No Pants 2011 Global Reports

No Pants Subway Ride 2011

No Pants 2011 in Adelaide, Australia

If you participated in one of the 50 regional No Pants Subway Rides today in 24 countries across the world, leave us an agent report in the comments below letting us know how it went. Post links to any photos and videos from your town’s event as well. Let us know how many people participated and what the temperature was.

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Thanks for participating!

Reports from the New York ride are here.

The very first No Pants Subway Ride in 2002 in New York City:

Check out the complete history of The No Pants! Subway Ride with videos of past years.


  1. MADRID was Awsome nearly 50 people participated!!!! It was a great event!!! Photos at the event page on Facebook…. Videos as soon as possible will be on too

  2. About 16 person in Montréal, not bad for a first time! We will have picture on the facebook page as soon as possible.

  3. Johannesburg: Almost 50 people arrived, After a return trip “No Pants” ride we were arrested (for “Public Indecency”) and released after 2 hours. We were laughing the whole time. Great energy the whole day, defintely a first.

  4. Chicago: A lot of people were there. (around 75) Everything went smoothly, although half way down the conductor announced anyone who was dressed indecently had to get off. No one did. Ride back went really really well.

  5. 3 people showed up in Brno. 5°C, having no tube under the city, we have been occupying tram for one hour, all over the city center. Other fellow-travellers had clearly written WTF in their facial expression, Others have been laughing or so. Next year again, for sure. But I will start planing a little earlier (event has been created only 45 hours before the action)

  6. Milano: Rain, 4°C… and an AWESOME FIRST RIDE with over 30 agents!!!
    Pictures soon, the video will take some time :D
    The end of the mission was totally awesome since in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (near the Duomo) we met some guys from a FREE HUGS campaign, and we teamed up for a great ending ;)

  7. Minneapolis reporting in:
    Plan B MN had a successful event today! We had a grand total of 84 people show up, up 25 from last year, and up nearly 60 from the year prior…
    It was a balmy 12 F here in Minneapolis as we passed the Metrodish Stadium (Metrodome for those who aren’t local).

    We had split the group to fill two trains, but the local Metro Transit Police asked us to put them all on one train, which we did.

    Photos and Videos are being sorted as we had three videographers and one dedicated still photographer…

    It was a blast as usual, and it appears that as of right now, we are the coldest ride to have taken place!
    Video will be completed shortly, and photos will be uploaded.
    Thanks again for another wonderful year IE and Plan B!

  8. São Paulo Report
    Participants: 220
    Temperature: 23ºC

    It wasn’t the first time a No-Pants-Subway-Ridy event took place here, thus the big number of participants. But it was the first time we participated in the global event. I might also add it was better organized than previous No Pants events, but I won’t, but it was.

    We took moreless 2 hours to meet and organize all participants, 4 groups in total. We rode on 3 different subway trains, occupying 6 carts (weird math we made up). During the trip, two of the trains were stopped and some participants were asked not at all politely to exit the carts. Some of which were handling cameras were treated with violence and asked to delete photos and videos, which is sad. Luckily for some others, the subway authorities/policemen didn’t see everyone pantsless, so those had a smooth troubleless ride through to the last station. We went through 10 stations, changing to another subway line once.

    Even though all rules were very specifically passed, we saw quite indiscreet photographers and participants, what took away part of the fun in the scene. Even so, many people were surprised, shocked and uncommonly entertained this afternoon.

    Here are a few photos of the event: (Picasa – Yuri Alexandre) (Thiago Marzano’s Album) (the Facebook event’s album) (Facebook album – William Silva) (orkut* album – Luis) (orkut* album – Mateus Fernandes) (G1’s album – that’s the media)

    *orkut is a popular closed social network in Brazil. These albums may not be visible to everyone.

