Star Wars Subway Car: Outtakes

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Enjoy this outtakes video from our Star Wars Subway Car mission.


  1. LOL I loved the part where the Storm Trooper attempted to put money in the Busker’s hat. Though Darth Vader hitting his head was pretty funny too XD!

  2. LOVE the new yorker “peering down the tracks” part. such a mundane part of life contrasted with the costume.

  3. Charles, I’m sure as a true geek, you realize Vader bonking his head is eerily reminiscent of one of the stormtroopers bonking their head in New Hope? (I bet this was already told to you in the original thread, but eh, so what.)

  4. How outrageous do you have be to cause a subway busker or a newsstand guy to indicate in some way that he’s surprised or amused because he’s sure never seen this before?

    • @IEJunkie I’m not sure it’s possible to surprise a newsstand guy in New York, or probably San Francisco for that matter :) I mean, it’s New York, we accept everyone the way they are without judgement or surprise.

  5. Hey, it’s the college humor guys!

    Anyway, hilarious. Would have loved to be there; I want an autograph from Vader!

  6. lolz they had this on sportsnation…
    they showed a picture of a guy waiting at the car doors, and they said “what will happen next? cow walks on, attacked by stormtroopers, or parrots fly in?”
    the person guessed the cow…
    how wrong they were :)

  7. So ironic Vader hit his head because of that stormtrooper in A New Hope that did the same thing…

  8. best one ever. i have an idea for you. suppose you had access to a legitimate autograph session with a famous person guaranteed to draw a huge crowd. you could sit 2 regular joes on either side of the celebrity with their own 8×10 glossies signing autographs. the crowds puzzled reaction may be ie worthy.

  9. I love that I will always randomly see other people from other sites show up in your videos

    In this one obviously it was the guys from CollegeHumor :]

    Thanks for making my work day so much more entertaining!

  10. ROFL! Love Darth Vader jammin’ to the subway guitarist. I can see he was really feeling the beat!