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  • Ballroom Crosswalk

    Ballroom Crosswalk

    Pedestrians in a busy New York city crosswalk suddenly begin ballroom dancing. More

  • unexpected ballet

    Unexpected Ballet

    Professional ballet performers go undercover as break dancers in Washington Square Park. More

  • Groundskeeper Acrobats

    Groundskeeper Acrobats

    It’s a normal day at Bryant Park, until the groundskeepers start doing flips. More

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    Pizza Party Train

    Surprise Pizza Delivery to a Random Subway Car! More

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    April Fools Past

    We’re taking a break from April Fools this year for a few reasons. The main reason is that the space has gotten so crowded; every brand in the world releases an April Fools video now. It’s near impossible to actually fool anyone online like it once was. Also, it’s my wife’s birthday, and it’s nice […] More

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    Beer! The Musical!

    A musical breaks out in a beer hall, much to the surprise of the bar patrons. More

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    Improv Everywhere Channel Trailer

    Check out the trailer we created for our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe! And to get involved with Improv Everywhere, join our email list! TRAILER CREDITS: Created and Directed by Charlie Todd Produced by Deverge Music by Tyler Walker Edited by Ilya Smelansky More

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    No Pants Subway Ride 2015

    New Yorkers ride the subway without pants in freezing cold weather in our annual event! More

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    No Pants Subway Ride 2015 New York Reports

    UPDATE: Here’s the official 2015 video! (View on YouTube) | Subscribe to us on YouTube Photo by Arin Sang-urai The 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride took place today in New York in chilly 32 degree weather. Over 4,000 riders met at meeting points spread out all over the city and converged on Union Square. […] More

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