No Underwear Subway Ride (April Fool’s 2010)

Note: This is a fake mission we staged for April Fool’s Day 2010. We posted it on April 1, fooling thousands of people into thinking we actually rode the subway with exposed genitals. We pulled this off by wearing skin-colored underwear that would blur in a convincing way. Be sure to check out the comments from the people who were fooled below.

Produced by: Charlie Todd and Matt Adams
Train Captains: Agents Fiedler, Lathan, Lindquist, Todd
Digital Video: Agents Adams, Nicholson, Haskel, Gross
Edited by: Matt Adams with Keith Haskel
Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Sokoler
Music byTyler Walker

For our latest mission, over 1,000 people rode the subway without underwear or pants in New York City. Our annual No Pants Subway Ride has been a tradition for years, and we decided it was time to up the ante. Riders spread out over four different subway lines to surprise and delight everyday New Yorkers riding the train. Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our mission report and photos. We have blurred out the private parts of all the riders to keep the documentation safe for work.

Train Captains: Agents Fiedler, Lathan, Lindquist, Todd
Digital Video: Agents Adams, Nicholson, Haskel, Gross
Digital Photography: Agents Nicholson, Sokoler

The crowd at Foley Square
I was a little nervous about this idea, as I could definitely see how some people might think it was pushing things a bit too far. Improv Everywhere is about giving people a positive experience and a great story to tell, and I really had to think through whether or not this was the best idea. After sending out an email to a group of small senior agents, I was comforted by the fact that they all thought it was hilarious and were eager to participate. There is definitely a huge difference between being in your underwear and totally exposing your genitals, so even the most senior “No Pants veterans” were a little nervous about pulling this off. I was also concerned about the legality. In 2006, No Pants was stopped by the police and six people were handcuffed in their underwear. But that case was dismissed and we couldn’t find any law on the books or MTA regulation stating that nudity wasn’t OK, so we figured we were in the clear.

Giving instructions to the crowd
I was careful to instruct all of the participants to be as respectful as possible. This was not about offending people. We wanted to give those who saw it a memorable experience that they’d be laughing about for the rest of their lives. Logistically the event worked much like No Pants. We separated into four different train lines, and divided up into ten cars on each train. I figured it would only be fair if I went first on my car.

No one reacted when I removed my pants, but I heard a few gasps and yelps when I removed my underwear. Pretty quickly the other riders started laughing and talking to each other.

At the next stop Agent Shafeek stood up and removed his pants and underwear as well on the other side of the car. You could see people in the middle doing double takes looking back and forth at both of us.

Agent Shafeek removing his underwear
Agent Lindquist was next. She was a little nervous, being the first female participant to de-underwear.

Agents Lindquist and Shafeek acting like they don’t know each other
It was funny to see the reactions on the train. This guy found himself sitting right in between two half-naked Improv Everywhere agents. He couldn’t help but sneak some looks.

Agent Lathan was hilarious when he clumsily took his underwear off. He then went to go check the subway map, leaning in very close to a woman who was laughing hysterically at him.

One thing that was different than No Pants is that we had participants transfer from the undressing car to the “target” car as a big group. We thought it might be a little unsafe to have people waiting on the platform alone with their genitals exposed. There was safety in numbers.

Our participants got some great reactions when we were waiting on the platforms. There were so many laughing and smiling people passing by.

A laughing MTA employee comes out of his office to check us out
Once everyone transferred to each “target” car on their second train, things got really funny. Imagine the doors opening and 30 half-naked people getting on your car.

All of the train lines converged on Union Square at the end of the mission, which means that within a short stretch of time 1,000 pantless and underwearless people passed through the station’s exit turnstiles. We hope to make the No Underwear Subway Ride an annual event, just like No Pants. If you’re interested in participating next year (or starting one in your own city), be sure to sign up for our mailing list. We’ll announce the date of next year’s ride shortly after next year’s No Pants.

Mission Accomplished.


Chad Nicholson’s Flickr Set
Katie Sokoler’s Flickr Set


  1. Wow.. I have to say this is super unexpected and totally out of my comfort zone. I would do just about anything else… but this would be too embarrassing to me. I was doubled over laughing at everyone’s responses though!

  2. oh the sitting down people, woah! I always did wonder about what had been on the subway seat before I sat down, but now I have a visual. I’m so shocked the participants were ok with having their kibbles and bits make contact with the same surface where many mentally ill homeless may have urinated or even defecated recently…i’m just sayin.

    • yes drewski, all the homeless are peeing and pooping on the subway all the time. number 1 reason not to ride naked…

  3. I was actually starting to think No Pants was getting old. And then you come with such renewagement! Oh, that’s why I love you, guys! Always original and top funny!

    I hope I can participate next year! Depantsed life is good, but deunderweared is FRAKKING AWESOME! =D

    • It’s an April Fools joke. And I bet you believed the new Halo Bollywood movie was real too. :)

  4. Wow I was really confused when I saw this latest mission. I have been following improve everywhere since 2005 and this seemed out of spirit with what IE does…

    • Just to be sure the plot reaches you: it was April Fools Day… So funny to see how many people bought it :). I would have, had I logged in a day earlier. Hilarious IE!

    • LOL It’s April Fools Day. HELLOOOO. They are wearing underwear. Way to go for looking silly.

      • You know, you don’t need to go about telling every person individually that it was an April Fools joke the day it goes public that it was April Fools. That looks far sillier than falling for a funny yet believable joke.

  5. Take it from an agent here that helped make this a reality that this mission was something that was intended to make everyone have a good laugh or bring people out of their comfort zone just a bit without hurting anyones feelings. This mission was open to anyone that had attended the last couple of missions and was brought up previously. Theres some great footage out there that didn’t make the cut ( no put intended ) that hopefully will be added. Amazing nobody was arrested during this event.

  6. Yo man, i’m all about Improv Everywhere, but kids ride the subway too. Underwear is funny, but showing junk is crossing some lines.

  7. Cool. In San Francisco nobody’d bat an eye, but it’s hard to believe NY doesn’t have some “lewdness” or “public indecency” law. I think my own inhibitions would keep me from participating, but as an observing non-participant, I sure wouldn’t be shy about taking in an eyeful of some of those very nice young ladies!

  8. Wow. Omg. What a great start to the month, guys. That made me laugh WAY too hard.
    Hopefully people won’t be as upset as last year about a little pranking :)

  9. I really like IE, and would like to join them in stuff…

    …But this isn’t funny, or fun, or entertaining, or “enjoyable” for the onlookers.

    This is really, truly inconsiderate and rude. No one is amused by having someone flash them in public.

    Just not funny, guys. Not happening. Not clever, even in the least.

    My first real disappointment in IE.

    Are you running out of ideas? Evidently…

        • Maybe he meant “April 1st”, I don’t think he could realistically have thought he was the first commenter xD

          I didn’t even read this yesterday, I just saw the title and dismissed it as an April Fools joke.

          I love the people who say they’re no longer fans of IE because of this. Have they lost sight of what the nature of IE is? I don’t think IE would ever seriously cross these lines. It’s not what they do.

    • comments like these make me wish it WASN’T a prank. americans are soooo uptight about nudity, lol

        • Im American and I disagree with you on that Lauren. I am all for no pants rides but there is a line where morality should be and no underwear in a public place crosses it.

          • I’m American and I think that your definition of “morality,” Lindsey, is a bit ridiculous. Unless, of course, you think that there is some sort of fundamental evil to a penis? The way it hangs there… it can’t help but scar every man, woman, and child who happens to catch a glimpse!

            Yeah, Americans are idiotic about nudity. Breast is ok, nipple isn’t. Makes sense. Nipples are nothing but prickly peaks of satan! :-\

          • I’m a Martian and I agree with Matt. Lindsey you’re a prude. There’s nothing wrong with public displays of genitalia.

            There’s nothing inherently evil about an erect penis. It’s *natural* and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be greeted by one everywhere you turn. The fact is, the sight of my hairy nutsack is not going to cause you physical damage so I can’t think of any good reason why you would be morally opposed to my displaying it everywhere.

            And while we’re at it, Matt and I would like to know what all the fuss is about public defecation? The fact is, dropping a deuce is a natural and completely amoral act of internal purification. If anything, this life affirming act is deserving of an audience.

            Seriously, on Mars we do this all the time. It’s the 21st century America, wake up!!

          • yeah, I’m with Matt.

            I mean, don’t shove yourself in other people’s personal space or whatever, but otherwise it shouldn’t be a big deal. We come into the world naked, all of this modesty nonsense is just a cultural construct.

            as far as sitting on the subway seats though, I’m with some of the other people who posted. if this weren’t an april fools joke, that would’ve been a little nasty.

          • I’m Saudi Arabian. And in my country when I told my little brother and his friends to do this, they came back with whiplashes on backs. I think my country no good for this things.

    • yo it was a prank….everyone who took their pants off had on underwear…get over it lol

  10. Best ever. As a European, I’m impressed by you guys. After that Janet Jackson incident, I thought all Americans were up-tight, but now I can see that many of you are willing to hang loose. I now see that America believes in liberty and freedom for all…

    • Too bad it was April Fool. To some people’s disappointment perhaps, nothing was ‘hanging loose’.

  11. What in th-I though this was only a joke! This is really just ridiculous! Unbelievable! My day was already bad enough..

