No Pants 2k8 NYC Reports

This afternoon we had around 900 participants in the 7th Annual No Pants Subway Ride. The crowd was so large that we spread out over three subway lines, using the 6 (per tradition), R, and 2 trains. The NYPD was there to escort us just like last year, and they were extremely nice. Everyone ended up together in Union Square for a giant above-ground pantless gathering in the nice 50 degree warmth. If you were there, please take a few moments to leave an agent report in the comments. With 900 riders, I’m sure there are 900 different stories. We will be using this page to compile links to photos and video as it becomes available, and sometime in the next few days we’ll create an official mission report. (See the post below this for coverage of the 9 No Pants rides that took place in other cities across the world.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate! If this was your first event, make sure you are on the NY Agents mailing list so you’ll find out about upcoming missions.

Here are two teaser photos from Chad Nicholson:

no pants

the crowd



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  1. Craig says:

    My girlfriend, friend Jess and I all rode the 6 train and had an awesome time…the only downside was that those subway ‘strippers’ that got kinda sorta famous on the internet a month ago must have caught wind of the event, and they came onto our car, took their clothes off and started pole dancing…then they tried to sell their pants to us. It kinda took the event from being a fun thing and made it something sexual, which a lot of the pants-wearing riders on the car took offense to (understandably so) and took away from the event.

    Overall though, it was very fun, and I had a ton of people asking me why I wasn’t wearing pants, including a group of French tourists who asked me if today was No Pants Day in America.

    I said ‘why do you ask?’ and she said ‘you’re not wearing pants!’

    I replied ‘Yeah, I know, it’s pretty warm out today so I didn’t wear em.’

    She asked ‘Oh yeah? And EVERYBODY else decided not to wear pants too?’

    I looked around and said ‘I don’t know why any of those weirdos aren’t wearing pants…sorry.’

    After the ride back downtown was over, a bunch of us went pantsless to Hearland Brewery, where we had some food and beers and persuaded a bunch more people to take off their pants. See you next year!

  2. Chris Scott says:

    Greeting my brothers and sisters who liberated their minds and bodies. I’m the guy in the knee high socks from the 6 train aka Sparta (6th car where you at !!!!) Anyway after warming up with a light work out on the platform(some lunges,squats and a toe touch or two) this one kid in a jets jersey wouldn’t leave me alone and kept asking about what we were there for. so we ride and lovely pants less people get on. So he’s really excited at this point and is having a good time. So he decides to sit down. Big mistake while having a conversation with those around me I start doing lunges and squats in front of him. Then I put my leg up on the seat and lean over him talking more. he got up and left quickly. The train ride back was epic i have never seen such a crowded train in my life.

    Anyway union square was awesome we took a jog around the park i even convinced a guy to take off his pants. i was trying to get more converts but they were shy. I did however help liberate one of those non-believers passing out propaganda. Take that to your clothed god.

    It felt so good and free that i just took the train home without my pants and i wasn’t harassed i even ran into one of the photographers(kate i believe) on the L.

    Good times.

    If you wanna hit me up , get something coordinated, hang out or just want to know where to get amazing knee high socks like mine feel free to add me to face book or myspace(

    Chris Scott(Brooklyn college)

    6 train 6 car WE ARE SPARTANS!!!!

  3. Eric says:

    My favorite comment was uttered when an Agent offered his seat to an elderly lady passenger, whose only response was, “You want me to sit there now? That’s fucked up!”

  4. Cleo says:

    It was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t convince any of my friends to come along since they were all doing work, so I used my procrastination time wisely. I was a little bit worried about being alone but it was completely fine and everyone was so happy to be doing this. I did the 2/3 to the nqrw line and was train #4. Walking through times square was so excellent, because there are considerably much more people in times square to gawk than there are in one subway car. At Union Square one woman asked me why people were taking off their pants (mine were on by that point), and I told her, “I have no idea why they all took their pants off. I coulnd’t find mine earlier, but I just found them in my bag so I put them back on”.

  5. Charlie Todd says:

    Apparently The Today Show talked about us this morning. If anyone has it on tape or can find it online, let me know.

  6. David AGuasca says:

    My friend Jessi and I rode on the 2 and 3 line, car 9.

