No Underwear: April Fool’s

If you haven’t figured it out by now, The No Underwear Subway Ride mission was staged for April Fool’s Day. The participants all wore skin-colored underwear that made it look like they were naked when pixelated in the video. On Monday we’ll post an “uncensored” version of the video that will show what we actually looked like. [Update: watch it here.] Our apologizes to those who were fooled into thinking we had lost our minds and done something this disgusting. If you haven’t read the comments yet, do yourself a favor and read a few. They are probably funnier than the hoax itself. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

And here’s the original video in case you missed it:

(Watch No Underwear Subway Ride in HD on YouTube)
edited by Matt Adams with Keith Haskel and George Gross / song by Tyler Walker


  1. i just LOVE how these participants still had to pull off an actual ‘no pants’ ride – in nudies – to be able to stage the ruse of “no underwear”.So that is cool enough in itself,since the January No Pants ride already turns plenty of heads.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing the how-to video.Bravo on some very clever pixilating – that is a skill in itself.

    When will you make it to Orlando?! :)

  2. hehehe, I just thought the guy in the photo above was well hung and resting to the right!!!

    Nicely done!!!

    hats (or underwear) off to Improv everywhere!

  3. I’m actually a little disappointed, though not much. I was hoping they would all turn out to be wearing Groucho Marx nose-eyeglass-mustaches on their skin colored underwear or something like that. Still, you got a lot of people all riled up. Great job! April Fools!!!!

  4. Honestly, you’d have to be stupid to have fallen for that anyway. ;P Even the Best Funeral Ever! thing from last year was more believable.

    • The funeral was fake?

      And I thought the commenters on the “no underwear ride” were thick.

  5. I am ashamed to say I actually fell for this when I first read it. I was watching TV about three hours later when it clicked.

  6. After seeing the funeral one last year, I knew this had to be a joke…but still amazing! The funeral was still the best and most disturbing yet to date! Keep up the great work!

  7. i new it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the best comment was some european dude that was impressed with how “free” we have become sorrry bro but in america we still have ethics and morals :P lol

    • i would also say that im surprised that a lot of ppl would acctually get naked on a sub way really? im mean four words what abould the kids?

        • i didn’t say that some kid would b scarred for his life I’m just saying that kids aren’t old enough to understand what’s going on and what is appropriate and what’s not it would be much better if a the kids parent explained the birds and bees at home rather than being exposed to it all of a sudden thats all im saying

          • News flash: Children are BORN STARK NAKED! Horrors!!
            And explaining sex is entirely different from simple nudity. Now, explaining SHRINKAGE in that weather, THAT’S another story!!!

          • Nudity does not equal sex.

            I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you have a hard time whenever you get your physicals done at the doctors.

            Here’s a little surprise for you:

            Kids already are aware about nudity. Did you actually think for a second that they don’t wonder “Why do we hafta wear clothes?”, at least once in their childhood?

      • *puritan alert!*

        No offense, but lease, let’s not go back there. This was an awesome, fun & innocent prank. Do not underestimate the intelligence of a child and their ability to understand right from a joke. They can handle it much better than an adult (obviously). I know my 7.5 yr old son can. We’ll have a great laugh. XD

    • America is a continent not a country m friend. If u refer to the United States of America then use USA.

      • u have no way of knowing whether he meant the continent or the country and no one would care if u did.and anyway, the word ‘americans’ refers to citizens of the US so the point is sort of invalid anyway.

      • Er, no, North America is the name of the continent. America/United States of America/US/USA are all one and the same country. Sheesh.

        • United States of America. I think the first two words define the country better than the final one.

          It’s unfortunate that the only way to refer to the citizens of USA is Americans. I assume it’s because one cannot exactly call the US citizens, Unitians, Statians or anything like that. It would then fall to “Americans” for the term to make sense.

          Oh well.

  8. As expected, the responses were a joy to read =P

    I love that IE is willing to spoof its own missions, and that people think this is in poor taste. That said, out of context, I can see how reactions might be different.

    Any news coverage this year..?

  9. I have to admit, when I read it yesterday you totally got me… it was the same last year too!!! I was a little in shock I think, but then noticed the date… provided me with hours of laughter, especially with all the comments!