    • Gee, I wonder why your day was so bad on April 1st.

      That fired up my imagination and I ended up wondering how many pranks was pulled on you on that fine, special day.

  12. Haha! Nice work guys! I totally love the idea you put up here! Screw the rules! :p

    Next year, lets combine the no underwear with the surprise funeral mob!

  13. Am working on unblurring the photos using Interpol software. Will post results when ready.

  14. Oh, how I love IE! You just keep us laughing. But … how did you get all those pics? Are THEY real? They can’t all be photoshopped … Hmmm. I just don’t wanna even think about someone sitting on those yicky subway seats in the nude. Ah, fun to go to bed laughing.

  15. I specifically read the comments to see how many “you took things too far” messages you’d get. Not as many as last year; I’m slightly disappointed. =D

  16. I love this idea – good on people being ok with their own NATURAL bodies.

    But HOO-EE! Don’t some people get uptight (see, commenters on this thread for instance) about dangly bits! :)

    I mean, all the “underwear is ok but nudey bits are not” bull… Do they somehow not realise that there are nudey bits UNDER underwear too? GASP!

    The stunt, the vid, and the comments: hilarious.

  17. Honestly, this is just kind of pathetic. Can you really not come up with any better ideas?

    Also, side note (or not), this seems very unlike all previous missions, which have been amusing and “out of the ordinary” experiences without having to get in anyone’s face…. really super disappointing.

    • does it seem unlike “Best Funeral Ever!”? Haha… your obviously not that big of a fan if you thought this was real… it’s April 1st…. they usually do a joke vid

  18. i love improv everywhere and everything that they do,

    but this kind of upsets me, i would be very angry if i came accross these people wearing no underwear, not only is it disrespectful but it is disgusting.

    • Okay, and now watch it again, knowing it was only April Fool’s. Read the comment posted above the video.

  19. i was wondering why wasn’t some info provided earlier, i really would of enjoyed this, i did the no pants 2k10 and many other improve missions, i sorry to say i’m very disappointed

  20. When I first saw the title I thought, “idiots” and assumed it would be a vulgar display.

    But after watching the video and reading the story, it made me feel good. To see the people smiling and laughing on the train was a good thing. Doing things like this with an air of respect and fun is fantastic.

    I wish you much more success in the future!

  21. great idea, and greater that u did it… it’s so needed in this yet puritanical society. but what is very frustrating is the scrambling of the images here on your website! what kind of puritanical obsession and neurosis controls that decision? why bother sharing images of the ride at all, when the presentation totally contradicts the original spirit?! (there is nudity all over the web. and i hope the nudity of the improv everywhere participants isn’t now seen by you as a concern for the sake of offending web browsing ‘family’s w children’. there were family’s on the trains. and this kind of playful and basically innocent nudity is the kind that ‘should’ be seen by children, even though some people may think it shouldn’t. many of those same types think that children seeing guns used violently in film or video is ok.)

    • man this comment is so funny, i hope you realized the whole thing is an april fools joke and they werent actualy half naked

    • You’re right. I playfully and innocently pull out my man hog at the dinner table in front of other peoples’ kids. This is EXACTLY what they should be seeing. I have been saying that for years.

  22. Next year, could we have naked MP3 experiments too? Would love to participate in that one if it happens. Great work with this one guys =)

  23. Gotta love IE! =D Haha, I hope someday to be lucky enough to get in on one of these projects… No dice for Plainfield, IL :(

  24. I love reading all the comments. They are so fantastic. What a great start to the month. I was waiting to see what you would come up with for the occasion this year. You did not disappoint :)

  25. How selfish. Who cares if other people don’t want to see your genitals, right? Screw em. What’s next? Naked f**king on the subway ride? Naked and poking sticks at uncomfortable people on the subway ride? Get a life…

  26. Unlike last year where you had me completely I saw this one straight away. Clearly lots of people still don’t get it so nicely done. Irrespective of getting it or not, brilliantly executed. Can’t wait to see the How We Did That.

  27. I’m dissapointed in IE.
    It’s funny only if you ask for that.
    I would be so upset to see it or have my
    kids exposed to that.
    So unresponsible given all that you have done…
    I don’t want to be apart of IE any more.

  28. This is almost as bad as the funeral they crashed.

    That was real too, right?

    *laughs histerically at the fools*

  29. I’m laughing like a loon at the people who angrily posted without noting the date :P

    Also, I’m laughing like a loon at the stunt. It almost had me, i twigged when i noticed no-one was getting arrested for indecent exposure.

  30. I’ve been a big fan for a long time but am sorry to say that I am disappointed. I watched the video for all the “laughing” people. If you look closely – one man moves away – others were not laughing but looked uncomfortable/upset. People on the platform laughed – but that was as a large group. Plus – please do not confuse laughter (which may cover-up discomfort) with an automatic approval. I have been impressed by your past ability to create great situations for all (and all ages)to enjoy. Past activities generally had onlookers talking, following and becoming engaged in the activity. Here you come off as group exhibitionists. Keep doing it and you may find the court system won’t find this so amusing.

  31. I’m sorry, I hate to do this, but i am goin to have to be that conservative party-pooper.
    because as a mother with two young sons, i don’t really approve this. it’s hard enough living in this day and age to contain my sons, where tv, internet, magazines, games, and their peers are all sexually charged, why must we have a mass public nudity be added on?

    i can somewhat control what my kids do, play, and see, but i can’t control public display. i’m not an uptight mom with ultra-conservative values, but i just don’t need my kids growing up too fast and getting all horny too early with all these pussies and dicks surrounding them. this action would be fine if we lived in an all adult world, but we don’t.
    besides, what’s not to say that some of these people would start having sex in public now? you can’t really control 1000+ people, especially if this becomes even more popular with more participants. what’s not to say that one of the participants is a previous sex offender? he can lurk and stalk after the completion of the mission. and is there an age requirement to participate? i don’t need to see pre-mature high school puberty all up in my face and tickling some pedophiles’ fantasy who can actually be sitting right next to them in the subway.

    also, there’s the sanitation issue. it’s dirty, u’re putting your raw genitals on seats that who knows wat has been goin on in all hours of days. i mean i’ve read that a guy had a chicken running lose. and not just the participants’ sanitation issue, but of course the typical riders as well, especially me. i don’t want to sit on top of where some of the participants can have genital diseases or leave behind genital liquids (maybe not on purpose but women definitely can leave behind genital liquids unintentionally) or maybe some participants don’t know how to clean their asses and so i then sit on top of their minuscule amount of smeared crap.

    i really don’t see what was wrong with just underwears, and why everything has to always be about sexuality. sex sells, sex gets you attention, but that’s so cheap.

    and i’m afraid that this would spawn some other kinds of public indecency. are we gonna start seeing full body naked-ness? please don’t take it a step further and propose a full body naked-ness. please. i really don’t need to see breasts in public. not necessary, yes awkward, but not funny.
    i also had a traumatizing experience in the ‘A’ train subway a few years ago where a guy started masturbating, by busting out his uncircumcised penis and start stroking it right in front of me. i felt very uncomfortable and unsafe.

    all in all, i love your group, i think what you do is really funny most of them, but this is a bit too far. i mean i’m a lady, and as much as i like to see penises, i don’t want my sons to be looking and fantasizing about vaginas yet, or feeling insecure about their penis sizes, who knows?

      • I’m with you, Jason! Although I’m a bit drained from such a lengthy reply. 9 paragraphs! Oye. I’m so glad there’s no audio! I feel sorry for your husband (if you have one) and your kids, Sarah. Do yourself and family a favor: work thru your anger and find a sense of humor!

    • Not really sure why you felt it necessary to mention that the penis was uncircumcised. Seems sort of besides the point…

    • “i’m not an uptight mom with ultra-conservative values…”
      Oh, yes you are! If you think that your children’s brains get scrambled by seeing what the human body looks like, despite all the evidence to the contrary, and if you’re obsessed with gloomy scenarios involving sex offenders and sanitation, then you are REALLY uptight.

    • You forgot about the real victims: the participants. Who said they wanted to take their underwear off? Conformity, peer pressure… It’s not like they chose for this to be the social norm! ;P

    • “also, there’s the sanitation issue. it’s dirty…i mean i’ve read that a guy had a chicken running lose.”

      lolllll!! A Borat reference. Love it.

  32. Aprils fools! nice one!

    Lolz to all the people who got fooled by this. Look at starbucks fool too

  33. Brilliant & helpful to the wellness of the greater total psyche’: “Like, Oh my goodness; Everyone’s got these sections on them ??!? – would not hurt kids, and shouldn’t hurt grownups. To realize a a little commonality, is de’pressurizing and ultimately de’fetishising, of stuff which is pretty normal, I think – You’re heroes!

  34. Absolutely shocked that IE would sink to this level. Prior to this I have been impressed with the work you have done. Really even the funeral, that some people found unacceptable around this time last year, was in better taste than this. If one among the group can’t be trusted to see where the line is then maybe IE should think seriously about its future. Leaving your private parts out on display for all to see is uneccessary and disgusting. For God’s sake, think of the children. Of all the things you could do, for me this is the worst. Over and above everything else, as Sarah quite rightly points out, some of us are very insecure about our penis sizes. Looking at the group, knowing what big balls it takes to do stunts like this, I would certainly feel inadequate. Let’s try and reign in this sort of behaviour, at least for another year.

    • Chill out people. Besides the fact that this was a hysterical stunt…if staring at random guys junk makes you sensitive about your own…here’s a piece of advice…GET OVER IT. You’re small. You’re ALWAY gonna be small no matter what. Might as well embrace it. Looking at someone else doesn’t make you smaller. Don’t be such a miserable grump. “Think of the children” HAHA. You realize everyone is making fun of you right now.

      PS…”Public Indecency”. A punishable offense. Clearly your brain is as small as your dick. If this actually happened, they would have been arrested. You would have heard on the 11:00 news.

  35. I loved the Impro Everywhere…. until now. :(
    I thought the No Pants Subway Ride was kinda okay and funny but this time you took it too far. I’m really disappointed. Getting naked on a subway is first of all so unsanitary. Also, they are children riding on them what kind of example are you setting for them?
    And there is another thing I’d like to mention, (only to give you some constructive criticism)I’m a survivor of a childhood sexual abuse; It took ma a long time to heal and get comfortable with nakedness. Keep in mind there are other victims riding subways and probably feel very uncomfortable and petrified around naked people. It intrigues the terrifying flash backs. I hope you can give some consideration to them and keep MTA a safe place for everyone.
    By no means I support the “Naked or No Underwear Subway Ride” events. I think you should keep your events simple, fun, and with no nudity.


    • Hi Emma, have you already read that it was all an April Fool’s joke and nobody was actually naked? I hope you’re faith in IE will be restored after hearing they didn’t actually force nudity.

    • you have presented the first and only logical reason not to actually do this. innocent nakedness is something kids should be exposed to, lewd, sexual nudity is what they should not be exposed to.


      victims of sexual abuse who have a complex about nudity of strangers definitely have me convinced that this might be a bad idea for other than legal reasons. i wouldn’t want to negatively effect somebody in such a way. uptight people i would laugh at, but people who would become “petrified” as you put it should not have to endure something like that. enclosed space, multiple sets of genitalia suddenly coming out…yeah, not cool.

      so Happy April Fool’s, i hope you can see the humor in the prank that was actually pulled and ignore the one that was faked.

  36. I have to totally agree with poster “my first letter” whose sentiments exactly match mine from last year.

    Good job, Improv Everywhere, for making me laugh and smile again.

  37. I’m in the mailing list, how come I didn’t get a notification in my email for this? And um, wow, don’t really have words to describe seeing this.

    • I’m on the New York mailing list and I didn’t get any advanced announcements either, just the link to the video after it was already posted.

  38. This has to be an April Fools joke. You guys can’t really be that dumb. Indecent exposure?

    I don’t know, it disappoints me. I sincerely hope that this is an April fools joke.

    Talk about people needing to loosen up and whatnot, but we are not hippies strutting our stuff for everyone to see. Bah. The disappointment washes over me.

  39. I hope somebody sent it to the press to see how many will publish it without confirmation. It looks pretty believable. Thanks guys!

  40. I would advise every person to look at today’s date…

    As pranksters themselves, I’m sure they would have waited another day before releasing it if it was true. Although I must say, the photos and the video are quite convincing. Although, since they’re all blurred out – it’s possible that people had thong underwear underneath their real underwear – and then they shot it like a no-pants ride.

    According to New York State law, however, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor crime – it applies to all public places, public transportation, and any place in view of public places (ie, you can’t walk out to your mailbox naked, but if your back yard is secluded/fenced in – it’d probably be okay).

  41. Cute, very cute. I remember falling for the funeral one last year because I actually saw nothing wrong with it and I thought it was freakin hilarious. Now I know better, this is cute, April Fools. =P

  42. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….

    You guys got me last year with the funeral, but I spotted this one straight away!!

    That being said, well done, it was still good for a laugh. To be honest I am not sure what is funnier the video or the comments to this post!! :)

    My Fav comment –

    April 1, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Next year, lets combine the no underwear with the surprise funeral mob!



  43. Sshhhh … do mention April Fools!!! I luv to read the comments of those who believe …. LOL

  44. So far 2:30 hours of beautiful pranks. Best day of the year. Reading through the posts, I’m surprised how many people didn’t get it. I also love the small handful of you guys who knew it was a joke and made a subliminal comment. But it looks like its in the open now, so Happy April Fool’s everyone! BTW, the guy who said they’re gonna uncensore them… let me know how that goes.

  45. @Sarah i totally agree with you
    PS. i think it’s april fools … but i think these pictures can’t be easily photoshopped

  46. I am appalled. This isn’t funny. Who’s genius idea was this? This crosses the line into exhibitionism and should have never even been proposed to the IE community. Shame on all of you who participated!

  47. Love the angry comments of people who didn’t bother to notice the date :) love you guys. good job!

  48. This is utterly offensive. This spits on the principles of every human civilisation since the dawn of time. I feel violated, you might as well have reached through my computer screen and rubbed your genitals all over my face, and the faces of everyone I’ve ever cared about. Just knowing people like you are out there causes me to vomit profusely. You are disgusting, baseless, debauched scoundrels who should be hanged in Central Park. Pantsless, if you prefer.

    • This is by far my favorite comment. I laughed so hard at the “reaching through my computer screen” part. Excellent prank, IE, and the comments just icing. I do feel kinda bad for the people that sincerely were upset over this though.

      Oh, who am I kidding, I think those people need to lighten the hell up. If this is the worst thing your kids ever see, I’d call that a truly blessed life.

      • It’s a JOKE. You know, what with the date and all. Seriously, you think someone would talk like that? I used the word scoundrels for pity’s sake!

  49. you gotta be kidding me. give people a positive experience my ASS. more like HIV POSITIVE experience.

    i’m reading this is an April Fool’s joke, but it really doesn’t look like the pictures are a joke or photo-shopped. are the participants’ wearing nudy colored or sheer underwear? thongs? did u guys rent a subway cart of your own with volunteer actors posing as the common riders? and if they are nude colored or sheer underwear, that’s still pretty indecent.

    however, what scares me the most are the people who didn’t know this was a prank and yet are all for it. some of you guys would really approve this action if it were real?! that’s disgusting. fake or not, read the long post by Sarah. and even if after that you are still in support, you guys got issues and are perverted.

  50. As usual, the comments are even better than the post. I’m curious how you pulled off the photos without garnering attention/legal problems. I hope to see (okay, read) a Behind the Scenes on that one! Keep me in the loop on the next one!

  51. Glad to see NYPD finally learning that one wears (or does not wear) is not up to them. Thumbs up on an excellent mission.

  52. I’m disappointed in you. Yes, I’m one of the “think of the children” crew. I’m trying to teach my kids “appropriate vs. inappropriate.” I’m very glad I was not on the trains with my kids that day because (while funny) it was completely inappropriate and unkind to the people around you. Certainly some people were laughing because it was funny, but I’m sure there were others who laughed because your intentional behavior made them exceedingly uncomfortable. While we do not have the right to not be offended in public, there’s a balance point, and you stomped right over it. I had previously intended to participate in an Improv Everywhere event if I ever got the chance. At this point, I think I’ll pass.

  53. Laughing a whole lot at all the people claiming those photos can’t possibly be shopped. I’d bet money they’re reused from earlier no pants rides with the underwear covered up by pink pixels. Jeez, guys.

  54. my guess is for nude colored underwear with genitals drawn on? that would draw laughter from observers + help with the photoshopping.

  55. I’m rather disappointed. not in the prank, which was genius, but in how few people have actually figured out what it was really all about! ;)

  56. This made my day. Came to the site today specifically because of the date and certainly wasn’t disappointed. The posts of outrage are absolutely priceless. Well done IE and well done all you gullible people and your high high horses.

  57. I don’t know what’s better – my 3 seconds of incredulity followed by a nice long chuckle, the believability of the video, or the INSANE comments from NIMBYs and the like who spent all that time ranting when they should have just checked the DATE!

    Happy April Fools!

  58. Brilliantly done video. The photos would be pretty easy to alter, but the video must have taken some work.

  59. Clearly an April Fools joke. (I hope)
    Clearly well executed pictures to appear real.
    And clearly in very poor taste, even as a joke.

    Sorry guys, but I don’t approve.

  60. reminds me of a nastygram i wrote to macdonalds corp after they sued you for your concierge mission several years ago. funny

  61. After you guys crashed that funeral last year, I swore I would never come back here. I decide to give you one last chance and come back here a year (to the day) later to find you’ve done this??? For shame! I’ll never come back here again! Nicely done :)

  62. I can’t believe how many people don’t realize that today is April Fool’s Day!

    Especially after last years disaster with the Suprise Funeral joke… Come on people!

  63. To those who don’t get it that it’s April Fools,

    The guys that gets up and walks away when the two men drop their pants, is not wearing any pants in the 5th picture down. He was obviously in on it.

    Great job IE!!!

  64. That was great. For those that don’t know. They would have been arrested for any public nudity in New york. The closest they could come, would be if it was considered ‘art’.

    But if you pay attention to the date, it is April First. They did post the video on youtube a bit early though since it still said 31 march.

  65. The word is ending, God must be so sad seeing this. I just can not believe it, there is people with no fear no God.

    • No need to be afraid of him. Zeus was defeated by Kratos and the Titans in the Great War of Olympus. “In the end, there will be only chaos!!”

    • porque eres tonto, Mary? porque no sabes aceptar una broma? God made people without clothes, your sinful mind makes nudity wrong.

      and besides, God is the ultimate prankster. just look at the platypus.

  66. Oh and if God has his way, we would all be naked. It was man that sinned and we found shame and modesty. I’m just saying, If you are going to play the moral or God card, at least know the Bible.

    • props for you…. you beat a “god defense” user at her own game =)

      you get two cookies =p

  67. it’s april fool’s, dumbasses!
    didn’t everyone pay attention the fake funeral last year? come on now.

  68. Many thoughts ran through my head.The laws in NY,this does not mean sex, what about the religious righteous folks….yipes,do you know where your children are? Wha…they travelled to 125th…exposed????
    Well, what about social responsibility? Would I be bold enough to expose my hoo ha to the public? They must be in the porn industry…LOL. I hope those seats are clean…ewwww…..then I realised, April Fools Day is a holiday that originated in France….what better way to celebrate! Gotcha’ April Fools.

    • lol, hoo ha. i like how you look at this. you seem to see both sides of the issue, and then also realized it was a prank on the day of, instead of afterward when they told everybody. you’re perty smart, there athena

  69. This gives me a great idea. You know those stores that say “no shirt, no shoes, no services”? What if you had a whole bunch of people enter one wearing ONLY shirts and shoes?

    • That reminds me of a time that I went into a gas station drunk to get more mix for a party down the street. I thought I would test the theory and did no shirt no shoes no pants. Still wore underwear though. needless to say, the guy thought it was funny and still sold me the ginger ale.

  70. What surprises me (more than wangs on the subway would – come on, this is New York, expecting the unexpected is the norm!) is how many people who have NO sense of humor would be reading this blog, which is a HUMOR BLOG. I guess I overestimate people sometimes. Happy April Fool’s, fools!

  71. great beginning of the fool’s day:)) i must say that at first i was like “wow, really, really you guys did that??” and then i remembered the funeral last year and it aaallll made sense:)) thank you!!

  72. Y’all are awesome. As usual, some of the comments are even more hilarious than the actual stunt. Im interested in seeing more about the “making of” though… gross!

  73. Wow… Always funny, even funnier to read the comments : come on people, don’t be shocked, we live in the 21st century… Didn’t you see that every “thing” was pixelated ?!? Don’t take offense, there’s no reason to, that’s what they do on television !

    I just wonder how you manage the pixelization… in the subway ?!

  74. I’m not a prude, but I still think it’s unsanitary and not really all that fun for the people who are being subjected to your genitals in their faces. You guys must be running out of ideas.

  75. Ha ha This is definitely April fools…

    reading the comments reminds me of what happened for the “surprise funeral”.

  76. So awesome! If I was there i would have thought i was still asleep. Best prank so far today. Good job IE!

    LOL, but these comments are just as great. Haters FTW!

  77. LOL, I can’t believe how many people actually think this is real. I came to this site today just to see what IE did for April Fools Day. They’re wearing flesh-colored underwear people! Also LOL at the angry woman who wrote an essay as a response and actually used the words “genital juice.” Watch, this story will be on the news by tomorrow at the latest, just like last year with the “funeral prank” controversy. You might get some news stations that go in on the prank tonight, by running it like an actual story (to be met with a strong public response). Check what Google did to its home page, for another cyber joke. XD

  78. Um…the no pants subway ride was funny. This was just disgusting. There were probably kids on those subways. I think this was really inappropriate

  79. Happy April Fools!

    Unfortunately, I’d been de-primed for the because I’d just read a post on another blog that was an April Fools, so I was thinking, “Oh, hey, IE post… must be an April Fools.”

    Though you seem to have got plenty of the people… so this mission sounds like a success. :-)

  80. OMG u guyz r lyke totally X-ing some lynes hurrr. This iz just totes sick n lyke disgustin’ and stuff. It’s liberal hippies lyke yourselvz that iz destroy’n amerika… i watch glenn beck evry night n he’s right people like you r destroy’n the amerikan valuez we all hold deer. i bet u all hev aids from ur sex parties n furnikating. u probably gave little kidz on the subway diseases and now cause of barak HUSANE obama we’re all gunna hev to pay lyke 90% of our hard earned money to cure u guys because of the death panels n communist health care. n because we’re payin for curin’ u now the docters are goin’ to kill my grandma.. WHAT DID SHE EVR DO TO U?! i want my ammerikah back. just cuz of this i’m going to go read my bible for lyke 3 days str8, u shud do the same u cud lern somethin

  81. I do not approve of this improv. What do you think? That you are a baby running around the house naked,while your parents laugh?
    Did you give a thought to children.,or sex offenders, or rape? Stalkers AFTER the event was over? NYC is a big city filled with people from ALL over the world!
    Things happen. Also, God is watching everything we do, and someday we will stand before Him and give an account for our actions. Then our soul, our choices in life will be plain for all to see. And as an actor, this is not improv.
    It is exhibitionism. Acting is a form of art. It also is work! Taking off your clothes isn’t work. What would Uta Hagen think? Danny Rose at the actor’s Playhouse? Sir Lawrence Oliver? Acting is dignified. Shakespeare in the Park? Busking? Theatre, film..remember those? I do like some of your work. Some showcases beautiful singing, dance, and acting. Those like the supermarket,the cafe singing and the high 5 escalator ..they bring joy and they are safe! Please re-read this for everyone’s safety and security.

    • “Please re-read this for everyone’s safety and security.”
      Now that I’ve read this, I’m secure.

    • God made us naked. our sinful minds made it seem a bad thing.

      most of the actors i work for are either utterly undignified and good people, or are very convinced that they’re dignified and are pompous assholes

      but April Fool’s Day pranksters are pretty funny

  82. That’s outrageous. You guys have gone TOO FAR! It’s time to step back and try to mix the comedy with APPROPRIATE PUBLIC BEHAVIOR. That’s just gross. You and all of your mothers should be ashamed. Your aunts too. And grandparents. ASHAMED of you. I am. Gross.

  83. kind of defeats the whole purpose of it if your blurring out the goods in the photo doesn’t it ?
    Also who really wants to stare at someones balls while riding the subway. Lets not forget about hygene also. Would you want to sit on that seat after some sweaty ass has been all over it ?

    • i like your approach to this, even though i would disagree with you if this was real.

      you mildly said that you wouldn’t appreciate being on the train for this without being mega indignant and pissed off, and of course the cleanliness bit is totally legit. and the defeating the purpose bit would have been a good point.

      Happy belated April Fool’s day!

      you misspelled hygiene ~__o

  84. Timothy from New York i copied you. I’m sorry, i really liked your idea last year and I didn’t see a similar post this year so I couldn’t hold myself back.


    This is not real. WHAT’S TODAYS DATE?


    Improv Everywhere never does anything illegal. How am I the only one to pick up on this?


  86. Don’t you post is understand? The reason that no one from IE is responding to your comments is that they are all in jail for inciting a mass display of public nudity in New York. Not only is this illegal, it is a immoral, disgusting….

    Oh wait! Oh Yeah….

    Don’t you post is understand? The reason that no one from IE is responding to your comments is that they are all laughing their asses off so hard that they can’t get back off the floor to reach their keyboards.

    This is HILARIOUS! Best one I’ve seen in a long time.

  87. I’m terribly offended by your use of censorship! Haven’t you heard of a little something called the FIRST AMENDMENT? When you blur out an image on the internets, the terrorists win! Information should swing freely from the loins of democracy. You really dropped the balls on this one!

  88. That music was awesome in the video. I’m going to have to check that guy’s site out and see if I can download that track.

  89. Very disappointing, I did not like it at all. There were children there – not appropriate. Also, it took away the identity of Improv Everywhere – something funny and unexpected became tasteless. Sorry, not a fan anymore.

  90. Hehe… Considering the date, I will bet $20 CAD that they’re all wearing nude colored underwear and you can’t tell due to the pixelation. Jokes on you guys :-D Why else would all the reactions be so not mortified?

  91. Omg! Are you guys for real! I’m a huge fan, but still i’m shocked by this one!
    Im guessing it’s a set up, but either way a great idea and some hilarious reactions!
    Did You get in any trouble at all? Police? security ? What about security cameras??
    Keep up the craziness!

  92. Oh my gosh! So inappropriate! The children, the children!

    LOL nice job guys, and thanks for the 1st laugh of the day!

  93. Great one for an April First joke.

    Due to the date I’m half “is this real?” and half “if it isn’t, how’d they pull off the video?”

  94. You got me! I think it took me about 10 minutes but it finally clicked. Keep up the great work I can always count on you for a laugh.

  95. Some of you actually took this seriously? :)
    I was counting down the minutes last night, just waiting for it to be today hehe

  96. Just as planned by IE I figure, the reactions are even more hilarious than the mission itself. Nothing more funny than easily offended, gullible people. A tissue and a big thank you to all those commenters out there who have the wits of a donkey on LSD :)

  97. GAH! You got me. I totally believed it and was terribly disappointed and shocked. Then I glanced at my calendar. Well done!