    The best part of the evening was emerging on Union Square only to find there was a Farmer’s Market in session. The only logical course of action was to buy apple cider and donuts, and browse the wares of the vendors…in our underwear.

  7. Ryan says:

    This was my second improveverywhere event but my first No Pants Day, which was pretty succesful. Alone and without any companions I soon met a number of extremely friendly, soon to be pantsless trainriders. I was on the 6 line, (Car 1) and it was hilarious once traffic picked up. Most of the people that participated were pretty silent and didn’t laugh, although we all smiled maliciously during the first few depants-ings at the first few stops. One man didnt realize that pants were missing until a few stops after he got on. I watched him look up for a moment and after being startled, immediately began to investigate other people’s legs for pants. A look of incredulity swept his face. But when he looked into my eyes I could only shrug back.

  8. Agent Drowsy Noodle, Ph.D. says:

    Here’s the link to the today show clip.

    -Quote of the day, “This is a joke. There are hidden cameras here somewhere.”

  9. R Train Cycle Guy says:

    That was a great time. I was group zero on the R train. It was fun being the last set off on our zero group having people on the train catch up to what was going on and the N train passengers afterwards snapping pictures from inside the train at us.

    The weirdest thing I experienced though was some old guy with a really, really weird pumpkin sculpture made out of foam core that had a creepy horror flick face carved into it. Halloween was over…and they called us pantless folks weird. The old pumpkin dude kept looking around for hidden cameras too.

    Everything was all very matter a facty and then on the way back a group of us started a talk on Palaniuk stories, then bicycles, then I don’t know what.

    No Pants Twister, wooo!!!

  10. Charlie Todd says:

    Thanks for the Today Show link! I embedded it in the post below this one for regional reports.

  11. Nadi says:

    That. Was. Awesome! :) First year doing it, dragged my boyfriend along with me. We got the red line yay!! CAR #5 YEA! So yea. I was in the group that took off their pants at the 2nd stop (between Chambers and Franklin). There were these two girls sitting next to me, eyeballing me and muttering because I had started unlacing and unbuttoning. When I pulled off my pants, they started laughing really loudly, and kept pointing out the window even after we got off.

    We got on the next 2 train, and one guy was trying to find out what was going on. “Oh just forgot my pants.” Another poor guy, sitting directly in front of where I was standing, refused to open his eyes. And when we were getting off at Times Square, he was too, and he shoved me away!

    Walking through the Times Square station was very funny….so many people wondering what the hell was going on! Some of us were randomly dancing to the band playing there. And you can’t forget the guys calling out “hey beautiful!” and “theres a lotta pussy coming this way!”

    The best part had to be when we were all at Union Square. We got more people to take off their pants! The people I was with decided to extend the No Pants 2K8 so we all ended up at Virgin. We went into Staples next, hoping to find some pants. One of the workers offered to give us his pants for money though.

    Barnes & Noble was fun too…the poor people at the Starbucks register! They kept messing up the orders and stuttering. And then eventually one of the guys were like “so nobody’s wearing any sexy underwear…?” to which my boyfriend responded with “excuse me sir, I am offended, my underwear is sexy!”
    Anyways. We sat around where everyone was trying to study, eating our food and talking for a bit, getting to know each other. It was a good day!
    And insanely fun.

    P.S. Does anyone happen to know who that guy in the trench coat was….He followed us the whole time all the way to Union Square and never took off his pants…. o_O

  12. Spidey says:

    After hearing about Improv Everywhere from a web comic I read religiously ( by Greg Dean) I checked out the site. Amazed by how many other New Yorkers were as fun-loving (and nuts) as I think I am… I had to come out and join the fun.

    After breaking into our major group (2/3 line… Yay transfer!) I was accidentally volunteered to become group leader “2” by accepting the paper number. I tried to give it away, but no one would take it.

    After we were briefed, we headed out after the “1”s in search of the the uptown 2/3 line. We did, in fact, find it eventually.

    There was a little confusion on the platform as to whether we were suppose to board the first train or the next one, as well as a minor slip up as to where the train cars would line up. Twas my fault we were not exactly were we should have been but I believe we were close enough.