  9. London was fun. I should really buy a megaphone for next year. We had 7 groups of 15+ people each. The route passed through tourist hotspots like Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus, and was staggered between the stations. The looks on people’s faces when people got on at a new station along the route and began immediately removing their trousers was priceless. Only slight hiccup was when we temporarily lost one group – turns out their group leader took them on a trouserless mystery tour of London instead. They got back to the pub in one piece with stories to tell, so all was well in the end.
    Photos and videos are being uploaded still, but our photographer from last year has her set up already:
    The videographer who went with our missing group has also put up their video – shed some light on what they got up to:

    • Yeah, a megaphone really does help- we bought one for the no pants ride event last year for like $70 off of B&H, and its been really nice to have at a lot of our other events….

  10. The NYC no-pants ride was amazing, there were literally thousands of people! Everyone had a great time, met new people, and came together for one common goal- to spend the day without the restrictions of pants. :)
    “Excuse me, what’s going on here, why isn’t anyone wearing pants?”
    Me: “Well…I forgot mine, I don’t know why everyone ELSE doesn’t have pants on.”

    Next time, we should turn the tables and ask other people why they’re wearing pants! Then we can tell them that pants are strictly forbidden on the Subway on this particular day :P

  11. Unfortunately, Edmonton is in the middle of the biggest snow storm so far this winter. Therefore, only seven agents were able to show up this year. It was around -15 Celsius/0 Fahrenheit, and from what I saw people seemed either very confused, or were trying their best to ignore what was going on. We went at it for an hour before calling it quits, due to the excessive snowfall. It was pretty successful, despite the lack of people and conditions.

  12. Short video in NYC Union Square with a guy who had a “Missing Something? Ask me about pants!” sign. They were also handing out pamphlets, “The History of Pants” and ” An Introduction to Pants” It was hilarious!

  13. Short video in NYC Union Square with a guy who had a “Missing Something? Ask me about pants!” sign. They were also handing out pamphlets, “The History of Pants” and ” An Introduction to Pants” It was hilarious!

  14. SLC fell thru the cracks, but I rode solo and got some nice photos of downtown at least, while enjoying the 15 degree Sunday afternoon. This town needs a leader, as well as a few followers!

  15. Sydney Australia – Two rides. Two days.
    Combined cast/crew = 90.
    Weather for both events = Overcast. Humid. Showers with periods of sunshine. 26C temp.

    1st ride was held during Jan 9 as per calendar event (Sunday noon AEDST).
    2nd ride was held concurrent with New York timezone ride on Jan 10 (8am AEDST)

    [WHY ? I hear you ask … to celebrate the 10th anniversary !!!]

    On top of the overwhelming media response we got this year, we ambushed LIVE TV on Channel 7 Sunrise program by appearing in their studio windows at the end of the 2nd ride, leaving the hosts in fits of laughter – We expect a podcast or two to be available soon.

    Photo gallery appeared in major Aust publication :

    A great turnout from an international contingent of riders including France, Germany, Belgium, UK, USA and Canada !

  16. My comment wasn’t posted because it seems to have triggered your spam system.

    All was nice and dandy in Lisbon, with 75 agents and a warm 15ºC (no rain). After the mission everyone took to the streets and we partied hard, still pantless. There were less agents than last year, but they were better! Very conscious of their role as innocent passengers, but quirky and funny all the same.

    Alas, I’m still waiting for photos from my impromptu and inexperienced photographers, so I leave you with (ugh) newspaper coverage.

    I’ll post photos on the blog as I get them…

  17. San Francisco: Many people in banana hammocks. People on BART seemed unfazed. Shopping center wouldn’t let us enter. Twitter kept us on track. Shoppers on Market street a little more interested. Some considred joining. I think it would have been fun if we’d joined the football rally in Union Square. Maybe next year we can intersect another event? There’s some more pics and even a video on our event’s FB page.

  18. A touch of irony in the Seattle Times article:

    “If people did this in New York, they would be beat up or arrested,” said Baldeh, a 24-year-old businessman visiting from New York.

    Maybe he should ride the subways more often.

    • Ugh. That always drives me crazy. Coverage of regional events that say “this would never work in New York” or coverage of the New York event that says “only in New York!” Don’t members of the media have Google?