  98. I actually figured this out before I clicked the link in my email notification. So I missed the joy of seeing these pics on the web before I knew it was an April Fool. BUT you guys inspired me to pull one of my best Fools ever, on my husband.

    Speaking of husbands, Agent Adams, will you be my next?

    Great job, guys and gals.

  99. This is so much funnier with everyone wearing coats and other cold weather clothes. It wouldn’t be the same in the middle of summer.

  100. The people that are taking it seriously are the ones that really make me laugh. They’re going to feel so dumb when they realize what today is. XD

    Great job though guys. I hope you tell us how you did it, it looks really good.

  101. well looks like improv is at it again with their april fool’s day pranks. if u watch the video you’ll realize that when the camera focuses oin the crowd there are flurries, yet when it turns back to the agent there are no flurries!!

  102. IT IS A JOKE.

    I hope some of these comments are jokes too.

    You people need to lighten up and look at a calendar once in a while.

  103. I can’t understand the pixels on the genitals on these photos. Suddenly people got shy, or conservative?

    Plus, I wanna see these people having courage to do that by themselves. Like a one person mob stripping at the subway. Because what the video shows has already been done a dozen times.

  104. You almost got me. Very cute, very funny, LOVE IT!! Those of you who are offended? Look at the date.

  105. Wow, this still fooled a lot of people. Someone has some decent photoshopping skills. Happy April Fools!

  106. It has to be an April fool!! But I can believe that one or two photos were not forged to be credible!

  107. Do any of you have Kids.. this isn`t some party or island. What would you do If I show my dick to your kids on the subway… that would be FUNNY?? seriously??

    I love the stuff that I usually see on here but this seems against the spirit of everything else I`ve seen.

    If you have a problem with us singing in a food court.. suck it up for 2 mins. If you have a problem with someone high fiving you on an escalator. Ignore it. But how does someone who.. GOd forbid. Doesn`T want to see a bunch of cocks, pussies and fat asses on their ride to work.. or for their kids to see.. mush less want to imitate.

    It was so nice watching you make people smile.. even if they don`t want to.. but making them deal with this.. weather they want to or not.. is REALLY over the top. If someone gets up and beats the shit out of one of these ass holes I won`t be able to find too much sympathy in my heart.. I`d rather that than have to explain to a kid why these idiots are standing around naked.

    Jeff Johnson!!!

  108. Ah, thankfully I was around to experience last year’s fool. I was enraged then, highly disappointed and worried that it was real. Today as soon as you mentioned nudity I checked the date. I’m curious to know how you guys did it though… Seriously great photoshopping? Rented out a car and put only people you knew on it? Do we get a behind the scenes later?

  109. Thank god this was only an April Fool’s joke. I was worried you were doing this prank before the weather got warmer…

  110. In the video, there’s a part where two guys take their pants off and the guy in the middle looks in disgust and then gets up and leaves. He is in one of the later photos with his pants off – obviously part of the original no pants group. Kind of gave it away!

  111. I have to admit you did this masterfully. Todd’s “address” to the crowd probably didn’t happen. The people listening to Todd’s speech were being snowed on, (Todd wasn’t) and there’s NO way that many people would descend the subway to take their underwear off.

    Nah, this is video editing and manipulation at its BEST!

    Well done IE! :D

    • Good eye, Dana! I was thinking the same thing about the #s and the snow, but didn’t go back to review. :D

  112. Nope..that was a really bad one. I dont want to see this. Its GROSS. and what about all the little kids? No wonder our world is so perverted, what about everyone who’s religious as well, its so innapropriate. This one was a mistake sorry to say… went too far.

    • wait, what does religion have to do with a penis or a vagina?? i’m christian, have studied the bible and didn’t find anything that one or the other being visible was a sin. do any other religions state that? i’m confuzzled.

      and the world is so perverted because we hide things, so we think about them more. if it’s commonplace, out in the open, you won’t even notice it. are necks perveted? no. a man’s belly? no. woman’s belly? yes-ish. why? cause you don’t see it as much.

  113. People are funny. I love all the people who suddenly figure it out and say “April fools (I hope?)!” Oh sad sacks, you have no faith in IE. Can’t wait for the next stunt!

  114. Was really disappointed in IE for a few minutes, thinking you’d really gone too far (or I was hallucinating). People with their parts hanging out on the NY subway and no one being stopped or questioned? Seriously?? Then remembered what day it is. DUH. I love that you got me….totally fooled. Apparently I’m not the only one.

  115. I am so confused now!! IE confuses me. lol
    is this like real? what diff does it make if its April fools or not… i just really hope this didnt actually happen.

  116. LMAO. Ok took me only like forever to get it. hahaaa.. feel like an idiot. Stupid IE. <3 x

  117. To Sarah,

    If the penis had been circumsized would that have been all right? If not, why bring up the circumcision?

    I burst out laughing at work when I read that you’d needed to add an adjective to “pulled out his penis” as though to more adequately describe what you’d been subjected to.

    And the comment about penis size was absolutely priceless. Thank you IE for this “mission” so as to inspire Sarah’s comments.

  118. I wonder if any upstanding local journalism programs will run this on the nightly news? Without calling you to fact-check, of course. :P

  119. It’s amazing how “naughty” you can make a picture look with just some coloring and pixelization…

  120. nice one :-P the comments made me laugh harder than the actual vid lol looking forward to hearing how you made this!

  121. Hahaha, yes. I do say this is your best prank yet, you haven’t done something THIS good since you made that boring old funeral into an awesome one!

    Definitely done in the same spirit as that… if you know what I mean. ;)

  122. All you prudes need to CALM DOWN and check your calendars…….Even if it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day prank, it’s up to you whether you (or your children, for that matter) look at the half-naked people running around on the subway. It’s all about free will :) Of course, if you’d rather stay ignorant and run around with your heads up your bums, that’s fine too.

  123. Have loved every one of your missions……… .until now.
    This went a little too far and was in poor taste. Hope this is not the beginning of a mission trend.

  124. Hah, you guys are awesome. I keep meaning to get in on a mission, but it never happens. Can’t believe I missed out on another opportunity! LOL probably the best one yet!

  125. Aw thumbs down to those that spoiled the April fools prank!! Let it ride a little longer next year!

  126. D’Oh! I was about to write that I’m a big IE fan but thought this crossed the line…then I read some of the comments and was reminded of last year’s event on this date. YOU GOT ME GOOD TODAY!

  127. Honestly guys, I love you, but even this was pushing things a little bit far. I love the annual No Pants Subway Ride, and I’d totally participate if I could, but there’s a huge difference between no pants and no underwear… A bunch of people nude from the waist down would leave me with a story to tell, I grant you that, but it wouldn’t really make my day or put a smile on my face. D:

    I’ve always loved Improv Everywhere because they’ve been about upsetting the status quo in a non-harmful, non-offensive way. But no underwear? Really? It’s not harmful, sure, but rather offensive.

    Not to mention that I’d be seriously worried about getting arrested for this, if I were you guys. I can’t say anything for sure about New York City, but at the very least here public nudity (of the no underwear kind–no pants is like, whatever, who cares) is classified as a sex crime and will actually get you registered as a sex offender.

    No, wait, I found a website.

    I just don’t want you guys to get arrested. Your missions have brought smiles to my face so many times, and while I personally don’t feel offended (even if it wouldn’t particularly brighten my day, I don’t care /that/ much) by public nudity… well, I can’t help but sympathize with those who are. Y’know? It’s not in a situation where they can just leave if they can’t take it.

    Ergh, sorry for the tl;dr. I guess what I’m trying to say boils down to this: I don’t care, but I feel bad for those who do, and there’s a real risk of you guys being charged with several crimes if you do this again. D:

  128. Ok, so this WAS an April’s fools joke, right? Its funny as a joke, but it wouldn’t be funny if you really did this on the subway.

  129. OH, shit. This was an April Fools joke, wasn’t it? Goddamnit, Every single year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I forget about the date. xDDD

    Okay, okay, okay. Scratch my last rambling post, and FREAKING BRILLIANT APRIL FOOLS JOKE TO YOU GUYS. xD

    (Now I’m going to feel stupid x1000 if it turns out to be real.)

    • don’t worry, auPHE, when they first started this nonsense i sent a really scathing letter to macdonald’s corp when ie announced that they had been sued by macdonalds for a mission they had done at macdonalds on bwy… they had put a concierge in macdonalds restroom some months earlier – really funny. when they posted that they had been sued, i wrote and sent the letter to macdonalds corp president, only to be very embarrassed when i realized i had been made an april fool.

  130. I have always loved Improv everywhere because you like to do harmless jokes and brighten people’s day. If I had my kids on that subway they would have been frightened and I would have been irate. This was completely tasteless and stupid. You have lost a fan.

  131. I must admit, you had me for just a second when I saw the title of the email in my box. But then I looked at the date. Nicely Done! (Although, like others, I find the most entertainment is in the comments. I mean, come on people, seriously?)

  132. Shocked! Gasping! Waking up my husband, telling him “Oh no, I can’t take the kids to IE missions anymore! Then the brain kicks in………you got me/us! Eyeluvit!!!!!!

  133. OH SHOOOOOOOT. Here I am going how the heck did they get away with this, dang they went too far, and you guys got me. Shoot.

