Mp3 Experiment Eight – Full Details – 2011

The Mp3 Experiment Eight

UPDATE: This event has already happened. Photos here.

Here are the full details for The Mp3 Experiment Eight taking place in New York City on Saturday, July 16. This event is produced in partnership with the River to River Festival.

This year, we are dividing participants into two groups, based on birthday. Each group has its own Mp3 to download, its own set of instructions, and a unique starting location. Use the link below that applies to you.

Instructions for Birthdays January through June

Instructions for Birthdays July through December

Last year’s video:



  1. To answer your questions:
    1) Yes if it lights up, it’s good.
    2) Yes if it’s a mask, it’s good.
    3) No, you shouldn’t bring fire.

    Biggest advice I can give, separate from your friends! You’ll see them before and after the event. If you stick with them you won’t end up interacting with others. Spread out and have fun! See everyone tomorrow!

  2. Here are some final reminders for tonight’s experiment.

    – Fully read all of the instructions on your instructions page (links above in this post.)

    – Confirm that your mp3 is 50 minutes and 5 seconds long. If not, your download didn’t complete. Delete the file and try again.

    – Remember that the start of the experiment is supposed to be a surprise to those not participating. This is difficult to pull off with our huge numbers, but do your best to act like nothing is going on before it starts. Keep all of your props in your bag until it is time to take them out. (i.e. do not show up wearing a mask and holding a glow stick. Keep it hidden!)

    – Take the time to synchronize your watch or phone clock. The experiment is more fun when you are in sync. If you are way out of sync, ask someone if you can look at their player’s time and sync up with them.

    – There are many subway service changes today. Plan your route accordingly and leave extra time. See the changes here:

    – Use the Google Map on your instructions page to figure out how to get there. The Chambers 1/2/3 and the Canal A/C/E are the closest for July/Dec. The Park Place 2/3 or the Chambers/World Trade A/C/E are the closest for Jan/Jun. But again, check service changes to confirm your route. It’s worth mentioning that although the location for both is listed as “Battery Park City” neither is particularly close to “Battery Park.”

    – Remember to be respectful of the people who live in this area. Let’s leave the location as we found it. Pick up any trash or props you see on the ground. Do not loiter in the location loudly for hours. Have fun and hang out for a bit, but be respectful of neighbors.

    – Don’t be afraid to split up from your friends. You can text them after and find each other.

    – Have fun.

    – If you’re looking for something to do later tonight, I am in a ridiculous comedy wrestling show at Midnight that costs $5. It will be a blast. Make a reservation here: