Mp3 Experiment Eight – Save The Date – 2011

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UPDATE: Full details are posted here.

The Mp3 Experiment Eight will take place on Saturday, July 16 at 8:30 PM in Lower Manhattan. It will be over by 9:30 PM. Save the date! You can RSVP on Facebook if you like.

We will announce the complete details including starting locations and mp3 download on Friday, July 15 around Noon. (Yes, that’s the day before.) Follow us on twitter or Facebook to be the first to know.

If you don’t know what an Mp3 Experiment is, see this page: The Mp3 Experiments.

Like last year, we are asking you to bring a bag with some props. Because the props this year are a little more specific than last year, we wanted to share the list of them further in advance to give you time to prepare. Here is the list:

a camera with a flash (not an iPhone, but an actual camera with an actual flash)
a flash light
Something that lights up that is not a camera or a flash light (should be able to fit in your backpack) (no laser pointers/fireworks/fire please)
a glow stick (or glow ring or similar glow item)
a mask (make your own if you don’t have one)

Last year’s video:




109 thoughts on “Mp3 Experiment Eight – Save The Date – 2011

    1. Hi Charlie, I’m a little confused with the location. Is Battery Park City different from Battery Park? When I google map it, it’s north of Battery Park by Pumphouse park and the North Cove Marina. Is that correct?

      1. The event is not in Battery Park. The Jan-June group starts just north of the WFC Plaza / Yacht Harbor and the Jul-Dec group starts on Pier 25.

  1. Hi, Todd — We’d LOVE to finally get to do this. But, I have to know, is this one appropriate for ages 10 and up? The whole nighttime-flashlight-mask thing worries me!


    1. I think it’s appropriate for all ages, but if your child is afraid of the dark, bright lights, crowds, or masks, then use your best judgement. As always, anyone under 18 should have their parent’s permission, and parents participating with small children should keep them by their side and be responsible for their safety.

  2. Something that lights up bright that is not a camera or a flash light

    OKAY. I GIVE UP. SUCH AS…? A lamp? (Got outlets?) A bonfire? A cigarette lighter?

    1. I am hesitant to list things here because I’d rather leave it up to the crowd to answer that question so we get a diverse range of objects. I will say the most basic, obvious item would be a cellphone. I hope that most of the participants find something more creative than that though. But if you really don’t own anything battery-powered that lights up, then just use your phone.

      1. My girlfriend has something that’s battery-powered and lights up, is that ok?

    2. I have a small electric Coleman lantern I thought I might bring. Or a battery operated toy of some kind, maybe?

  3. are all of these things necessary to participate? what if you don’t own a camera?

    1. There’s nothing to stop you from showing up and sitting out from certain activities, but you will have the most fun if you have everything on the list.

      Borrow a camera from a friend. Purchase a cheap disposable one at a Duane Reade.

    1. I’m guessing you can find them at any Duane Reade, Right Aid, or CVS. Definitely costume shops like Halloween Adventure or Abracadabra. I’m sure any of the many Ricky’s would have them too. Party City too.

    2. Party supply store. Check the one on 14th St. I purchased some for me and my friends at the party store around my neighborhood.

  4. Ricky’s or the Costume Store on Broadway and 12th I think should definitely have it… but any party store should.

  5. I’ m so excited! This is gonna be my first mission ever! :D
    Just a few questions, though. Around what time does it end? Also, does each person have to bring every item if we’re in a group? Thanks!

    1. It will end around 9:15 or so. Everyone should participate individually, not in groups. It’s of course fine to come with friends, but it’s more fun if you split up and do it yourself and meet up with them after. Either way, I definitely wouldn’t share props– bring your own.

  6. I found Masks ($8-$33) and glow sticks ($1) at Parramount Party Supplies 52 W. 29th in Manhattan. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks. Our hope, by the way, is not for people to have to go out and spend a bunch of money on this. Make your own mask out of paper or something if you don’t want to buy one and don’t own one already. Good to know that glow sticks are only $1.

  7. Where can i download the mp3 and what time and where does it start?

  8. Does the mask have to be a full mask or just a mask that covers up the nose and up?

      1. So if I put on a green pore-cleansing facial mask, will that count?

        1. If in the middle of the experiment in a crowd of thousands, you want to take out this product and apply it to your face in the dark, go for it.

  9. I have a light up saber, does that count as a glow stick of my thing that lights up bright?

    1. A light saber is not a glow stick. A light saber is certainly something that lights up.

      1. Does the color of the light stick matter? I have some that are red, blue, or yellow.

        1. By “light stick” do you mean “glow stick”? No, it does not matter what color your glow stick is.

  10. My dad has an old gas mask that I wanted to wear for the experiment. Would that be alright? I don’t want to cause any problems lol.

    1. Sounds alright to me. Not sure why it would be an issue. Again, you are not wearing the mask when you show up, but only at a specifically directed moment.

  11. Dollar Tree has glow sticks $1 for 2 pack. Party City has cheap masks $ 2- 15. What do you recommend people wear? Sneakers, comfy? Layers? This is my first time so if we will be running around I’ll wear sneakers…
    Can’t wait to do this!!

    1. You will be walking, so sure, wear comfortable shoes. Check the weather forecast to determine what you want to wear. There will be some simple color instructions given on Friday.

      1. Thanks…
        Flashlight – check
        Glowstick – check
        Camera w/flash – check
        Mask – check
        Something that lights up – check
        Sneakers – check
        Hope color matches my mask :)
        Can’t wait!!

        1. HELP!!!

          I’m having a hard time downloading the file to my ipod shuffle. Anyone know best way to load it on the shuffle?? I think it’s a 2G Ipod Shuffle.

          Otherwise I can try to load onto my cell but then I think my cell would die (it’s a Palm Pre 2)…

          1. I am having the same problem Marci..Someone help us…the event is tonight!!!!

          2. So it finally worked…I almost gave up last night!!I downloaded the file (took a while) – as a wmv I think -and then saved it in my itunes music folder once the download was complete. I clicked on the DOWNLOAD (in blue). From there I ‘added file to playlist’ (from File tab) and dragged it from Music to my Ipod device.
            It took a while but I got it & now I’m charging that puppy so it doesn’t die during the experiment.
            I’m getting there a little before 8 (taking Path to WTC) and walking up to location by the riverwalk.

  12. Would it be safe to bring a lighter as “something that lights up”?

  13. i have a small flashlight with a glowing thing at the end

    could that count as a glowstick?

    1. That doesn’t sound like a glowstick to me. You should probably go buy a glowstick for $1 somewhere.

  14. one question: my camera can still flash but the actual screen that shows pictures is not working…like you can’t see anything…can I still bring it?

  15. I’m unfamiliar with the New York area and have to come up with a reasonable rendezvous point with my friends. I understand we’ll be in Lower Manhattan and that 14th street is part of that area; could my friends and I participate there or should we go as far as Battery Park?

    1. The starting points will be revealed later today. No, you should not participate on 14th Street with your friends. You should go to where the event is.

    2. BTW, 14th St really isn’t part of “Lower Manhattan”. The City exist for about 100 years, and had thirty blocks (1.5 miles) of named streets before they started numbering them.

  16. Anyone have suggestions for masks for people with glasses? Can’t see at all without them and too late for contacts.

      1. I too wear glasses. Would a masquerade mask on a stick work? Or will we need both hands free at all times?

    1. I am using a dentist’s surgical mask. It doesn’t cover the eyes, so glasses are good!

  17. FYI, on the Jan – June instruction page, it says to where a black shirt at the top but a white shirt under # 4. (I assume it’s supposed to be black since it says white for the other group in both places?)
    So excited for this!!

      1. In regards to the black (or white) shirt, are you looking for us to wear a shirt that is a solid color (no graphics) or would a black t-shirt that has some graphics be okay?

  18. i dnt have a camera with a flash can i use my phone that has flash ?

    1. The instructions say not to. Try to borrow one from a friend or buy a cheap, disposable camera.

  19. I don’t think anyone’s asked this question yet, but how durable should our props be? I got a really nice mask from Italy, but I’m unsure whether or not to bring it…

    1. Bring something that is valuable to you at your own risk. I see no reason why it should be an issue, but if it’s something you don’t want to risk losing, I wouldn’t bring it.