  134. I kinda believed this at first but then I realized that it would be considered indecent exposure, which it illegal. April Fools!

  135. Wow, I can’t believe how many people don’t understand, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, think about today’s date, April 1st.

  136. It’s a shame that those things aren’t really possible in Germany. But it’s why I love ImprovEverywhere.

  137. OMG! I saw the post last nite & LOL figuring this has to be for April 1st. I will admit I kept going back & forth with “is it’s real or not” and could not wait to read ppl’s reactions. I love the posts where ppl ramble on and are outraged only to realize after they posted what day it is. The comments have me ROTFLMAO!

    @AmazingThor your idea had me laughing for a good 10 mins!: “This gives me a great idea. You know those stores that say “no shirt, no shoes, no services”? What if you had a whole bunch of people enter one wearing ONLY shirts and shoes?”

  138. I think one of the most interesting things about a mission like this one is reading the comments of the people who don’t realize what day it is. ^-^

  139. Wow, that was amazing. very well put together. Loved this one, loved last years, and I love reading the comment thread.

    Keep up the good work!

  140. The only thing I loved more about almost falling for it myself, and then tricking EVERYONE in my group of friends to believe it was true, has to be reading all the comments of angry people who fell for it and dont realize its a joke. I personally love the “Angry Mother” admitting she likes to stare at male genitals, but isnt ready for her boys to stare and fantasize about female genitals. This is by far a great way to celebrate April Fools Day.

  141. People, people. For New Yorkers you guys are pretty gullible. Today is April first. Get it? April Fool’s day. The video and pics are from no pants day. Its a joke. Good one, Dave.

  142. “what if God was one of us. just a stranger on a bus (train) tryin’ to make his way home” This prank was sunshine to the East Coasters who suffered thru all that rain. Happy April Fools, Passover and Easter!

  143. IE, I’ve really followed you guys basically from the start, but this is just too much. I’m going to the press with this one. Fox News, here I come.

    (Haha I keed. How was this pulled off?! :D)

  144. I luv you guys but what if there were kids on the trains??? I wouldn’t want my kids to have to see a bunch of half naked people.

  145. Hahaha I love this one!
    Though I find all the angry and disappointed comments of all the people taking this so seriously as entertaining, if not more!, as the prank itself, well done guys! :D

  146. For everyone who doesn’t think this was “appropriate”, just remember, it’s just humans moving about in our natural forms, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  147. hahahah :D Ya siz harbiden çatlaks?n?z :)) yinede idealleriniz ve özgüveninizden dolay? tebrik ederim.türkiyede böyle bir organizsyon yapacak olursan?z bende kat?lmak isterim :)

  148. Seriously? You guys that hard up for new ideas? Thought you could do much better for April Fools Day.

    Sorry. Big disappointment.

  149. Haha this is great, I’m just laughing reading all the comments from people who are taking this seriously

  150. In case none of you noticed that today is April Fools Day and that Improveverywhere is smarter that this, lol, good laughs reading the replies though.

  151. HILARIOUS!!

    It’s even funnier how there are people commenting that bought it, hook line and sinker. It’s April 1st even, and yet… well, there will always be suckers I guess.

    How’d you guys do this? I know it was edited to look as if people were naked, but based on what I see they had to wear skimpy clothing. Were they Speedos? It must have been something opaque enough not to set off any nastiness from the police. :-)

  152. I actually saw this in the wee hours of yesterday morning, so I wasn’t quite sure if this was an April Fool’s Joke and I am greatly relieved. I kept thinking of the poor kids that could’ve hopped onto the subway. And, of course, the whole issue of anyone sitting buck naked on one of those seats. So what did you wear? Nude colored undies or thongs? In any case, you still needed the guts to do this one!

  153. Haha I almost believed this – maybe if you didn’t claim to have 1,000 participants, then say it was a small group of senior agents :] (Unless you really meant to say “small” senior agents.. but hey that’s insulting! size doesn’t matter…)

    But either way, great editing, looks so convincing!! I would really love to take part in a mission sometime!

  154. OMG, you totally got me! Though I think I would caught on earlier if I’d watched the video first since I always save it for last. It sounded totally plausible reading it. It would have been seriously awesome if you actually did this though!

  155. April fools, you idiots. Ever heard of editing software? You can see the white piping of one girl’s track shorts in the photo. God, you’re dumb.

  156. isn’t the real april fools’ joke on those who actually believe this to be an april fools’ joke?

  157. Ok, I got it immediately, but still, how did you make the pictures? Are they just photoshopped? It’s a wonderful job!

    And I still have to watch the video…

    Anyway, the idea is great, the quality of the pictures is amazing and the upset comments did the rest of the job!

    My compliments!

    Though, I have to admit, last year’s idea was even better. But this one, technically, is superb!

    Looking forward for technical details.

  158. HAHA I like it better than your last April Fools fake mission. This one is sure to get a newstation yelling at you lol.

  159. Hilarious! And not nearly as cruel as the “In-N-Out Burger in NYC” gag someone else did (I did think it was IE at first though). ^o^

    The best part, at least the icing on the cupcake, is reading all the comments from people with their knickers in a bunch. Every. Single. Year.

  160. haha this is so hilarious! definitely upping the stakes! Dallas did a no pants ride recently. I don’t think it went over well haha

  161. ugh. it took me all fucking day to figure it out. im… just disappointed in myself. dis.a.ppointed.

  162. you are risking the public health!!! Many std can be transmitted through the seats you just sat…!
    Besides, This is a violation of basic rights of believers, such as muslims,christians or jews who find these acts pretty embarrassing and sinful. No one would care if you dropped your pants home but how come you take this inappropriate action in front of the kids and adolescents.
    We, real newyorkers, condemn this inconsiderate so called mission of yours.

    • You know, I love it when someone gives his, or her, opinion and says the word “we” as if speaking for the rest of us (all New Yorkers).

      I am a real New Yorker and think that this was an awesome April Fools prank.

  163. Additionally- what is next? I mean, are you going to have public sex in front of the pure eyes next?…This is truly unbelievable.

  164. hmmm very sexy…No doubt most of the by-lookers and bystanders rushed to the toilets in order to masturbate for a sneaky relief afterwards…LOL

  165. Gah! You got me! I was both laughing hysterically and very worried about how potentially legal this was, when I realized that today was the 1st. Good show!

  166. damn….why did you blur the private parts of the agents out..!!! We want to see those parts for sure, otherwise your mission can not be counted as complete!!! jejejeje:-)

  167. OK, so April Fool’s or no, the ‘indecent exposure’ was on par with what I saw last week at my gym’s pool, and that is a family place. Man in a thong speedo.

    Lighten up and think of it as an anatomy lesson!

    Well done IE.

  168. did they cleanse the seats after the agents left:)— I would not wanna sit on that seat before sterilization…those private areas were prolly smelly,greasy—ewwwwww:)

  169. This act is a violation of basic human and social rights. Parents of the kids who were exposed to this inhumane and indecent and vulgar incident must act in harmony and clearly think of finding out if there is any legal action which can be taken…Noone can gurantee that next years april fools would not include ‘sex on the subway’ type of shows! We gotta protect our offsprings as they are our future!

  170. They didn’t actually expose anything they were wearing flesh colored underwear which is not illegal and overblurred the video to give the illusion it was real. The surprised look was from people wondering why they were all in their underwear.

  171. lol, when was this? I was in the city the whole day today. I didn’t see them on my train rides.

  172. Very nicely done April Fools prank! Did you guys also make up all the comments from people who are “VERY UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED” with Improv Everywhere for exposing yourselves in front of the children and transmitting STD’s between your naked butts and the subway seats! Hehe.

  173. Hellooooo-uh. It’s obviously an April Fool’s Day prank. Improv Everywhere didn’t really commit indecent exposure all over the city.

  174. HELLOOOOOO people, it’s April 1st. This is IE. Now, I can kind of see people falling for Starbucks’ announcement today. BTW: Sarah, mom of 2 kids – posting at 3:30-ish AM? What’s up with that?

  175. You really got me with the video! But if you watch the beginning part of the video (the weather anyone?!) and the number of people shown (too many familiar faces?) then you’ll get the joke. Very funny stuff IE! Happy April Fools!

  176. I would say that this is an April Fools joke.
    Not okay guys. You should have been arrested for public indecency if this is real.

  177. Gosh, has is been a year since the funeral? That one got me. I don’t think this one would have, though! The editing between the cheers gave it away… nonetheless, well done!

  178. I am sorry, but this is disrespectful. I have always appreciated your improvisations, even bought the book. But this crossed the line. Plus small kids don’t need to see your genitals all over a public place. All in bad taste. I am very disappointed. It just shows how low our society has sunk.

  179. Nice nude-colored undies. Good idea to use a small group of senior performers. A smaller group means less likelihood of leaking how it was done.

  180. I noticed that when to guys removed their pants and underwear in front of a guy, he immediately got up and moved to another part of the car. However, I didn’t see anyone moving when the women removed their pants/skirt and underwear. I think that guy was gender biased.

  181. May I say to everyone what is todays date??? April 1st …and improv everywhere wouldnt do something THIS crazy, and considering it would be public nudity therefor subject to law enforcement, it could never happen unless everyone wanted a HUGE fine, and lawsuit most likely. Hate to rain on ppls parade but its the truth. They always put up a prank thing on april fools.