    Bravo, making people laugh- now THAT’S the spirit of IE. :)

  10. Again, congrats on pulling off an awesome prank. I really enjoyed watching this one and I gotta say it was a great idea. However, as a few other people have stated, this doesn’t come close to the amazing-ness of “Best Funeral Ever.” Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for April Fool’s 2011.

  11. So where are all the Moralists who were crying “for the children?”

    The naivete of the people posting such nonsense really has me worried.

    My reasons?

    1. It was posted on April First

    2. It’s a comedy blog by an Improv Troupe.

    3. Obviously people did not read the comments before posting their cries. When 100 other people call out the prank, yet others still cry foul.

    Come on people.

    • ………………………
      1. i didn’t even remember it was april fools day.
      2. yeah, this on i should have caught.
      3. …………………for real? i read the first few messages and thats it. none of them picked up on it either. did you honestly think EVERYONE has the time to go through a ton of comments for every video they feel like replying to?

  12. Well done guys, I must admit you had me going.

    My first thought was ‘Oh man, you guys are game but you don’t know who sat on the seat before you.’

    My second, which was after you revealed the prank, ‘Should I ever go to the States I have to make sure to join you guys if I can.’

    Keep up the great work, Pixie.

  13. the funeral one was funnier and more unique and out of the box and more believable.
    this year’s prank was just wierd and obvious and so expected.

    also, posts like Robert’s make me want to pull a prank on them real bad because they act like they’ve never been duped before and that the “moralists” are “naive” just because they didn’t check the date. people get duped okay, and not everybody reads comments before looking at videos or posting comments. wat’s the fun in april fool’s day if everybody checked the dates and don’t fall for tricks?
    be nice people, no need to attack the moralists and the people who cried children. they were just worried, sheesh.

  14. This was one of the best.. This shows you NYC is the best. I hope I am included in some of the future Improv’s

  15. It reminds me of that time a guy exposed himself to me on the subway, and I was trapped there and helpless… not a good time. Thanks, douchebags.

  16. Wow I was definitely fooled- I read it and was like ewww why would I wanna see pictures of that? lol So I didn’t look at them or read the mixed comments until just now. This one really revealed some pervs, huh? A lot of people loved the idea of a naked subway ride and one guy even said he was “jealous” because you guys “got to show your junk in public”?? lol wow.

  17. Wow…can’t believe I fell for this even though I was aware of what day it was. You guys are to clever for me. Thanks for the laugh!! :)

  18. Had me going until I recognized a friend in the video who I knew would be way too skeeved to let her naughty bits touch the subway. Well done!

  19. Well, I was definitely suckered. And I’m pretty disappointed. The idea of that level of bravery was inspiring. I’ve never really liked april fools
    day and now I’m reminded why. IE events have a sweetness to them;
    fooling people is far more sour.

    • Psh, a lot of people are fooled by IE missions. You’re just on the other side this time. Perspective man, think about how you’d feel if you were that security guard in Best Buy ;)

  20. Steve, I think it actually gave Charlie Todd more credibility. He shows he has a sense of humor, but knows his limits and won’t cross decency boundaries for a cheap laugh. It helps me trust him as a comedian.

    The only people who decreased in respect for him are those who didn’t find out it was fake and those who wanted a cheap, exploitative laugh.

  21. I’m a huge fan of IE and been following them since the early days. I think they are bold and creative but really need to push it the net time to amaze us as the Grand Central video.


  22. I think if anyone has enough time to post a comment, they should have enough time to at least read a few other comments. There were plenty comments calling the prank out; who can you blame if you don’t take a minute to consider the other side of the story before getting yourself riled up?

    • Terribly good point Sharon. I suspected it was a prank and started reading comments and thought, oh yeah, it must be.

    • I read a fair amount of the other comments; the unfortunate thing is that I only happened to read ones that didn’t call it out directly, only called it hilarious or applauded IE. So, yeah.

      That, and I never look at the date. o_o How was I supposed to know it was April 1st?

  23. IE … thank you for the laughs on both the prank and the comments afterward. Not only I had a laugh but I also learned again more about how some people think, how they judge things (too quick), and narrow mindedness.
    IE … keep on causing scenes!

