18 thoughts on “Mp3 Experiment Seven Bonus Footage

  1. Thanks so much for making me smile a second time. The gift exchange was touching.

  2. Who says New Yorkers can’t work together. What a great example of how powerful humor and laughter can be. Thanks for the wonderful memories & smiles! =)

  3. 1:29 in the background i’m there in the blue shirt and fake nerd glasses!! YWEAAHHH!!!

  4. Aww man. My mom (kinda) and sister are in the video at 1:45, but I’m no where to be seen! Oh well, it was still a grand time. :P

  5. 2:40 I gave that dude that Rubik’s Cube, and he gave me Supreme Courtship (a book which looks very interesting, but I’ve yet to begin reading)

  6. Being from way out on Long Island, I don’t get to come into the city as often as I’d like to, but I try not to miss Improve Everywhere events. I’ve been lucky enough to make it to the past five MP3 experiments (Sorry I missed the first two!).

    This is a great followup video. Thanks a bunch! See you at the next one (and hopefully a few scenes in between!)

  7. lol I didnt get in any of the videos but I cant wait for next year!!

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