Mission Map

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We’ve created a custom Google Map to show the location of every Improv Everywhere mission to date. Zoom in and click on each placemark for the date the mission occurred, which serves as a link to the project page/video. Enjoy zooming around and finding old missions from the past 16 years!

We limited the map to official missions and did not include touring events at college campuses and international festivals. Those missions have been plotted on a separate map below.

View Improv Everywhere Tour Dates in a larger map

If you’d like to invite us to stage a mission in your town, find a local college or festival and tell them to hire us!


    • Excellent idea. Or is there some other way to find out where missions are going to be without making it too public and thereby defeating the general idea? … (I only ask as I must be part of one before I ultimately perish… this gives you 60 odd years or so, so no pressure)

    • As C said, join our mailing list. We have an NYC mailing list and a general mailing list. We usually send out our tour dates via the general list. We also mention them on our twitter and facebook.

    • Actually, we don’t. We just start lots of missions at the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the 6 train, which is right underground there. It was tough to know where to put markers for missions that take place on a moving subway car!

  1. Improv “Everywhere” my a$$. You guys are about as typical as they get.

    As long as “Everywhere” is below 110th St or if it’s between 96th and 110th, it better be in the park.

    How about you try that subway happy-birthday thing on the 1/9 at 125th st or 137th, huh? You know, PAST Columbia U. The good folks up in Harlem would like a smile or two just like the folks by Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. But I’m sure you don’t have time for that… just like you have no time for the The Bronx or Queens or Staten Island or even Brooklyn.

    Get real. New York City has FIVE boroughs. Open a map.

    • Ha! Thanks for stopping by to be an asshole.

      Our No Pants Subway Ride last year had starting points Astoria, Flushing, Bushwick, and Park Slope. And almost every subway prank we’ve ever done has been on the 6 train, starting at Brooklyn Bridge and going at least as far as 125th. I’d say thousands of folks from Harlem have witnessed our antics over the past 9 years. You should come participate in one of our large events. You’ll notice that the participants come from all over the city and are all different ages and races. And if you could bring a map when you come, we could really use it! Thanks!