    There was a bit of giggling and a little staring as people started to remove their pants and leave the train. The guy behind me was trying to be straight faced about it, while his girlfriend ranged from giggling (at first) to full out hysterical laughter by the time I unexpectedly joined my compatriots out the door.

    We waited patiently on the platform for the next train to come. As the train entered the station the motorman had a HUGE grin on her face and I heard her asking out the window when the train stopped “I just have to know, what are you guys doing? Where are all of you coming from?”

    The transfer at 42nd was fun. Most of the people walking through times square station were without pants, and a lot of us took a short-cut through a band’s crowd. There were a few cat-calls but mostly there was a mixture of disbelief and quite a few outright laughs.

    A little more confusion came on th downtown N/R platform where no on was quite sure whether we were suppose to take the first train or wait for the second. I followed the vast majority of pant-less people onto the first train. As the train was laving the station, I did see other pant-less people still on the platform so when we de-boarded (is that a word?) the train at 14th, I stuck around on the platform with a few others, so the stragglers wouldn’t be alone when they left the train.

    We exited the subway system and grabbed some hot cider from one of the stands at a conveniently placed farmers market. Then followed the flow of bare legs to the south side of the park where a mass of half naked people were trying to convert strangers. A group of us broke off and paraded down to the Stand for burgers and beer. We quickly outnumbered the pant wearing customers and had no problems with the staff. We shared our individual experiences but alas! I had to leave early and head home to prepare for work. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures/video posted, as well as for the next event.


  13. Matthew says:

    I was group 1 on the 2/3. We had this elderly black lady get really uptight, when the first couple of girls started taking off their pants. She started yelling at them, shouting “What are you, crazy?!” Then after they got off the stop, she followed them, and started yelling stuff like “There’s children who can see this!”, etc, etc.

    So, the next stop was my turn, so I got up, she graciously took my seat… and then I started depantsing in front of her. :)

  14. ELB says:

    My first Improv Everywhere mission (something always came up for the past two or three years).I wa staken back by the huge pre-game meeting and found myself in the Red line, First Car group.
    I was afraid of the number of people doing it would take away any reactions, but I was pleasantly surprised.
    The first stop for the first person to “strip down” brought commotion right away, as a woman nearby became flustered and take to the side by what one of the agents did. This brought about her complaining that “It’s illegal. You can’t strip here! What do you think you’re doing?!” She ended up pacing back and forth stirring up the event. When the doors opened for the next stop she was quickly out and jumping onto the conductor about the “stripping on the train.” The conductor couldn’t say much, and she ended up getting back on or else she would have waited with the first agent who had already dropped.
    by the time the train reached my pant-less stop (23rd street), She had struck up a conversation with another commuter. This man however(not related to I.E. as far as I could tell) try to open the kvetching woman’s mind by defending us no-pants-riders. “It must be for something,” he told the woman, “Everything is for a reason. There must be a message behind it, look at the civil rights movement. People are always trying to say something. They’re probably fighting for a right.” The woman responded, “Well, two wrongs don’t make a right! This is not justifiable!”
    I give must respect for that woman (and the man) for speaking her mind, even if she was over the top.

    When the second two train came rubbling down the tracks, I could see the conductor enjoying what his sights. As he passed by me he was laughing and smiling, and eventually pulled down his window to begin to speak, but the screeching wheels and breaks were to loud for me to hear. All I could do was just smile back and nodded. I was glad someone was really enjoying himself. It would have been nice if he got on the P.A. and gave us a little joke(always wanted to work for the MTA just to do that). Either way things felt better and better.

    On the ride downtown, another woman began to talk a few younger ones who were smiling and giggling at us. The older woman said “Oh wait! I know what this is, it’s, it’s something people do every saturday, every now and again.” I guess she had us there, we do this every Saturday once in a while… annually.
    Cute reactions, wish I could have caught more of people’s facial reactions, or started a conversation. Not many people wanted to ask us why, just shrugged it off, or flipped their lids… a little. The group of ladies didn’t bother to comment after I asked them where the Union Square stop is. Oh well, next year maybe.
    Thanks to all those who helped with forming this amazingly tremendous sized stunt. (900+ Wow. Wasn’t last year a few hundred?)
    Hope to take part in future stunts.

