Thank You – Invisible Dogs

Thanks to the over 2,000 people who participated in today’s mission in Brooklyn. If you were there, please leave an Agent Report in the comments. I know there are thousands of funny stories waiting to be told. Also leave links to any photos you might have taken. We will be posting photos from our official photographers later today, and we hope to have our video up in a week or so.

Agent Nicholson’s Photos
Agent Sokoler’s Photos

For those of you who were not there– we passed out over 2,000 “invisible dog” leashes and had everyone go for a nice Sunday walk in Brooklyn. If you were anywhere within a one mile radius of the Bergen St. stop in Cobble Hill today, you would have seen all types of folks very seriously walking their very silly dogs.

The invisible dog toy was invented in the 1970s in the Brooklyn factory that served as our meeting point today. No Longer Empty and The Invisible Dog art space were nice enough to loan us the vintage dogs for an afternoon of fun.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!



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266 Responses to Thank You – Invisible Dogs

  1. Agent Bujalski says:

    Just a little conversation I’d like to share about the event –

    Old Man: Where’d ya get one of those things?

    Me: One of what?

    Old Man: Those!

    Me: A dog?

    Old Man: No the leash!

    Me: Oh, at a pet store.

    Old Man: No I mean the whole thing…the fake dog!

    Me: How rude! My dog is the genuine article. 100% purebred!

    Old Man: Oh I’m so very sorry.

  2. Lorna says:

    My answer to that question today was “I got her at the pound.”

    • Lorna says:

      I miss my dog. My favorite was a lady explaining it to her child. She said…. “Yes hon, that is an invisible dog, a very rare breed. lol

      Tried to buy a treat for my invisible dog at a pet store and the guy wouldn’t let us in. He was a pooper.

      At the Barnes & Noble the lady guard asked me what “that” was. I said “My dog”. She advised me in the kindest way that I had to leave the second floor because dogs were not allowed up there because of the cafĂ©. lol

      • Lorna says:

        Another moment was in the Trader Joes. We were on line and a lady and her son were behind us. (we had 2 maltipoos, Jessica Simpson dog. Her dog was killed recently by a cyote) This boy just got so involved with the dogs. He would pet the dogs and just yell “…but I don’t feel anything!”

        Cool thing was watching people step around our dogs when they went up to a shelf to get something.

        We got our dogs early and really explored far and wide.

        Thank you IE; one of the best yet!

  3. Ahmed says:

    I can’t wait to watch it on youtube. How long it will take you to upload it there ?

  4. Agent Cuevas says:

    Many conversations went like this:

    -Can you tell me what you’re doing?
    -I’m taking a walk.
    -Can I ask you why, what this is for?
    -It stopped raining, so I thought it would be nice to take a walk.

    Some people even asked to pet my dog, Max!

    I especially liked when actual dogs tried to interact with Max.

    It was certainly sad to say goodbye to him after our nice walk around Brooklyn.

    • Agent Kevin says:

      I named my dog Max too! Got lot’s of little kids to pet him.

    • Danny says:

      Same response from me.
      Whenever anyone asked I said “well, its been raining a lot the past couple of days so the dogs had to get out. I guess everyone decided to go out at the same time.”

      One lady told me that she will pray for me in church today. Barely held in my laughter.

      Great event, cant wait for the video!

  5. Agent Alex says:

    What a great event! I was the one in the black blazer and gray slacks. Can’t wait to see all the pics/video

  6. We walked around for a bit and allowed our dogs to relieve themselves on the trees for awhile before the cops pulled up alongside us. I couldn’t believe we were getting busted for walking invisible dogs. As it turns out, the cop just wanted to know where we got “those”. Taking advantage of this vague phrasing, we deftly replied that we had got them at the pet store back in New Jersey. Where else would one get a dog? Silly, silly policeman.

    After a while, I allowed my dog to defecate on the sidewalk and cleaned up after him with a ziploc bag.

    My dog changed personalities several times over the course of the day. Disco was at first kind of jumpy and darty, then quite aggressive, charging at other dogs before I could hold him back (he was very strong for a Maltese). After a while, he became a bit friendlier, tending to trail along behind other dogs before I could say “Okay, Disco, come on” and pull him away.

    I encountered three types of people over the course of the day: those who were entertained but confused, those who tried to ignore it all, and those who seemed genuinely annoyed. Overall, though, a fun day.

    I just wish I could’ve kept the dog.

  7. Augusto says:

    conversation with two burly men as I stood outside a store:

    “What’s with this?”

    “I’m just waiting for a friend”

    “no what’s with the dog?”

    “oh they don’t allow dogs in the store”

    “I don’t understand”

  8. Julien says:

    the face people were making when they would see one, and then another was priceless.

    2 girls in a car asked me if it was a boy or a girl, and told me they liked its hair style… I might end up buying one of these dogs to get the girls : )

    fun time overall, can’t wait to do the next one!

  9. Agent Seto says:

    Tactic: When asked “Whats going on?” Answer: “Well I’m walking my dog. If they keep asking, Answer: “Well… you see…” And run away as if your dog is pulling you away.

    Four of us were walking through one of the projects and a cop looked at us quizzically as we walked toward him. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Before he could ask us the inevitable “whats going on” I asked him, “Officer, do you know which way the train is?” He clearly wanted to ask about the leashes, but replied “I think it’s that way…” We started to walk away and he said “I hope you pick up after your dogs!” which we replied, “Of course, We wouldnt want a ticket!”

