Thank You – Black Tie Beach 2012

Photo by Brian Fountain

UPDATE: Here’s the video!

Thanks to the awesome group of people who participated in the 3rd Annual Black Tie Beach mission today at Coney Island. If you were there, please leave an Agent Report in the comments. I know there are hundreds of funny stories waiting to be told. Also leave links to any photos you might have taken. Photos from our official photographers will be added to this post as soon as we get them, and we hope to have our video up in a couple of weeks on our YouTube channel. (Subscribe to it!) When the video is posted, we’ll post our official mission report here.


Agent Ari Scott
Agent David Bledsoe
Agent Alex Erde
Agent Cecilia Senocak
Ann Kruetzcamp
yi-ching lin

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In the meantime, check out last year’s video:

Black Tie Beach 2011


  1. Me and my friend walked out of the water, and this woman walks up to us and asks “are you guys navy seals?”

  2. A lady on the boardwalk asked us why we were dressed up. When we said we felt like being fancy, she asked us if dressing up for the beach was a Russian tradition.

    • I wonder if they were knew we were going to be there. Like, did they think, “Let’s go do some performance art today during the Improv Everywhere event.” Or were they just planning on doing some performance art at Coney Island and sort of got unlucky that there were a few hundred other people in costumes as well?

      • Oh they knew! When a cop asked them what was going on, the guy looked around and told them. We were sitting right there and he mentioned Improv Everywhere. Soon as I heard the cop ask him what was going on…I waited to hear what he was gonna say. I’m just a little nosy like that I guess. ;)

          • They weren’t at the meeting place that I saw…and they showed up after a little bit. It wasn’t right away and they didn’t stay near us very long. I’d say under a half hour.

            They could have been watching from somewhere else and then watched everyone disperse. Who knows. Great day regardless. :)

          • …and just robot stuff. Big silver boxes, silver suits and makeup. They set up, laid out, went in the water, talked to a few people, including the beach patrol, posed for a few pics and basically left the area. I remember looking over being surprised that they were gone already.

    • On behalf of Robot ARW-83 and I, I wish to thank you h.u.m.a.n.s. for letting use attend your beach gathering. Our apologies for being under dressed; we could not find any robot sized formal wear. We are happy to announce that we did not short circuit upon swimming in the ocean. H.u.m.a.n.s., be well. [end of transmission]

  3. There was one guy walking along the beach, and he told his friend that he thought we were a frat party. Then, right after we all ran in the ocean at the same time, this guy told me he thought we were doing performance art about the decadent lifestyles in The Great Gatsby.

  4. My family truly had the best beach day…i didn’t realize how fun it would be to dress up, to then just get all sandy & wet in it :) My kids had a sweet time. I think my baby boy was the youngest flash mobber there, 4 months :) Thank you to all those who posted pics of us, my girls looked so beautiful at the beach playing in the sand & ocean. My husband enjoys flash mobbing & now truly made it a family thing this day :)
    BTW very funny reply about Yacht ‘Dave’, I wish I thought of that one!