Here are the full details for The Mp3 Experiment taking place on Friday, August 28 at Denison University.

Date: August 28
Location: Slayter Union 3rd Floor
Time: The event beings at 10:00 PM. We’ll start the mp3 at 10:15 so don’t be late!

Full instructions below:

1. Download the Mp3: DOWNLOAD (Right click and save the link. If you just click on the link it will start playing in your browser. Spoilers!)

Note: The filename for the track is “mp3_experiment_denison.mp3″ and the album, artist, and track name will be “Mp3 Experiment Denison.”

iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) can also download the mp3 directly to their device via podcast. (Download “The Mp3 Experiment Denison.”)

2. Load the track onto your mobile device (iPhone, etc.)

3. Do not listen to the track.

4. Arrive at Slayter Union 3rd Floor by 10 PM. We will press play together promptly at 10:15 PM!

Frequently Asked Questions

Say what now?

If you’ve never heard of The Mp3 Experiment, check out our coverage of the past ten years. In addition to The Mp3 Experiment, Improv Everywhere organizes hilarious participatory public projects year round. Check out the rest of this site to see our work!

Can I use my iPhone/Android phone?

Yes, but if you use an phone, be sure to put it in airplane mode so you don’t get interrupted by a call.

Should I listen to the track beforehand?


Can I listen to the track beforehand?

You really shouldn’t. Sure, there’s nothing we can do to stop you, but to really get the full experience of the event, you shouldn’t listen to it. It will spoil most of the fun. We know it’s hard to resist. Be strong.

What if I get to the event late?

Ask another participant to see what time they are in their track and try to sync up! Also, don’t be late.

What if I don’t press play at exactly the right time?

If you can tell you are significantly off, feel free to glance at a neighbor’s device and try to sync back up to the correct time. You’ll have more fun if you’re more in sync.