen
- Dallas
- Edmonton
- Gelsenkirchen
- Hamburg
- Hong Kong
- Jerusalem
- Kaohsiung, Taiwan
- Lisbon
- London
- Los Angeles
- Madrid
- Manchester
- Melbourne
- Mexico City
- Milan
- Minneapolis
- Montreal
- Munich
- New Orleans
- New York
- Paris
- Philadephia
- Phoenix
- Portland
- Prague
- Rio de Janeiro
- Rome
- San Diego
- San Francisco
- Santiago
- Santo Domingo
- São Paulo
- Seattle
- Shanghai
- Sofia, Bulgaria
- St. Louis
- Stockholm
- Sydney
- Toronto
- Toulouse
- Valencia
- Vancouver
- Warsaw
- Washington, DC
- Zürich

If you participate in a regional ride and use twitter, tag your posts with #NPSR and @ImprovEvery so everyone can follow along with other cities throughout the day.

No Pants Subway Ride 2011



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4 Responses to Global No Pants Subway Ride 2013

  1. Rammi says:

    Seeing my face here never gets old. :P

  2. On Sunday here in Hamburg it becomes with 26,6 F a little bit coolly. And this year are all stations outside.

    But: No Pain No Gain!! :-)

  3. Oscar says:

    Washington, DC is spoiled this year. The forecast says we’ll be at 66 degrees! We’ll have to be creative to get some clothes on ourselves without overheating or looking like we’re going to the swimming pool via subway!