  15. Agent Y-bot says:

    I can proudly say, at 15 years old, I was the youngest participant. The fun started when I saw the only veteran in our group depantsed. I didn’t even see him undoing them! That’s how good he was. A bunch of people took off their pants and said “What is going on?” I just shrugged and waited for the doors to close. Then me and my friend Agent DeeDs took our pants off. “Oh my God!” “Only in New York…” I couldn’t believe they said it! The famous quote!

    We left the train and I had a nice chat with a man with a pink DS. I showed my DS so he knew we were brethren in gaming. We got on a another subway and chatted the whole time about the R.O.B., Zelda, and Smash Bros. Brawl. Then we got off for another train. We waited a while until a train for coney island came. One of the agents went in and nobody else. He luckily got out before it left. That would’ve been awkward. We got on the next train to Union Square and there was a slow dispersing of people. Me and Agent DeeDs got our picture taken with tourists, we reviewed the day. It was pretty fun. Then we asked directions to go to Grand Central from the veteran of our group. We got on the 4 train with no pants. The man next to us asked what was going on. We said we didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he pointed out our lack of pants. We said we forgot our pants. He said “Wow. And I thought I was crazy.” He also commented that he had seen a couple of girls with no pants on too.

    We got to Grand Central and bought a mamba and sugar babies because we were starving. Then the veteran came in the shop (already changed back into pants) and congratulated us for staying in character. Also, the shopkeeper didn’t seem to notice that we had no pants on! We left and looked for a bathroom to change in. We asked directions and got a couple of stares, but no trouble. We checked for the bathroom at every turn because we got very vague directions. Then we saw a couple of soldiers through a hallway. We did a 180 and I said “Nope nope nope nope nope…” We found the bathroom in the food court downstairs and changed back. As one said a year or two ago, it felt weird to have pants on again…

  16. Manoo Srirangarajan says:

    There was once a little boy,
    with legs so skinny they made him shy.
    He never undressed in front of mirrors,
    the mere site of his hairy legs gave him the tremors.

    He grew up eventually.
    Met a great woman he intended to marry.
    She loved him dearly, for all that made him the way he was.
    Yet she could never understand his phobia of mirrors and legs in just them socks.

    Sher decided to change his ways.
    Make him a man unafraid to walk around naked and not care.
    Yanked he was to the subway fest.
    Dropped were his pants in public in jest.

    He closed his eyes for half the ride.
    Sweating and fretting, he thought he’d died.
    He opened his eyes for a brief moment.
    only to see laughing faces and approving glances.

    He no longer hates his hairy legs.
    nudity is now his favorite pet.


    PS: I rode the R train in the laast bogey. I loved every moment of it. especially when this lady called us all ‘Sick Fcuks’. Will do this every year. Maybe even staart a chaapter back home in India. Thanks !!

  17. Agent Y-bot says:

    Spidey, I found Improv Everywhere through Reallifecomics!

  18. Peter says:

    Am I the first to post from the red line?

    Awesome time. My jaw still hurts from clenching it. I was #9 on the red line, my friends and I grouped up with two women and a man, and from there hilarity ensued. The 3 train-car I was in was without a doubt the most black-populated car anywhere today. They took out their cameras and started snapping without hesitation, the shutters sounded like a garden sprinkler.

  19. sir jorge says:

    i wish i was nyc for this

  20. Agent Addie says:

    This was my third Improv Everywhere Experiment but my first No Pants Mission. I had a Blast! I convinced my friend to join me and we had a Blast! We were on the 3 train (Group 0) and the transfer through 42nd street. The staggerd depanting was great because as more an more people took of their pants. The looks on the faces of other passengers went from confusion, to annoyance to disbelief.
    Walking past all the people at 42nd street was crazy. It was hard not to laugh as guys yelled at us and tourists gawked.
    Once we got to union square a few people asked us, “What’s going on?”,
    “What cause is this for?”, and one person even asked, “Is this for a movie?”
    My Friend and I just answered,
    “I forgot my pants.”
    When we were in the center of the square, we both convinced two guys to take off their pants.
    It was great!