“We Cause Scenes” Now Streaming on Netflix


“We Cause Scenes,” the feature-length documentary about Improv Everywhere, is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it tonight! And please, even if you’re already seen it, help us out by adding it to your queue and rating it 5 stars. Help spread the word! We want as many people as possible to watch our story.

Watch the film on Netflix

The film is only on Netflix in the US, Canada, and UK at the moment; if you live outside of those countries or aren’t a Netflix member, you can still download the film for $5 on wecausescenes.com.

If you’ve arrived here because you’ve just seen the film, welcome! All of the projects featured in the film are on our missions page. The best way to stay in touch with us is to join our email list. We only send out emails when we have a new video out or need participants for an upcoming event.