  10. Agent Sherman says:

    I walked my dog Jabberwock around, we got lunch at a cafe and went in a couple stores (and didn’t get thrown out! They have very lax dog policies.)

    We very nearly caused an accident when a woman slammed on her brakes to lean out her minivan window and ask us what we were doing, and both and SUV and a bus almost rammed into her.

    The best was when people would comment on how adorable Jabberwock was, or let their (visible) dogs play with him. All in all, a very pleasant afternoon.

  11. Agent Hasin says:

    Thanks for this great event. The funniest part was this little boy kid who was counting all the invisible dogs. I herd him say like 137, 139 dogs then after like after half hour I saw him again and he was still counting. The conversations were funny, some people were like are you guys crazy and only one lady asked if it was a Improv Everywhere mission, i was like idk what are you talking about. A great afternoon indeed.

  12. Ryan says:

    As with previous missions I’ve participated in, many passersby assumed we were either promoting something or protesting something, but they were befuddled when they couldn’t get a reasonable explanation. I heard a lot of “Okay, but why are you guys REALLY doing this?” Because dogs need exercise!

  13. Rebecca says:

    People’s reactions were pretty amusing, except for one girl who was yelling. She informed me that I was “walking air” and then asked me if I knew what air was. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Other people were good sports about the dog walking though.

    • Angela says:

      I think my sister and I ran into the same girl. She was really upset and then started beating my dog with her umbrella. Her friend was trying to calm her down. Couldn’t have been more than 14/15 years old!

    • Sarah says:

      I ran into her too! She kept going on and on about how stupid this was and I was just like relax sweetie, we’re all just walking our dogs.

    • Kurt says:

      I ran into that one too. She tried to kick my dog.

    • Kate says:

      She kicked my poor little fifi!

      • Andrew says:

        I met those two girls and they screamed, yelled and attacked my dog with her umbrella!! I was just sitting in the the park (which I was informed later that dogs were not allowed in the park, very politely may I add) and after the ran off swearing their 13 year old heads off, I got into a conversation with a nice man who ranted on about how the world is falling apart and how kids like that will end up killing someone, or in jail! He never commented once on my dog Rocko, a mutt who looked like a dingo! Thanks IE! I had a great time in NY while on my trip from Toronto, Canada.

  14. Erica says:

    One cafe caught on really quickly and wrote all over its chalkboard “invisible dog friendly.” Very fun day!

  15. Agent Kevin says:

    My favorite moment from today (I had several!) Was when one guy tried to convince me that my dog had bitten him, he wanted my my name and phone number so he could start a lawsuit. I very calmly pointed out the muzzle my dog was wearing and kept walking.

    Also lot’s of children asked to pet him, a guy asked me about the breed, and when asked why everyone was walking around with them I replied that it was Sunday and a lot of people had free time for their pets.

  16. Agent Hasin says:

    There was this lady who asked if it was some kind of dog handling training? I was like no its just me and my dog.

  17. Agent J says:

    I was among the first to arrive at the warehouse. My two friends and I were perplexed. We saw a pile of long fabric covered rods but couldn’t make out what they were. Then somebody picked one up and everyone who saw started cheering and giggling. After we were given our leashes, (Charlie Todd himself handed me my leash!), we walked out onto the streets of Brooklyn, ready to have a nice stroll. Almost immediately, we saw people staring at us. Cars stopped and rolled down their windows to ask us what was going on. “We are just walking our dogs!” After a few encounters, we decided to throw the joke back onto the innocent street walkers of Brooklyn. “You know, everyone in Brooklyn has been making fun of our dogs. Its just rude!” Then I decided to take it a step further.
    I walked into one of those tacky gift shops and grabbed a pair of boring looking sunglasses. I put them on and began to wander around like the dog was leading me. That’s right, I was a blind man with an invisible seeing eye dog. The owner of the gallery/art spaced cackled at the sight of my bit and I was getting everything from compliments to hate speak to really funny looks.
    As a result, I am not putting my name. I don’t like hate mail.
    All in all, the day was entertaining and I hope to do more missions soon.

    • Socrates says:

      oh dude you where awesome lol haha (if you where the only blind man with invisible dog) then i saw you lol I almost went out of character when i saw you could hardly keep from laughing lol that was great!

  18. Angela says:

    My sister and I had so much fun….this one guy and a girl in his car pulled over and when I wouldn’t tell him what it really was for, he just kept laughing hysterically.

    Saw the “Invisible Dog Friendly” sign as well as more and more water and treat bowls being set outside stores.

    Also ran accross a couple of mom’s that got really frustrated that we wouldn’t tell them what it was for and mumbled something about “a lot of crazy people in Brooklyn today” to her kids as they walked away.

    What a fun day!!!

  19. Sev says:

    The best moments, of course, were visible/invisible dog interactions. There was a LOT of crowd participation- I saw the woman mentioned above lean out her car, ask what’s up, and gamely caution us to pick up after our dogs.

    There were a lot of false guesses as to the “purpose” of what we were doing. People asked me where I got my dog, and I’d mention the animal shelter. They’d nod knowingly, as though they’d figured out my angle. Others assumed it was “some art thing” from DUMBO.

    Court St. was packed, but wandering into less dog-dense areas proved rewarding. A few other agents shared a great moment with me- a cat was peeking out of an apartment window! Fortunately, my dog was very well-behaved. Thanks, IE.