  182. More than 300 comments! How many posted a righteous rant and then had that sinking “gotcha” sensation a couple hours later?

  183. Look at me! Look at me!

    Improv Everywhere=attention starved children. Try that down here in Philly. You won’t be able to walk out of the subway.

  184. I logged on today just to see what you would come up with. Where’d you get the footage? Problem is, with this and the funeral thing last year, people who fall for it just swear off the web site and might not get the chance to look again later and realize it’s all fake. Still, though, brilliant!

  185. Unfortunately… no class. I’m all for being natural, and accepting nudity as our natural state. But our current world has sexualized everything so much, we’re not ready for it, not in this setting.

    If I were taking the subway with my wife and children, it would be terribly disrespectful… not taking into account some very sacred views of many people, who were practically visually violated without choice in the matter.

    Laughs at others expense… c’mon…lets evolve already.

  186. It woulda been funny if you guys actually did this, instead of April Foolin’ us about it. IE pranks seem to risk nothing and say little. I guess we gotta keep ourselves busy, though. It’s not like there’s a war going on or anything.

    • you make me sad. IE cheers me up. it doesn’t have to say anything, it just does things to bring a smile to people’s faces. Dude, like you said, there’s a war on! Life is serious enough. There doesn’t need to be some brilliant and serious political message behind these stunts. Cheer up a bit yeah?

  187. Simply because we all expect it to be an april fool’s joke, I wish this was actually real.

    Hoping to hear how exactly the footage was obtained tomorrow.

  188. lolllllll thank you so much, guys. anyone who knows improv everywhere knows that this is totally against your mission statement (although some well-meaning pranking is completely within the realm of hilarious and acceptable).

    nice job, guys.

  189. No, I’m sorry, but I just can’t approve of this. I, personally, don’t think being naked should be such a taboo, but I can’t support this. Ever heard of “indecent exposure”? Well, it’s a crime, and this is clearly a case of it. And just imagine how you’d feel, seeing all of those people who don’t shave down there… Blech! Ick! Gross! Dx

  190. Well, we don’t have subways in black rock city, but enough folks walks around without pants at burning man that we have a word for it… Shirt Cockers. Sorry Females. This looks very civil. Out there in the wild west you have to look out for people armed with pantzookas. They can accurately shoot a pair of pants over 100 yards. Personally, i think it is all ok as long as you have the lower button on you blazer working…

  191. I love IE, in part because there is an innocence and respectfulness to its missions. This, however, goes beyond what the group normally does. What if kids showed up after the agents stripped? What if a mom with small children got on the car with the naked people? Gosh, at least with streaking, the person goes by underage bystanders quickly! I hope this doesn’t represent a new trend for IE.

  192. Oh mai….I stand corrected. I love how I check after Midnight, and after Charlie adds the “Its just a joke guys” note to the top, and PEOPLE ARE STILL FALLNG FOR IT!!!! [See post by Hannah12 above]

  193. First: I know it was an April fool’s joke
    Second: To all the people complaining: “What if children had seen?”. So? What if children had seen? Absolutely nothing would have happened. What’s the harm in seeing nudity in a non-sexual context?

    I’d have zero problems with my children seeing random naked strangers on a train. If anything, they’d have thought it was funny, and would probably have just worried about the half-naked people being cold.

    Seriously, lighten up people. And to the people *still* complaining, you need to work on your reading comprehension; IT’S NOT REAL, it was A JOKE

  194. You guys got me completely. I was even telling people about it today… Great job.

    But for all the folks who were offended- Shame on you & your Victorian remnant that our bodies are innately ‘sexual’ or vulgar. Screw that. Such prudeness is such a curse on our country. As evidenced in Europe, nudity is only an issue if you make it an issue. You know what sexual repression does? It creates perverts. STEP OUT OF THE BOX. By shielding the ‘poor children’ you’re creating another generation of the same. That’s all.

    I love Improv Everywhere!

  195. Yo peeps, it’s that “angry mama” Sarah, b*tchesss. yea ya’ll kno, the woman with two kids who wrote an essay :)

    first off, i don’t know why you all think that the people who wrote oppositions and complaints would feel stupid by finding out that this was all a prank? i don’t feel duped, i THANK GOD it turned out to be a joke and not a reality. i am very thankful that IE actually had brains, respect and common sense to not make this happen for real after all. and i knew about their funeral stint last year, i did state that i love this group and have been a follower for a long time right?

    besides, i still stand by what i wrote before, and hopefully everybody else would read that and think yes, this would be a horrible mission to ever be done in the future. i mean you know, in case if this prank has inspired any retards to ACTUALLY do this, i call them the impressionables. cuz judging from some comments, some of you actually wanted this to happen, some of you thought this would be kick-ass and funny. well at least IE won’t take part in it cuz of all the reasons i stated in my previous post.

    oh and to answer a question from Minoru Minazaki (or whatever his name) who wrote “I personally love the “Angry Mother” admitting she likes to stare at male genitals, but isnt ready for her boys to stare and fantasize about female genitals.”
    firstly, thank you for loving my post, i like attention, but secondly… are you for real?? really? stupidest remark ever? yea not yet, hell no. they’re only 7 yrs old twins, i don’t need them to mature too early thank you. would u like your future 7 yr olds to be staring and fantasizing about vaginas and getting all curious already?? well not me, that can wait till maybe late middle school or early high school. not in freaking grade school. oh and i’m an adult, i can stare at penises all day if i wanted to because i’m a mature citizen who will act responsibly. duh. and i also wrote that this course of action would be totally fine if we lived in an all adult world, remember? but we got kids in this world. i mean i guess none of your mommys and daddys were hypocrites? just cuz i did drugs doesn’t mean i want my kids to do drugs. just cuz I went to a SUNY for college doesn’t mean i don’t have high expectations for my kids to strive for say, ivy leagues? u kno? is anybody with me here? aren’t all parents hypocrites? come on now.

    and what’s with some comments that are completely dismissive of children. don’t say who cares if children look at pussies and dicks when you don’t even have kids urselves. yea they’re natural, but they don’t need to be bombarded with it at once in a totally unexpected way. if i wanted them to look at it i’d take them to a nudist beach. i have gone to nudist beaches in my early 20s anyway. and have you all not read about the 15 yr-old girl who sold her little 7 yr-old sister to be gang-raped by several boys and men?! yea i’m trying to make my boys to not become one of those horny bastards for the safety of our future generations. and this was in NJ, that’s crazy.

    well, in the end, i hope everyone enjoyed the day.
    and this whole No Underwear in Subway april fool’s joke thang? yea let’s keep it that way forever, a JOKE! don’t be getting crazy ideas into making it real.


    • Again, so glad there’s no audio. You talk too much, lady. And I’m sure that’s not the 1st time someone’s told you that. I think looking at genitals will be one of many ways your boys will use to escape your incessant gabbing!

  196. I really don’t understand everyones negative reactions! Even though it was a joke, it really isn’t so different from wearing underwear, especially clingy underwear. Most of the time it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But the children? News flash, they have penises and vaginas too. If you are teaching your children that nudity is wrong, how are they ever mean to feel at home with their bodies. By denying the NATURAL human form, you are just fostering bad body image. I could personally not go pantless anywhere public, but that’s just me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with nudity at all.

    • Also! If it really had been serious, they were acting in a completely non-sexual way. It’s not like they were whipping out their gear and jacking off or turkey slapping anyone. You see naked forms at museums, what’s the difference besides the fact that they aren’t statues.

    • first of all above all else, let’s start this off that i know it’s a joke.

      alright, now here’s my answer to you. since you don’t seem to understand why people would have negative reactions if this was to be real.

      there’s a difference btw clingy underwear and bare-all…sanitation!! why do you think there’s a no return policy for women’s underwear at stores?! why do u think you can’t try on underwears in a fitting room? why do you think there’s that little seal of protection like a pad on brand new swimsuits you want to try on in stores? why do you think clothes were invented at all?!

      i’ll tell you why, diseasesss!! do you want all that to be smeared onto where you sit? do you want them all transmitted to you?
      there’s so many salmonella and infectious bacteria out there in the world that if it weren’t for us humans wearing clothes in society, we’d all be dead by 30.

      oh and woah really? wow i had no idea my kids had penises and vaginas. i mean i guess i was always blind-folded when i use to change their diapers.
      uh, dur! do people not understand that children are not mature enough?!?! they don’t know what’s right from wrong yet, and if you read newspapers, you would have seen an article about a 15 yr old girl who sold her own 7yr old sister to be gang-raped by boys and men. yea, by BOYS too! that’s what happens when you have a precocious little children who know too much about their bodies and sex at such a young age. they don’t have that sense of maturity and common senses fully developed yet to see how dangerous it is to do such things.

      and i’m sure most knowledgeable parents are not teaching nudity is WRONG, they just don’t need to be rushed of such things. i’m perfectly fine with nudity, i used to go to nudist beaches in my 20s. but rushing impressionable kids with anything is not good for them. thats how you get girls like lindsay lohan, or grown boys like michael jackson. who had her childhood all rushed and forced into behaving like adults, or pressured to looking perfect.

      my role as a parent, is to have well grounded kids, who will become responsible adults, and at appropriate ages they can have whatever fun they want. at 16 they can drive, at 18 they can smoke (although preferred not), at 21 they can drink. you know wat i mean?

      peace and love.