  20. Will we use the “something that lights up” at the same time as the camera? If not, I’d like to use the LCD screen from my camera to avoid buying anything.

    1. That’s the lazy way out, but yeah that would be fine. I understand not wanting to buy anything, and we certainly don’t want people to have to spend any significant money on these silly props. Perhaps try to borrow something from a friend or roommate?

      1. Haha, true…never hurts to have a backup plan though. Thanks!

  21. Hi –

    Just to make sure the mp3 downloaded all the way, it should be 50:05, correct?

  22. I want to go with my girlfriend, but we would be in different groups! Do the two groups meet up eventually or should I just tag along with her?

  23. I will be arriving at the meeting point (from NJ via Penn Station) by bicycle. I’m assuming (a) that’s it’ll be impractical to walk the bicycle around while participating, which means (b) I’ll need to lock it up before hand or return for it afterwards. Now, if I pick a public bike rack somewhere in the area between the two meeting spots, is there a good chance I’ll be nearby when the experiment is over?

  24. Is there an Android app that will sync the phone clock like the iPhone app that is listed?

      1. I was hoping that someone who wanted maximum participation might give a less flippant answer regarding the most popular smart phone platform in the US. Sorry to be cranky but there is a bizarre assumption throughout the site that everyone has an iPhone.

        Anyways, to be a good sport and to help others who have not succumbed to the Apple marketing machine, here’s a link to an Android app that does the same thing:

        1. I’ve personally answered probably 200 questions about this event in the past 24 hours, so please don’t mistake brevity for “flip”.

          I don’t personally have any experience with the Android OS and have no ability to provide advice on it.

          1. Well said sir. Although there is a certain iPhone theme to the site (“not an iPhone, but an actual camera,” etc.). I don’t know, maybe iPhones are funnier than “smartphones”?

  25. The July Through December Google Maps area’s description is “Starting area for those with birthdays between January and June.” Which one is which exactly?

  26. qx re map of starting area: while header is for July thru Dec the smaller lettering beneath indicates for bdays between Jan and June. Does it matter and will it be obvious when we get there where to ‘stand’ to get ready? Thx!

    1. That was a typo. It has been fixed. Just be in that shaded area and act normal like nothing unusual is going on.

  27. I tried both options of downloading but when I try to sync it with my mp3 player, it stops and my computer says “Error: One of more codecs required to open this content cannot be found”.. what does this mean?

  28. I have a battery operated blacklight about 4″ long, however it’s not that bright. Would it be sufficient as the something that lights up?

  29. HELP!!!

    I’m having a hard time downloading the file to my ipod shuffle. Anyone know best way to load it on the shuffle?? I think it’s a 2G Ipod Shuffle.

    Otherwise I can try to load onto my cell but then I think my cell would die (it’s a Palm Pre 2)…

  30. Charlie? No reply to my blacklight question (see 9:24 pm). Thx.

    1. Hey, I gotta go out and eat dinner and stop answering mp3 experiment questions at some point in the day, right?

  31. I live in queens by the N. How do I get there? I don’t understand how to get there.

  32. For the July to December people’s starting spot, the blue shaded area appears to be water… or is something wrong with my map? So where exactly is the general area that we’re supposed to be starting at? Like, ON the blue area (so we’d be walking on water)? or NEAR the blue area (like on the road/path next to it)?


    1. Read the clarification for this that is directly underneath the map you are referring to.

  33. What are the closest trains to the July- December group? I suck without an address so I’m confuzzled as to how exactly to get there. I’m by the 6, or even the 2 train. Thanks.

      1. I’m arriving via WTC PATH & then take M20 bus (in West St) up to Harrison/N.Moore or you can also walk on the riverwalk by West St/West Side Hwy up to the meeting point) from WTC/WFC.

  34. i too had trouble downloading, but i’m coming anyway with my props!!!

    1. I downloaded the file (took a while) and then saved it in my itunes music folder. From there I ‘added file to playlist’ (from File tab) and dragged it from Music to my Ipod device.
      It took a while but I got it & now I’m charging that puppy so it doesn’t die during the experiment.
      I’m getting there a little before 8 (taking Path to WTC) and walking up to location by the riverwalk.

  35. Can we share earphones with a friend? My iPod is broken and I haven’t gotten another one.

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