Mp3 Experiment Ten – Thanks!

9287257133_a6dd6e1f70_z Photo by David Bledsoe

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to The Mp3 Experiment Ten today! Please use the comments section of this page to describe your personal experience.

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Here are photos from our official photographers:
Arin Sang-urai’s photos (3 PM and 7 PM)
Ari Scott’s photos (7 PM edition)
David Bledsoe’s photos (7 PM edition)
Andrew Bisdale’s photos (7 PM edition)

As always, all of today’s music was created by our composer Tyler Walker. Check out his site to download free songs from today’s mp3! This event was produced in partnership with the River to River Festival.

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Here’s the video from last year:


  1. Both of the Senior Quotes that we picked up at the end contained profanity. This disappointed my 10 year old, who was participating with me. Classy job, guys. Otherwise, a fun time.

    • Yes, one of the 3 Quotes we picked up contained profanity, which is disappointing. Otherwise, boy was this fun!

      • I picked up 4, and none of them contained profanity. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, “Just get up and dance”, etc. I was at the 3 pm, so maybe it was a different demographic.

    • Npt surprised, but hey what can you do…My friend got one which made us laugh “I Came I Saw I Complained” typed in bold face” loved it.

    • Being delayed is something that happens to me every year (four years). I have an app that syncs my phone to accurate time. At the beginning of the recording, I can see that most people are at about the same time, maybe some are a few seconds ahead. As time goes by, I notice that the crowd is doing things 5 to 10 seconds before I hear the instruction, so I decide to fast-forward to not be too far behind. I usually fast-forward a few seconds at a time, and this might happen a few times during the experiment.

      My guess is that everybody else is doing the same thing — you see some people are doing something before you, so you decide to fast-forward. Then other people notice you doing something early. It becomes an arms race to fast-forward to keep up with the crowd.

      Does anybody use radio anymore? If we all tune in to the same broadcast, we can eliminate this.

  2. I went down there at 7. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve had a fun experience — the iOS app crashed less than 2 minutes in, and when I reopened it, I was told the experiment had ended and I was unable to resume playback. By the time I found my friend to share the earbuds with her (though they fell out every few minutes), I’d missed almost half of it — and then found that it was too crowded to actually follow most of the instructions :-(

  3. It was a blast! We had a great time crawling on the ground, taking a nap, blowing bubbles, and waving to Steve. I especially enjoyed how the person I ended up copying, who had a long line of people behind him, never realized we were doing it. Even though he seemed to notice others being copied, he never thought he would be.

  4. I had a great time! It was hot but the energy and breeze off the pier made us feel cool. We were there with our 1-year old in his stroller, and I appreciate that people were careful not to bump or jostle him. We would do it again!

  5. I hope whoever picked up my long, rambling Grampa Simpson “senior quote” (so I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time…), appreciated it. Had a great time, as always! The app worked fine for me, but stopped playing for my wife; luckily, we downloaded a backup and I was able to get her caught up and resynced. ALWAYS have a backup!

  6. It was my first MP3 experiment and it was so much fun, I loved it. Everyone played nice and we weren’t so off. I went at 3 and the pier was not so full, most of the participants were in by the entrance of the Pier. Everyone around me had a blast and I did too. :)

  7. yeah I opted to rely on the ios app, and it crashed on me 2min in. so i had to quickly go and find the link to download…so i was off by a few seconds the entire time. but other than that…OMG IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME. thanks so much charlie for doing this!

  8. That was my first MP3 Experiment experience and I LOVED every second. A couple of my favorite parts: the 2 little asian children who wouldn’t take the dollar and giving a dollar to a girl in her 20’s sitting on the pier and her shouting at me (and those who came behind me) “Why are you giving me money!? WHAT’S going on!?,” giving high fives to random people and their faces, random people taking pix of us while we were crawling on the ground, the lady who me and one guy followed who posed with us for a pic! LMAO and slow dancing of course! The only not so great part was the conga line.. sweat and rubbing shoulders every where.. yuck! Good luck trying to lay down on the pier.. We all had to squat in my area! Oh but what fun! I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully I’ll get some friends to come.. Hint hint. xD

  9. My friends and I had such a great time! I used the iOS app during the 3 pm show, and it worked just fine, though one friend using an Android seemed to be a little ahead. The looks bystanders were giving us while we were crawling around or trying to hand them money were priceless! It was hot, the pier was very crowded, and the conga was gross and sweaty, but it was such an amazing experience overall that I would love to participate in the next one!

  10. This is my second time participating in the Mp3 Experiment and I have to say it was not as exciting and fun as the one last year. I was expecting a little more to this year’s Mp3 Experiment because it is after all, the 10th year anniversary. I also thought the venue (Seaport) was kind of small compared to previous location spots like Times Square, Governor’s Island, etc.

  11. This was my first time and I had the most fun ever! I slow danced with a man standing near me, and I don’t think his wife liked it too much! LOL

  12. I had a great time it’s was so much fun but the location was too small for all of us, when it was time for a nap were I was at we had to sit , the wave and bubbles were so cool. It was so hot but I had a awesome time can’t wait to see the video and for next year.

  13. It was so much fun to try to find participants before the 3 pm start time. The Dwane Reede was packed with people we “suspected.” We travelled from CT with our 10 year old to participate. It was the perfect family adventure that we will be talking about for years.

  14. I dragged my entire family out for this event and we all had an absolute blast!! I thought I’d break character from laughing but I did really well giving me a false sense that I actually could be an actor but that’s just wishful thinking. LOL! I’d love to be part of smaller projects.

  15. this was my first time, i used the app, and it was fantastic. i’d definitely do it again. however, after visiting this page i have to say i’m a bit disappointed in the photo coverage- there is only one photographer from 3pm and they apparently just covered the mall. nothing at all from pier 15. how disappointing. guess i’ll just have to cross my fingers for the video….

    oh, i can give a little bit of feedback- it was too crowded to really be able to do anything full out. i don’t know, maybe you’ll have to start finding a way to cap participation now? maybe only send out info to the first 1000 RSVPs or whatever number you choose…..i just found myself really penned in once we all converged in the middle. however, my time on the pier was awesome….

  16. I got a kick out of asking someone on the pier, “do you know, is that the Brookyn Bridge?” (knowing perfectly well that it was) and having them answer equally-tourist-style: “Um, I think so, but I’m not really sure.”

    We had a nice conga line going… then our leader grabbed someone’s shoulders. We were all packed so tightly together, she didn’t realize that she was actually following the last person in her own line, making a conga circle!

    My first slow-dancing partner was one of three guys I’d taken a tourist photo of earlier (they all had matching I-heart-NY shirts). Then both of his friends joined in, so I had three partners!

    Hope to see more photos posted from the 3:00 edition. “No regrets” here – after six MP3 Experiments, I can hardly wait for Eleven!