  24. Well-done! I know it couldn’t be real the minute the IE participants sat down. There’s NO WAY anyone would ever sit their naked junk down on a subway seat. There’s just no friggin way!
    Also, if you ever go to a naked beach or resort you will notice: everyone carries around little towels, almost 100% of the time. Why? To sit on, wherever one needs to sit. Everyone needs their own personal one. These are VERY important rules of naked etiquette. And if people who hang out at naked resorts and are generally super comfortable being naked don’t sit their naked junk down on bare surfaces then there is DEFINITELY no way anyone else would.

    All that being said, HOLY MOLEY do we freak out about nudity in this country still. I actually do think the fully-clothed just-pantless nudity would be especially awkward and even oddly sexual, I’ll give the commenters that were horrified that. And of course it could be a very bad experience for any victim of abuse and I would feel awful for those people. But give me a friggin break, seeing some naked junk ain’t gonna make your kids extra horny! And believe it or not I have seen kids at family-oriented naturist resorts and seeing nudity has NOT made them “extra horny”, nor would it. Most little kids enjoy being naked for heaven sake, how many of you were notorious for ripping your clothes off when Mom turned around and running around bare-bottomed and giggling?? Probably a whole lot.

    • okay, I don’t understand, so your point?

      Because you just gave all the reasons why people would freak out about nudity in this country still. It’s not just the kiddos, but also like you said the etiquette and abuse, etc…

  25. Well, at least you told us! xD I totally fell for it at first and wrote this really long, really concerned comment about public nudity and NYC laws, but the instant /after/ I clicked ‘submit’, I looked at the date. D: Stupid me. Then I was agonizing for several hours going, ‘It had to be an April Fool’s day joke, right? RIGHT? I mean, there’s no way they would have done that… would they?’

  26. Nice prank – but I’d suggest when you do NEXT years No Pants Subway Ride, you make a special note to your group that you will be removing ONLY your pants. There were a lot more people then I would have expected who expressed an interest in participating…..

  27. Funny! I experienced, shock, envy, excitement, denial, and post partum depression all in one prank.


  28. Huh, I fell for it but at the same time I just thought it was funny. I was wondering how you got around the whole corruption/exposure to minors thing on public property, but eh.

    Then again I’m also a nudist so I can see why I wouldn’t be offended.

  29. i wasn’t into 1st of april at all when i saw your post, and – however incredible it may seem now – i believed it! amazed that so many people joined in so readily; supposing they’d gotten bored of or at least accustomed to doing the no pants ride for years… very naive, i agree.

    even so, i am surprised someone at improv everywhere deems a (hypothetical) no underwear mission “disgusting”. not socially accepted in these prudish north american times, it is clear, but showing the human body as god created it in its myriad forms is anything but disgusting. it’s been done before (streaking actions in the seventies, pictures of thousands of nudes posing in public)…

    congratulations to all at improv everywhere for pulling off this successful first of april’s prank :)

  30. Just wanted to say thanks for all the smiles. IE is the place to find a smile on a crappy day!

  31. Very well done. You certainly had me believing it and wondering if you’d taken leave of senses as well as undies.

    You’re my heroes!

  32. i knew from the outset it was a joke — i went to your site around 1am on april 1st, hoping to find an April Fool, and you did not disappoint — but just i assumed that you took footage from january’s no pants day and pixillated it. an extra “WOW” to you all for staging an additional “no pants” ride in beige undies for better pixillation.

  33. Never clicked the link. Too obviously impossible. Good effort on the pics, but too far-fetched. Sorry.

  34. Haha! It was funny. It took me a few minutes but then it clicked what you were doing when you first posted it.

    I wasn’t sure how you did it, but I thought you all had nude-colored underwear. The only thing I was wrong on was that I thought you guys would wear nude-colored underwear that actually had “APRIL FOOLS” printed on it!!

  35. Bravo – you got me good! I smiled when “believing” it and now chuckle at myself also – either way, thanks for the frivolty we all need and ur good nature – love it all and cheers to you (dare I say “bottoms up?!)!