      • Staying on your high horse now that you know that you made a fool of yourself earlier is really pathetic.

        a “haha you got me!” would have been enough, really…

        • don’t be jealous my little polka dotted bikini friend.

          well someone’s gotta play a devil’s advocate right? have fun with this. you know you love reading my beautifully hand-crafted essays. i’m a part time job momma who has the time to be doing this but what bout you?

          come on now, you know you love me. :)

          peace and love.

          • First off, well said polkadots.

            Secondly, Sarah, please watch this (in response to your no-returning-undies part of the comment) It’s quite disturbing, and something to keep in mind.

            I didn’t get to see the mission until today so I don’t know if I would have fallen for it, but good job IE! Keep up the good work! :)

          • word Sarah. u tell him, hah.
            and i completely agree with all the things you said. it’s very true, i read that news article about the 15 yr old pimp as well. and your posts are very insightful.

            and Imariecorby’s video link in his comment is something i saw too, and even further supports Sarah’s comments that it would not be wise for people to be walking around in nudity. because of all that dirty bacteria harvesting in your private areas and the possibility to be transmitted on.

            so i don’t see why you two are hating. nothing Sarah said were wrong.
            oh and another thing, fake or not, i still think this prank was weird…

          • I find that your failure to use upper case renders your “essays” unreadable. That is all.

            Go IE.

          • Your essays are far from “beautifully crafted.” Besides your obvious lack of capitalization, you mule-stubborn views are completely rediculous.

      • I managed to read some of this. Regarding this point: “…or pressured to looking perfect…”

        I can only imagine that seeing real life people will reduce a child’s chances of feeling abnormal. I know the nudity was not real, but if it was? I consider that far less harmful than celebrity culture, where perfection is expected. I consider television a greater risk.

  197. I must admit that I was beyond shocked when I first saw the video. I even sat on my bed thinking would I do this HAHAHAHA… then I checked the date and cursed IE under my breath. I re-posted the video on my facebook inviting all my friends to join me on the fake mission and actually had people call me crazy HAHAHAHAHA. You had me fooled and I do feel dumb for believing it :D
    NYC <3 IE… pantsless or naked ^.~

  198. all is good, people…quit insulting each other for this joke…by the way, anyone knows where I can find this skin colored underwear???:)))

    • They are refered to as “Nudies” in the Fine Arts inner circles like Dance and Theatre. I work as a light tech, so I tend to be the one who has nothing to do at rehearsal before lights are set up, and end up going to stores to buy them.

      I know Dance supply stores online and offline carry the leotard brand and some costume shops carry “Basic Black” and “Full Nudies” but I have never come across just Undewear Nudies. I would love to know this as well, they may even be cheeper than a “Full Nudie”

  199. I am AMAZED at the lack of sense of humor that I see in so many posts here! I am glad to be counted among those with a wonderful sense of humor! That was really funny. It takes a high level of intelligence to have a sense of humor. Those of you who don’t “get” the joke, stop for a moment and think about it. Thanks, Todd, and the rest of the IE family. You are brilliant. I bet you’ll be laughing at these posts for a long, long, time! You made my April Fool’s Day really funny!

    • There are, indeed, a lot of dumb asses out there… ;)

      After reading these neg posts, doesn’t seem to me that ignorance is bliss but rather anger-filled. So sad…

  200. Oh, and for those of you who STILL don’t get it, IT WASN’T REAL. Thought I’d say it one more time even though many people have already mentioned that…..THEY WEREN’T REALLY NAKED. UNDERSTAND NOW?? I look forward to the next bunch of posts from the offended folks. Yikes.

  201. oops, I mean, thanks, Charlie Todd, not Todd. You and your group are great! Sorry I got your name wrong.. :) I saw you when our family participated in the Roosevelt Island fun last May 23rd. Read your book. Great stuff! Keep it up.

  202. Thanks for this! People are too serious on the subway and in life. Me and my daughters almost peed in our underwear watching this.

  203. oh my goodness! I’m soooooooooooo glad that this was an April fools. I had just shown my homeschooled teen acting troupe your videos and we’ve been planning a “Shaken Experience” of our own. I’d lost all faith in you and was anticipating some very angry phone calls from parents eventually. This was the first April Fools I’ve fallen for in a very long time. Way to improv truly EVERYWHERE!

  204. I hope Sarah gets some rest. She’s been working so hard.

    PapaFrita’s suggestions for upping the anti were fab!!

    April 1, 2010 at 1:18 am
    Great way to up the stakes, I look forward to No Genitals Subway Ride next year!

    April 1, 2010 at 1:32 am
    The No Skin Subway Horror Ride would also be an interesting challenge.

    How ’bout the No Genitals or Skin Subway Ride to the Funeral?

    Keep goin’ strong!!

  205. Obviously not filmed yesterday – the weather in NY was way too nice for all that winter gear. I would guess the crowd shots were edited in from another event. Nice job! Wish I’d seen it yesterday.

  206. you got us! my boyfriend and I watched the video no underwear video yesterday and thought it was so crazy. he of course said “I totally would have done that.” and i of course said “no way thats going to far for me.” when i saw the subject title today: April Fools, i thought “Improv Everywhere way to be brilliant yet again!!!”

  207. Hahahaha you guys really got me! I originally saw this video and was really dissapointed with this idea. Hahaha I showed it to my family! you guys truely got me ;p maybe I should tell the rest of my family…

  208. :-( I offered a $20 bet on April 1, 2010 at 10:58 am concerning the nature of this vid and how it was done…. but nobody took me up on it? *Tears and Sadness*

    Just search “Cyrik” to find my other comment.

  209. Wow! Some people are so gullible. And furious! It reminds me of the fury that Republicans were able to generate by feeding misinformation about what public health insurance really means. Man, our country is in trouble.

  210. On April fools day I went to show the grade 6 class the Grand Central station mission so we could do it for a joke at recess that day. They had never heard of this before. And what comes up but blurred images of crotches!!!! YAHHHHH!!! Some quick thinking and I finally I said you must have blurred up the images from a “shorts” subway ride cause there is no way you would go without any clothes. It led for a few very scary moments for me, but i did laugh about it and told the kids how we can always video edit to make things look different. YOU had me for a moment then I figured it had to be a joke.

    Our mission of “Grand Central Station” with 75 elementary school kids on the school yard went of great! They loved it!

  211. well, if you know about the april’s fool prank these guys did on a funeral; then it was kind of obvious that wasn’t only happening. still a good one!

  212. Me and my buddies, all unregistered six offenders, really liked this as it gave us many great ideas. Found it very stimulating and made us realize that there is no reason for us to use any means of self-control, as society really wants people like us to take over and set them free from their hang-ups. Keep up the great work. You are our heroes.

  213. First off, this was an awesome prank. I was just sitting on my bed thinking that I hadn’t seen one interesting April Fools Day prank yesterday and I was disappointed. This totally made up for it. Love you Agent Todd

  214. I’m honestly surprised that people still fall for these, at this point I expect and look forward to them, but I think it’s funny that people don’t realize it’s April Fools. You had me wondering how it looked like they were naked this year though. Good job, a great idea!

  215. Cute. Still though, depending on the neutral color underwear I still would have been a bit body-conscience in front of complete strangers – lol.

  216. Oops – did you guys make a goof? Was one of your agents – blonde guy sitting at ~2:15 in the video – also previously a bystander? The guy that moves out of the way when two guys depants at the same time?

    Great job, guys. I love April Fools’ Day!

  217. Sarah: when you talk about the twisted sexual attitudes we sometimes find in our society lately, don’t you realize that comes from a society where we DO forbid public nudity? In places where children are allowed to see bodies, in nonsexual contexts, and understand that they are normal, the children grow up much better adjusted.

  218. Where is the art in this. Where is the creativity? What message are they trying to convey? This is it: I can make you uncomfortable, I can violate your peace and your sensibilities.

    I think all the passengers on the train should have pulled out their cell phones and made little porno videos. they should make sure that they get close ups of the face and
    repeated detailed close ups of the genitals. they should consider asking the females to spread their legs to provide a better shot. These videographers should then freely post their work.

    I think this will stop these kind of intrusions. The “performers” will have lost control of the environment. They will not get their jollies from making you uncomfortable and you will have made them into your own prurient feast.

  219. I could tell it was fake because one of the guys who was supposed to be an ordinary civilian later was shot with his pants off.

  220. This whole prank reminds me of a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel show called “This week in Unnecessary Censorship.”

  221. This is what I thought would be done for a “No Pants” ride… I mean really it is kind of pointless to keep your underwear on. Kinda stupid that underwear is required.

  222. OMG!!! Even though it was a joke, we would never do such these thing in our community…my cheeks got reddish all the way to the sides…

  223. unfortunately i dont follow the website as much as i should–i always think you come up with the most hilarious stunts–and this is a riot!!!!!

    i just wished i lived in new york—i would be pestering you to become an agent

  224. Ok, fine at the beginning though there were no underwear… if it’s “no underwear day”
    Finally underwear ok but a bit disappointing to me it should have been no underwear at all! They stopped before the real live exhibition!
    Quel dommage!